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									              College of Arts & Sciences Second Bachelor’s Degree Application
                  For Students Currently Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at IU Bloomington

Name: ________________________________________ Student ID: ___________________________________
IUB Email:______________________________________________                                                   Page one of two; both
1 Bachelor’s Degree: _____________________ Minor(s): ____________________                                 pages must be submitted.

         You must be academically eligible to pursue a second degree (see reverse).
         Certain degree combinations are not permitted (see reverse).
         University Division students are not eligible until admitted to a degree granting school.
         You must have at least one graded semester on the Bloomington campus.
         You must complete College general education or CASE, CAPP, as well as major requirements for the
          second degree.
         If first degree is from another school you will not be required to fulfill the 122 hour requirement if both
          degrees are awarded at the same time (22 hour limit irrelevant).
         You must submit a separate graduation application for each degree you are pursuing.
         The university transcript only shows one academic objective at a time (first degree). Second degrees appear
          on the transcript when awarded, but not before. An „Enrollment Verification‟ for scholarship and graduate
          school applications showing all degrees being pursued may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar at
          no charge (Franklin Hall, Room 100; phone 812-855-0121; web:
         The Academic Advisement Report (AAR) defaults to the first degree. The “what-if” function must be used
          to produce a report showing second degree requirements. Your departmental advisor can help with this if
If you have any questions about policy or procedure, please email Jacki Watson at

      Return the completed (signed) form to Jacki Watson, Wylie Hall, 105 (Department of Economics)
                          ** BOTH PAGES MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR PROCESSING **

Your application will be processed if you meet eligibility requirements and have been approved by a departmental advisor. You will be
notified via email regarding the status of your application within 14 days (processing could take longer during peak busy periods).

I understand the policies that apply to concurrent second degrees.
Student Signature: ______________________________________Date:__________________________
DEPARTMENT COORDINATION AND REVIEW: Please check the Academics Tab in the Administrative
Center to confirm student‟s first degree objective and to ensure that student is not UDIV or pursuing a minor in the
proposed second degree discipline.

Our department approves the above student to pursue a second bachelor‟s degree, the BA/BS/BFA with a major in
_______________. I have discussed all degree requirements with the student.

Comments (optional):________________________________________________________________________________________

Advisor Signature: _____________________________________                                 Date: ____________________

          VOID if not submitted to Jacki Watson in Wylie Hall, Room 105, within one month of advisor approval.

For College Use Only:
_____Academic Records Check for Eligibility (_____________________________________/______________)
_____College Database Updated
_____2nd Degree Academic Record Created
_____Term Activated (_____________)
_____Notify other school recorder if applicable (first degree other school only)

COMMENTS: _____________________________________________________________________________________                          Updated July 2011
                                                                                            Page two of two; both
Eligibility Requirements:                                                                  pages must be submitted.

 A 2.000 minimum College of Arts & Sciences Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

 A 2.000 minimum GPA in the major of the first degree and in the major of the proposed degree (0.000 allowed
  in the proposed major if no course work yet completed, or for transfer work only).

 Successful completion of the English composition requirement.

 Approval cannot be given for students on academic probation or in dismissal.

Certain degree combinations are not permitted:

 Journalism students may not pursue a College BA degree simultaneously with the Bachelor of Arts in
  Journalism (BAJ) because an outside field option is available on the BAJ. They may pursue a College BS
  degree concurrently with the BAJ (concentration must be different than College second degree discipline).

 Music students may not pursue a College second degree in the same major as an outside field on the BSOF.

 Students may not pursue two BA degrees simultaneously. Students may pursue a BA and a BS, or a BS and a
  BS simultaneously. The BFA is considered a BS degree for this comparison.

 The majors of the two degrees must each contain at least 22 unique credit hours (i.e., 22 credit hours not used in
  the other degree major).

 A student may not simultaneously pursue degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

 A student may not enter graduate status while pursuing a second degree in the College of Arts & Sciences.

 A student cannot pursue a major and minor in the same discipline.

ADVISORS: Do not use this form if student already has a completed bachelor‟s degree. Refer all sequential
bachelor‟s degree students to Jacki Watson for an appointment ( The procedure for
students who already have a bachelor‟s degree is much more complicated.

NOTE: Degree order cannot easily be changed in SIS (based on career number). The College will consider a
change in degree order only if making the College degree the second degree will allow student to benefit from our
total hours waiver for concurrent graduation. Degree order will not be changed for casual reasons related to
presenting a preferred degree on a graduate school application.

Both school recorders must be involved in changing degree order if approved. The career number is higher on a
second degree than a first degree and a hierarchical relationship must be maintained.

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