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					Database Systems

CSCE 413/813                    Course Information                     Summer 2011

                              Prerequisite: CSCE 310

Classroom: Avery 111                                  Time: 9. 15-10, 10.05-10.55 M-F

Instructor:     Ágnes Bércesné Novák, Ph D
Office:         AVERY HALL 123 E
Office hours:   M and W : 15-16 or by appointment
Phone:          402-472 2412                E-mail:

Textbook: Henry F. Korth and A. Silberschatz: Database System Concepts, McGraw-
Hill Inc., 6th edition, 201o
Textbook homepage:
Course Outline (subject to change):

Week 1:
Prerequisite test. Overview of database systems, basic concepts and architectures. Data
abstraction, data models. Entity-Relationship Model (E-R). Relational model, relational
algebra. Structured Query Language (SQL)
Week 2: QUIZ 1 SQL, RA (cont.) Relational database design: integrity constraints;
functional dependencies. Keys, 1-3 normal forms, BCNF.
Week 3: Relational DB design. Lossless BCNF decomposition. MIDTERM TEST.
Week 4: Concurrency control. Transactions. QUIZ 3
Week 5: Recovery System. Other selected advanced topics. FINAL EXAM.

Grading Policy: The prerequisite for getting a grade is to be present at all the lectures.
Your grade in this course will be based on your performance on 3 Quiz, 2 programming
assignments, and 2 closed-book exams. Homeworks will be given in lectures. Quiz will
be made up from the homeworks. However the midterm and final tests will contain new
The weights for different components are given below:
Prerequisite                   5 % 10 points
Quiz 1                         5 % 10 points (CLOSED BOOK)
Quiz 2                        5 % 10 points (CLOSED BOOK)
Quiz 3                         5 % 10 points (CLOSED BOOK)
SQL Program                   15 % 30 points
Midterm exam                  25 % 50 points (CLOSED BOOK, SQL involved also)
Final exam                    35 % 70 points (CLOSED BOOK, COMPREHENSIVE)
Other program                   5 % 10 points (+ 5% points extra can be get depending
on difficulty level)
Total                        100 points
Late programming assignments are NOT ACCEPTABLE. There will be NO make-up
exams. All assignments are to be done individually.

              Grades:        96-100 % of points            A+
                             92-95 % of points             A
                             90-91 % of points             A-
                             86-89 % of points             B+
                             82-85 % of points             B
                             80-81 % of points             B-
                             76-79 % of points             C+
                             72-75 % of points             C
                             70-71 % of points             C-
                             66-69 % of points             D+
                             62-65 % of points             D
                             60-61 % of points             D-
                             0-59 % of points              F

Prerequisite by topics:
High level language, elementary data structures, searching/sorting algorithms, indexing
and hashing techniques, computer organization, discrete structures: set theory,
propositional logic, file structures, concurrent execution.
This section is not really necessary, since you are honest individuals. Still it could be
useful to know, that students who cheat, even if they don't get caught, will have
compromised their integrity which is probably their most valuable possession. Persons
found guilty of academic dishonesty will be punished as outlined in the policy, which
may include failing the course or expulsion from the University. Students who help
someone to cheat may also face the same consequences.
Assignment Scheduling (subject to change*)

Prerequisite test                                 7 June Tuesday
Quiz 1                                            13 June Monday, 8.45
Quiz 2                                            20 June Monday, 8.45
MIDTERM                                           22 June Wednesday, 8.00
Program #1                                        26 June Sunday is the handin
                                                  deadline, performance will be in the
                                                  afternoon on 26 of June, you must
                                                  sign up!
Program # 1 show                                  27 June, sign up!
Quiz 3                                            28 July Thursday, 8.45
Program #2                                        4th July Monday is the handin date
Program #2 show                                   5th July (lecture in regular time),
FINAL                                             7 July, Thursday, 8.00

Last lecture                                      8 July, Friday
MANDATORY: grades checking!!

* In the above paragraph “subject to change” means, that the schedule is supposed to be
kept as outlined above, but due to some unpredictible circumstances, it may change.

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