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									Many of you have been eager out of love and zeal for Me, to see things come to pass,
but My people be aware of impatience in your hearts. I am rising up a generation of
people who know what it is to wait on Me, know what it is to rest in Me and be
surrendered to My agenda and My will, and oh My precious children, even though
patience is difficult, when it has its full work in your hearts, it produces such beautiful
reliance, trust and peace in Me. Do not give up My people, rest in Me, and know that I
know what is best for you, and I know when you are ready to be released into the next
season I have for you. Deep reliance on Me will carry you the distance.

There is coming a season, which is now beginning to dawn, where the sons and
daughters of God that have been ‘hidden’ away for so long are about to ARISE. There
have been many prophetic words given to many of you that the ‘breakthrough’ is coming,
but it always seemed so far away, My precious Church, you have entered a time in
history now that is unlike any other. I am doing a new thing.

 The acceleration is beginning, the positioning is happening, but in order to remain in the
place where I am about to release many of you, I had to do this deep foundational work
in your hearts and lives and allow it to mature fully, so that you will be able to remain in
the place that I am going to release you into. For the amount of favour, and influence
that I am placing upon many of you, must have the deep reliance, trust and foundation in
Me, otherwise the enemy can remove many of you.

 My beautiful people, do not tarry any longer in seeking Me, do not allow circumstances
to distract you anymore from worshipping Me.

 The night has been long, and many of you have lost the songs in your heart, but today I
say unto you, REJOICE, REJOICE for the breakthrough has begun. REJOICE for the
dawn is beginning to come, REJOICE for the night is passing.

 Stay in My Word, keep worshipping Me despite your feelings and circumstances and
know that the tide is turning. Much will be turned around in the twinkling of an eye, stay
surrendered and rested in Me, and you will see the season change quickly.

Awed Again
19th July, 2011
Lana Vawser
Manasseh Christian Ministries

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall SEE GOD” – Matthew 5:8
My precious Church, oh how I love you, I love you with an everlasting love. A love that reaches to the
heavens, and My faithfulness towards you reaches to the sky.

I am calling you My Church to focus again on Me. Many have become distracted with programs, with
material gain, and outward appearance. Many have become accustomed to striving, to impatience and
to performance.

My Church, I am calling you to draw closer to Me. To repent for having your eyes focused upon the
‘outward’ and your plans and agendas and focus on Me again.

My Church, many of you have lost the ‘awe’ of being in My presence because you have been so
distracted by the ‘outward’ and your expectations of the way you are wanting things to happen.

My people, I am longing to draw you to the place of being speechless again in My presence. The place
where striving, busyness and performance fall to the ground.

The place where nothing else matters but the beauty of My heart. Many of you are anxiously waiting to
see things grow, to see things manifest that I have promised, to see breakthrough and to see

My people, first you must come back to the place of being ‘awed’ in My presence. The place where My
presence and knowing My heart is of the utmost importance and the one thing that you are more
desperate for than anything else.

My people, as those of you who have been distracted walk in repentance and come before Me again,
sitting still before Me, worshipping Me and just crying out to know Me more, I will pour out My Spirit
and revelation into your hearts and lives like you have never known.

As you each come before Me without any agenda but to simply to know Me, and seek Me first, you will
see that ALL ELSE will be added unto you from this place.

I delight in your beauty My people, I am overtaken with love and affection for you My Church, but those
of you who have been distracted, you must return to Me as your first love.

Do not love the manifestations of My hand, or the ‘church’ more than Me, do not allow the flesh and
the enemy to take you down the road where you are serving the ‘church’ and your ‘agendas’ more than
you are serving and loving Me.

My Spirit is calling out “Come up here, and let Me show you great and mighty things”.

Come into My presence with praise and adoration and lift Me high, and as you do, simply delighting in
My presence you will see Me manifest “awe” in you again like you have not known.
My Church, as you are ‘awed’ by My heart and My beauty, you will be transformed, all else will be added
unto you, and this world will be changed through the transformation that has happened within your
hearts and lives and not through striving. I love you My people, come to Me, let Me show you My heart

Are you Suffering?

God has a great promise for you.

 Did you know ..THE PROMISES of God are the money of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is with FAITH in His
glorious promises that we transact Kingdom business, heavenly and earthly. To see this demonstrated in
scripture read the life of Abraham who received and acted upon every promise given to him and is
called the father of faith. I want you to understand that THIS is how God operates.

With God’s promises we can enter into the divine nature. 2 Peter 1:4 For by these He has granted to us
His precious and magnificent promises, in order that by them you might become partakers of the divine
nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.

 Ask God to open your eyes to promises within the Word of God. They are everywhere. Say, "God, Direct
me to some Kingdom money (promises) that is needed for Your work." Then read until God speaks
through a promise. When that happens…grab it…hold it…say it…nurture it…for its’ intended recipient as
He shows you. You have just done business in the Kingdom. You have just become Jesus’ partner in His
business. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you,
are the specific instructions.

 Remember ….the Kingdom of God is within you. Many of His precious children are not players in His
Kingdom because they only play in the visible world. Col3:2 Set your eyes on the things above, not on the
things that are on earth. The battles of spiritual war are won through being partakers of the divine
nature, and that is through the promises!

The Kingdom’s economy is BLESSINGS. To enter into the world of blessings, you need to ask (pray) on
behalf of others and not yourself. Example---In this ministry I ask God (and you, His stewards) on behalf
of the children I am sent to, for their daily bread and their needs. I am their physical earthly advocate.

Our personal needs get filled as we bless, pray, do, give and work for others (because someone will be
doing that for us when this is fully working) ! Can you see how that is the economy of the Kingdom? But
the promises are the ways and means and that is why I called it the money.

 To finish this teaching we will look at a promise given to those who are suffering. 1 Peter 5:10 And after
you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will





 Go be encouraged, and demand God the fulfillment of this promise for someone who needs it. It will be
your eternal testimony. jane



 15 “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that
causes desolation,’*a] spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the
reader understand— 16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the
mountains. 17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out
of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak.
19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and
nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not take place in
winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great distress,
unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be
equaled again.

(During our time camping the last couple of days at Lake Isabel,
Colorado, the Lord began to speak to me about some things that lay
ahead for us as believers.)

"People will run to the hills in those days. For in those days the
tribulations will have increased. Woe to those who have put their
trust in riches. For your riches will not sustain you in that day.

Behold...many will be forced out of the cities; for the evil which
will have taken over, will have forced many of my children out. But
to those who stand strong to the end, I say, to fortify your walls.

For these days are hastening forward. For those days that are coming
will be days of scarcity---many will be without a source of income,
but in spite of this, I will meet the needs of my people.

For out of the dust, and out of the wilderness of those days, a people
likened to those of old, will shine with their eyes like unto the
sun. For my wisdom even surpassing that of Solomon, will be poured
out upon them. For they will reflect my glory. They will come
together as one. For your churches will have fallen, and your homes
will be those of the wilderness, and you will share all things in

The minstrel will sing a new song. The desert flowers will bloom.
For even though there will be devastation all around you, my people
will find sanctuary under my wings.

For these are those who will come out of the Great Tribulation. Many
will have fallen away, for the great deceiver will have caused many to
have drifted away.

Do not speculate about how all these things will come to pass. For
you don't know the hour of my coming, but I will tell you that there
are just a few years left. When you see them gathering against my
nation Israel, then you will know that the time is here.

For as the lighting strikes and gathers across the skies, so these
days will approach in the same manner.

You cannot save enough to guard against these days. But if you are as
wise as the ant prepares for winter, then you would have learned a

Stephen Hanson

The Spirit of the Lord Speaks

My children, I am a very present help in times of trouble and I will confirm My Word to you. My arms
are opened wide beckoning for you to come and hide under My wing. I calm the storms and shelter
the meek who trust in Me. My love is everlasting and flows from My heart to yours. Do not fear, for I
will never leave you nor forsake you. Be still and listen for My voice. There is nothing I can't handle. I
am your Heavenly Father. Do not try in your own strength to do what I call you to do. Keep your
heart stayed upon Me and your burden will be light. Do not concern yourself with how your every
need will be met. Trust Me for it is with great pleasure that I bless thee. My children, do not trust in
other things. This takes you out from under My care. Call Me and I will answer. Trust Me, and
mountains will move. I am calling you all closer to me this hour. Do not go other ways from what My
Word instructs. How can I heal your land if you turn from My Word? How can you feel My presence if
you don't spend time with Me? Call the elders and announce My Word. Only those who dwell in My
presence will escape My wrath. I have had enough and the truth of prophecy is at the threshold of
being revealed. Many believe they are saved, yet they are lost, blind and naked without any
covering. My covering is My presence. Do not believe that I have changed in dealing with
wickedness. Seek out the truth in My Word for I will not be mocked. My beautiful bride is calling out
for Me and I am setting things in order to arrive soon. I say to the Church, come close to Me now for I
cannot tolerate you in this condition. It is not My preference that the Church be made ready with great
suffering and pain. I am unleashing My fury as was in the days of Jeremiah and remember, it shall be
well with My remnant. Woe to the false prophets and those who believe sword and famine won't
consume them. You have wandered far away from Me. The Kings of the earth take their stand and
gather together against Me and My Anointed One. They are brought to the footstool of My Son, Jesus
and He will rise to judge the nations. Narrow is the gate into eternal life and wide the gate to hell. On
that day many will say, Lord Lord, but I won't even know who you are and you will have no part in My

Do not put out the Spirit's fire; do not treat prophecies with contempt.
Test everything. (1 Thes 5:19-21)

These are prophecies and prophetic revelations I received 2011

Jan 2011

"My Word is for all times and generations".

Mar 2011

What you prioritize is what will distract you and what you will be
judged by.

Mar 2011

"There can be no unity among the Arabs for they know not the

Mar 2011

People's different views do not nullify the truth.

Mar 2011

People point their reasoning ability and curiosity to insignificant
(trivial) and superficial things rather than unto the Lord!

Mar 2011

People's disobedience to God does not nullify who God is and what He
requires from people.

April 2011

Why the Rhema (or praying for the Rhema) is important.

Because there is the release of power to do the right thing at the right
time, whereas good intentions alone to do the right thing are deterred
by illusory precedence.

April 2011

A strategy used to delude people.

Play on people's naturally inherent pride. By giving people the
impression that they have attained knowledge, they are then not open to
anything that opposes their knowledge because that would mean surrender
of their pride.

April 2011

I sensed that in many ways the wicked understand unity to accomplish
their purposes more than the church understands unity to accomplish
righteousness, and many times when the church is united, it will be
united in prayer (expecting others to do what they themselves could do)
but not actually in doing anything.

For true religion is based on faith and works. (James 2:14-26).
May 2011

How the Church has become deceived:

1. Through selfishness aimed at temporal indulgences rather than
on eternal rewards which comes through sacrifice.

2. Through fine sounding arguments that use the promises to target
temporal selfishness rather than eternal rewards.

May 2011

The voice of the Lord must be heard in this generation. The workers must
proclaim the heart, the mind and the intent of the Lord. The heart, the
mind and the intent of the Lord have been made available to the world,
and it isn't much knowledge to retain compared to the much useless
knowledge people spend years trying to learn - especially for My People
says the Lord! My People need a saturation of My Words together with
Understanding as to My intents.

May 2011

They have created a people subject to their rules rather than to common
sense. For it is common sense that points one to God!

June 2011

Whilst sharing the gospel, the Lord gave me this prophecy: "Pray
that people get the understanding of a dimension they know not of!"

June 2011

Conventional means are an illusion to accomplishing the Lord's

June 2011

The Cross was also to show that doing that which is inconvenient and
displeasing to you is the means to achieve what is required of you to
bring success.
June 2011

Dying to self is the only way to protect the lord's plans!

Because when you die to self you remove the hedge of control of the
world's system meaning you then make a leeway for the plans of the
Lord to come in and be accomplished.

June 2011

When people feel they really want something or if they are subject to
any fear that is causing them to behave in a way to get what they want,
they will release a justified reasoning or understanding to bring about
what agrees with the thing they are subject to.

June 2011

The wicked live in a prolonged illusion of time.

July 2011

My People do not have sufficient revelation that will give them the
understanding to execute My plans on the earth.

July 2011

My Kingdom is a kingdom of truth that shall not be contested by anyone
in any way in anytime.

July 2011

The Lord gave me this prophecy: "The NWO (New World Order) has caused
the people to interpret truth as conspiracy"

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