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					                                El Grito del Cuervo

                               "The Cry of the Crow"

I Volume 12,   Number 6            6100 Bandera Road, Suite 306              San Antonio, Texas 78238-1653           June 1997      I
                            60528'5 CREW NEVER STOOD A CHANCEl

                            (C-130 Memorial Dedication -- Sep 2, 1997)

   They died honorably while engaged in the Silent War -- AIRBORNE RECONNAISSANCE. Now -- the Air Force 694th
Intelligence Group (rG) in coordination with the National Security Agency (NSA) is creating a memorial honoring them. While
on a routine mission along the Turkish-Armenian border on September 2, 1958, a U.S. Air Force C-130 crew inadvertently entered
denied airspace over Armenia. Four Soviet MiG-I? pilots intercepted the C-130 tail number 60528 and shot it down, killing the
seventeen Americans aboard. The crew consisted of six USAFE flight crew members and eleven United States Air Force Security
Service (USAFSS) reconnaissance crew members.

                                                                                 CAPtEDI/ilARD ~1. JERUS8
                                                                                 1 t...T ;,JOHN E. SIMPSON
                                                                                TSSHARTHUH L. MELLO "."
                                                                                A2CHOEEHTH MOORE
                                                                              ~ "Me JOELH~It:LDS

                                                                                                                    . . . . ." J:

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                        -The Electronics Defense Association­
  June 1997                                                 El Grito del Cuervo                                                    Page 2

       Several individual efforts to honor those seventeen lost          before the crash. A forensic report verified the number of human
   airmen have paid off with the 694th IG's authorization to create      remains (six) and noted that other remains may have been
   a memorial adjacent to the NSA, Fort George G. Meade,                 present but that intensity of the ensuing fire prevented
   Maryland. The memorial will consist of a C-130 aircraft bearing       identification of additional remains. No one was seen
   tail #60528 -- on display in an air park setting and a memorial       parachuting from the C-130. The report concludes that
   display in the co-located National Cryptologic Museum. The            wreckage photos suggest that no one on board could have
   C-130 exterior is being refinished in 60528's original C-130A-II      survived. I recently interviewed an Armenian witness who
   fit and fonn so that it will look identical to 60528 on the date     reached the same conclusion. In all probability all seventeen
   that it was shot down. A supporting display in the Museum            airmen aboard the C-130 died immediately upon impact. In
   will contain related artifacts.                                       1993, local villagers created an Armenian memorial at the crash
       A memorial dedication with full military honors and in the       site honoring the seventeen Americans who perished in the
   presence of family members of the lost crew will occur on            crash.
  September 2, 1997 -- the 39th anniversary of the shoot down.              The Soviets recovered a set of TDY orders for the 7406th
  The 694th IG and NSA have responsibility for creating the             flight crew, a .45 caliber pistol, some ill cards, ill tags and
  memorial, inviting guests and conducting the dedication. As a         money (German, Dutch, Turkish and American currencies). In
  volunteer, I am assisting the memorial committee wherever             1993, a U.S. Army graves excavation team recovered at the
  assistance is needed.                                                 crash site an ill "dog" tag that belonged to A2C Archie Bourg,
      So, what do we know about the shoot down? Of all Cold             an USAFSS airborne maintenance technician aboard 60528
  War air incidents involving the Soviets, the shoot down of            when it crashed.
  60528 is one of the most controversial. Four Soviet MiG pilots            The Soviets returned the bodies of six U. S. airmen in
  took turns firing on the unarmed transport. Unlike other              September 1958. Four of the bodies were identified and turned
  incidents where American aircraft were lost over water, 60528         over to their families for burial according to the wishes of their
  crashed on Soviet soil. Not wanting to reveal the nature of           next of kin. The bodies of the two unidentified airmen were
 60528's mission, the U.S. Government did not confront the              buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors
 Soviets until September 6 when the Soviets denied all                 in February 1959. Having exhumed the two unidentified bodies
 knowledge of the incident. They stated on September 12 that           to perfonn DNA testing, the Air Force recently detennined that
 they had found a destroyed airplane, and based on discovered          one of the bodies was A2C Bourg. On 2 April 1997 in the
 remains, "it may be assumed that six crewmen perished." In            presence of his family, A2C Archie Bourg was re-interred at
 response to a U.S. demand for infonnation about eleven missing        Arlington Cemetery following a solemn, emotional funeral. I
 crew members, the Soviets stated on 19 September that "no             attended the ceremonies and met with Archie's family. Research
 other information on crew members is at the disposal of the           on the shoot down continues. I'll see you at the memorial
 Soviet side." A status quo ensued and the Soviets provided no         dedication at Fort Meade, Maryland on September 2, 1997.
 additional infonnation on the eleven missing ainnen for over              REDUCED RATE MOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: For
 30 years. Finally in 1991, Russian President Boris Yeltsin began      those needing motel accommodations, I've arranged
 releasing "available" infonnation on the shoot down.                  reduced-rate rooms at the Holiday Inn, Laurel, MD, or attendees
      The main source of new data is a joint AmericanlRussian         can make their own arrangements. Persons interested in staying
 commission on MIAlPOW issues fonned in 1992. Through that            at the Holiday Inn in Laurel (only three miles from Fort Meade)
commission the Russians have released from Soviet Air Defense         can contact the motel directly at 1 800 477-7410. To receive
Command (PVO) archives several declassified reports on the            the reduced room-rate, make your reservation NLT Aug 1, 1997
60528 shoot down. In a detailed investigative report dated Sept.      and infonn the reservations clerk that you are with the C-130
4, 1958 from Armenia to the Kremlin, the Soviet commanding            Memorial group.
general in Armenia told the Soviet leadership how MiGs                     SOCIAL GATHERING: Det 1, 6911th RGM/6916th SS
intercepted and shot down the C-130. The Soviet report                (USAFSS recon crew) and 7406th SS (USAFE flight crew)
identified the crashed aircraft as a C-130, tail number 60528.        alumni are holding a joint "social" on Sunday, August 31,1997
A plate on the aircraft indicated that it was assigned to the         to renew old acquaintances. The point of contact is Larry Tart.
7406th Support Squadron.                                                  ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Larry Tart served with USAFSS
     The field report described the air engagement and named          for 21 years -- retiring in 1977. He flew recon missions aboard
the four participating MiG pilots. The report also included MiG       C-130 and RC-135 aircraft between 1967 - 1976. To contact
gun-camera activated photos showing 60528 in the MiGs'                him, please call (814) 238-7067 or send email to:
gunsights, with smoke streaming from its engines immediately

       A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                             -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                                          El Grito del Cuervo                                                               Page 3

                                                                May Luncheon

     The joint AFCEAlAOC May luncheon was hosted by the Alamo Chapter AFCEA at Brooks AFB. The featured speaker from
  the Advanced Training Branch of Armstrong Laboratories was Dr. Wesley Regain. The topic: Virtual Reality Applications to
 Training: Challenges and Trends.
     Dr. Regain is the Senior Scientist for the Intelligent Training Branch of the Technical Training Research Division, Air Force
 Armstrong Laboratory, and Principal Investigator for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research-Training Research for Automated
 Instruction project (TRAIN). He has been an active researcher for over fifteen years and published numerous papers on the
 human learning process and the application of intelligent computer-based training including virtual reality.
     His academic degrees include an AA in Psychology from Richland College, BA in Psychology and English from UT, Dallas
 (Cum Laude), an MS in Human Development from UT, Dallas (GPA 4.0) and a Doctorate in Cognitive-Experimental Psychology
 from the University of California at Santa Barbara (GPA 3.75). Dr. Regain has taught at the high school and graduate college
 level and is on the editorial board for the Journal of the Human Factors Society and is a National Research Council research
     Dr. Regain is the only person ever to have won ALHR Scientific Excellence A ward three times and has been twice nominated
 for the DOD Distinguished Civil Servant Award. He has also been recognized eight times with Air Force Performance Awards.
 Dr. Regain's TRAIN research group has been designated a USAF Star Team from 1995-1998 for excellence in basic research.
     Much of the information presented at the luncheon can be viewed at the Armstrong Laboratories Web site at Follow the link to the "ICAl Home Page."

                       Armstrong laboratory
   The Armstrong Laboratory, as one of the four Air Force "Super Laboratories," is the Air Force's center of excellence for
human-centered science and technology. The laboratory provides the science and technology base and the direct operational
support needed to enhance human performance in Air Force systems and operations. The research, development, and support
activities of the laboratory address current and future needs in the areas of human resources, crew systems, aerospace medicine,
environmental quality, and occupational and environmental health to enhance crew protection and performance, training and
logistics, force management, health and safety.
   Armstrong Laboratory is led by: Dr. Brendan Godfrey, Director; Col (Dr.) Terence Lyons, Commander; and Dr. Russell
Burton, Chief Scientist.

    • About Armstrong Lab (from HSC Public Affairs)
    • AL Announcements Updated:09 Apr 97
    • Information by Organization
    • Projects, Products, and Services
    • AL Publications & 'DAEDALUS' The Aeromedical Library Online
   • New: FY 98.1 SBIR Pre-Release Topics
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   • Air Force Lab Personnel Demo Home Page
   • Brooks AFB Contracting and RFP Information
   • Crew System Ergonomics Information Analysis Center (CSERlAC) hosted by the
   • Human Engineering Division (ALlCFH)
   • Brooks Air Force Base Home page
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by the public for viewing and retrieving information only. Unauthorized atlempts to upload information or change information on this service are strictly
prohibited and may be punishable under the Compuler Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. Unless otherwise indicated all information on this syslem is considered
public information and may be distribuled or copied
Last Modified: 29 May 97, by MSgt Mark A. Johnson, AUXP, DSN 240-5384.

Note: We are currently reorganizing the Annstrong Laboratory Web-Site. If you have any suggestions or requests please let me know.

       A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                                  -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                              El Grito del Cuervo                                                 Page 4

                                     Did you have a nice weekend?


                                         Do you own a home?

            Tired of using your ladder to paint, trim trees, clean gutters
                 and all those other fun chores around the house?

                    Start having some fun with a ladder - - ­

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                         Set up a LADDER for your favorite Sport:

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                        Updates will be provided in the EI Grito del Cuervo

                Prizes will be awarded sometime in the Fall - keep an eye on EI Grito

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                        -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                                  El Orito del Cuervo                                                Page 5

                                  Fiesta Informacion '98, 14-16 April 1998
                        While "after action" activities are still ongoing for the successful FiestaCrow '97 Symposium
              just completed, the Alamo Chapter-Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association
              (Alamo-AFCEA) committee is already hard at work organizing the Fiesta Informacion '98 Conference
              and Exposition to be held 14-16 April 1998 (the week before Fiesta Week) at the Henry B. Gonzalez
              Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas.
                       The theme of the 1998 conference/exposition, led by the Alamo-AFCEA and co-sponsored by the
              Billy Mitchell Chapter-Association of Old Crows, is "The Virtual Enterprise in the 21st Century."
              As pointed out by the Fiesta Informacion '98 general chair Nancy Kudla, president of Research Dynamic,
              Inc., here in San Antonio, "No event since the invention of the microchip has influenced the growth of
              information technology like the Web. Everyone from the student to the National Decision Authority relies
             on the speed and easy information access provided by the Web. The conduct of business itself is changing
             before our eyes as the Web allows us to move to the Virtual Enterprise. Fiesta Informacion '98 will
             examine many of the opportunities and associated risks that the Virtual Enterprise offers as we move into
             the 21st Century. This event will provide valuable information to managers and engineers on
             technologies and techniques associated with the Virtual Enterprise concept and it's application.
             Government and commercial exhibits will be on display.... "
                       To exhibit or attend, please contact: Fiesta Informacion '98, ATTN: JS&A, 4400 Fair Lakes
             Court, Fairfax VA 22033, Tel (800) 564-4220 or (703) 631-6200, FAX (703) 818-9177, E-Mail:
                       Local AFCEA and Old Crows members that would like more information - and very importantly
             - that would like to volunteer to serve on the Fiesta Informacion '98 conference/exposition committee, may
             contact general chair NANCY KUDLA at (210) 271-7711 or E-Mail:

                                           Games Night Status Report
                       We finally got Games Night for April 1997 squared away, meeting on Saturday, 12 April, at the
             new Lackland AFB Gateway Club. While the club's staff and members are still getting used to its status
             as a consolidated officers and enlisted facility, and at what first apears to be the clubs' overwhelming size,
             our first meeting there for optional social-dinner and later games was a great success.
                       Everyone had a super time. Chapter president FRANK GORAL surprised DANIEL A. K.
             "DAK" PROCTOR by announcing that the next day was "Dak's" birthday and led everyone in singing
             happy birthday to him. Things got even happier for "Dak" with the ladies lining up to give him hugs and
             kisses. RICKI & JOHN STUCKEY gave "Dak" two bottles of his favorite wine, cabemet sauvignon.
             Spouse MARY-ANN wanted to bring in a birthday cake for the occasion, but it is rumored that the base
             marshall wouldn't approve lighting that many candles until the club's staff had more practice in
            implementing the club's fire plan.
                       We had six tables of BRIDGE, with the following players taking the top five places: THELMA
             "T.C." FORSHEY (6,270 POINTS), CARTER WILTGREN (5,710), LARRY COWLEY (4,920),
            DENNIS TIMOSKEVICH (4,670) and FRED ALDRICH (4,530). Those are pretty impressive scores,
            considering only four rounds (24 hands) were played.
                       The DOMINOES (CHICKFOOT) players continue to be coy, not recording who won what, but
            as near as can be determined RICKI STUCKEY, JESS TATRO and MARY-ANN PROCTOR won at
            least one game each.
                       There were two tables of PINOCHLE. At Table #1, the team of JOE HOWARD & JOE
            LONDON took 2 of 3 games from the team of DALE BURTON & JIM DAUGHERTY, with the
            latter team's higlight being a double run sometime during the evening. At Table #2, the "marine
            connection" of FRANK GORAL & JOHN STUCKEY and opponents POLLY SRUBAR & "DAK"
            PROCTOR winning a game apiece. FRANK & JOHN were leading in a third incomplete set.
                      We are still looking for new players (and the return of prior players who have been "inactive" for
            a while); so call games night coordinator MARY-ANN PROCTOR, 684-2977, if you want to be added to
            or "reactivated" on the no-obligation call roster.

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                           -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                               El Grito del Cuervo                                                Page {)

                                          Games Night Status Report
                       Games Night for Saturday, 10 May 1997, was again held at the Lackland AFB, Texas, Gateway
              Club (the new consolidated officers and enlisted clubs). Thirty six joined in the social hour and optional
              dinner, while over forty members and guests enjoyed BRIDGE, PINOCHLE and DOMINOES
              (CHICKENFOOT) later.
                       We welcome newcomers BETH GREENWELL, JAY STEINDL and JOANNE & JOE
              ECTOR, as well as ESTHER & RON JOHANNSON who returned after over a year's absence, to the
              no-obligation call roster.
                       Speaking of "regulars" who we've missed for sometime are those that use to come to play
             TRIVIAL PURSUIT (TP). We have had queries about "revitalizing" TP. If members of the old TP
             group and new TP players have an interest in starting up TP again, please call games night coordinator
             MARY-ANN PROCTOR, 684-2977, to let her know and we'll see what can be worked out. Next games
             night is projected for Saturday, 14 June 1997. Now to the results from play on 10 May.
                      BRIDGE. The bridge players got in five rounds (30 hands). The top scorers and prize takers
             were: JOAN ENGELKING (6,5800), ALBERT KORDAVACK (back in town visiting from Canada.
             5,780), AUDREY TROUTMAN (5,570), LENA BEASLEY (5,340) and BETTY LA VALLE (5,020).
                      DOMINOES (CmCKENFOOT). I failed to get results of total play for the evening, but did
             learn that newcomers JOANNE ECTOR and JAY STEINDL came in first and second in the first game,
                      PINOCHLE. At Ta9le #1, the team of MARK ASHTON & JOHN STUCKEY took 2-out-of­
             3 games over the team of JOE LONDON & LIZ ROBBINS. We owe a vote of "thanks" to LIZ, who
            was scheduled to play BRIDGE, but offered to fiJI-in at the last minute when one of the scheduled players
            didn't show. MARY-ANN PROCTOR, who was scheduled to play DOMINOES (CHICKENFOOT),
            which she really enjoys, then took LIZ's place at BRIDGE. At Table #2, DALE BURTON & "DAK"
            PROCTOR squeezed out wins in 2-out-of-3 games over ESTHER & RON JOHANNS ON (494-523,
            518-466 and 520-314). While she says she was a little rusty, not having played in over a year, ESTHER
            JOHANNSON continually had meld, meld and more meld throughout the evening's play, including aces,
            aces and more aces. And talk about partner support, one hand RON had a 19-point trump run and
            ESTHER had a 15-point run with him, and at least four times she had a run in the other team's declared
            trump suit.

       Play Ball! It's time to go to the Ole Ball Park. AOC has set up a Picnic at the Park with the
       winning San Antonio Missions on Saturday, 2 Aug. For $10 per person, all the hot dogs,
       hamburgers and soft drinks you care to consume the hour before the game (6pm to 7pm). We
       are currently limited to the first fifty paid attendees (if there is sufficient demand, we may be able
       to get some more spaces). More information will be in next month's El Grito. Make your
       reservations now - email: Dan Cummings: or 520-1051.

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                         -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                              El Grito de] Cuervo                                                 Page 7

              Joint AFCEA-AOC-NMIA Luncheon
              Hosted by: AOC, Billy Mitchell Chapter
              DATE: June 27,1997
              LOCATION: Kelly AFB, Officers Club
              TIME: 11 :30 AM, Mahogany Room

                                 Kelly AFB Privatization

                                   Mr. Tommy Jordan

                                         Director of Contracting

            Please RSVP as Seating is Limited Verbal reservations can be made by contacting Sydney
            A(frido at (210) 734-5070. Please provide your name, organization, phone number, and meal
            selection orfax this sheet to 734-5080 and send prepayment to payee at address indicated below.

              OR mail-in your reservations & prepayment to: Luncheon per Person: Priced separately below.
              AOC Billy Mitchell Chapter                      Number of Attendees:                    _
              4100 Piedras Drive East, Suite 105            Total Amount Enclosed: $                    _
              San Antonio, TX 78228
                                                  Menu: "Indicate "how many" for each selection:
                                                  Chef Salad w/choice of Dressing     - $6.50:      _
              RSVP 24 Jnne 1997                   Mexican Plate
                                                  $8.50:      _

                    Name                               Finn!Agency                                        Phone

                    Name                               Finn!Agency                                        Phone

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                         -The Electronics Defense Association­
June 1997                                                   El Grito del Cuervo                                                 Page 8

                    AlA Outstanding Airmen of the Year Awards Banquet
                            Billy Mitchell Chapter regular director COLONEL JAME H. HILLIARD, USAF, represented
                   the chapter at the Air Intelligence Agency (AlA) "Outstanding Ainnen of the Year for 1996" Awards
                   Banquet held on 8 May 1997 at the Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, NCO's Galaxy Club. The chapter
                   annually provides financial support to this awards program and presents a plaque to the corrunand's "First
                   Sergeant of the Year," who was SENIOR MASTER SERGEANT RICHARD J. CARGILL, USAF,
                   of the Air Force Technical Applications Center, Patrick Air Force Base, Florida.
                            The theme of this year's program was "Discipline, Flexibility, Dignity." Speaker for the
                  evening was CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT ERIC W. BENKEN, USAF, advisor to both the secretary
                  and the chief of staff of the United Sates Air Force (USAF) on matters concerning welfare, effective
                  utilization and progress of the enlisted members of the Air Force. CHIEF BENKEN is the 12th chief
                  master sergeant appointed to this ultimate noncomrnisioned officer position in the USAF.
                            The program, which recognizes the command's outstanding Senior Noncommissioned Officer
                  (SNCO), Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), Ainnan, First Sergeant and Individual Mobilization
                  Augmentee (lMA) finalists, is designed to honor the "Best of the Best" for the Air Intelligence Agency
                  (AlA). These finalists represent over 10,000 enlisted personnel, both active and reserve, at more than 200
                  locations around the world. It's true when said that "the sun never sets on AlA."
                            Billy Mitchell Chapter director emeritus DANIEL A. K "DAK" PROCTOR, Colonel, USAFR
                  Retired, founded the conunand's "Enlisted IMA of the Year Award" and, separtely, as an individual,
                  sponsors plaques to those winners. The recipients this year were: MASTER SERGEANT CARLOS J.

                                 AlA Enlisted Heritage Hall Memorabilia
                          MAJOR GENERAL MICHAEL HAYDEN, USAF, commander of the Air Intelligence
                 Agency (AlA), has approved the creation of an "Enlisted Heritage Hall" in Building 2000, part of
                 Ardisana Hall, on Kelly Air Force Base's "Security Hill." Your assistance is needed to make the
                 hertiage hall a reality. AlA is seeking pictures, plaques, and other historically value items to be
                 considered for inclusion/display in the hall.
                         AlA's senior enlisted advisor, CHIEF MASTER SERGEANT DAVE HILL, is the driving
                 force behind this initiative. Please call his "exec", TECHNICAL SERGEANT FAYE JOHNSON,
                 (210) 977-2064, for more information and/or mail materials to: HQ AWCCC, 2 HALL BLVD ­
                 SUITE 201, SAN ANTONIO TX 78243-7009. [Source: Colonel (Ret) Bob Cope, president, Freedom
                 Through Vigilance Association.]


             The Association of Old Crows
                 Billy Mitchell Chapter

            6100 Bandera Road, Suite 306

            San Antonio, Texas 78238-1653

     A publication of the Billy Mitchell Chapter, Association of Old Crows Inc. and the AOC Educational Foundation, Inc.
                                            -The Electronics Defense Association­

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