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The Handy Squad Limited


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									                 The Handy Squad Limited.
6d Farm Lane Trading Estate, 101 Farm Lane, London, SW6 1QJ.

               Application Form

                                        Our story
Who are we?
The Handy Squad is a company based in Central London that aims at providing a reliable,
affordable and professional maintenance service to residential and commercial customers.

What do we do?
We take care of small maintenance jobs around the home and office. We focus on odd jobs
as well as carpentry, plumbing/heating, electrical and decorating work.

Why do we do it?
       We believe that maintenance and repair tradesmen in this country (and in general)
        are not held in high regard: they are seen as being unpunctual despite requiring the
        customer to wait in all day; they are also seen as being extremely expensive
       We believe that many specialist tradesmen often only wish to take care of “well
        paying” problems in their specific trade and are less helpful in taking care of the
        smaller jobs
       We believe that a large proportion of home/business owners in London lack the
        time, skills or inclination to keep on top of the many odd jobs that crop up each

There is therefore high demand for a reliable, punctual service with a focus on small jobs.

                                  How you can help
What do we want?
       friendly, presentable people with good communication skills
       ability and confidence to work alone
       resident in a London post code (our office is in Fulham, SW6)
       high scores in the relevant areas on page 4 of this form (however, you don’t need to
        be able to do all the tasks to be a member of the Squad)
       willingness to work 5 x 9-hour shifts per week (Mon-Sat)
       willingness to work 1 x evening shift per week (12pm-9pm)
       full UK driving licence (it must be a UK licence for insurance purposes)
       ability and willingness to ride our 125cc scooters if you are applying for a scooter

What do we offer?
       Top rates of pay and bonus
       Long term positions
       Job security


1. You must complete the rest of this form in full, even if you
   also send us your CV
2. Do not send us pages 1-3 of this form!
3. Ensure that the subject line of your email contains
      a. the job reference number from the advert
      b. the position you are applying for (e.g. handyman,
         plumber, PAT tester etc.)
4. Email the form to

                                  Application Form
Job reference (if responding to advert):

Position (e.g. handyman, plumber,
electrician, PAT tester etc.):

Vehicle preference (scooter or van):

Are you happy to use your own vehicle?

Availability (e.g. now, 2 weeks notice

Personal details

First name (s):


Post code:

Mobile telephone number:

Email address:

Marital status:


If non-EU passport holder, how long
are you entitled to work in the UK?

Driver status (please check all boxes      full UK motorcycle license
that apply by double clicking on each
box and selecting the “checked” box        UK CBT
under default value):
                                           full UK car license


                                               Task list
Please insert proficiency scores in the relevant boxes:
1 = No problem; 2 = Some experience; 3 = Some knowledge; 4 = Not yet; 5 = No chance!

      General Handyman skills                         Install outside tap
      Fix loo seat so it stays up!                    Plumb in sinks
      Hang pictures, mirrors, curtain rails           Drain washing machines
      Hang plasma TVs on plasterboard walls           Install insinkerator
      Drill through different surfaces                Central heating fault finding
      Attach fixings to different surfaces            Decorating skills
      Adjust window/door catches/locks                Interior painting
      Free up windows, doors                          Exterior painting
      Mend/change locks/bolts                         Understanding different paints and surfaces
      Assemble flat-packed furniture                  Make good holes / cracks
      Lay carpets                                     Plastering
      Lifting/shifting                                Grouting
      Carpentry skills                                Siliconing
      Lay laminate flooring                           Wall tiling
      Fit floorboards                                 Floor tiling
      Re-hang windows, doors                          Wall papering
      Hang door (from scratch)                        Fix damp
      Fix window and door frames                      Electric skills
      Construct bookshelves                           PAT testing C&G 2377 (Y/N)
      Fit skirting boards                             Testing & inspection C&G 2391 (Y/N)
      Replace sash cords                              Understanding of Part P
      Install cat flaps                               Change light fitting
      Plumbing/Heating skills                         Replace transformer
      Gas Safe Registration (Y/N)                     Install extractor fan
      Fix flush on toilets                            Install electric smoke alarm
      Fix dripping taps                               Change ordinary switch to dimmer
      Fix leaking pipes                               Add spur socket
      Bleed radiators                                 Install electric towel rail
      Replace radiators                               Change halogen bulb
      Change taps                                     Install electric doorbell
      Plumb in washing machines                       Connect electric cooker
      Freeze pipes to insert isolating valve          Install 2-way switch
      Free airlock in system                          Fault finding

                        Qualifications (if any!)

Please write down any qualifications you might have.




              Employment history and relevant experience
Please list most recent first
 Name and address    Start      End   Wage   Type of work done   Reasons for leaving


Why do you want to work for the Handy Squad?

We all have weaknesses. What are yours?


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