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					California Mega Quake Prophetic Warnings
A Great Earthquake Coming
                                Michael Boldea Jr. - 2/03/06

Isaiah 24: 19-20, "The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is
  shaken exceedingly. The heart shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall
 totter like a hut; Its transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not
                                      rise again."

 While I was in Romania, one night after my devotions I went to bed, exhausted and in
 need of much sleep having ridden in a truck all day delivering food to families. It had
 been a hard day, and we had to push the truck out of snow banks and ditches more
   than once. My body ached, and all I really wanted was to get some good rest.

 As I fell into a deep sleep I had a dream. I dreamt I was in a hotel room, asleep, when
   the bed began to shake violently. I knew what was happening right away. Having
       lived in California in the 1980s I was keenly aware of what an earthquake felt
like. Suddenly I was no longer in bed, but high above San Francisco bay, looking down
  on the golden gate bridge. (Confirmation below) As I watched it, it began to shudder,
    break apart, and fall into the waters below. I continued to watch the devastation,
   seeing buildings collapse, and masses of people trying to find shelter. Then a voice
        spoke out of the heavens, a voice I had never heard before, a voice of great
      authority. ³I will shake this land from its foundations, such as the eyes of this
 generation has not seen. The world will stand in awe, and tremble in fear, as even the
 very geography of this nation will be transformed. My wrath is ready to be poured out,
                                for sin has overrun My temple.´

 In my dream I began to weep, not due to the devastation I was seeing, but due to the
 great power of the voice I was hearing. I woke up trembling, unable to breathe, and
                     tired as I was I could not go to sleep again.

  Shortly before sunrise, my phone began to ring, and when I answered it, it was my
           brother Daniel. ³Are you awake?´ he asked. ³Yes,´ I answered.

  ³I had a dream last night,´ he continued, ³It was a terrible dream. I dreamt of a big
                            earthquake coming to America.´

 When I told him I¶d had the same dream, he was silent for some time, then said, ³I¶m
                            coming over so we could pray.´

He had just arrived at my apartment, when my phone rang again. It was a brother from
200 kilometers away, who is prophetically gifted, and has spoken many words over me
                               that have come to pass.
 ³Is this Mike?´ when I answered in the affirmative, he said, ³I had a dream last night,
and I felt I needed to call and tell you about it. I dreamt of a terrible earthquake in your
country. I saw a big bridge that just collapsed. I saw destruction as I have never seen
                        before. Does this mean anything to you?´

  It took me some time to find something to say. I was speechless, and could find no
 words. On the same night, three different people had the same dream, with the same
vivid details. Knowing that the brother had a prayer group that met nightly, I asked him
       to remember America in their prayers whenever they prayed, and he said he
  would. Before he hung up he said, ³Mike, I¶ve had many dreams in my life, the Lord
    willed it so, but none has scared me as the dream I had last night. Only God can
protect someone through something like that; there is no other hope but to run to Him.´

 No matter what may come upon this land, we know that God abides with His faithful,
keeping them, guiding them, and protecting them. Events will begin to unfold upon this
  earth, that will make even the mightiest of men tremble in fear, but knowing that we
  have a shelter from the storm, a sovereign God who watches over us, fearlessly we
                        press on faithful in all that He asks of us.

 Psalm 91:7-11, "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right
hand; But it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see
 the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge,
even the Most High, your habitation, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague
 come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep
                              you in al your ways."

                           Los Angeles / Las Vegas Quake
                                    Vincent Xavier - 1/31/06

    Southern California, specifically the Los Angeles area and Las VegasNevada are about to
undergo a severe devastation. The shock waves will travel East and West, North and South. A
     vacuum effect will draw in and with violent aggression a blast will go forth shaking to the
  foundations millions of homes and businesses. The blast will be so powerful that it will trigger
natural disasters in the realm of earthquakes, tsunamis and much flooding. The event has been
   planned and will be executed at any moment. I am calling my people who live in these areas
 out! I am shouting to the inhabitants of Los Angeles and Las Vegas to prepare for what will be
  the most devastating event they have ever known. The American people will be brought very
 low. Those proud and arrogant people that would not choose the fear of the Lord, but became
hardened in their hearts shall be broken as the Rock crushes them and grinds them to powder.

    Many hearts have been deceived because of shifting in the political, social, moral and
governmental moves that have been made, but these hearts did not move with the cloud of my
 presence in preparation. I said there would be no more delays, but gave time for repentance,
                                       but you would not.

 The conflict continues to rage within the organization of religion and will continue to do so until
    the end. My remnant has pulled out of the religious system and the world system and has
become capable of following me wherever I lead them. It is my will to lead my elect into fields of
gladness and rejoicing and those who follow me shall surely eat the good of the Land. I have led
some into key positions of authority and have set them there for the purpose of taking dominion
at this time. Decisions will have to be made quickly as time will have become the most important
                                    thing for survival at this time.

Be not deceived by what you see in the news, but know that I have spoken through my prophets
 and now I will confirm their words. Some have scoffed and mocked just as I said they would by
THEY WERE IN THE EARLY DAYS?" There are false prophets that have prophesied lies to the
 people in the nation and in the church within the nation. These are prophets of Baal who have
      learned the art of tickling the ears of those who desire it so. This art has become so
          compounded around the nation that it has blinded the minds from the truth.

  Recall the days of Jehoshaphat and Ahab when they conspired to gather themselves together
 to defeat Syria. The Four Hundred Prophets prophesied their victory, but they did so by a Lying
  Spirit. There was one prophet whom Ahab hated because this prophet never prophesied good
  towards him. Yet Jehoshaphat desired to hear from this prophet and when he came and stood
    before the two kings he was asked what the word of the Lord was. He said exactly what the
false prophets said, purposely, but king Ahab knew better. The king said to the prophet, "I TOLD
YOU ONLY TO SPEAK WHAT THE LORD SAID." Then the prophet declared the truth and said,
  say that he saw the Lord seated in heaven, asking who would go and cause Ahab to fall in the
   battle. Then he said he saw a spirit come to the Lord and say, "I WILL GO AND BE A LYING
   SPIRIT IN THE PROPHETS," and the Lord said go! Neither of the kings believed the prophet
 and sent him away into chains to be fed with the water and bread of affliction until they returned
   from the battle in peace. The prophet said, "IF YOU RETURN AT ALL, I HAVE NOT HEARD
FROM THE LORD." Ahab was killed in the battle and Jehoshaphat offended God by his alliance
                              with Ahab and was rejected of the Lord.

 So it is this day that a LYING SPIRIT has spoken through the false prophets, saying PEACE!
PEACE! The same message of peace and safety has been proclaimed in the name of the Lord,
  yet there has been no repentance. The political shifting has accomplished nothing, says the
  Lord, for I have determined in my heart to undo the nation and give it to the righteous in the
earth, even my saints. So the Lord would say again, be not deceived, GOD IS NOT MOCKED.
  WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN YOU SHALL REAP! May all who have ears to hear FLEE FROM
 THE CITIES THAT HAVE BEEN MENTIONED and may those who are there when this event
takes place find their way through the smoke and flame.WASHINGTOND.C. has been targeted
   and will experience what it missed on 9-11-2001. Be reminded, that the WORLD TRADE
CENTERS were first attacked eight years earlier, then on 9-11-2001 the job was completed. Be
       ready saints, for the face of the earth shall change in a moment. Be ready!

                                     Vincent Xavier 6/16/05

On Tuesday, June 14, 2005, I was preparing to go on the air on our new radio program. As I
entered into the radio Station a young woman asked me how I was doing and I responded to
CALIFORNIA." Her eyes were wide open and she said that was scary. I went on my program at
7:00 p.m. and shared my concern in a very subtle way as to not stir any un-necessary stress.
The program ended at 7:26 p.m. and at 7:50 p.m. the earth shook in Northern California,
causing a TSUNAMI WARNING to sound forth over the radio and TV waves. People began to
evacuate, etc. On Wednesday, the next day, I was preparing to go on the air again and as I
entered into the radio station the young woman met me and began to exclaim how that when
the earth shook she told her husband that she met a man who told her of what he was feeling. I
went into the studio and once again aired my heart and feeling of what was about to come.
Today, just a few hours ago, another quake hit Southern California.

As I sat before the TV, watching the news, I began to weep as I heard the Lord speak softly to

"I am now loosening my judgment in Southern California! Three earthquakes have shaken the
ground as warnings to Southern California in preparation of a mighty quake! The magnitude of
the event that will take place will reach the entire world and the whole of the United States will
become involved. The president of the U.S. will be weighted down with overwhelming reports of
destruction that are hitting the west coast. Millions will take to the streets and havoc will be the
result of the unprepared. There will NOT be a complete end of Southern California, but the
aftermath will be devastating. My justice is high above the justice of the world, and while men
honor men, I AM ALMIGHTY GOD and I receive not honor from men. Those who honor me
respect me and love me and obey my voice. There is a massive weight in the spirit realm over
Southern California. This weight is GIGANTIC and it has settled over the land. It is descending
very heavily and the tremors you have felt are the beginning of sorrows that will cause the shelf
of the west coast to break off. I come as a thief in the night upon those who are in darkness, but
to those who know me you are not in the dark and you will have perfect wisdom to guide you as
you are led by my Spirit."
                     Earthquake Red Alert For CaliforniaCoast
                                 By Stan Deyo August 2, 2005

This RED ALERT is the first of its kind I've ever made in the 9 years of studying seismic event
indicators. It is so huge that I almost can't believe my eyes. The importance and severity of this
has impressed me more significantly than when I predicted and warned about the
coming December 26, 2004 Indonesian events beginning December 22.

For the last 6 days, I've seen indications of a large number of earthquake pressures building
across a 2,000-mile-long arc in the North Pacific. At first, I thought these indications were a
result of large storms so I disregarded them. Until this afternoon when a listener (thanks Dan)
heard my radio broadcast and emailed information to me, I wasn't able to explain the cause of
this discovery.

Below you will see white arrows pointing at this arc of signals that have appeared over the last 6
days. They are heading straight into Mendocino, CA to the area where 3 tectonic plates meet.
Notice on today's image and for 5 days preceding, the clear definition of this phenomenon. It
is occurring all along what is called the Mendocino Fault Zone or Ridge. This is a place where
the sea floor rises up to within 1,203 yards of sea surface 168 miles west of Mendocino, CA. It's
been the subject of a great many technical papers in the world of geology and seismicity.

Today, news came to us of the collapse of the resurgent dome at Mt.St. Helens. There have
been a number of small earthquakes in the range of 3.0 over the last 2 weeks at Mt.St. Helens.
Scientists monitoring this claim to be a loss to explain the cause.

Depending on how large and how many seismic events release along the Mendocino Ridge in
the near future, where it connects to California could trigger releases not only to the San
Andreas Fault map and San Andreas photo, but also the Juan De Fuca Plate. The Juan de
Fuca Plate is the only major zone on the great Ring of Fire around the Pacific that hasn't had a
major seismic event in the last 50 years. I don't need to fully explain the implications of such an
event. When this occurs, it will be one of the greatest catastrophes in American history.

HOWEVER, since I have never seen an event of this size in the making, I don't know if it will
back off and come back again several times before releasing. All I am sure of is that it's a
unique event in my 9 years of monitoring these seismic indicators.

At the very least you should be sure your emergency stock of food, water and medicines are
what they should be for such an event. We will continue to monitor this situation and are already
warning on radio broadcasts. It has the potential to produce enormous tidal waves throughout
the Pacific Basic.

                    Stan Deyo has now issued his SECOND RED ALERT

While appearing on Steve Quayle's radio show tonight Stan Deyo issued his second red alert in
as many days. He said that the indications along the North Pacific faults have worsened

Deyo said that he had been joined by Frank Condon and Jim Berkland in calling attention to the
growing indications of problems along the faults in the North Pacific. A 7+ or an 8-level
earthquake appears to be indicated, if history is any guide, but no one is able to pinpoint
the exact spot where the 'break' will occur.

New maps have been posted on Steve Quayle's website:

Through analysis, Stan Deyowarns on 1-3-06: expected earthquake, volcanic or storm
activity for the next one to five days.

                         CaliforniaFalls into the Sea
                          The 1937 Vision of Joe Brandt, 17

                     "This is California. We are going into the sea."

I woke up in the hospital room with a terrific headache--as if the whole world was
revolving inside my brain. I remember, vaguely, the fall from my horse--Blackie. As I lay
there, pictures began to form in my mind--pictures that stood sill. I seemed to be in
another world. Whether it was the future, or it was some ancient land, I could not say.
Then slowly, like the silver screen of the "talkies", but with color and smell and sound, I
seemed to find myself in Los Angeles--but I swear it was much bigger, and buses and
odd-shaped cars crowded the city streets.

I thought about Hollywood Boulevard, and I found myself there. Whether this is true, I
do not know, but there were a lot of guys my age with beards and wearing, some of
them, earrings. All the girls, some of them keen-o, wore real short skirts...and they
slouched along--moving like a dance. Yet they seemed familiar. I wondered if I could
talk to them, and I said, "Hello," but they didn't see or hear me. I decided I would look as
funny to them as they looked to me. I guess it is something you have to learn. I couldn't
do it.

I noticed there was a quietness about the air, a kind of stillness. Something else was
missing, something that should be there. At first, I couldn't figure it out, I didn't know
what it was--then I did. There were no birds. I listened. I walked two blocks north of the
Boulevard--all houses--no birds. I wondered what had happened to them. Had they
gone away? Again, I could hear the stillness. Then I knew something was going to

I wondered what year it was. It certainly was not 1937. I saw a newspaper on the corner
with a picture of the President. It surely wasn't Mr. Roosevelt. He was bigger, heavier,
big ears. If it wasn't 1937, I wondered what year it was. . My eyes weren't working right.
Someone was coming--someone in 1937--it was that darned, fat nurse ready to take my
temperature. I woke up. Crazy dream.

[The next day]. Gosh, my headache is worse. It is a wonder I didn't get killed on that
horse. I've had another crazy dream, back in Hollywood. Those people. Why do they
dress like that, I wonder? Funny glow about them. It is a shine around their heads--
something shining. I remember it now. I found myself back on the Boulevard. I was
waiting for something to happen and I was going to be there. I looked up at the clock
down by that big theater. It was ten minutes to four. Something big was going to

I wondered if I went into a movie (since nobody could see me) if I'd like it. Some
cardboard blond was draped over the marquee with her leg six feet long. I started to go
in, but it wasn't inside. I was waiting for something to happen outside. I walked down the
street. In the concrete they have names of stars. I just recognized a few of them. The
other names I had never heard. I was getting bored, I wanted to get back to the hospital
in Fresno, and I wanted to stay there on the Boulevard, even if nobody could see me.
Those crazy kids. Why are they dressed like that? Maybe it is some big Halloween
doings, but it don't seem like Halloween. More like early spring. There was that sound
again, that lack of sound. Stillness, stillness, stillness. The quiet is getting bigger and
bigger. I know it is going to happen. Something is going to happen. It is happening now!
It sure did. She woke me up, grinning and smiling, that fat one again.

"It's time for your milk, kiddo," she says. Gosh, old women of thirty acting like the cat's
pajamas. Next time maybe she'll bring hot chocolate.

Where have I been? Where haven't I been? I've been to the ends of the earth and back.
I've been to the end of the world--there isn't anything left. Not even Fresno, even though
I'm lying here right this minute. If only my eyes would get a little clearer so I can write all
this down. Nobody will believe me, anyway. I'm going back to that last moment on the
Boulevard. Some sweet kid went past, dragging little boys (twins, I guess) by each
hand. Her skirt was up--well, pretty high--and she had a tired look. I thought for a minute
I could ask her about the birds, what had happened to them, and then I remembered
she hadn't seen me. Her hair was all frowzy, way out all over her head. A lot of them
looked like that, but she looked so tired and like she was sorry about something. I guess
she was sorry before it happened--because it surely did happen. There was a funny
smell. I don't know where it came from. I didn't like it. A smell like sulphur, sulfuric acid,
a smell like death. For a minute I thought I was back in chem [chemistry].

When I looked around for the girl, she was gone. I wanted to find her for some reason. It
was as if I knew something was going to happen and I could stay with her, help her.
She was gone, and I walked half a block, then I saw the clock again. My eyes seemed
glued to that clock. I couldn't move. I just waited. It was five minutes to four on a sunny
afternoon. I thought I would stand there looking at that clock forever waiting for
something to come. Then, when it came, it was nothing. It was just nothing. It wasn't
nearly as hard as the earthquake we had two years ago. The ground shook, just an
instant. People looked at each other, surprised. Then they laughed. I laughed, too. So
this was what I had been waiting for. This funny little shake. It meant nothing.

I was relieved and I was disappointed. What had I been waiting for? I started back up
the Boulevard, moving my legs like those kids. How do they do it? I never found out. I
felt as if the ground wasn't solid under me. I knew I was dreaming, and yet I wasn't
dreaming. There was that smell again, coming up from the ocean. I was getting to the 5
and 10 store and I saw the look on the kids' faces. Two of them were right in front of me,
coming my way.

"Let's get out of this place. Let's go back East." He seemed scared. It wasn't as if the
sidewalks were trembling--but you couldn't seem to see them. Not with your eyes you
couldn't. An old lady had a dog, a little white dog, and she stopped and looked scared,
and grabbed him in her arms and said: "Let's go home, Frou, Frou. Mama is going to
take you home." That poor lady, hanging on to her dog.

I got scared. Real scared. I remembered the girl. She was way down the block,
probably. I ran and ran, and the ground kept trembling. I couldn't see it. I couldn't see it.
But I knew it was trembling. Everybody looked scared. They looked terrible. One young
lady just sat down on the sidewalk all doubled up. She kept saying, "earthquake, its the
earthquake," over and over. But I couldn't see that anything was different.

Then, when it came, how it came. Like nothing in God's world. Like nothing. It was like
the scream of a siren, long and low, or the scream of a woman I heard having a baby
when I was a kid. It was awful. It was as if something--some monster--was pushing up
the sidewalks. You felt it long before you saw it, as if the sidewalks wouldn't hold you
anymore. I looked out at the cars. They were honking, but not scared. They just kept
moving. They didn't seem to know yet that anything was happening. Then, that white
car, that baby half-sized one came sprawling from the inside lane right against the curb.
The girl who was driving just sat there. She sat there with her eyes staring, as if she
couldn't move, but I could hear her. She made funny noises.
I watched her, thinking of the other girl. I said that it was a dream and I would wakeup.
But I didn't wake up. The shaking had started again, but this time different. It was a nice
shaking, like a cradle being rocked for a minute, and then I saw the middle of the
Boulevard seem to be breaking in two. The concrete looked as if it were being pushed
straight up by some giant shovel. It was breaking in two. That is why the girl's car went
out of control. And then a loud sound again, like I've never heard before--then hundreds
of sounds--all kinds of sounds; children, and women, and those crazy guys with
earrings. They were all moving, some of them above the sidewalk. I can't describe it.
They were lifted up..

And the waters kept oozing--oozing. The cries. God, it was awful. I woke up. I never
want to have that dream again.

It came again. Like the first time which was a preview and all I could remember was that
it was the end of the world. I was right back there--all that crying. Right in the middle of
it. My eardrums felt as if they were going to burst. Noise everywhere. People falling
down, some of them hurt badly. Pieces of buildings, chips, flying in the air. One hit me
hard on the side of the face, but I didn't seem to feel it. I wanted to wake up, to get away
from this place. It had been fun in the beginning, the first dream, when I kind of knew I
was going to dream the end of the world or something. This was terrible. There were
older people in cars. Most of the kids were on the street. But those old guys were yelling
bloody murder, as if anybody could help them. Nobody could help anybody. It was then
I felt myself lifted up. Maybe I had died. I don't know. But I was over the city. It was
tilting toward the ocean--like a picnic table.

The buildings were holding, better than you could believe. They were holding. They
were holding. They were holding.

The people saw they were holding and they tried to cling to them or get inside. It was
fantastic. Like a building had a will of its own. Everything else breaking around them,
and they were holding, holding. I was up over them--looking down. I started to root for
them. "Hold that line," I said. "Hold that line. Hold that line. Hold that line." I wanted to
cheer, to shout, to scream. If the buildings held, those buildings on the Boulevard,
maybe the girl--the girl with the two kids--maybe she could get inside. It looked that way
for a long time, maybe three minutes, and three minutes was like forever. You knew
they were going to hold, even if the waters kept coming up. Only they didn't.

I've never imagined what it would be like for a building to die. A building dies just like a
person. It gives way, some of the bigger ones did just that. They began to crumble, like
an old man with palsy, who couldn't take it anymore. They crumbled right down to
nothing. And the little ones screamed like mad--over and above the roar of the people.
They were mad about dying. But buildings die.

I couldn't look anymore at the people. I kept wanting to get higher. Then I seemed to be
out of it all, but I could see. I seemed to be up on Big Bear near San Bernardino, but the
funny thing was that I could see everywhere. I knew what was happening.

The earth seemed to start to tremble again. I could feel it even though I was high up.
This time it lasted maybe twelve seconds, and it was gentle. You couldn't believe
anything so gentle could cause so much damage. But then I saw the streets of Los
Angeles--and everything between the San Bernardino mountains and Los Angeles. It
was still tilting towards the ocean, houses, everything that was left. I could see the big
lanes--dozens of big lanes still loaded with cars sliding the same way. Now the ocean
was coming in, moving like a huge snake across the land. I wondered how long it was,
and I could see the clock, even though I wasn't there on the Boulevard. It was 4:29. It
had been half an hour. I was glad I couldn't hear the crying anymore. But I could see
everything. I could see everything.

Then, like looking at a huge map of the world, I could see what was happening on the
land and with the people. San Francisco was feeling it, but she was not in any way like
Hollywood or Los Angeles. It was moving just like that earthquake movie with Jeanette
McDonald and Gable. I could see all those mountains coming together...I knew it was
going to happen to San Francisco--it was going to turn over--it would turn upside down.
It went quickly, because of the twisting, I guess. It seemed much faster than Hollywood,
but then I wasn't exactly there. I was a long way off. I was a long, long way off. I shut my
eyes for a long time--I guess ten minutes--and when I opened them I saw Grand

When I looked at Grand Canyon, that great big gap was closing in, and Boulder Dam
was being pushed, from underneath. And then, Nevada, and on up to Reno. Way down
south, way down. Baja, California. Mexico too. It looked like some volcano down there
was erupting, along with everything else. I saw the map of South America, especially
Colombia. Another volcano--eruption--shaking violently. I seemed to be seeing a movie
of three months before--before the Hollywood earthquake. Venezuela seemed to be
having some kind of volcanic activity. Away off in the distance, I could see Japan, on a
fault, too. It was so far off--not easy to see because I was still on Big Bear Mountain, but
it started to go into the sea. I couldn't hear screaming, but I could see the surprised look
on their faces. They looked so surprised. Japanese girls are made well, supple, easy,
muscles that move well. Pretty, too. But they were all like dolls. It was so far away I
could hardly see it. In a minute or two it seemed over. Everybody was gone. There was
nobody left.

I didn't know time now. I couldn't see a clock. I tried to see the island of Hawaii. I could
see huge tidal waves beating against it. The people on the streets were getting wet, and
they were scared. But I didn't see anybody go into the sea.

I seemed way around the globe. More flooding. Is the world going to be drenched?
Constantinople. Black Sea rising. Suez Canal, for some reason seemed to be drying up.
Sicily--she doesn't hold. I could see a map. Mt Etna. Mt.Etna is shaking. A lot of area
seemed to go, but it seemed to be earlier or later. I wasn't sure of time, now.
England--huge floods--but no tidal waves. Water, water everywhere, but no one was
going into the sea. People were frightened and crying. Some places they fell to the
streets on their knees and started to pray for the world. I didn't know the English were
emotional. Ireland, Scotland--all kinds of churches were crowded--it seemed night and
day. People were carrying candles and everybody was crying for California, Nevada,
parts of Colorado--maybe even all of it, even Utah. Everybody was crying--most of them
didn't even know anybody in California, Nevada, Utah, but they were crying as if they
were blood kin. Like one family. Like it happened to them.

New York was coming into view--she was still there, nothing had happened, yet water
level was way up. Here, things were different. People were running in the streets
yelling--"end of the world." Kids ran into restaurants and ate everything in sight. I saw a
shoe store with all the shoes gone in about five minutes. 5th Avenue--everybody
running. Some radio blasting--bigger--a loud speaker--that in a few minutes, power
might be shut off. They must control themselves. Five girls were running like mad
toward the Y.M.C.A., that place on Lexington or somewhere. But nothing was
happening in New York. I saw an old lady with garbage cans filling them with water.
Everybody seemed scared to death. Some people looked dazed. The streets seemed
filled with loud speakers. It wasn't daylight. It was night.

I saw, like the next day, and everything was topsyturvey. Loud speakers again about
fuel tanks broken in areas--shortage of oil. People seemed to be looting markets.

I saw a lot of places that seemed safe, and people were not so scared. Especially the
rural areas. Here everything was almost as if nothing had happened. People seemed
headed to these places, some on foot, some in cars that still had fuel. I heard--or
somehow I knew--that somewhere in the Atlantic land had come up. A lot of land. I was
getting awfully tired. I wanted to wake up. I wanted to go back to the girl--to know where
she was--and those two kids. I found myself back in Hollywood--and it was still 4:29. I
wasn't up on Big Bear at all, I was perched over Hollywood. I was just there. It seemed
perfectly natural in my dream.

I could hear now. I could hear, someplace, a radio station blasting out--telling people not
to panic. They were dying in the streets. There were picture stations with movies--some
right in Hollywood--these were carrying on with all the shaking. One fellow in the picture
station was a little short guy who should have been scared to death. But he wasn't. He
kept shouting and reading instructions. Something about helicopters or planes would go
over--some kind of planes--but I knew they couldn't. Things were happening in the
atmosphere. The waves were rushing up now. Waves. Such waves. Nightmare waves.

Then, I saw again. Boulder Dam, going down--pushing together, pushing together
breaking apart--no, Grand Canyon was pushing together, and Boulder Dam was
breaking apart. It was still daylight. All these radio stations went off at the same time--
Boulder Dam had broken.

I wondered how everybody would know about it--people back East. That was when I
saw the "ham radio operators." I saw them in the darndest places, as if I were right
there with them. Like the little guy with glasses, they kept sounding the alarm. One kept
saying: "This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going
into the sea. Get to high places. Get to the mountains. All states west--this is California.
We are going into the...we are going into the..." I thought he was going to say "sea," but
I could see him. He was inland, but the waters had come in. His hand was still clinging
to the table, he was trying to get up, so that once again he could say: "This is California.
We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the sea."

I seemed to hear this, over and over, for what seemed hours--just those words--they
kept it up until the last minute--all of them calling out, "Get to the mountains--this is
California. We are going into the sea."

I woke up. It didn't seem as if I had been dreaming. I have never been so tired. For a
minute or two, I thought it had happened. I wondered about two things. I hadn't seen
what happened to Fresno and I hadn't found out what happened to that girl.

I've been thinking about it all morning. I'm going home tomorrow. It was just a dream. It
was nothing more. Nobody in the future on Hollywood Boulevard is going to be wearing
earrings--and those beards. Nothing like that is ever going to happen. That girl was so
real to me--that girl with those kids. It won't ever happen--but if it did, how could I tell her
(maybe she isn't even born yet) to move away from California when she has her twins--
and she can't be on the Boulevard that day. She was so gosh-darned real.

The other thing--those ham operators--hanging on like that--over and over--saying the
same thing:

"This is California. We are going into the sea. This is California. We are going into the
sea. Get to the mountains. Get to the hilltops. California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona,
Utah. This is California. We are going into the sea."

I guess I'll hear that for days.

This vision was written by Joe Brandt, age 17, while recovering from a brain concussion
in a Fresno, California hospital in 1937. Previously published in "California Superquake
1975-1977?" written by Paul James. Again published in "When the Comet Runs" by
Tom Kay, 1997

                Visions for California - West Coast - Yellowstone
                                    David Brown - 4/02/05
I got a phone call the other day from North Carolina from someone I've never met...but a very
humble man of God who three weeks ago during prayer had several visions from the Lord...I
believe these are not surprising to many of us who have seen these things happening, but that
the timing is important and so is prayer so we are enlightened more about our own roles and
ready to do whatever the Lord would have us do and for how to pray.

He was not at all wanting to cause fear...but I went into travail on the phone while praying so I
know that God is warning us. And we need to be very close to the Lord in this eleventh hour.
The Lord told me in October He was going to shake the west coast till our hair stood on
end...With major earthquakes on the west side of the Pacific plate, the likelihood of
earthquakes, and activity like volcanoes on this side is inevitable.

1. In the FIRST he saw thousands of people standing on mountains and a wave of WATER
coming from the WEST. Then the Lord reminded him of the Sierra in California.

2. Then he had a vision of a spirit, a strongman with huge iron bars in the western Pacific prying
up the earth's tectonic plates in various places there.

3. Then he saw Yellowstone - first there was an earthquake, but it caused the rocks to implode
falling down into magma and the magma was then forced towards the Cascade mountains...Mt
Rainier, etc. He got around June 30th for this to begin....

4. Then he saw the SAN ANDREAS quake... and the Sierras with a large tsunami coming...
around Aug 15-17th this year he felt.

5. He also saw the Sydney, Australia, opera house building and a huge tidal wave hit it.

6. The Lord showed him there was more He had to show him of judgment coming... then

7. He had a vision of Israelite warriors all arrayed in armor, but the Lord began to walk through
them, and told them to lay down their weapons and he saw HIM fight for them. Then they were
crossing a river and the enemy was on the other side, and on the side they started, the river
was shallow and ankle deep, then as they went across it got deeper and deeper till it was over
their heads. Then as they came out of the water, their armor and swords were so shiny - swords
so SHARP, and the armor shining so BRIGHT it blinded the enemy....the GLORY was so
bright...and we were told not to let anything continue standing.

[I believe the last one here is about the Glory being poured out in us...the "explosion" people
have gotten words about...Is. 60] When he spoke this it reminded me of Ez. 47, and Joel's

He also said when this happened, the earth's axis would be tilted 13 degrees . He also saw
something in the Baltic sea area...but more is to come...I am sharing this for prayer as he didn't
know if this could be reversed or delayed but felt it was for this year, but not sure...just a sense it
was for this year.


Recently the Lord told me He would move me inland more where I'd be safer....I am concerned
for all around me and all I know.... In October '04 the Lord warned me that He was going to
shake the west coast (as HE did the east with the hurricanes). Just yesterday I found a site sent
to me, that has listing of all the activity on the Ring of Fire in March which seemed very
significant... see:

I can tell you this much from seeing this over and over again. When there are significant quakes
on the west part of the Ring of Fire...then in order for the plates to adjust, there must be an
equal reaction on the right side...of which we are I believe he is right on....9.0 in
Sumatra, now 8.2 in Sumatra, and a third expected. Something will happen here most likely.
Where and when...God is speaking and giving us warning. I have recently been praying HE
would give us on the WEST Coast fair warning and more vision... and then I had the vision of
Aug 11-12th, with the words spoken to me "Days of Awe" which application I felt was day of
repentance and introspection...and possibly an outpouring of His GLORY.

                                          Large Quake
                                        Mark Fritts 10/28/05

This morning, Oct. 28, I had a dream. I was in Blockbuster Video and I was talking to the lady
at the check-out desk. The weird part was that I was trying to buy a computer from them. In front
of me I noticed a television set on, showing streets being busted up and buildings falling down
and explosions. I knew this was an earthquake. I thought it was happening in California. Next I
felt the ground moving inside the store and we all ran outside. We were feeling this quake all the
way up in Michigan. Once outside I looked up to the sky and there was a large black cloud in
the sky. (Note from David: I am no expert here but a quake that reaches from California to
Michigan is a very large quake. It is more likely that two or more faults are being affected here,
like the San Andreas affecting the New Madrid.)
San Francisco Judgment Prophecies

Prophetic Word given through Elaine Cook

While waiting on the Lord I heard all the words of a national hymn that is seldom sung any more. I couldn¨t

have remembered them all, but they were all flooding into my mind.

Land of hope and glory, Mother of the free, How shall we extol thee who are born of thee?

      Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set,

      He Who made thee mighty,

      Make thee mightier yet!

      He Who made thee mighty,

      Make thee mightier yet!

As I waited upon the Lord, He spoke these words to me: ¥The § New Land of Liberty ¨ to which the

persecuted and cast-out fled for refuge, is now a refuge in name only. It is no longer a place of glory and

freedom, for My people have used My blessing as a §right¨ to do their own thing, as having the right to do

whatever the flesh desired.

¥I shall indeed judge for this, or I should have to repent over judging Sodom and Gomorrah . This is a

time of setting things right so my Kingdom may be ushered in upon My holy principles. ¥No longer shall

thy land bless those who pervert My moral laws and the laws of creativity that I have placed within My

creation for its propagation. No longer shall lifeless unions be engaged in with the blessing of the rulers of

the land and the toleration of its people, for this is a great uncleanness in My sight. Did I not rain down fire

from heaven on those of old times who were taken captive by these spirits? ¥Yea, your heart quakes at

My Words, and so it should, for it is a fearful thing to see the judgments of the Lord come down and to

see a country brought to its knees and its §hope and glory¨ fall in the dust!¦

Earthquake Warning for San Francisco
Larry Anderson 4-26-07
I say unto you, declare that it shall be. I have been weighing in My scales of justice the regions

of this land and I have found those that are wanting. Do you think I will continue to hold My

judgments, that I will continue to show mercy, or is love shown by My judgment of your

idolatries? If I continue to delay judgments you will only continue in your wickedness and draw

even more into your harlotries.

Know this, it displeases me greatly that honor is not shown to those who I have placed in

authority. The disrespect shown by many to the president of this land is a stench to Me. My

precepts state clearly, that you are to honor one and another. If you had spent your time in

prayer, instead of backbiting, slander and murmuring, this land would not be having the

problems it is having. Dan. 5:27 1 Peter 2:17

San Francisco My eyes are upon you, but not for good. You have shunned My mercies, you

have flaunted your perversion. Do you realize after New York and New Orleans , that your

judgment was to be next? I delayed it because the earthquake that was going to strike you

would have caused utter destruction. Unless you repent and turn from your wickedness, soon

you will be totally devastated. You plan for a 7 to 7.5 earthquake, I tell you it will be much larger.

Have you considered what an 8.6 earthquake will do to your city?

O how fearful it is to fall under the judgments of a righteous and holy God. Sodom and

Gomorrah call out saying I had no right to judge them, because I have withheld judgment

against you.

San Francisco I send one more call out to you to repent, I say repent and turn away

from that which leads to death. Ezekiel 18:19-32 Ezekiel 19
Julie Meyer's Dream for San Francisco : I was standing right at the edge of the sea

again and could see a great shaking. A great shaking will come right down the middle of

San Francisco . It will be a city split in two, covered by the mouth of the sea. Therefore

God will stir the prophets of the nations to cry out again, Let the wicked turn to God and

let the righteous man flee San Francisco for it is a city that will be split right down the

middle. Let the wicked turn to God and let the righteous man flee San Francisco for it is

a city that will be split right down the middle. Half will fall into the mouth of the great

deep, the other will be barren covered by sand and the tides of the sea, no more

bridges, no more highways over the ocean. They have been swallowed by the waters of

the great deep.

                  San Francisco / Los Angeles Great Earthquake
                                         Jeanne Beech

A few weeks ago David requested by email information I had previously sent him regarding
earthquake prophecies that he could not find. After looking extensively I could not find them
either. But since I have some friends, who live in California, I do hear a lot regarding this
subject, because many of these friends are intercessors. And when they speak, I listen,
because their "track record" is excellent. Many others are also hearing the same thing. A local
friend is being sent back to California in March to give this warning that he and others are
hearing: "...9.2 earthquake."

Each week two intercessors, a man and a woman meet, with our friend in her home to pray
over California, and specific places, as the Lord leads. Six months ago the Lord told the woman
that "There will be a great earthquake in San Francisco followed simultaneously by one in
Los Angeles that will cause great devastation." My friend's husband was suddenly and
unexpectedly fired from his position in downtown Los Angeles for no apparent reason that
was discernible at first. Now they know that God was telling them to "Get out." Many
confirmations have come forth, but the most compelling one is that his office street number is
the same number of a previous house address they had in another state!

We were attending a Morning Star Conference in Charlotte, NC a few years ago, and one of the
speakers was Jim Bakker. We recall Jim speaking about what the Lord showed him as he was
riding in a limousine in downtown Los Angelesin 1999 on his way to CNN to be interviewed on
Larry King's show. He was told that there would be a great earthquake in downtown Los

On December 31, 2005 Jim was released to tell "the rest of the story." At that time, the Lord
showed him a picture graph of a fault located twelve miles beneath Los Angeles. The Lord said,
"There is a fault line under LA that is twelve miles deep." (The "well-known" San Andres fault
line is six miles deep.) The Lord told Jim there would be a massive earthquake under the city
of Los Angeles that will leave "no stone unturned." When? It is imminent!

[The 9.2 earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan knocked buildings off their foundations, but did
not demolish them to the point that "not one stone was left upon another," as Jim was told
regarding L.A.]

After the Los Angeles TImes released the information about the location of the fault (that they
named "Whittier") along with a graph, it was the same graph the Lord had shown Jim in 1999. It
was on New Year's Eve that the Lord told Jim to release this vision. Ironically, he did so
at HeritageVillage outside Charlotte, at the former PTL location, on the night of December 31,

Jim Bakker fell and was completely restored, because he humbled himself under the mighty
hand of God. I have been told that Jim has been given 31 different prophecies. At the recent
conference he also said there will be a huge earthquake that will split(?) [my friend placed a
question mark here, I suppose because he was not sure if that is what he heard] the Canary
Islands causing a tsunami to hit the eastern coast of the United States AND that it would
be several hundred feet high, moving in both directions and also hitting the western
coast of Europe and the western coast of Africa. When the friend who sent this
information was called to confirm these truths he was in prayer. While listening to the answering
machine the Lord immediately spoke to him saying, "Take everything I say from this day
forward as imminent." [Immediate near future.]
Jim Bakker was further shown that Tokyo would be flattened first, followed by the Los
Angeles earthquake. He had been shown that New Orleans would be under twelve feet of
water. At the time he had no understanding, but while on a talk show the Lord compelled him to
stand up and blurt it out. This TV warning was six weeks prior to Katrina. At the New Year's Eve
conference he said that the Lord told him it will be under twelve feet of water again. Jim also
predicted the 9/11 disaster. Bob Jones has confirmed both of these earthquakes.

                                God's Mercy on California?
                                            Amos Scaggs

In May of 2005 I saw California twisting and turning. Half of it split from north to south and fell
away. Then on Jan. 4, 2006 I saw a small portion of land mass of California being put or
molded back together by two large hands like an elongated moistened dirt patty, along with the
governmental part. The land mass being put back together was about 1/3 of its original size.

Don¶t take this literally. Iµm only trying to give an idea of the general area I saw being put back
together by looking at a map. Take like from Sacramento going east to South Tahoe; draw a
line along the Nevada border going SE. Then go from Sacramento down to Modesto, to
Merced, to Visalia, to Barstow, along the BullionMt. to south of EagleMt. to Rt. 10 and 177
junction. Then go east on Rt.10 to Blythe. This is not the actual cities; it is only to give an idea of
the land mass that I saw being put back together.

 Nationwide Earthquake Dream

 Brian Charles Jan 23, 2009

 I was on an island in the Caribbean, and we were expecting to get hit by a very bad
hurricane, but we were only being brushed by the outer fringe clouds of that storm. I

saw everyone frantic and panicking about the news, the USA was hit by a powerful


I looked to the west, and on the East Coast I saw clouds of dust ascending up from

the ground, like the steam that arises when an afternoon thunderstorm rains on a hot

parking lot in the summertime. The earthquake powerfully rocked the whole entire

USA, destroying all of its buildings.

I also saw a couple of towers buckle in half, and topple down to the ground. One of

them had a big broadcasting antenna on top of it, looking exactly like the Westward

Ho Hotel in downtown Phoenix.

    And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great
voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.
    And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great
earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an
earthquake, and so great.
    And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations
fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the
cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
Revelation 16:17-19

City Earthquake Dream

Brian Charles April 23, 2009

Dream begins:
I was looking at this city center in the distance, which consisted of skyscrapers and

spires and tall parking garages. At the beginning of the earthquake first a spire

similar to the Reunion Tower in Dallas fell to the right. Then another spire similar to

the Hemisphere Tower in San Antonio fell to the left. Then a parking garage, which

was like 12 or 15 stories or so tall collapsed down to the ground. I watched the

earthquake come towards me along the ground like a big dusty wave on the ocean,

and when it reached to where I was, there were these two white office towers in

front of me, which looked similar as, but a little shorter than the office towers at the

Century City Plaza in Los Angeles, which immediately collapsed and crumbled down

to the ground.

    Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is

everlasting strength: 5For he bringeth down them that dwell on high; the

lofty city, he layeth it low; he layeth it low, even to the ground; he

bringeth it even to the dust. 6The foot shall tread it down, even the feet

of the poor, and the steps of the needy.

Holy Bible,Isaiah 26:4-6

Revelation: The name of Andrew (Andreas)
will be used to mark judgement in this
generation. Eventually fulfillment will
involve a great earthquake along the San
Andreas, in California.
Published 7/13/1992 Stephen L. Bening
Fulfilled 8/24/1992, additional fulfillments expected

I was sitting at my desk at my little office at 3531 Griffin Road in Ft. Lauderdale. It was the
afternoon of July 13, 1992 and Art Cormier had just placed a newspaper article into my
hands. The article was an in depth discussion of the San Andreas fault in California,
complete with pictures.

As I sat, reading that article, the Lord suddenly spoke to me. He said, "the name of Andrew
will be used to mark judgement in this generation."

I tried to process what the Lord had just said. First of all, it seemed that the Lord was saying
that the San Andreas fault was named for Andrew. This seemed obvious, since Andreas is the
Spanish and the Greek rendering of the name Andrew. But was the San Andreas named the
Apostle Andrew?

I went downtown to the Library to do the research and found that Franciscan Missionary
Palou named the valley he entered on November 30 the "San Andreas Valley" because as he
came down into that valley, he was attacked by a bear. Since the Saint commemorated on
that day is the Apostle Andrew, he named the valley for Andrew. Then, in 1866, the town of
San Andreas, California was chartered. Some time later, the earthquake fault running through
the valley was tagged with that same name.

I wanted to quickly deliver this word to my pastor and elders. My pastor was not listening
very much to me, but he had handed me over to his associate pastor, Joseph Cella.

I met with Cornerstone Church Elder Joe Cella on July 13 and told him "ANDREW WILL
BE USED TO MARK JUDGEMENT". But, after all, what was he to do at that time?

On August 17, 1992, Tropical Storm Andrew formed in the central Atlantic. I went literally
ballistic, yet no one warned the church. I thought that certainly, some prophetic warning to
pray would be released, but none was.

Hurricane Andrew hit on August 24. Blitz Robinson, another Cornerstone Church member
gifted in prophecy, had received word on July 12 that "A Great storm cometh" and a vision
of a great ship straining on high seas in a hurricane. This came one day before the Lord gave
me the word about Andrew. We never connected the two until after the storm.

Thus was fulfilled what was prophesied in Matthew 8:24 and Luke 8:24. A great storm to
come at 8/24. 8/24/92. An interesting fulfillment and an even greater novelty that the gospels
should coincide at such a strategic scripture
I had thought that this accurate prophetic word would immediately bring me recognition with
my pastors, but it seemed that I was ignored all the more.

As I look back on that time from the time of November, 2000, I realize now that I needed a
great deal more training in the ways and methods of walking in the prophetic office. Most of
all, Jesus needed to humble me. At that time however, I thought that I was ready to take on
any job the Lord would give.

Yes, the Lord had proven to me that he had indeed called, appointed and anointed me as a
prophet, but everyone else seemed unimpressed. As I look back on that time, it was very
important for me, because it was at this time that I did become certain that I had not imagined
the Lord's call upon my life. I would have to be very certain of that call, because I was to
receive almost no encouragement from men for the next two years.

Since that time, I have come to know that something on the order of thirty or more prophetic
witnesses have a vision or dream or word of prophecy to report along these lines, regarding
the great earthquake that is to come along the San Andreas in California.

God gave me one more bit of information in 1993: that this earthquake would be very much
like the Great Alaska earthquake of the 1960's, only more severe.

Stephen L. Bening

NATION REPENT?Bob Jones Prophecy

When our cities are leveled. I don't like this thought, but I'm not the only one having these
visions. We're going to have entire cities leveled. I know of a city that is going to be leveled
by a storm. I know of a lot of Midwest cities that are going to get five feet of rain just like
that. Do you have any idea what will happen to a city that is used to getting 24-36 inches of
rain in a year, if they get five foot of it in two or three days? I was told that Hurricane Danny
(which He revealed to us right before it happened exactly how it was going to move) was a
parable that He was trying to show to the prophets. That whole hurricane was a warning to
the United States, and if they want it, they can have it. I'm telling you, when people of old
cried out, "God, we are not able to stand it." Holy people and holy prophets cried out and
they stood in the gap, God relented of the judgment. Now there are going to be cities leveled
that can't be stopped. But they can be warned; and only those who want to be there can be
there. I can't stop the leveling of it, but I can tell you this: God will warn. He will warn those
They tell me that they're really brave out there. (sigh) I'm not that brave. Because that
bravery is against God. IF I LIVED IN LOS ANGELES, I'D GET OUT. I want to tell you
something. The EARTHQUAKE is not the only thing you got to worry about in Los
Angeles, and I'm not sure it will be first. In a vision, I saw suitcases being smuggled in by
terrorists into California. They had NUCLEAR BOMBS in them. Two days after I brought
this in Nashville, a Baptist man came and brought the same word, only he didn't bring it as a
prophecy; he brought it as a reality. He had been in Russia, and he knew one of Yeltsin's
right hand men who told him: "There are 126 SUITCASE ATOMIC BOMBS MISSING from our
arsenal. And we know they have been sold to terrorists, and we believe they are trying to get them
into the United States and Israel."I don't believe we've got to 2,000. I've been asking the church
to begin to intercede that these suitcases be caught; that these terrorists be caught. Because
Satan intends to start the THIRD WORLD WAR ahead of time. We are going to have a third
world war. It's going to happen. But I'm sure it's not going to happen before the timing that
has been set. [If] one of those explode in San Francisco, we'd have bombers immediately on
their way with atomic warheads and we'd be in a Third World War. By the way, all of your
money would be worthless then. And everything that you live by would be worthless. What
would you do for WATER? That would be blown up; you wouldn't have any water. AND
happen. Do you know what's around Mammoth Lake and some of those places? All the water
flumes would break to Los Angeles. There's a dam there called Hoover. When that thing
breaks, have you any idea of how many? There's 25 million people it would affect. When that
thing breaks, I saw underneath the Salton Sea, and I've spoke that the real trembling and
everything would begin around the Salton Sea, and that the next warning would come around
the Salton Sea. Well, it did. Joshua Tree and Landers, is where this last one came, which was
a warning! I believe the next one is getting ready to happen when this volcano will erupt
when the plates can't take the pressure anymore. And I believe the pressure are melting the
plates down there to where this has got to be vented, and these earthquakes are just a sign of
what is getting ready to happen. It's getting ready to blow! When it does, it will break loose
all the way to the Sea of Cortez [the Gulf of California], right up the Los Angeles river. And
that plate in there will separate from the United States, and you can drive a boat up that river.
You can go from the Gulf of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean [Bob mistakenly said the "Atlantic"
ocean]. And Death Valley will be a great inland sea. And we aren't far from that. I really
expect though, something Jim Bakker said, even before this happens, OUR ECONOMY
those around; it's already started. And they pull all of our money out, and our stock market
plummets (and it's in the Shepherd's Rod). So all these things are ready. They aren't....This
isn't something we're trying to scare you with. It's something we're trying to prepare you to
SURVIVE. For one of the worst things that is going to happen to many of you at that time is
FEARING OF FEAR. It's running around like a chicken with his head cut off. It's time for
you to get grounded in your faith. You're going to have to put on Christ to survive. You're
going to have to take off the old man and the unregenerated nature, and put on Christ.

         Destruction of West Coast of North America
                                         Joshua Taylor
Seven Open Visions-

Feb. 1988, Bangs, Texas - as seen by Joshua Taylor - First recorded from Memory, Sept.
15th, 1993, Jasper, Arkansas.

Prelude: Before sharing these visions, I feel led of the Lord to relate certain background
information relevant to the comprehension and understanding of what shortly is to befall not
only America, but Canada as well.

Up to this point in my spiritual walk, I had not experienced any open visions whatsoever,
although the Holy Spirit had revealed various inner visions and other supernatural
experiences needed for spiritual growth. Ever since my initial conversion in a conservative
Christian Church in Regina, Saskatchewan in May of 1975, looking back, God surely had
His hand upon my life. For the first six years, I listened and intensively studied the
foundational teachings of the Word.

From 1981 until 1987, the Lord led me on various missionary journeys across my own
country. During this second set of six years, God set me free from previous traditional
bondage's, and set my feet on higher ground through a greater revelation of His Word.
Above all, through my nomadic lifestyle, the Lord taught me to be sensitive to the leading of
the Holy Spirit.

It was toward the end of this second phase, in 1985, while attending a spirit-filled summer
camp in Rock Lake, Manitoba that the Angel of the Lord first appeared to me. Unknowingly,
God was preparing my soul to enter into the final stage of preparation. It was Gabriel who
also appeared twice in these seven open visions. Up until this time, I knew in my spirit that
the Lord had a call upon my life to serve Him. It was not until Christmas of 1988, that God
revealed through the five-fold ministry, that I was not only called, but a chosen vessel as
well. Chosen by His mercy! It was during this third set of six years, from 1988 until the spring
of this year of 1993, that the Lord stripped me of all things allowing Satan to prove me that I
might learn to be faithful. During this time in the wilderness, the Spirit of the Lord led me to
seven springs of 'living waters' where I received various aspects of the deeper things of
God. All seven of these 'Trumpet' ministries were formerly birthed out of the 1948 revival.
After 18 years of preparation and testing, the Spirit of God anointed my feet to go forth to
preach and to minister His word and power of deliverance. In my spirit, I know that these
seven open visions will shortly come to pass. And when they do, America will be shaken as
the great and terrible 'Day of the Lord' is ushered in! Although many details of my testimony
have been purposely left out, I pray that what God has allowed me to reveal will set a
foundation in which to better comprehend these seven open visions. May God receive all the
glory and honor. Let each one lift Jesus higher, that the light of Christ will shine forth in
newness of life. As of this moment, I had not previously recorded these visions given over
five and one half years ago. A few details may be lost, but in the intensity in which I received
this visitation of the Spirit of God will forever remain.
Update to Feb. 1988 After having resided for a season in Texas within a spirit-filled
community, I was in the process of saying my farewells prior to departing back up into my
own country, when the 'Spirit of the Lord' fell on me as it did Ezekiel. The home of the elderly
sister whom I had the privilege to help build, was still a shell on the inside with sheets for
walls. Early that morning in Feb. of 1988, I awoke at approximately ten minutes to six to use
the restroom. My mind was yet half asleep as I felt my way back to bed in the pre-dawn
darkness. There was no indication that God was about to move to open up the windows of
heaven, to pour out seven open visions lasting for 45 minutes. These visions would not only
affect my life in times to come, but would affect all of North America! It was precisely six a.m.
as I lay back down on the davenport. To me, this was just another morning. Nothing
unusual. As my body touched the bed, I instantly became slain as the Spirit of God came in
like a wave with such force, that it caused my body to roll over on its right side! Unable to
speak, or to move or even to think, with my eyes wide open, the Lord took my soul into a
future time and place. God had not just opened a door that I might witness with the eyes of
the Spirit of things to come, but He also quickened all my natural as well as spiritual senses
of perception. I lived and breathed and felt all that was in and around me. Seven times the
Spirit of the Lord came in like a mighty wave, causing my body to rollover from one side and
then to the other. Each time one vision ended, another began. For a full year after having
these seven open visions, I had to learn to live with what God had revealed in order to retain
my own sanity and frame of mind.

VISION # 1 - In the vision, I had returned to Texas to fellowship with the brethren I had
previously become acquainted with. For no apparent reason, God cut my visit short and
opened up a door to return back to my own country. It was imperative to leave immediately!
The next morning I remember boarding the ferry in Port Angeles just outside of Seattle for
Victoria, British Columbia. I remember being very solemn as if I already knew beforehand
what was to take place on this particular mission. The passage itself seemed to be in the
cool of the year where a light jacket had to be worn. There was no indication of snow being
on the ground or in the air. In my spirit it seemed to be about five a.m. The sun had not yet
come up above the horizon. As to what season it was, it could have been early spring or late

VISION # 2 - As the Spirit of the Lord came in for a second time, the force of it pushed me
yet into another vision. Turning over on my left side, I could see myself leaving the ferry
terminal. There was quickness in my walk. After what seemed to be five minutes or so, I
remember entering the front doors of a newspaper office in the downtown part of the city. To
the right of the counter in front of me, the wall clock showed the time to be twenty-five
minutes past eight in the morning. The office staff seemed to be half asleep as if they just
returned after having the weekend off. Two or three of the staff still had cups of coffee in
their hands. Standing to the left side of the front counter, with my back to the street
entrance, I remember being dressed in black with a large staff in my right hand. In the spirit,
I could perceive them mocking me, as God had me to speak forth a warning to evacuate the
west side of Vancouver Island. An earthquake measuring approximately 7.4 would hit twenty
miles west of Victoria, causing a six foot tidal wave to come inland. I said that God's mercy
would be in it, and that minimal damage would occur if the news media would warn the
public to take the necessary precautions. The Lord had me to make it very clear that this
particular earthquake, was a final warning in that the next quake would destroy all life along
the west coast of North America! Later that afternoon, I found myself back in the same
office. Standing there in silence, I simply waited for the hand of God to move. It was a few
minutes before two-thirty when I glanced up at the wall clock. Suddenly everything became
quiet and deathly still! Even the birds stopped singing, sensing what was about to happen.
Within moments, the silence was broken when every phone in the office began to ring off the
hook. A six foot tidal wave had been sighted heading eastward towards the city resulting
from a 7.4 earthquake twenty miles out in the Pacific. It was not until recently that I realized
that severe damage must have occurred knocking out transportation on the west side of the

VISION # 3 - Again the vision ended as suddenly as it began. Panic had already begun to
sweep over the island as people prepared to evacuate their homes for the safety of the
mainland. The roads leading to the east side of the island were rapidly being jammed with
traffic. It was somewhere during this time, that I met a fellow believer in the Lord who helped
me get to the Nanaimo ferry terminal. Hundreds were in the process of leaving for the
mainland heading for Vancouver. I remember telling this brother to transfer all his financial
assets 'off the island,' in and around the Hope area.. Otherwise he would lose everything to
destruction. This man was extremely wealthy, and believed the word of the Lord. In the
Spirit, I was lifted high above the Nanaimo terminal, and could see two and three lines of
traffic had already backed up for what looked to be two or three miles in length. Extra ferries
had to be called in to handle the enormous increase in both vehicle and foot traffic.

VISION # 4 - For the fourth time, the Spirit of the Lord came in like a wave and forced my
body onto the opposite side. The scene of the vision changed, and I was once again back in
my body. This time I found myself on the top rear deck of a ferry preparing to leave port. As I
stood with many others on the rear of the passenger deck, I could see the boarding ramp,
'the walk ramp,' being raised up for departure. It was at this very moment that I instinctively
turned to the south side of the ferry. The water in the harbor began to boil with much activity,
as a huge forty-five to fifty-foot dinosaur suddenly stood up out of the water!!! The front
claws of this huge prehistoric creature was no more that ten feet off the rear of the deck. His
gigantic head was as big as a medium-sized car, with teeth that looked to be nearly two feet
in length. I was close enough to feel the heat of its breath as it looked down at the people on
the rear of the deck. Many on board the back part of the vessel were killed by massive heart
attacks due to the fear of the creature that apparently was pushed up from the quake.
Everyone except for myself was stunned and severely in shock at what was taking place.
Walking up to this flesh eater, I began to communicate with it. Almost able to touch its claws,
I told him that he had done a good job, and to turn around and to go back into the water.
This giant could have easily damaged the ferry. Its great size was almost beyond belief!

VISION # 5 - For the fifth time the scene of the vision changed, and I found myself at the
HorseshoeBay terminal. The ferry was just pulling into port. It was apparent that news had
already reached the mainland as there was much activity in and around the area. As the
ferry backed up into the docking zone, I could see that many major news networks had
jammed around the pre-boarding gates. ABC, NBC, CTC, all the big ones. For some strange
reason, they were looking to me for answers. As I began to say something, the Spirit of the
lord took me over. Still dressed in black and with a staff in my right hand, a major prophetic
warning went out of my mouth for all people to evacuate the West Coast. Those who
refused to heed this warning would not be spared. This was God's mercy not only to His
own, but to all who would listen to His voice. This destruction that was foretold, was God's
judgment upon the evil and unrighteousness not only in the Vancouver area, but south to
Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Mexico, and on down to the southern tip
of Argentina. God was angry, and was about to shake all the west coast beginning in
Alaska. It was at this point in the vision, that the arc-angel Gabriel suddenly appeared on my
right-hand side, and asked me: "Where can my people go?" In answer to His question, I
pointed up North to a remote area outside the Prince George area. In the vision, I handed
the Angel of the Lord a long white tube that held the blueprints for survival. At the time of the
visions, the Holy Spirit had just begun to reveal these plans for the survival of God's people.
It was not until the spring of 1993, that the first phase of these survival plans were

VISION # 6 - For the sixth time, the scene of the vision changed, and I found myself lifted up
in the Spirit on the west side of Hope. From this vantage point high above the earth, I could
see many cars, trucks, trailers, etc., loaded down with all that they could carry, heading for
the northern part of the province. It looked as if 10,000 vehicles or 10,000 people had
heeded this warning to flee the Vancouver area, that they might escape the judgment of
God. In the Spirit, it felt as if seven to ten days had elapsed since the warning had been
carried by the major news networks. At this point in the vision, I found myself back in by
body, standing on the west side of Hope near the highway heading towards Vancouver. For
the second time during these visions, the Angel of the Lord appeared on my right hand. Still
dressed in black, Gabriel commanded me to take my staff, and to speak forth a major
destructive earthquake out in the Pacific. As I did, and as my staff hit the ground, this
awesome earthquake immediately took place. Although I did not see the earthquake, I did
see the catastrophic tidal wave that stood up out of the water and began making its way
towards the mainland. In the Spirit, I knew it was to be a quarter mile high. It washed over
the mountains on Vancouver Island as if they were not even there. Within minutes, I
watched as this gigantic wave of destruction hit Vancouver and the lower mainland. I saw
the faces of three million men, women, and children perish with nowhere to run!!! There
were no survivors within 40 miles of the coast. Burnaby, Port Moody, and the other
surrounding districts of the lower mainland along with the city of Vancouver no longer
existed. Even 90 miles inland, as I stood alongside the highway, water from the tidal wave
forced its way up the FraserRiver and touched my feet!!

VISION # 7 - For the last time the scene of the vision changed, as the wave of the Spirit of
God forced me on my opposite side. God allowed me to feel what it was like if Canada was
a living person. It was as if a leg or and arm had been cut off, leaving that person severely
crippled. God had brought Canada to her knees in a matter of moments. No longer was she
whole!! Judgment had come swiftly, and without mercy for those who disobeyed Hs warning
to flee to safety. In my spirit I knew that much of the Alaskan and Californian coast had also
been destroyed. Shortly thereafter, word had got out about me speaking this judgment
against the west coast. In the vision, I was being blamed for all the destruction and forced to
flee my own country. The brother whom I had told to transfer his assets inland, flew me
across the border in his private jet. In the Spirit, I could feel the persecution and the hatred
towards God's people. The denominational church was in shock as the so-called rapture
teaching had not happened to save His people from the wrath of God!! Persecution began to
rise up within the cities, forcing many of God's people into the country for survival. In my
spirit, I felt as if the 'Great and Terrible Day of the Lord' had finally come upon the would,
and the church people who called themselves born-again believers were caught in a snare!!!
As fast as the visitation came upon me, it left. Looking at the clock on the sill of the window,
it was approximately 6:45 a.m.


Concerning the Wrath of God upon the West Coast, no year was given, although certain
'signs' were encoded within the visions themselves.

Seasonal Indicators

As I boarded ferry in Port Angeles to go to Victoria, I intuitively knew it "to be 5:00 A.M."

As the ferry was pulling into port in Vancouver, the sun was setting upon the city in and
around 9 o'clock. This would indicate that we were "shortly before the longest day of the
year," and that there was "but a short space of time to leave the lower mainland!"

The water in Port Angeles was cold enough to have ice crystals upon it wherein a fall type
jacket or sweater had to be worn. Although the rising of the sun indicated late spring or early
summer, the mornings were abnormally cold, while daytime temperatures were quite mild.
These two indicators would suggest a "climate change' wherein extreme temperature
differences between night and day.

A third seasonal indicator while speaking for the warning in the newspaper office in Victoria,
was that the "birds were singing and the trees were full of fresh leaves."

Economic Indicators

It was apparent that "those who had money or the rich and middle class," were not
spending! Money was tight and nobody was selling their homes hoping that conditions would
improve. The nation was in a time of recession about "to be thrown into a global
In the visions, I was carrying cash, in particular US currency. "Cash was still king!"

Just as the evacuation of Vancouver Island was under way, while still in Victoria, I
suggested by the Word of the Lord for a particular Believer who was extremely wealthy, "to
immediately transfer his assets to the mainland." This would indicate, that "banks were still
operational" and had not closed their doors pending a national and global depression.

Upon entering into Canada, "the National Identification Card had not yet been forced upon
the citizenship of this country."

Canada was "severely crippled economically" by the destruction, bringing the nation into a
state of "emergency and economic collapse!" "World-wide depression had come upon North

Prophetic Indicators

As the visions ended, it was strongly evident in my spirit, that "the Great and notable Day or
the Lord" was "fully ushered in!"

After the tidal wave hit and destroyed the West Coast, in particular Vancouver and
Vancouver Island, word was out that I was "to blame for the destruction" and God had to
make a way for my escape.

Within 24 hours of the destruction upon the West Coast, "I knew that a decree was given
against all true believers, and that great persecution had begun."

This above declaration, I knew was made by the so-called "Antichrist" fore spoken in the
Book of Revelations.

"While in the Spirit" high above DepartureBay in Naniamo, I looked upon the hearts of the
people, and if there was a "revival," there was no longer any trace of one.

With the ushering in of "the Kingdom of God", also came the ushering in of the "Kingdom of
Darkness" as foretold in Mathew 24!

"The 10,000 fleeing into the wilderness", fully prepared in advance to start anew, strongly
infers that "a remnant was spared and went into a place prepared by the Lord" according to
Rev. 12.

This "Great exodus of Souls," could not have happened if there was not "sufficient warning
for them to get ready."

The "beast rising out of the ocean" indicated that the "Beast of Revelations was about to rise
up out of the sea of humanity!"

Because God did not remove the Christian out of this great judgment, "the Christians
themselves were greatly perplexed, and knew that they had been caught in a snare!"

Immediately after the destruction of the West Coast of North America, "great persecution
arose against the true Believers in Jesus Christ!

From all the above indicators, "we were yet in the time of the four horsemen!" where the Day
of God's wrath is being ushered! The time of the Antichrist is at the same time "being
ushered in at this time," just prior to the Man of Sin revealing himself "in name and number!"
If so, "we are only years away from the time of great persecution against both believing
Jews and Christians world wide!"

Personal indicators

Prior to returning back to my own country, "the Lord commissioned me with a prophetic
mantle" by the hands of an older prophet in Texas, to carry out His commission of warning
and judgment.

This "man of God, gave me a set of his clothes, and a large staff to speak God's word. He
laid his hands upon me, and spoke God's blessings upon my life, and sent me forth in the
name of the Lord."

In the visions, I was "walking in an unction of the fullness of the Holy Ghost. All spiritual
senses were no longer in part, and the fear of the Lord was strong upon me."

In the visions, "the plans concerning the survival of God's people were fully complete, and
handed to the Angel of the Lord!"

Physical indicators

As the first vision begun to unfold, I knew that "a major volcanic eruption was in the process"
or "had just happened!" MaybeMt. Rainer!

In the newspaper office in Victoria, great fear gripped the hearts of the women working there
when I appeared in the front office. "It was apparent that I was not a stranger," that the
media had been "previously aware" of my personal endeavors "in bringing forth earthquake

By the expression on the faces of the office workers, it seemed that an "major earthquake
had already occurred on the Island in excess of seven points."

In bringing forth the warning, the word of the Lord indicated that the earthquake would result
in "a six foot tidal wave," and that "all vessels on the West Side were to be evacuated!"

The warning quake would "be a mercy quake," before a total destructive quake to follow!

The ferry that I was standing on in the vision, had both a "walk deck" that allowed
passengers to cross over to the opposite side without having to go inside of the vessel. This
particular ferry was different from the ones now in operation in Naniamo, and may be one of
the super-class ferries used between Victoria and the mainland. Where I was standing in the
vision, I could see the "bridge of the ship," and the fact that it "backed into HorseshoeBay,"
would indicate this particular ferry class. In the Spirit, I knew that the Victoria ferry terminal
was no longer operational!

Joshua David [Donald Taylor]

                                        Joshua's Truck