SOLARIS Shading powder by MikeJenny


                                                                                                             Stores latéraux
                                                                                                        Tende da sole laterali
                                                                                                               Side awnings

                                        SOLARIS – Patented folding grille awnings.
                                           Extensible lateral shading device.

Requirements:                                  Side-view:                               Standard sizes:
-Protection from lateral sun exposure          (asymmetric folding grille)              -Extension E: 100 - 300 cm
-Protection against wind and weather                                                    -Height H: 100 - 300 cm
-Privacy screen
-Retrofit solution
-Stand alone properties                        Awning retracted:



                                                                                        a) Awning closed:
                                                                                           Width: Approx. 21 cm
                                                                                           Depth: Approx. 15 cm
                                                                                           Height: Acc. to customer’s specs.
                                                                                        b) Obliquity: Acc. to customer’s specs.
Solution:                                      Awning pulled open:                      c) Weight: Approx. 14-30 kgs acc. size
SOLARIS side awnings are designed
for outdoor use to work independently
from other shading devices. There is no                                                 Prices:
need for additional support or guidance.                                                From SFr. 2’140.--.
The stable, self-supporting and retrac-                                                 Please ask for your personal quotation.
table folding grille allows:
-Smooth, "suspended" vertical drive.
-Arrest without securing pole.                                                          Options / Accessories:
-Self coiling fabric roller.                                                            -Rectangular or square shape
Reasonable wind resistance has been                                                     -Weather-protection cover (alu or PVC)
achieved by using a twin-slide                                                          -Telescopic folding grill arrest
carriage. Aluminium profiles, along with                                                -Folding window (transparent PVC-film)
stainless steel fittings, are key to                                                    -Perforated fabrics (semi-transparent)
maximum durability.                                                                     -Finish: Powder coated or anodized
SOLARIS features slant, rectangular or                                                  -Installation: On your own or by fitter
square shaped side awnings. Being              Materials:
entirely built to customers require-           -Frame: Aluminium
ments, clients may select size, fabric         -Fittings: Stainless steel               Warranty:
and degree of slope.                           -Tension roller: Aluminium               2 years
                                               -Fabric: Light, UV, weather resistant.
                                                (For current collection please view:
Application:                                           Origin:
-Patios, court-yards, balconies                                                         SOLARIS side awnings are made in
-Terraces                                                                               Switzerland.
-Open-air restaurants                          Alterations:
-Oblique or horizontal roofs                   Modifications regarding product, de-
-Façades                                       sign, collection, pricing or terms are   Patents:
-Retrofitting of pre-existing shading          possible at any time without previous    International Patent Application:
 devices                                       notice.                                  WO 2005/088026 A1

                                                                                                       EU-Patent appl. pending
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                                                                                                        CH-Patent no. 697 393
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