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									Wildwood Christian Academy
     Providing Excellence in Education
 “Train a child in the
  way he should go,
and when he is old he
                             The Need for a Private Christian School is here
  will not turn from
                         •    The surrounding counties’ growth rate is one of the highest in the nation.
         22:6            •    Pickens County is the 24th fastest growing county in the United States.
                              Dawson County is the fastest growing county in the state.

                         •    Wildwood Christian Academy is centrally located to Jasper, Dawsonville,
                              Dahlonega, Canton, and Big Canoe.

                         •    Families are moving from Atlanta and other urban communities to the
                              Northern counties for a better quality of life and see a need of excellence
                              in education and Christian Principles.

                         •    The northern counties surrounding Wildwood Christian Academy, which
                              include the counties of Dawson, Pickens, Cherokee, Forsyth and Lumpkin,
                              have extensive residential planned growth for families with home prices
                              ranging from $350,000 to over $1,000,000.

                         •    No private Christian school exists within 40 minutes of the proposed
                              location of Wildwood Christian Academy to offer an alternative to public
                              education or home schooling.

                                     Mission Statement
        W ildwood Christian Academy is a college preparatory Christian school dedicated to providing
   excellence in education and growth in the Christian faith and its principles through a Christ-centered

Wildwood Christian Academy believes that a child’s
mental, spiritual, intellectual and physical growth are
best achieved in a Christian environment. Wildwood
Christian Academy adopts the Christian World View
and welcomes students from all faiths and
denominations. Through the belief and teaching of
Christian principles along with a strong educational
curriculum the student will be able to acquire the
necessary tools and support to meet the challenges of
college and life’s experiences.

Wildwood Christian Academy further believes that
parents of our students must partner their time and be
strongly involved in assisting their children in their
studies and in their growth in the Christian faith.

Students will be educated through a strong core
curriculum in math, science, language arts and social
studies. Students will be enriched in areas of art,
music, drama, foreign language, physical education
and computer training. Our students will also be
educated through bible courses, chapel attendance
and the daily teachings by our Christian teachers and

About Wildwood Christian Academy
         W     ildwood Christian Academy will be located in Pickens County on a 14 acre tract of land at the
intersection of Cove Road and Steve Tate Highway. The area is rich in tradition and near the North Georgia
mountain community of Big Canoe. Wildwood Christian Academy will be centrally located to Jasper,
Dawsonville, Canton, Cumming, and Dahlonega.

   • The school will be a non-profit school of                •Tuition to Wildwood Christian Academy will be kept
   excellence that will focus on a strong core                lower than most private schools in Atlanta. Capital needs
   curriculum and the teaching of Christian                   will be provided through charitable contributions, long
   principles through daily Bible classes, weekly             term pledges, and financial grants.
   chapel fellowship, and daily mentoring by our
   teachers and administrators.
                                                             •Wildwood Christian Academy admits students of any
                                                             race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin to all the rights,
   •The governance of the school will be through
                                                             privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or
   a lay Board of Trustees, which will include
                                                             made available to students at the school. It does not
   business, community,religious, and family
                                                             discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, or
                                                             ethnic origin in administration or its educational and
                                                             admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and
   •Wildwood Christian Academy will be open to
                                                             athletic and other school administered programs.
   all denominations and faiths who share the
   vision of the school and its mission and
                                                            Projected Student Enrollment
   •The families who attend the school will know
   that their children will have instilled the hope
   of attending an excellent college of their                      2003   Kindergarten-5th Grade   50-100 Students
                                                                   2004   Kindergarten-6th Grade   100-150 Students
   •Wildwood Christian Academy, when fully
   constructed, will be able to educate up to 700                  2005   Kindergarten-7th Grade   200 Students
   students. The initial enrollment is expected
   between 50 and 100 students. Grades are                         2006   Kindergarten-8th Grade   250 Students
   expected to open at Kindergarten through 5th
   Grade.                                                          2007   Kindergarten-8th Grade   300 Students

   •Students and Families are expected to attend                   2008   Kindergarten-8th Grade   350 Students
   from Pickens County, Dawson County, Forsyth
   County, Cherokee County, and Lumpkin County.
Curriculum and Faculty
           Curriculum                                                  Faculty
•Wildwood Christian Academy will provide a                  •Wildwood Christian Academy believes that in order to
strong core curriculum in mathematics, science,             follow the vision of the school, our teachers and
language arts, and social studies in a structured           administrators must use their excellent skills to teach our
learning environment.                                       children in a Christian environment.

•In addition to the core curriculum, WCA’s                                                       •Our     faculty   will  be
students will attend Bible courses and weekly                                                    carefully interviewed for
chapel programs.                                                                                 experience, quality, and
                                                                                                 desire to teach in a Christ-
•A low teacher to student ratio will enable the best                                             centered environment.
opportunities for the children’s growth in education.

•Classes will provide art, music,          Physical                                              •Our    teachers    will be
education, and computer training.                                                                expected to continue their
                                                                                                 own education to promote
•Clergy from surrounding communities will be                                                     the   highest quality    in
invited to lead regular and special chapel                                                       teaching our children.

                                                              •The Faculty will foster the school’s belief that every child
                                                              is unique. They will promote within each child a strong
                                                              desire to learn and prepare for college, and prepare them
                                                              for life’s challenges through guidance and leadership.

                                                              •Caring for each child’s spiritual and educational welfare
                                                              will be foremost and the desire of all faculty, staff, and
•Through the use of the internet, special                     administration at Wildwood Christian Academy.
programs of learning will be sought to provide the
children the most advanced learning opportunities
from all over the world
Extra Curricular Activities
                      W    ildwood Christian Academy believes that in addition
                     to a strong core curriculum and Christian teachings, a
                     well-rounded student must also participate in activities
                     outside of the school classroom.

Home of the Wildwood Wolves
•Upon completion of the gymnasium and
sporting fields, the school intends to
provide intramural sports such as baseball,
basketball, soccer, football, volleyball,
track, golf, gymnastics, and wrestling.
                                                •The North Georgia Region is rich in talented teachers of music, art,
•Athletic events will be coordinated with       photography, voice, drama, and dance. These programs will be
other private schools and use of sporting       offered throughout the year as courses and as extra curricular
fields and swimming facilities will be          activities.
sought through neighboring programs.
                                                •Supervised field trips will be planned to introduce the students to the
•Parents, teachers, and neighbors will be       rich history of the area and state.
encouraged to participate in and assist
with extra-curricular activities, to share      •The Chaplain and visiting clergy will conduct special programs
their resources and experience with the         including holiday and choral programs.
                                                •Home-schooled children will be invited to participate in science labs,
                                                extra-curricular and after school enrichment programs.

        Wildwood Christian Academy Phased Development

  W     ildwood Christian Academy will be constructed in phases, with the first phase to include classrooms,
administrative offices, and a Library/Media/Computer Center. Subsequent phases will include the separate fellowship
hall, cafeteria, gymnasium, and sports centers. The school’s design has been purposely created to permit future
expansion without interference with existing buildings and activities.

                                           W ildwood ChristianHighway. Encompassing 14atacres,intersectionChristian
                                           Road and Steve Tate
                                                               Academy will be located   the
                                                                                                           of Cove

                                           Academy will be near the center of commerce. The school will be near the
                                           Foothills shopping center, adjacent to current and future office
                                           developments, and in the immediate area of over 2500 planned family

Funding Requirements
                              F  unding for Wildwood Christian Academy’s capital needs
                            (buildings), facility needs, operating expenses, and student
    “…but with God all      scholarships will come from private support, endorsements,
                            pledges, tuition, and foundation support. Projected building
     things are possible”   costs will approach 10.0 Million. Financial support will come
         -Matthew           from interested parents, business leaders, friends, Christian
                            leaders, churches, and others who share the vision of
            19:26           educating our precious youth with knowledge and Christian

                             C  urrently, there is no other established Christian or private
                            secular school within 40 minutes of Wildwood Christian
                            Academy. The need to open Wildwood Christian Academy is
                            important in shaping the future of our children’s minds and

                              Operating Costs (Pre-opening)                         $700,000

                              Architect Fees, Grading, Permits, Water,
                              Roads, Etc.                                           $500,000

                              Classrooms, Administrative Building,
                              Fellowship Hall, Gymnasium, and
                              Sports/Activities Fields                            $8,500,000

                              Total Estimated Cost                                $9,700,000

   Opportunities to Share the Vision
                                                         All donors of $250,000 or more are Lifetime Charter Members.
                                                   Cornerstone donors will be honored at formal ceremonies and be
Fellowship Hall                   $1,000,000       invited to major school events. Cornerstone Members will be invited
                                                   to Special Founders Day Ceremonies and may participate in naming
Gymnasium                         $1,000,000       certain portions of the school.
Chapel                             $500,000                                  Fellowship
Library                            $250,000              Fellowship donors provide a minimum of $100,000 as a sign of
Cafeteria                          $250,000        their faith in sharing the vision of the school. Fellowship donors are
                                                   Charter Members and may participate in naming certain portions of
Scholarship Named Program          $250,000        the school.
Soccer Field                       $200,000                                  Founders
Football Field                     $200,000             Founders give a minimum of $50,000. Founders become
                                                   Charter Members, have an opportunity to name certain portions of
Media Center                       $100,000        the school, and are named founders of the school.
Meditation Park                    $100,000
Classroom                            $75,000
Lake                                 $50,000            Visionaries give a minimum of $25,000. Visionaries will be
                                                   honored with a plaque in the school entrance.
Music Room                           $50,000
Art Room                             $50,000                                  Guardians
Drama Room                           $50,000            Guardians will give a minimum of $10,000 and will be honored
                                                   with a plaque in the entrance of the school.
Activities Room                      $50,000
Wildwood Living Room                 $50,000                                Helping Hand
Prayer Room                          $25,000            Helping Hand donors will give a minimum of $5,000 and will
                                                   be given special recognition.
Kitchen Equipment                    $20,000
Gardens                              $10,000                                  Golden Gift
Fountain                             $10,000             All donors of $50,000 or more will become Charter Members of
Benches                               $5,000       the school and will receive the Wildwood Award. A Plaque will be
                                                   permanently placed on our fellowship hall honoring Charter
Classroom Desks (per classroom)       $1,000       Membership whose gift is received by September. Charter Members
Meditation Walkway Bricks              $250        will be included in special events and called upon to honor their gifts
                                                   from time to time.

Open the Door to the Future                                                 Governance
                         W ith ofthe recent tragic
                         events    “9-11”, we have
                                                           Board of Trustees
   “When one door        all  learned    that   living
                         everyday is a gift from God     Larry Ruff, Chairman of the Board and CEO
closes, another opens;   with His promise of the gift    Pamela B. Ruff, Executive Vice President/Treasurer
 but we often look so    of eternity.   Our children
                                                         Nancy Hammer, Headmaster and Accreditation Coordinator
                         are the future and they are
      long and so        the ones that will lead us      Jean Berry, Secretary
                         forward in this day of          Paul Castell, Construction Services
 regretfully upon the    uncertainty.                    Sam Rothermel, Chaplain
 closed door that we                                     Sean C. Powell, Director of Technology
                         You are invited to share in
  do not see the one     making the future more
                                                         Jacque Jacobs
                         certain and to participate in   Taylor McGown
   which has been        opening     the   doors    of   Dianne Rogers
    opened for us.”      creativity,     imagination,    David Keller
                         talent and success for our
 -Alexander Graham       community and its children.
                                                         Becky Denney

                         With your commitment and
                         support we will build a
                         center of learning that will
  “Therefore, as we      move our community to a
                         new     dimension,     create
have opportunity, let    endless possibilities for our
                         children, and be respected
  us do good to all      by many.
 people, especially to
                         With your prayers and
those who belong to      financial support, Wildwood
    the family of        Christian    Academy    will
                         move from vision to reality.
      believers”         Be generous in your faith
                         and your giving. God bless
     -Galatians          you.


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