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									Proposal for Full Forum educational seminar presentation

       Slip resistance – adding value during design and avoiding litigation

                  Richard Bowman and Nicholas Graham-Bowman
           Intertile Research Pty Ltd, PO Box 905, Mount Waverley 3149

Designing for slip resistance requires more than using the tables in Standards
Australia Handbook 197, An Introductory Guide to the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian
Surfaces. Specified surfaces should have sufficient abrasion resistance such that the
surface will remain adequately slip resistant and cleanable, given the identified
environmental characteristics and the anticipated pedestrian traffic. The design of
associated building elements, the establishment of practical environmental controls,
the institution of associated management practices, the specification of associated
maintenance practices, and the integration of complementary audit procedures are
vital elements to taking a holistic risk management approach to slip resistance. One
green approach to slip resistance specifications is to select durable low-maintenance
hard finishes.

Proposed length of presentation (including questions and answers): 60 minutes

Course objectives and intended audience: to provide architects, interior designers,
producers and retailers with a fundamental understanding of the slip resistance
standards; the establishment of zone defence principles; better appreciation of how to
obtain an appropriate balance between sustainable slip resistance and cleanability; and
what to do when building owners insist on achieving a specific aesthetic appearance.

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