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									Ayala Foundation USA

  Ayala Foundation USA:
Bridge of Hope Across the Seas

Ayala Foundation USA

   AF-USA is a public charity organized in late
   Registered with the U.S. IRS as a 501(c)(3)
    tax-exempt organization
   Aims to become the bridge between Filipinos
    in the US and their motherland by creating
    opportunities that facilitate meaningful
    contributions to Philippine social
    development initiatives

   To provide US-based Filipinos the
    opportunity to re-establish their links
    with and to help their motherland
   To generate funds and other resources
    in the US for social development
    projects in the Philippines
    What We Offer
   Information on areas of greatest need in the
   A menu of Philippine projects that have shown
   Tax deductibility incentives to donors
   Convenience of donation options
   Due diligence to ensure that the funds go directly to
    recipient organizations and are used for the
    designated purpose
   Progress reports and other feedback on supported
   Public acknowledgement of donors and volunteers
                            Operational Highlights
                                               Resources Mobilized
                                                  Resources Mobilized

   Amount in Thousands


                                                               851             906
                                                        537           470                                     Total:Total:
                          500            297     212
                                  41                                                                              $7.2M

                                 2000   2001    2002   2003   2004   2005    2006      2007      2008

• Amount includes grants from Ford Foundation ($90K in 2003 and $500K in 2004), Dado & Maria Banatao (581K in 2008) and McArthur
Foundation ($450K in 2008).
• 2006 includes donation from Verizon and Goldman Sachs for GILAS coursed through AFI and Makati Business Club.
• Data includes donation in kind.
                Number of Donors
                (Individual and Group)

No. of Donors


                                                                      414     392

                 200                          123
                         5       7     52

                       2000   2001   2002   2003    2004    2005    2006    2007    2008

                                            Number of Donors
Average Amount of Donation

            16   4           8
            63           4             $1 - $100
                                       $101 - $250
                                       $251 - $500
                                       $501 - $1,000
 106                                   $1,001 - $5,000
                                       $5,001 - $10,000
                                 614   $10,001 - $25,000
  118                                  $25,001 - $50,000
                                       $50,001 - $100,000
                                       Above $100,000

 Number of Donors and Amount of Donation
         Philippine Partner Organizations

            Breakdown by Type of Organization

Non-Profit Organization (106)            79          53%
Schools/Alumni Associations (32)         29          20%
Church-based (16)                        8            5%
People's Organization (2)                3            2%
Total                                    119         100%
           Philippine Partner Organizations
                Causes Supported in the Philippines

Education and Training                          65                   $1,447,295.00          68%

Others                                          5                         593,021           28%

Social Welfare Programs                         16                         21,319            1%

Pastoral Ministries                             6                          13,105            1%

Enterprise Development                          4                          31,829            1%

Health                                          16                         21,409            1%
Arts and Culture                                2                           1,500            0%

Environment                                     5                             178            0%
                Total                          119                   $2,129,656.00         100%

* Social welfare include projects for women and children and persons with special needs/people with
* Others include donation from MacArthur Foundation for GFMD Project, calamity assistance and support to
other network s such as Habitat for Humanity, Gawad Kalinga, Adopt-A-Barangay, Tabang Mindanao and

   * Figure does not include project management funds
The AF-USA Experience
    Profile of Filipino Community
    in the United States

   Approximately 2.5-4 million Filipinos reside in
    the United States (year 2007 estimate)
   2nd largest Asian American community in US
   Largest Southeast Asian American group
   40% of adult Filipino Americans are college
    graduates holding advanced degrees
   Largest concentrations are in Los Angeles,
    San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, New
    Jersey, Chicago, and Seattle
    Profile of Filipino Community
    in the United States

   About half of Fil-Am population reside in
       LA holds the largest Filipino settlement in
        the US
       About 275,000 (7%) Filipinos are in Hawaii.
        They constitute 23% of the state
   New York/New Jersey combined
    constitutes 3% of Fil-Am population
    Profile of Filipino Community
    in the United States

   Fil-Ams generally surpass US national averages in
    median household income, educational levels,
    and home values (National Filipino-America
   2nd largest median family income at about
    US$66,000 among all Asian groups in the US
   64% hold white collar jobs; 39% over 25 years
    old have bachelor’s degrees or higher
   Aggregate purchasing power estimate: Over
    US$13 billion a year.
    Favorite Charities of Fil-Ams

   Education or education-related initiatives
   Disaster response
   Health and health-related projects
   Other projects in their hometowns/
    schools where they graduated
      Key Audiences
(1)   Immigrant Filipino
(2)   2nd and later-generation Filipino
(3)   Filipino American Associations
(4)   Individual Major Donors
(5)   American companies with operations in
      the Philippines
(6)   Non-Filipinos interested in supporting
      Philippine causes or with close affinity to
      the country
    Factors that affect giving

    Areas of greatest need
    Appeal from “kababayans” or church or
     “alma mater”
    Endorsement by fellow Fil-Ams
    Constant appeals
    Proven track record
    Reputation of grantee
    Fundraising is about…

   Creating and nurturing a relationship
   Communicating the problem
   Offering a proposed solution, esp one that
    has proven track record of success
   Motivating the prospect to contribute
   Giving the prospect/donor the opportunity
    to be part of the solution
Target Sectors

     High-Net Worth Individuals
     Corporate Employees
     Youth
     Non-Filipinos interested in supporting the
     Corporations/Foundations
     Hometown Associations
     Professional Organizations
     Civic Organizations
     Alumni Associations
    Focus on Individuals

   Large potential market
   The key to sustainability
       No one source gives more than 30% of
       Unrestricted or less restricted funds
   Various ways to attract individual
    Most donors are people like us

   7 out of 10 give to causes they care about
   Average donor gives $1,000 or more annually
   Support 5-11 different organizations
   80% of giving comes from households with
    annual incomes of less than $50K
   Lower income people give a higher
    percentage of their income than wealthy
    Why People Give

   Religious belief
   Belief in the organization
   Sense of community responsibility
   Public recognition
   Respect for the person who asked
   Altruism
   Emotional Fulfillment
   Tax benefits
   To honor a loved one
   Social connection
   Guilt
    Why People Don’t Give

   No one asked them
   The wrong person asked
   The presentation was passionless
   The cause was weak
   The person doesn’t have the money
   The timing was bad
   The request was vague
   Earlier gifts were not acknowledged
   Alternatives ways were not suggested
Ways of Fund Raising
    Face to Face

   Most productive way of raising money
   Critical building block between donor
    and organization
   Consistently results in higher dollar
   Most cost-effective; one in four will
    respond positively
    Face to Face

   Everyone can do it. Builds a culture of
   Incredibly fulfilling
    Solicitation Letter/Direct Mail

   One to one - letter addressed to specific
       The AIM: to convince the prospect that
        his/her help is needed
            Emotional hook
            Story
   Sponsorship: “Adopt a ____”
       Usually for children, education, or the
        environment (CENTEX; GILAS)
      Collection Boxes/Cans

   A mass appeal : written or
   Small amounts, large
   Distribution and collection

AF-USA Experience:
   Donation Boxes in all Seafood
    City Supermarket stores and
    Red Ribbon Bakeshop USA
    branches to raise funds for
    their selected charities
      Special Events
   Activity that gathers people for
    entertainment, socialization,
    recreation, etc.
   Opportunity to involve a larger
    number of individuals
   Primary goal: raise money
   Secondary: Enhances media coverage,
    create awareness & help brand-
                                     AF-USA Experience:
                                         Fundraising cocktails, dinners hosted
                                          by trustees, donors or volunteers
                                         Golf Tournament
                                         NY Marathon
                                         Proceeds from product sales -Book
                                          launch, jewelry show
                                         Birthday celebration: raise funds for
                                          a cause
     Payroll Giving

   Appeals are made to         AF-USA Experience:
    employees of a company       Part of the United Way,
    and are asked to give         Combined Federal
    through salary deduction      Campaign and Wells
   Small amounts but large       Fargo Employee-Giving
    numbers                       Campaign
   The system is undertaken
    in cooperation with the
    HR department and the
    payroll/accounting office
     Media Appeals

   Plea or request for            AF-USA Experience:
    assistance through                 Pro-bono ads with
                                        Fil-Am publications

       Radio
       Television                     Press releases,

   Can be done through                 feature stories
       Paid advertisement             Interviews
       Editorials
       Feature stories : person
        in focus, feel good
        articles, talk show
       Endorsement
      On-line Appeal
Web-based Appeal thru
   Like a media appeal on
    newspaper but on one’s
    homepage or link on the

                              AF-USA Experience
                               E-mail blasts/ ebulletin

                               Electronic greeting cards

                               On-line giving through credit
    Corporate Giving

   Prospect research: know       AF-USA Experience
    your prospect!                   Grant proposals, usually
   Carefully chosen solicitor,       with help from an
    with similar thrust/              employee/ corporate
    advocacy                          executive
   Need a strong case for           Matching Gifts
    support                          Corporate donations
   Well written proposal            Shares of stock

   Regular donations from   AF-USA Experience
    ongoing campaigns         JCAP

   Led by a person or        CENTEX
    group of people
                              GILAS
    championing the cause
                              Michelle, Darlene,
                               Marilyn, JunJun
    Personal Gifts

   Usually from persons        AF-USA Experience
    (even non-Filipinos) with    Joe Higdon
    strong ties to the
                                 Amanda Haynes-Dale
                                 David Dunleavy
   High Net worth
    individuals                  Loida Nicolas Lewis

                                 Dr. Santiago
    Civic Groups, Professional

   Groundwork
   Good presentation
   An internal champion
   Gentle reminders on pledges
Donor Relationship Building &
     Build your Donor Base

1.       Start with yourself – be a donor!
         Makes you more credible
2.       “Natural Circle” – family, friends,
3.       Expand your network
          Referrals
          Circles of influence of your contacts
     Nurture the Relationship

1.    Establish Rapport
2.    Present your case
3.    Ask for a specific amount
4.    Create Space
5.    Say Thank You!
6.    Follow up; Keep in touch
7.    “Grow the donation” – Ask again!
8.    Ask for Referrals
9.    Invite them to Volunteer!
    Role of AF-USA Lead Volunteers
Lead Volunteers
   Act as lead person for a specific regional volunteer team
   Perform the leadership functions to ensure dynamic and effective
    volunteer team operations.
   Recruit, orient and motivate new and qualified volunteers
   Lead the group in planning, implementing and monitoring annual plans
   Acts as key representative of AF-USA in area of operation.
   Build strong networks with Fil-Am organizations and other possible
   Ensure that the volunteers are provided appropriate support.
   Initiate meetings and gatherings for the volunteer team.
   Monitor accomplishments of his/her team.
   Act as liaison between AF-USA and other lead volunteers of other
   Prepare and submit monthly activity report to AF-USA Volunteer
    Role of AF-USA Volunteers

   Disseminate information on AF-USA to existing networks and
    their own circles of influence.
   Do networking on behalf of AF-USA – reach out to potential
    donors and recruit more volunteers.
   Help in representing AF-USA in significant Fil-Am events.
   Identify potential corporate donors and high net individuals
   Attend meetings, planning sessions, regular teleconferences
    and other significant gatherings for the volunteer group.
   Help in planning, implementing and monitoring annual plans of
    the team.
   Organize or attend fundraising events for AF-USA and its
Ayala Foundation USA


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