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                                               JOB VACANCY BULLETIN NO. 381

                                                                March 1, 2009

                   CONGRATULATIONS                                      connection' between buzzing and playing." He believes The Buzz
                                                                        Clip will be as great a success as the BERP! DiClaudio and his
From: The Washington Post, February 4, 2009                             wife HOLLY THOMSON DICLAUDIO (MM ’98, Voice) are
                                                                        now in The Buzz Clip business offering demonstrations and
Re: World Premiere of MICHAEL HERSCH'S "Last Autumn"                    practice tips to ensure successful results!
for alto saxophone and cello
                                                                        ELIZABETH FAIDLEY, (MM ’05, Violin) has been invited to
Saxophonist GARY LOUIE and cellist Evelyn Elsing, artistic              teach at the prestigious Summit Music Festival again this
director of the Left Bank, gave the first performance of Hersch's       summer. She will also be teaching at the International Academy
"Last Autumn," commissioned by the Washington Performing                of Music in Tuscany and at the Viandem Festival in
Arts Society and Louie himself. Using fragments of a haunting           Luxembourg.
poem by W.G. Sebald, Hersch translated the text into an abstract
musical language. The result was a panorama of dark sonic colors        On March 4 at An Die Musik (409 N. Charles Street), the
and evocative emotions often superimposed on each other but             Evolution Contemporary Music Series, directed by JUDAH
differentiated by an unusual coupling of highly contrasting             ADASHI, will celebrate the "lyrical, exotic [and] soul-searching"
instruments: the sax (cavorting between its rich vocabulary of          (New York Times) music of longtime Peabody Institute
tongued and slurred phrasing) and the cello (charging ahead with        composer CHRISTOPHER THEOFANIDIS, performed by
myriad bowing techniques combined with plucking, strumming              Peabody Trio violinist VIOLAINE MELANÇON, pianist KEN
and tapping of the instrument). Louie and Elsing injected               OSOWSKI (DMA ’05, Piano), flutists RACHEL CHOE and
gradually overpowering emotion into the music's moments of              KRISTIN BACCHIOCCHI STEWART (both DMA students of
effusive lyricism. ... the piece is an arresting tour de force ...      Marina Piccinini), and the Brunell String Quartet , including
                                                                        violinist JESSICA TONG, a GPD student of Pamela Frank. At
Trumpet player and teacher MARK DICLAUDIO's (BM ’93,                    7:00pm, there will be a pre-concert conversation with the
Music Education, Trumpet) patented invention The Buzz Clip              composer, followed by the concert at 8:00 pm. Tickets are
was just featured in the January 2009 International Trumpet             $15/$10 students. Advance reservations are encouraged; call An
Guild Journal article titled “Trumpet Gadgets.” Trumpet                 Die Musik at 410.385.2638.
Technology column editor Michael Anderson praised it as an
"extremely valuable training device that truly does 'make the           Piccolo player ZACHARIAH GALATIS, a master’s degree
student of Laurie Sokoloff, won First Prize in the Mid-Atlantic             I don’t, so I stand back a bit and focus in my review on the news,
Young Artist Piccolo Competition on February 21 in                          describing what I heard. No matter the mix, the news reporter
Washington, DC. MELISSA WERTHEIMER, also in Sokoloff’s                      component of reviewing is crucial. When I review the premiere
studio, won second place in the competition.                                of a new symphonic work, or a new production of a Verdi opera,
                                                                            I have a big responsibility: I have to describe in the most vivid
Pianist YOUNG-AH TAK (DMA student of Leon Fleisher) will                    way I can what I heard and place it in the context of the news of
give a solo recital at Concerts at One series in Trinity Wall Street        the event.” Tommasini also gives extended answers to questions
in New York City on March 16 at 1:00 p.m. The program will                  including the definition of rubato, whether classical music is
include works by Scarlatti, Brahms, Chopin and Liszt. Please                treated too sensitively by critics, why the Times reviews the first
visit or for                   performance of a multi-performance run, and who is responsible
more information.                                                           for educating audiences. Other Times staffers who previously
                                                                            have answered reader questions in the column include Bill
On Friday, March 6, the Peabody Consort led by lutenist MARK                Keller, the executive editor; Bill McDonald, obituaries editor;
CUDEK, will perform a concert at Homewood House on the JHU                  and Sam Sifton, the culture editor.
campus. The ensemble is made up of early music majors, alumni,
and guest artists from the Baltimore-Washington early music                 LAO February 17, 2009: How they did it: lobbyists and other
community. They make a return appearance at Homewood, with a                supporters save arts stimulus
program featuring music from the Baroque and Renaissance
repertoire on instruments made to replicate those of the period.            In Monday’s (2/16) New York Times, Robin Pogrebin writes
After the concert, join the musicians for a reception in                    about how “arts-friendly members of the House and Senate
Homewood’s wine cellar. The concert begins at 5:45, and                     struggled to preserve $50 million for the National Endowment for
admission is $15 public, $12 members. Due to the intimacy of                the Arts in the final version of the recovery package, approved by
the space, reservations are required. Please call 410-516-5589.             both houses on Friday. There was a whiplash quality to the action
If available, Student Rush seats will go on sale 15 minutes prior           surrounding the arts money. As the week wore on, things weren’t
to the concert at $5 per person with ID. For more information,              looking good. Although a House version of the bill had included
call 410-516-5589 or visit                       the $50 million, the Senate version approved no arts money at all.
                                                                            The Senate even voted 73 to 24 on Feb. 6 for an amendment
The Archipelago Project, DAN TRAHEY (MM ’00, Tuba)                          ruling out stimulus money for museums, arts centers and theaters.
Executive Director, will be on tour in Germany and Austria from             … The challenge for culture boosters in Congress was to
March 16-26 where they will be performing at the Innsbruck                  convince a House-Senate conference committee that the arts
Musikschule, Mozarteum, and various colleges and concert halls.             provide jobs as other industries do, while also encouraging
 The group, that includes NICK SKINNER (BM ’08, Trumpet),                   tourism and spending in general. … As the details of the final bill
is a non-profit music education ensemble dedicated to advocating            were being hammered out, tens of thousands of arts advocates
music arts through performance, residency and consultation. The             around the country were calling and e-mailing legislators. Arts
group will also be traveling to Venezuela for work with El                  groups also organized an advertising blitz arguing that culture
Sistema in June of 2009. Follow the tour blog at                            contributes 6 million jobs and $30 billion in tax revenue and                                                  $166 billion in annual economic impact. The tide turned. In
                                                                            addition to preserving the $50 million allocation, the final bill
Please continue sending your Good News to Virginia Probasco                 eliminated part of the Senate amendment that would have
at the address above, to her at, or                  excluded museums, theaters and arts centers from any recovery
submit online at                              money.”

            NEWS NOTES - OTHER EVENTS                                       Due to a failed merger, the “elevator music company” MUSAK
                                                                            (that began as Wired Radio Inc.) has filed for bankruptcy. A
RESUME WORKSHOP AT PEABODY – Wednesday, April 1,                            February 13 article in The Independent said, “With its mushy
11:30 – 1:30 p.m. Bring your resume and have expert advice on               strings and cloying tones, the sounds which once emanated from
polishing it up! Bill Nerenberg, Distinguished Visiting Faculty             Muzak's laboratories of sound at their height in the 1960s
Peabody Institute and Director, Peabody Presents, will offer                colonized almost every public space threatened with the specter
suggestions and advice. Watch for a sign-up sheet at the Career             of silence. From the hotel lobby to the dentist's waiting room,
Counseling Office March 23, right after spring break.                       from the shop to the airport lounge, Muzak was at once a
                                                                            company and a musical form, as well as a byword for corporate
LAO February 17, 2009: “New York Times” classical critic                    blandness in an age of consumer soullessness.”
answers reader questions
                                                                            JHU NON-PROFIT, GOVERNMENT & POLICY CAREER
At the “Talk to the Newsroom” page of the New York Times                    FAIR will take place Tuesday, March 3, 2009 from 11:30-2:30 in
website from February 9 to 13, Anthony Tommasini, the Times’                the Glass Pavilion on the Homewood Campus. Participants
chief classical music critic, has been answering reader questions.          include the CIA, Teach for America, US Food and Drug
“You ask about how I prepare for reviewing something,” writes               Administration, the US Peace Corps, and many others. View
Tommasini in response to one question. “In a way, my                        details about participating organizations at
preparation is ongoing, a lifetime spent immersed in music. I
bring that to everything I cover. But I also have to inform myself          ORCHESTRA LEADERSHIP ACADEMY SEMINAR -
as best I can about what I’m hearing, especially if it’s a new artist       Teaching artists, performers, composers, performing arts
or a new work…. A review is a mix of reactions and descriptions,            educators, and potential career changers: Interested in learning
part opinion piece and part news report. The mix is not                     how to expand your leadership and teaching artist abilities and
necessarily 50-50. Sometimes I have a strong opinion. Sometimes             make a broader impact in your local community? Want to learn

how to best utilize your artistic and teaching abilities and impact       information, please visit the Career Counseling Office or contact:
the lives of a wide range of arts learners?                               David Simon, Chairman, Russell C. Wonderlic Memorial
Please join the League of American Orchestras in New York                 Competition, Second Presbyterian Church, 4200 St. Paul Street,
City, March 24-27, 2009 for the Orchestra Leadership Academy              Baltimore, MD 21218. The deadline for applications is March 20,
seminar, Introduction to Orchestra Education. This seminar will           2009.
provide you with: the tools and professional guidance you need
to design or further develop your own education offerings;                2009 LISZT-GARRISON FESTIVAL AND INTERNATIONAL
opportunities to learn about new and innovative approaches;               PIANO COMPETITION, presented by the Baltimore Washington
build your skills as an artist-teacher;                                   Chapter American Liszt Society, will be held at the College of Notre
an opportunity to work with leading faculty practitioners                 Dame of Maryland, October 14-18, 2009. Over $15,000 in monetary
including Eric Booth and Sarah Johnson of The Weill Institute at          awards & other performance prizes will be presented. Competition
Carnegie Hall; professional and peer to peer networking.                  Categories include Artist (ages 25 to 40), Young Artist I (ages 20 to
Tuition is $400. The League is offering a $50 tuition discount to         25), Young Artist II (ages 15 to 19), Collaborative Artists (ages 25 to
the first twenty people who register at           40), and Concerto (ages 15 to 35). Applications must be postmarked
(Please note this offer cannot be combined with any other                 no later than June 6, 2009. For information, please visit
discounts or scholarships). Please check out                     for more information or to register for
Introduction to Orchestra Education, as well as information on a          THE VISTA COMPETITION is an annual composition competition
variety of hotel rates starting at $93 per night.                         for contemporary chamber opera. From the submitted entries, six to
                                                                          eight semi-finalists will be selected and excerpts of these operas will
NEW TRIAD FOR COLLABORATIVE ARTS was founded in 2002                      be performed in front of a live audience. A panel of judges will
to introduce innovative performance techniques to classical musicians     critique each excerpt, and the audience will vote to select four operas
that make performances more accessible to audiences. New Triad’s          for the final round. In the final round, the winning excerpts will be
performance specialists offer essential performance preparation and       performed again with a longer critique from the judges, and the
presentation skills steeped in musical collaboration, drama, movement,    audience will be encouraged to ask questions of the composers. The
and psychology. New Triad group sessions and private coachings            audience then votes to determine the winner of the competition, and
increase both artists’ expressiveness and the visual impact of their      the results will be announced at the next night’s festival performance.
performances. Descriptions of these seminars may be viewed along          The deadline for entries will be July 5, 2009, and the semi-finalists
with clips of New Triad training online at For          will be notified on September 1, 2009 for the 2010 Competition which
information on scheduling New Triad seminars, contact Arlene Shrut,       will take place in May or June 2010. For application information and
Founder and Artistic Director, at                    competition details, visit

SUZUKI ASSOCIATION of the Americas will offer various                     PIERRE FOURNIER AWARD competition for cellists will be held
introductory courses at the Pittsburgh (PA) Music Academy Aug             June 2 – 5, 2009 in London, England. The competition is open to
1 – 9, 2009. For more information and a registration form, go to:         applicants worldwide who are no older than 28 on January 1, 2009.                                                By way of application, please send an updated CV, a recording of a
                                                                          recent performance, ideally reflecting a variety of musical styles and a
MUSICIAN’S WORKSHOP, presented by the Macro Analysis                      suggested full recital program that the applicant will be prepared to
Creative Research Organization, will take place June 12-13, 2009          play at the audition.
in Madison, Wisconsin. Presentations in the areas of pedagogy,            The panel will choose excerpts to be performed in the first round and
performance, analysis, composition, and listening are welcome,            those selected for the second round will perform a 45-minute program,
but they also specifically invite submissions for panel and               to be agreed upon with the panel. For complete information, visit
standard sessions for 2009. The panel sessions are “Teaching    
with Technology and Interactive Class Activities” and
“Mendelssohn: Favorite Compositions for Performance,                      21ST INTERNATIONAL OPERA SINGING COMPETITION OF
Analysis, and/or Teaching” and the Standard sessions are                  MARMANDE will take place August 27-30, 2009 in France.
“Beginning and Advanced Macro Analysis,” “Poster                          Candidates may present themselves in one or more categories
Presentations,” and “MACRO Composition Competition                        including opera, operetta, and French melodies. The competition is
Winner.” Proposals for traditional 30-50 minute presentations,            open to vocalists born after August 27, 1976 and before August 27,
panel presentations, or poster session presentations are invited.         1991. The deadline for registration is July 15, 2009, and applications
Travel funds are provided for members and additional funds are            are available in the Career Counseling Office or online at
available for those who register prior to May 1, 2009. For details
regarding submission deadlines, dates, times, and locations,
please visit the Career Counseling Office.                                                              OPERA
                        COMPETITIONS                                      LITTLE PATUXENT OPERA INSTITUTE, Columbia, MD, will
                                                                          hold auditions for its Second Annual Workshop, June 29 – August 2,
RUSSELL C. WONDERLIC MEMORIAL RECITAL                                     2009, on March 27 & 28, 2009. The Workshop will include an
COMPETITION for voice is presented by the Community Concerts at           intensive four week period of lessons, coachings, classes, and three
Second on Saturday, April 4, 2009 in Baltimore. Finalists will be         performances of a Scenes Program/One Act opera, as well as three
selected to compete for first and second prizes of $1500 and $1000 on     Master Classes with internationally renowned artists Ruth Drucker,
April 19, 2009. The competition is open to singers who are not            Gran Wilson and Sheryl Woods. The cost of tuition is $800, plus a
represented by management and reside in the state of Maryland or the      $40 registration fee and covers all lessons, coachings, classes and
District of Columbia, or who reside elsewhere and are attending           Master Classes. For singers who may be interested in paying in
schools in Maryland or D.C. For applications and detailed                 installments, a four payment option is available. Interested singers

should send a resume and photo to Little Patuxent Opera Institute at          NEW TORK SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL will hold three sessions
Howard Community College, HVPA 260K, 10901 Little Patuxent                    between June 28 and August 8, 2009 in Oneonta, NY. Students may
Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21044. For further information please contact,             participate in any or all sessions. Once on campus, they may also
James Bailey, via email at or at the website             extend their stay at any time. Programs are offered in orchestra, band, institute.                                        choir, jazz, chamber music, musical theatre, composition, piano,
                                                                              voice, strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion. The Festival
                  SUMMER FESTIVALS                                            calendar along with a list of classes is available online at
                 AND STUDY PROGRAMS                                  For further details and application
                                                                              information, please visit the Career Counseling Office or
The following will hold auditions at Peabody.
Auditions must be scheduled during free time. Students may not be
                                                                              ACADEMIE DE MUSIQUE will take place August 2-8, 2009 in
excused from classes, lessons, or ensemble rehearsals to take
                                                                              Lausanne, Switzerland. The Académie de Musique de Lausanne has
                                                                              organized the violin & piano masterclasses yearly since 1991. The
                                                                              summer courses and concerts are followed with great attention and in
Heifetz International Music Institute
                                                                              corresponding number by the public. Lausanne, a city renown for its
                                                                              cultural offerings, is ideally located on the banks of Lake Geneva. If
March 1, 10 am – 7 pm, Cohen-Davison
                                                                              you are an established violin & piano duo with a repertoire of sonatas,
                                                                              the Académie de Musique de Lausanne offers this unique opportunity
AIMS - orchestra
                                                                              to work together for one week with Pierre Amoyal & Bruno Canino.
                                                                              The registration deadline in July 1, 2009, and applications and
March 1, 2 pm – 6 pm, Leakin 207
                                                                              additional information can be found online at
Kinhaven Summer Camp
                                                                              SOMMERKURS KLAVIER with Klaus Hellwig will take place
March 7, 2 pm – 6 pm, Leakin 417
                                                                              in Germany July 30 – Aug. 6, 2009. The course is open to
                                                                              pianists who wish to prepare for competitions, study repertoire,
Ohio Light Opera Orchestra
                                                                              or have assistance with special pianistic problems. Further
                                                                              information can be obtained from the Career Counseling Office,
March 13, 3 – 6 pm, Leakin 214
                                                                              or send email to
Summer Opera Theatre Company Orchestra
                                                                              GREAT MOUNTAINS MUSIC FESTIVAL AND SCHOOL takes
                                                                              place in the Great Mountains region of South Korea July 29 – Aug.
March 26, 10 am – 2 pm, Leakin 417
                                                                              10, 2009. The program offers private lessons, master classes, chamber
                                                                              music coaching and recital opportunities for violin, viola, and cello
OHIO LIGHT OPERA ORCHESTRA – The opera orchestra is in
                                                                              students from around the world. For information and an application,
residence May 22 – Aug. 9, 2009, and this year’s productions include
Fiddler on the Roof, Of Thee I Sing, Mlle. Modiste, H.M.S. Pinafore,
Ruddigore, La Belle Hélène, and A Night in Venice. Auditions will
                                                                              VANCOUVER EARLY MUSIC PROGRAMME & FESTIVAL 2009
take place at Peabody on March 13. For more information and to
                                                                              includes three programs in Lute, Baroque Vocal, and Baroque
download an application form visit
                                                                              Instrumental. The festival will run from July 26 through August 16,
                                                                              with lute workshop July 26-July 31, the Baroque Vocal program July
MUSIC HOUSE, presented by Strings International Music Festival,
                                                                              26-August 7, and the Baroque Instrumental program August 9-August
will be held June 10-June 26, 2008 at Bryn Mawr College. The
                                                                              21. To request a brochure, call 604-732-1610 or e-mail
program offers students and young professionals a unique opportunity
                                                                     For further information and
to work with some of the world’s greatest performers. Students will
                                                                              applications, visit
study with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, emphasizing solo
performance, practice technique, chamber music, orchestral audition
                                                                              THE INTERNATIONAL MUSIC INSTITUTE AND FESTIVAL
preparation, concerto competitions, and technique and pedagogy
                                                                              USA will take place July 12-22, 2009 in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The
classes. Applications are due no later than May 1, 2009 and are
                                                                              program is open to pianists, violinists, violists, and cellists. The
available in the Career Counseling Office or online at
                                                                              International Music Institute and Festival USA brings together For additional information, phone the Strings
                                                                              talented young musicians from around the world and includes a
International Music Festival at (856) 875-6818 or visit the website.
                                                                              variety of learning experiences to facilitate musical and personal
                                                                              development. Students will receive four private lessons with faculty
INSTITUTE FOR HUMANE STUDIES is offering free summer
                                                                              members, attend recitals and master classes by renowned faculty and
seminars and workshops in 2009. For more than forty years, the
                                                                              guest artists as well as presentation on topics such as “Effective
Institute for Humane Studies has been dedicated to helping bright
                                                                              Practicing” and “Careers in Music”, have daily morning exercises
undergraduate and graduate students interested in individual liberty
                                                                              tailored to musicians, participate in chamber ensemble rehearsals and
pursue their intellectual interests. Through their free seminars, HIS
                                                                              performances, and are provided with recreational activities. Peabody
promotes the discussion of liberty across a broad range or disciplines,
                                                                              piano professor, BRIAN GANZ, is on faculty at the festival. For more
encouraging understanding, open inquiry, rigorous scholarship, and
                                                                              information and applications, please visit
creative problem solving. Seminars are designed for students
pursuing careers in academia, policy, journalism, film, and writing.
                                                                              AUDITION MODE HORN SEMINAR will take place August 9-16,
More information and applications are available at
                                                                              2009 at Wayne State University. The program will focus on taking
                                                                              auditions through master classes, lectures, sectionals, mock auditions,

and lessons with faculty Karl Pituch and Denise Tryon of the Detroit       soloist also leads the congregation in singing 3 hymns. Please contact
Symphony Orchestra. The program is open to horn players over the           Barbara Gruver, or (410) 692-2051.
age of 21. For applications and further information, please visit                                                       CH11 BARITONE – St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 1108 Providence
                                                                           Road, Towson. Needed for April 5 and other dates to be decided.
                  GRANTS AND AWARDS                                        Section leader and solo opportunities. $125 per service. Call 410-
                                                                           235-5965 or 410-736-1806.
Sharkey, the Director of the Peabody Institute, accepts                    CH12 TENOR, BASS needed at the Shrine of the Little Flower, 3500
applications for Peabody Career Development Grants each                    Bel Air Road in Baltimore City for Lent and Holy Week. $500. Call
semester - in October and March. The deadline for the spring               Robert Barbarino, 445-610-2979.
semester is March 13, 2009. Applications will be considered for
career-enhancing activities in areas in which Peabody offers a             CH13 ASSISTANT ORGANIST - St. Mark Roman Catholic Church,
major or grants a degree. The awards may support large or small            27 Melvin Avenue, Catonsville MD, 21228. is seeking an Assistant
projects, whether to attend a competition, present concerts,               Organist for our weekly 11:00AM Sunday Chapel Mass, to
publish a work, produce a demonstration recording, prepare                 accompany a cantor and lead the congregation in traditional song.
publicity materials, buy formal concert wear, etc. Applications            This weekly position will pay $75.00 per Mass, with the opportunity
for assistance in the purchase of an instrument will also be               for additional services during Easter, Christmas, and other Holy Days
considered. Projects must take place outside of Peabody.                   of Obligation. Approximately 1.25 hours is required for each Mass.
Applications will not be considered for regular college and                The Assistant Organist will also have the opportunity to play some
university study. In most cases, Peabody Career Development                weddings and funerals throughout the year. The Chapel Organ is a 2-
Grants will provide partial funding for a project and are made in          manual Rodgers, built in the early 1980's. Contact: Patrick Coyle,
amounts up to $1,000. They may be made contingent on the                   410-744-6560, Ext 232. E-mail:
completion of a project and are awarded for future and not past
activities.                                                                                   COLLEGE TEACHING

                         INTERNSHIPS                                       The Music Vacancy List of the College Music Society is available in
                                                                           the Placement Office for reference.
APPRENTICESHIPS will be offered during the 2009 season June 27-            CT11 COACH/ACCOMPANIST – Simpson College. One year
August 1, 2009 in Greensboro, NC. Apprentice duties include                sabbatical replacement. Prepare, play and conduct one opera
performing with the Eastern Festival Orchestra, 5 to 6 orchestral          production each semester, act as vocal coach with skills in French,
services per week, and chamber music performances throughout the           German and Italian. Must have a working knowledge of standard
regional community. Benefits include free room and board, a light          vocal literature, ability to teach a 19th and 20th Century music history
schedule, time for practice, opportunity for lessons with professional     and literature course, ability to teach piano and seminars in topics of
faculty members, a $200 travel stipend, and orchestral repertoire          strength and interest. Master’s degree preferred. Send letter, CV,
experience. Applicants must be at least 23 years of age, hold an           recording of accompanying, transcripts, and letters of reference to: Dr.
undergraduate degree in Music Performance, have orchestral and             Maria DiPalma, Chair; Department of Music; Simpson College; 701
chamber music experience, and have classical performance                   North C. Street; Indianola, IA 50125. Position will remain open until
aspirations. Please mail a resume or curriculum vitae and a list of 3      filled.
professional references with phone numbers and an audition CD by
March 10, 2009 to: Lee Hipp, Personnel Manager, Eastern Music              CT12 HORN – University of Evansville and Evansville Philharmonic
Festival, Post Office Box 22026, Greensboro, NC 27420.                     Orchestra. Serve as Principal Horn in the EPO with approximately
                                                                           130 services per year. Teach studio horn at UE, perform with the
                         JOB LISTINGS                                      Harlaxton Woodwind Quintet, serve as horn faculty for the annual
                                                                           Shepard Honor Band. Must have a master’s degree with college level
                                                                           teaching experience and perform at a very high level of artistic
Legend: cv=Curriculum vitae, MM/dp=Master's required, Doctorate
                                                                           accomplishment. Send letter, resume, transcripts, and 3 letters of
                                                                           recommendation to: Dr. William Bootz Dept. of Music; UE; 1800
Please see clippings at the back of the bulletin for additional job
                                                                           Lincoln Ave.; Evansville, IN 47722. Deadline is April 24, 2009.
                                                                           Positions also available:
Electronic job listings of the College Music Society and League of
American Orchestras are available for on-line research in the Career
                                                                           MUSIC – Ventura Count Community College District, CA.
Counseling Office, including jobs in college teaching, conducting, and
arts administration.
                                                                           MUSIC EDUCATION – Paul Quinn College, Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
CH10 SUBSTITUTE SOLOIST NEEDED – First Church of Christ,                   MUSIC – Chabot-Las Positas Community College District.
Scientist, 102 University Parkway, Baltimore, is looking for substitute    Pleasanton, CA
soloists for the Sunday, 11 am services with a 10 am rehearsal.
Payment is $75 per Sunday. Applicants should be good sight readers,
although solos will be given to the substitutes as far ahead of time as
possible. Each Sunday’s Solo is approximately 3-6 minutes. The
                                                                           The INTERNATIONAL CONDUCTING MASTERCLASS - PULA

2009 takes place Aug. 10 – 24 in Pula, Croatia. The program is two         from other sources, we cannot be responsible for its accuracy.
week session for conductors desiring high-level professional training
and ample opportunity for hands-on experience. Set in the coastal city
of Pula, Croatia, the masterclass is a part of an active artistic
environment of workshops, masterclasses, performances, and
historical exhibits. It is organized and presented collaboratively
between the host university Sveucliste "Jurja Dobrile" u Puli, the Hartt
School at the University of Hartford (USA) and the International
Music Center of America (USA). MARK ALLEN MCCOY
(Conducting, 95) will be will be serving as Artist-Faculty in August.
For more information, visit
index.html or

P5 YORK SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA announces the following
vacancies: principal oboe, principal tuba, second horn, third horn, and
third trumpet. Auditions will be held on April 18, 2009. For further
information, please contact the YSO office at (717) 812-0717 or

P6 ELECTRIC/UPRIGHT BASS – The United States Air Force Band
of the Golden West. For audition information visit or call the auditions hotline at 707-

                PART-TIME MUSICAL
KEYBOARD PLAYERS needed for documentary project by Sure
Shot Productions focusing on the music history of Maryland. If you
are interested, contact Ralph Hinton, 410-466-2222 or

MUSICIANS are invited to perform on the inaugural series of
lunch time concerts at the Basilica of the Assumption, about 3
blocks from Peabody. Beginning in March, the concerts will be
Wednesdays, 12:45 – 1:15, and organists, instrumentalists, and
singers are invited to participate on a volunteer basis. (There is
no piano available.) Appropriate church attire is required. If you
are interested, please send email to:

                        SUMMER JOBS
SINGING WAITSTAFF wanted for Spirit Cruises in Baltimore’s
Inner Harbor. Entertainment cruises provides extraordinary, 2-3 hour
dining cruises that depart from the Inner Harbor daily. Along with
food and drink, the cruises serve up lively entertainment and great
views. Entertainment Cruises shipmates are energetic, upbeat and
hospitable. Competitive pay and flexible schedules are offered. The
audition portion of the application requires the memorization of 16
bars of an up-tempo selection and ballad of your choice. Accompanist
will be provided. Head-shot and resume are welcome but not required
and prior waitstaff experience is a plus. All styles of singing are
appreciated! To apply, go online at

We do our best to provide good information in this Job Vacancy
Bulletin. However, since the information is drawn almost completely


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