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					                                        NABET-CWA LOCAL 31
                                        Executive Board Meeting

                                              April 12, 2004

Location:       NABET-CWA Local 31 Office
Time:           Meeting called to order at 7:14pm
Presiding:      Mark Peach, President
Present:        Barbara Krieger, Vice President
                Ted Stewart, Treasurer
                Maurice Thomas, III, Secretary
                Elizabeth Bancroft, PBS
                Richard Guastadisegni, WJLA
                Jim Martin, ABC
                Richard McDermott, WRC
                Michael Queen, NBC
                Mike Croke, visitor
                Stanley Lorek, RVP-3
                J. Carl Mayers, Finance Committee Chair

1.      Minutes of the March 8, 2004 meeting were read and approved.

2004-04-01  MOTION MADE to accept the minutes of the March 2004 Executive Board Meeting.
MAKER: Stewart   SECOND: Guastadisegni                  MOTION PASSED

2.      Treasurer’s Agenda

        A.      Financial Report: Below are the accounts that were out of the ordinary for March 2004.


        DUES REBATE: This month was a good month financially, but only because we received an
        extra $42,000 in back dues rebate that was due to us from the CWA. Our Dues Rebate should
        average around $43,750 per month, and this month we received $85,915.76, which included the
        additional rebate that we are using for legal expenses. Of course, this budget was set up before
        our dues rebate changed, but if you look at the Profit and Loss Budget vs Actual under dues
        rebate, you will see that we had budgeted $43,750 per month for dues rebate (without the
        additional rebate) and what we actually received this month was $68,828.44 + $17,087.32
        (additional rebate) for the grand total of $85,915.76.

        INITIATION FEES: We received $1,297.60 this was lower than the budgeted amount by $2,500.


        TELEPHONE EXPENSE: Telephone Expenses were more than double the budgeted amount.
        $1,000 a month is the amount that is budgeted per month and in the month of March, $1,966.29
        was spent. This telephone expense is both the office phones and the officer’s cell phones.

        PURCHASED FURNITURE/MACHINES: $3,145.81 reflects the amount the Local paid to
        purchase the phone system for the Local office. This was not a budgeted expense, therefore, it is
        all over budget.

        OPEIU WAGES: The wages for the clerical staff was $13,408.43, and the budgeted amount
        was $15,900, therefore, we were under budget.
      PRESIDENT’S WAGES: The wages for the Local President was $8,679 for the month which is
      less than the $9,700 that was budgeted.

      VICE PRESIDENT’S WAGES: For the month of March, $1,990.00 was spent on the wages of the
      Vice President. The budgeted amount is $800 per month, therefore, this item ran $1,100 over

      LEGAL EXPENSES: $17,700.54 was spent on legal expenses for the month, which is high.
      The budget was set up before the Local took over the legal expenses in lieu of a higher rebate.
      Even though this amount is high for the month, we are still ahead for the year by around $22,000.

      [The Local just received the April bill from our attorney which is not reflected in the March finances
      and it is $25,236.51. The April attorney’s bill will put the Local into the situation of spending more
      than is coming in from the additional income, especially if we have any other legal expenses
      added to it. This is just something that should be watched while we are still in the window of being
      able to change back to the original rebate and have the Sector pick up our legal expenses if

      Respectfully submitted by Izzy Tiglio, Assistant to the Treasurer.

2004-04-02 MOTION MADE to accept the Treasurer’s Report.
MAKER: Thomas         SECOND: Queen                    MOTION PASSED

      B.      New Members: Applications for new members were reviewed.

      2004-04-03    MOTION MADE to accept the following applicants as new members: Sean
      Thomas Ceigersmidt, staff at ABC; Jon (Tom) Clausen, daily hire at NBC.
      MAKER: Stewart                 SECOND: Krieger                  MOTION PASSED
      C.        Finance Committee- Budget 2004: We were given notice on April 6 that we must move
      from our current office in 90 days. The Executive Board surveyed a possible office space on the
      third floor of the Wayne Avenue building. The committee is considering the total costs of the
      move and the costs of new office space.

      D.       Discounts on Cruises: Crucon.com, an on-line travel agency specializing in cruises, has
      offered a discount to our members. This could mean a significant savings to those members
      interested in taking a cruise.

3.    Secretary’s Report

      A.      Correspondence: Thank you cards were received for several donations and flowers.

      B.       Kuligowski Hearing: We received a certificate of service at his home in Connecticut. Our
      first hearing before the court on this case is to be heard on April 23, 2004. The Secretary will
      attend with our legal counsel.

      C.       CWA Legislative Conference Report: This conference was held last week here in
      Washington, to pursue the CWA legislative agenda which was to visit and lobby our congressional
      representatives and Senators. The entire Maryland delegation was contacted, or visited, with very
      positive results. The Virginia delegation was also visited. CWA District 3 handled many of the
      southern states.

      D.       COPE Program: The work of the union to further its purposes and support political
      matters affecting unions is largely funded by voluntary contributions to the CWA-COPE program.
      Details are available on the local’s web site.

      E.         Web Site & Office Computer E-Mail Security System: The new GFI Anti- spam e-mail
      filter will require additional adjustment to be more precise for the office. Spam adversely affects
      office staff productivity. The web site has had considerable work to add content and functionality.
        F.      Request from CWA for Donations: to be posted.


1.      Staff Reports:

        A.       No Work List: A list was supplied to the Executive Board so that they would be able to
        recognize and keep track of people whose names show up working under a NABET-CWA
        contract and are not in good standing with the union. This list will not be made a public record, but
        will be noted by union officials.

        B.       OPEIU Negotiations: We have a signed contract with our OPEIU staff. We had a meeting
        with the office staff to try and bring closure to the negotiations period. The contract extends to
        January, 2006. We are going to try to go to a ten-hour four day work week.


1.      Date of next Executive Board Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Monday, May 10, 2004,
beginning at 7:00 pm.

2.     Union Office Relocation: The union has been given notice that we must move in 90 days (July 4,
2004). The officers are investigating the alternatives and evaluating the various costs.

3.      CWA Maryland State Council Affiliation: Tabled.

4.      Tom Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Donation: Tabled.

5.      Interpretation of Local By-Law 7.13 - Don Wilson: After review, it was the sense of the Executive
Board to follow past practice in the interpretation of this By-Law. The Board will review the language for
possible revision.

6.       AFLAC Supplemental Insurance: This will provide cash benefits for those who are confined in a
hospital. The program is being finalized for members in Maryland, DC, Virginia and West Virginia.

7.     ABC Affairs: Having problems with odd canceled shifts and hours. There seems to be scheduling
and workload shift problems.

8.       DCTV Affairs: We believe that our negotiator has been targeted for termination. We’re trying to
settle the contract negotiations as soon as possible.

9.        Freelance Affairs: We are pressing to get back more of the sports work and are working to
organize various regional sports networks. Daily Hire Members are calling with questions regarding the
political conventions in New York City and Boston, as they want to know what to expect. The political
conventions in the fall will most likely have picket lines.

10.     HRS Affairs: There are still maintenance positions to be filled.

11.     MCT Affairs: No report.

12.     NBC Affairs: The NBC training questionnaire was e-mailed to the NBC members as well as
posted on the web site. We need as much feedback on training there as possible. NBC will pay full tuition
for AVID training at FMC (?).

13.   NPR Affairs: The Negotiating Committee has been chosen, they should begin their work in June.
Some grievances have been settled without going to arbitration.

14.      PBS Affairs: We have our three negotiators. A few employees at SOC have indicated an interest
in joining the union.
15.     TVS/CNN Affairs: An NLRB complaint was filed. Organizing efforts continue. Our position paper
and testimony has been completed and submitted to the board. The next step should occur in the next few

16.     WHUT Affairs: Contract negotiations were put on hold.

17.     WJLA Affairs: This Saturday at 6PM, a unit meeting is scheduled. John Clarke has committed to
negotiate the new WJLA contract. We won a settlement on a replacement union bulletin board.

18.     WMAL Affairs: No report.

19.      WRC Affairs: Rep. Rich McDermott asked that Karen Ruiz be thanked for doing a great job in
getting renewal stickers to NBC members downtown.

2004-04-04   MOTION MADE to adjourn at 10:26 pm.
MAKER: Stewart          MOTION PASSED

Respectfully submitted,

Maurice Thomas, III

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