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									                                   Weaving (14 day & 8 day Trip)
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Down the centuries, the magical land of Morocco has been the province not only of early traders,
political adventurers and travellers, but also of painters with a passion for colour and for textiles.

Drawn by the intense light of Morocco and landscape the colour of a lion’s skin, it was Matisse
who followed in the footsteps of Delacroix and learned to listen to Gauguin’s advice. “O painters
who are looking for a colour technique,” he declared, “study rugs.”

Throughout this two week hands on adventure into another land, Ingrid Wagner and the Real
World Journeys team will provide an opportunity for you to live with and learn more about the
colourful culture of this remarkable country. Gauguin was right – but why not join us and find out
for yourself?

Teaming up with other women
Whether you have an urge to explore and travel that your partner doesn’t share, or you are single
or separated with the freedom to roam, teaming up with other women to explore different aspects
of cultures around the world is an incredible experience. Because you’ll be travelling with a small
group of women (maximum group size 8), we are able to give you a privileged insight into a world
which would be closed to mixed groups. In our experience, the enthusiasm and energy that all
this creates is one of the things that makes the Weaving trip a journey into a real world.

Many of our clients have told us that traveling with a small group of women gave them a sense of
support and security that was especially appreciated if it happened to be their first journey into
another culture. It also gives you the chance to share ideas as you travel together – and simply
enjoy yourself in the process.

And we’ve found other people who recognize the value and insight of women travellers. We’ve
teamed up with Diverse Travellers, an online travellers network for women. They also recognize
that sharing travel experiences and stories with each other is also about meeting like-minded
people. You can find out more at www.diversetraveller.com

About the Weaving trip
The Real World Journeys Weaving trip offers you the opportunity to experience the richness of the
Moroccan rug weaving and knotting tradition, which is very much the woman’s domain in this
culture. If you’ve never touched textiles before, don’t worry. The desire to learn and explore an
artform which may be different to your own discipline or simply different altogether to your
experience, is all that’s required.

You will be based during the day at Zinaib’s house in the village of Sidi Mokhtar (1.5 hours from
Marrakech), which is in the heart of one of the major weaving areas of Morocco. The women of
Sidi Mokhtar itself have a distinct and strikingly colourful way of dressing, which reflects their
Saharan ancestry, and Zinaib is no exception. Khadija, Hasna and Rhabha, our main teachers,
will train you on the large workshop looms in the traditional rug making techniques of knotting,

                    Studio 4, Mushroom Works, St Lawrence Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1AR, UK
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weaving, embroidery and finishing. They enjoy learning from you, too. You may have new ideas
that you would like to try, which may be a challenge to their traditional ways of working, or new
skills to share with them.

Making your own piece of weaving
After your training has finished, you’ll be able to start your own weaving on your own small frame.
These have been designed and made especially for our clients by the village carpenters, and you
can take yours back home with you. We’ll be visiting the village dyeing workshops where you’ll be
able to have wool custom dyed for your own work. This is included in the price of the trip.

We’ll be looking at both traditional designs from Moroccan rugs for your own work and also your
own ideas from what you may have observed around you in your first days in Morocco. Kacem’s
workshop near to the village has a good selection of rugs, together with examples of weaving from
the area. Kacem is a weaver himself and stocks a good selection of commissioned rugs made
locally, with bought in stock from further afield in the Middle & High Atlas mountains. He combines
the true qualities of an artist and an entrepreneur with those of a philosopher and keen gardener.

Your own ideas might include the form and pattern of architecture or the texture of, for example,
the landscape and, of course, colour. We’ll be taking Gauguin’s advice on this one. Bringing this
all together to create your own design is a process of discovery and learning for everyone, no
matter what your level of ability – and above all, it’s fun.

Relaxation & a trip to the mountains
There is a day off in Essaouira for you to relax, catch up on your diaries and generally do your
own thing, on Day 7. If you are on the 8 Day trip, this will be your last day and you will leave for
Marrakech and your flight home early the next day. The 14 day trip continues with more time for
finishing your weaving and a chance to call in at Kacem’s to buy carpets if you would like to do
this before heading back to Marrakech. We will spend a relaxing day at beautiful Riad Omar
Nour, the home of Kay and Mohamed, who are part of our on the ground team in Morocco, with
the chance to have your feet and hands henna’ed. Mohamed will be leading a day trip up to the
spectacular High Atlas mountains before you return to central Marrakech to spend a last day
exploring the souks and soaking up the atmosphere of the pink city.

Take home your own supplies
If you would like to take home extra supplies of locally handspun yarn in the natural colours of the
area’s sheep and goats, this is available at £2 a kilo (just over $4)

Your will also be able to come home with your own Moroccan weaving beater (‘teska’ in Moroccan
Arabci), for beating down the rows of kilim (flat) weaving or knotting on your work. To ensure that
the rows are tightly held together, a strong beater is required. For this reason, your teska is made
out of iron. They can be provided for us at the equivalent cost of around £2.80 British pounds
sterling / $6 per teska. You can buy carders in the Marrakech souks for the unbelievable price of
£1.80 British pounds sterling / $4 American dollars.

                    Studio 4, Mushroom Works, St Lawrence Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1AR, UK
Telephone: +44-(0)191 228 9888 Mobile: 077 8637 6819 Email: info@ingridwagner.com Web: www.ingridwagner.com
All the accommodation on the weaving trip is based on two people sharing in ensuite rooms.
We will be staying in the beautiful coastal town of Essaouira, about an hour from Sidi Mokhtar
in a family owned riad style guest house located in the heart of the medina (old town).

In Marrakech (first night and last day on 14 day trip), we will stay in a centrally located hotel
with ensuite rooms. For the last few days on the 14 day trip, we will be staying at beautiful,
peaceful Riad Omar Nour, about 20 minutes from the centre of Marrakech. The Riad is set in
acres of its own gardens, with a stunning 360 degree view of the mountains and night skies
from its terrace. All rooms are ensuite, very comfortable, and set around a central courtyard
which has a fountain and its own waving ferns, banana trees and 2 or 3 cats. A regular supply
of purified water for drinking is provided in your rooms and the Riad’s hot water, together with
some of its lighting, is supplied via solar panels. Our hosts here will be Kay and Mohamed
Nour, who form a lead part of our Moroccan team.

If you would prefer to have a single room, please let us know and we will do our best to
accommodate this though please be aware that there may be a supplement to pay.

Who will be leading the trip and who’s on the team?
We always try to match the leaders on our trips with their interest and skill base so that you get
the most out of your experience. Your Real World Journeys leader will travel from England with
those joining the trip from this country and link up with other members of the group and
Mohamed Nour, the leader of our on the ground team in Morocco. Mohamed has over 10 years
experience as a qualified mountain guide. You’ll also meet Kay, our project consultant, quilter
and published writer on Islamic pattern, at Riad Omar Nour. To help with communication at the
workshop, we employ local girls who speak English, French and Arabic.

What is included?
    •   Return flights from either Gatwick or London Heathrow
    •   Full board including three meals a day, unless otherwise specified
    •   All accommodation as per the itinerary, based on 2 people sharing
    •   All transport within the country
    •   All teaching by weavers
    •   Services of dedicated guide and driver throughout the trip
    •   Services of dyers and frame makers
    •   Services of Real World Journey leader throughout the trip
    •   Day trip to the Atlas Mountains
What is not included
    •   Soft drinks with meals and any drinks/snacks outside of designated meal times
    •   Any meals out in Essaouira extra to or instead of what is already provided
    •   Lunch & evening meal on Day 7 (relax day in Essaouira)
    •   Lunch & evening meal on Day 14 (final day in Marrakech on 14 day trip)

                    Studio 4, Mushroom Works, St Lawrence Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1AR, UK
Telephone:+44-(0)191 228 9888 Mobile: 077 8637 6819 Email: info@ingridwagner.com Web: www.ingridwagner.com
    •   Any extra materials which are purchased for your own work or to take home
    •   Any personal shopping you may wish to do
    •   Your personal travel insurance

Everything is provided and taken care of for you, giving you the time to completely immerse yourself
in this fabulous journey.

The total cost for the 14 day trip is £1,750 British pounds
The total cost for the 8 day trip is £925 British pounds

                    Studio 4, Mushroom Works, St Lawrence Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1AR, UK
Telephone: +44-(0)191 228 9888 Mobile: 077 8637 6819 Email: info@ingridwagner.com Web: www.ingridwagner.com

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