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					    August -
    October       Volume 6, Issue 3          "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                          1

                                       Survey says. . .

                                                                                                                           Library System
                                                                                                          Linebaugh Public Librar y System
                  Linebaugh Public     by Laurel Best
                   Library System
                     105 W. Vine St.
                    Murfreesboro, TN       The Board of Directors of Linebaugh Library recently
                          37130        completed a survey of our elected officials that resulted in
Library Hotline
            much good information to use in planning our future. We at
                                       Linebaugh Library are very proud of the fact that for libraries
                    Anne               of comparable size, we score in the 98th percentile nationally
                   Garrels             for our efficient use of limited tax dollars. This survey was
                  scheduled for        part of our efforts to enhance that service to the community.
                    August 28          Currently, 41% of Rutherford Countians are active library

                                           75% of the respondents mentioned growth as the number
                                       one issue facing our community today, with education and
                                       economic development ranked as the second most important
                                       issues. One of the critical contributors to economic
                                       development is quality of life.
                   Story on page 2
                                           In ranking the best places to live in the country, most
                    Reading            magazines use libraries as a key measure of quality of life.
                     Rally             When we asked elected officials what we can do to ensure
                    scheduled for      that Murfreesboro and Rutherford County always rank high,
                    September 11       33% replied that adequate funding for libraries is essential.
                                       33% mentioned the importance of offering a variety of library
                                       materials and programs, and 25% suggested adequate library
                                       facilities were necessary.

                                           When asked if Linebaugh Library uses tax dollars
                                       efficiently, 84% said yes, but when asked if respondents felt
                                       Linebaugh Library received adequate funding, more than 58%
                                       said no. 75% of the respondents indicated that more library
                                       locations are needed in the county.
                   Story on page 3
                                              Among specific suggestions for future consideration by
                   Susan               the Library Board, Murfreesboro Mayor Bragg suggested that
                                       we ask users where and how many additional locations they
                  McBride              wanted. It was also suggested that we stay in touch with our
                  scheduled for        elected officials, which we will work to do.
                  September 23
                                               Library users can also help us, by telling their elected
                                       officials just how important the library is to them. Please let
                                       your city and county representatives know what your library
                                       means to you. And next time you visit the library, please take
                                       a few moments to complete a short survey for us. Thanks for
                                       your help.

                     See page 4
                                                                                                                                                    August -
       2                                      "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                            Volume 6, Issue 3        October

                                                                     2004 Community Read Selection

                                                                    Naked in Baghdad

                                                                                                                                               Library Hotline
                                                                    by Anne Garrels
                 Library System
Linebaugh Public Librar y System

                                                                                             An Evening with
                                                                                              Anne Garrels
                                                                                                 August 28, 2004
                                                                                                  7:00 p.m.
                                                                                           Linebaugh Public Library
                                                                                            $10.00 (NO REFUNDS)
                                    Anne Garrels is a roving correspondent            Reservations required (Seating is limited)
                                        for NPR’s foreign desk earning                    On sale to the public August 15th
                                   international recognition in 2003 by being          *There will be a short business meeting to elect
                                     one of 16 U.S. journalists to remain in                     Friends’ officers for 2005
                                   Baghdad during the initial invasion of Iraq.
                                                                                  Sponsored by Middle Tennessee State University
                                                                                        and Friends of Linebaugh Library

                                                To make your reservation, detach and return the completed form below                  C
                                                                 Friends of Linebaugh Library
                                                  An Evening with Anne Garrels
                                                                     Saturday, August 28, 2004
                                                                              7:00 p.m.
                                                                       Linebaugh Public Library
                                                                           featuring Anne Garrels
                                                                         author of Naked in Baghdad

                                     NAME: ___________________________________________ No. in party: ______

                                     ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________

                                         You may bring the completed reservation form to Linebaugh Library or mail it to:
                                                                        Friends of Linebaugh Library
                                                                          c/o Judy Myatt, Treasurer
                                                                          1306 Mulberry Court
                                     Cost: $10.00 per person              Murfreesboro, TN 37130                     NO REFUNDS
                                                                       On sale to the public August 15th
    August -
                  Volume 6, Issue 3
    October                           "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"             3
Library Hotline

                                                                                                           Library System
                                                                                          Linebaugh Public Librar y System
                                                                                                                                                   August -
           4                                "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                              Volume 6, Issue 3       October

                                                              September 23, 2004

                                                                                                                                               Library Hotline
                                                                               7:00 p.m.
                 Library System
Linebaugh Public Librar y System

                                                              Linebaugh Public Library
                                   Friends send books to Namibia
                                                          by Susan Daniel
                                                            Even at the age of five, Tom Daniel knew that he
                                                            liked to travel. Little did he know that his travels
                                                            (Latvia, England, Japan and southeast Asia) over
                                                            the next fifteen years would shape his future as a
                                                            teacher in the United States Peace Corps. In
                                                            October 2003, he was sent by Peace Corps to
                                                            Namibia in Africa. Namibia became an independent
                                                            republic in 1990 and is situated on the southwest
                                                            coast of Africa with Angola to its north, Botswana to
                                                            its east, and South Africa to its south. It is a
                                                            Christian country (over 50% are Lutheran) with a high literacy rate. Tom is
                                                            serving in the sparsely settled northwest along the Angolan border in a small
                                                            village called Okangwati. The nearest grocery store is about 2½ hours by “rough
                                   track.” The Namibia government has set up a school in Okangwati for the children of the local nomadic
                                   Himba and Herrera tribes. The children stay in dormitories during the school terms. Tom is teaching
                                   English, Mathematics, History and Art to children ages approximately 5 to 15. Upon arrival he found a
                                   library filled with shelves but no books. He talked with his mother here in Murfreesboro to see what
                                   could be done. With the help of The Friends of Linebaugh Library, Stones River-Oakland Kiwanis, 1st
                                   Presbyterian Church and others, books have been sent to Okangwati for its library. Of course, shipping
                                   books is expensive and the process is long (by freighter)—taking over three months to arrive at the
                                   village. To date, five “M-bags” of approximately 300 pounds of books have arrived at Okangwati. The
                                   children are delighted, and Tom says they are hungry to read and look at the books. The library is a
                                   source of great pride for these children. Recently, Tom approached the Namibian government for more
                                   help and has been sent packs of textbooks which will be of vital help towards teaching in this outpost.
                                   Tom says that when he first arrived he thought his two years in the Peace Corps would be a long time;
                                   now he feels that two years is not nearly long enough!

                                                READING ROCKS!
                                                               Rocking Chair
                                                                   Holds up to 125 lbs.
                                                               All proceeds benefit the
                                                             Youth Services Department
                                                          Available at Linebaugh Public Library
     August -
     October      Volume 6, Issue 3            "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                     5

                         2004 Summer Reading Program Sponsors
                     LINEBAUGH PUBLIC LIBRARY                               SMYRNA PUBLIC LIBRARY
                         Joe Goldian, Valpak of Nashville                               Applebee’s
                          Friends of Linebaugh Library                                  Bob Evans
Library Hotline
                                    Sam’s Club                                         Captain D’s
                           Adventure Science Center                                        Chili’s

                                                                                                                            Library System
                                                                                                           Linebaugh Public Librar y System
                                    Applebee’s                                           Domino’s
                     Steve Baughman,                                   Fazoli’s
                          Bellacino’s Pizza & Grinders                         Friends of Smyrna Library
                                     Beth Clay                                       Gourmet Pizza
                               Buffalo Wild Wings                                    Jack-in-the-Box
                                   Chick-Fil-A                                           Krystal’s
                                       Chili’s                                         McDonald’s
                     Bobby Evans, Broad Street Auto Mart                              Mrs. Winner’s
                              Far East Restaurant                                     Nashville Zoo
                              Kroger, S. Church St.                                     Ponderosa
                                   Las Palmas                                    Ritter’s Frozen Custard
                                   Marble Slab                                             Sam’s
                                   McDonald’s                                            Shoney’s
                        Anna Morgan, A Time To Dance                          Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
                                Nashville Sounds                                  Smyrna Bowling Alley
                             Ritter’s Frozen Custard                               Smyrna Police Dept.
                               Rutherford Co. 4-H                                 Smyrna Skate Center
                            Shacklett’s Photography                               Smyrna Town Center
                                     Shoney’s                                         Smyrna Video
                                     Sir Pizza                                             Sonic
                                Skatecenter West                                     Southern Latte
                          Snowbird, WSMV Channel 4                                    Sub Station II
                                      Subway                                             Taco Bell
                                       Target                                     Tennessee Aquarium
                         Wal-Mart, S. Rutherford Blvd                                     Val-Pak
                                 Karl Wingruber                                    Wal-Mart (Smyrna)
                          Terry Ann Womack, MPRD                                          Wendy’s

                       2004 Summer Reading Program Volunteers
                       LINEBAUGH PUBLIC LIBRARY                         SMYRNA PUBLIC LIBRARY
                     Adrienne Hemphill        Katie Shacklett          Ace Mead            Kelsi Staffne
                        Annie Griffin         Lauren Harris           Ali Parker          Kelsey Jensen
                      Annie Williams        Marshall Baughman       Alina Jennings        Kristin Scally
                      Biven Alexander       Mary Layne Harrell     Alyssa Hauskins         Kyle Lewis
                      Christie Wheeler         Nancy Kelley          Amber Lamb           Leigh Prevatte
                     Eldridge Alexander      Nathaniel Payne          Amy Kaiser          Lindsey Tipps
                       Ella Strawman          Rachel Rounion        Ashley Hensley       Mandy Maglothin
                        Emily West           Shauna Albritton        Ballie Malone        Merritt Ringel
                        Jake Garner          Stephen Hemphill      Caitlan Nguyen        Michael Thomas
                       Jessica Nelson          Taylor Jones         Chelsea Bushee         Mickey West
                                                                  Christopher Gamble        Nia Davis
                                                                     Derek Craker           Nick Cope
                                                                     Gracie Bowles        Sara Johnson
                                                                     Jamie Motok          Stacie Carver
                                                                      Jareb Vogt            Stacy Cohl
                                                                    Jordan Nguyen         Tara Fleming
                                                                                                                                                 August -
           6                                                                                                           Volume 6, Issue 3
                                            "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                                                    October

                                   Foreign language collection
                                   by Patty Metcalf

                                   Books written in foreign languages (non-English) are available at Linebaugh Public Library in

                                                                                                                                            Library Hotline
                                   Murfreesboro. Included are more than 220 fiction and non-fiction books written in Spanish. These
                                   are located in a special section on the second floor of the library. Look for the “Espanol” sign
                 Library System
Linebaugh Public Librar y System

                                   hanging from the ceiling, or ask for directions at the Reference Desk. On shelves right next to the
                                   Espanol section are books written in other languages, including French, German, Portuguese,
                                   Italian, and Japanese.

                                   For those of you interested in learning a foreign language, we have numerous books and
                                   audiovisual materials available to learn approximately 40 different languages. These are located
                                   on the second floor in the general non-fiction area, call numbers 430-499. In addition, located near
                                   the Espanol section, there is a collection of ESL (English as a Second Language) books for people
                                   who are learning English. This collection is small now, but is expected to grow with additional
                                   purchases in the future.

                                   If you need assistance in locating these materials, please ask for help at the Reference Desk, or call
                                   at 893-4131, ext. 17. The Smyrna Public Library also has special Espanol sections; call 459-4884
                                   to inquire. Foreign language books for both libraries are listed in our library catalog, which you
                                   can also search from home at

                                   Historical Room News Flash!
                                     Are you interested in finding out who your ancestors are
                                   but not sure how to start? The Historical Research Room,
                                   located on the 2nd floor of the library, now has a collection
                                     of genealogy “how-to” books and videos for checkout.
                                     Browse the HR CIRC bookshelf set up across from the
                                    HR Clerk’s desk and learn how to “dig up” your ancestors.

                                   Harry and the Potters
                                   by Jerianne Thompson
                                                      Harry Potter is coming to the Linebaugh Library System in August... only,
                                                      instead of a magic wand, he’s bringing his guitar.

                                                      Brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge bring their band, Harry and the Potters, to
                                                      Linebaugh Library, 3 p.m. August 22, and to Smyrna Library at 6 p.m.
                                                      August 23.

                                                     Paul plays Harry, Year 7, while Joe plays Harry, Year 4. Together, the duo
                                                     craft a special blend of wizard rock sure to appeal to all ages. Their songs come
                                   straight from the Harry Potter books, with titles like “Wizard Chess,” “Gryffindor Rocks,”
                                   “Fluffy,” and “Dumbledore’s Army.”
                                   For more information about Harry and the Potters, visit their website:
                                   Both shows are free and open to the public.
    August -
    October       Volume 6, Issue 3                  "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                                                 7

                                                             Memorial Donors
                                                                  April - June 2004
               Many thanks go to the following people who supported the Library System with their memorial donations:
Library Hotline
                       IN HONOR OF
                          Jameson A. Martin on his 2nd birthday                Lu Thomas Flatt
                                                                                 Given by:  Ruth Alford

                                                                                                                                                       Library System
                                                                                                                                      Linebaugh Public Librar y System
                            Given by: Jeanmarie & Philip Martin
                                                                                            Tommy, Jimmy & Shirley
                       IN MEMORY OF                                            Mary E. “Granny” Carter
                          Alan Trumbo                                           Given by:  Virginia Shine
                            Given by: Joyce & Reece Howell, III
                                                                               Mimmie Johnson
                          Barbara Simms                                         Given by: The Johnson Family
                            Given by: Barry & Carrie Bullard
                                                                               Mrs. Almyra Walkup Medlen
                          Beecher H. Harrison, Sr.                              Given by:  Mary Orr
                            Given by: Johnnie Bruinsma & Yolanda
                                                                               Mrs. Elizabeth “Betsy” King Smith
                          Bonnie Douglas                                        Given by:   Lillian Branson
                            Given by: Building & Codes Dept.
                                      City of Murfreesboro                     Mrs. Eloise Hunter Womack
                                                                                Given by:   Kem G. Hinton
                          Charles Ray Bullock                                   Given by:   Mrs. Pat Farrer
                            Given by: Betty & Bill Davenport
                                      & Anthony                                Mrs. Helen Roberts Jaggers
                                                                                Given by:  Mary Orr
                          Chestine Booker May Carpenter
                            Given by:  Les & Sherry Carpenter                  Mrs. Margaret Butler-Williams
                                                                                Given by:  Rutherford County Family &
                          Danny Woodard                                                    Community Education Council
                            Given by: Chad, Jackson & Grant Stacy
                                                                               Mrs. Mary “Dorothy” Cecil Robertson
                          Dorothy E. Pitts Sullivan                             Given by:  Agnes K. White
                            Given by:   Vernon, Sue, Lew & Sanda Cook           Given by:  Bart & Cynthia White & Family
                                        Juanita Sauls
                                                                               Neil Hargrove
                          Dorothy Sikora                                         Given by:   The Grandchildren
                            Given by:  Jennifer Masters
                                                                               Nicole Shelton
                          Dorothy Taylor Davis                                   Given by:   Tara Rhoden
                            Given by:  Cap & Juanita Davis
                                                                               Nikki Feinstein
                          Dr. Oscar Darryl Butler                                Given by:   Smyrna High School
                            Given by:  Devora & Alyss Butler                                 Special Ed. Dept.
                          Frank A. Bayne                                       Pearl Alcorn
                            Given by:  Johnnie & Yolanda Bruinsma                Given by:  Jimmy & Elaine Pope & Family
                          Harold C. Weidner                                                 Jimmy & Esther Durham
                            Given by: Mike Priddy                              Philip C. Gibbs, a Loving Father
                          Harold Lee “Hal” Harrison                              Given by:   Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Chavez III & Family
                            Given by: Sidney & Dorothy Adams                   Robert “Petie” Eugene Daniel
                            Given by: Tammy Fleming Berry                        Given by:  Murfreesboro Fire Dept.
                                      Marie Fleming
                                                                               Robert E. Roper
                          Janice Dean Webb Blanks                                Given by:  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Batey
                            Given by:  James R. Blanks
                                                                               Robert J. “Bob” Suddarth
                          Jesse B. Wilson, Jr.                                   Given by:  Joe Jack & Jerry Dement
                            Given by:   State Farm Employees;                    Given by:  Mary Orr
                                        Lita, Jennifer, Tammy & Bobby          Ruth Bane
                          Joe Houston Smotherman                                 Given by:   Carol Turner
                            Given by: Donald & Frances McDonald                Thomas & Frances Bechton
                          John Joseph Healey                                     Given by: Joe & Sandra James
                            Given by: Chris & Christy Anderson                             Joe III & Tyler

                          Leo Butler                                           William Henry Allen
                            Given by:   Jimmy & Elaine Pope & Family            Given by:  Dr. & Mrs. William Roy Thompson
                                        Jimmy & Esther Durham
                          Louise Steele
                            Given by:   Smyrna Senior Center
                                                                                                                                                                            August -
               8                                  "Serving Rutherford County's informational needs"                                            Volume 6, Issue 3            October

                                                                         Calendar of Events
                                   LINEBAUGH                                                  Tuesday, September 21
                                                                                                                                         Tuesday, August 31
                                                                                                                                  Smyrna Reader’s Club (6:30PM)
                                                                                             Spanish Story Time (5PM)
                                             Saturday, August 14                                                                The Five People You Meet in Heaven
                                                                                            Book Discussion (7:30PM)

                                                                                                                                                                        Library Hotline
                                     Parks & Rec Workshop [ages 8 & up]                                                                    by Mitch Albom
                 Library System
Linebaugh Public Librar y System

                                                                                           Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
                                     (10:30AM - Noon) REGISTRATION REQUIRED
                                                                                                                                      Saturday, September 25
                                             Cribbage Club (2PM)                            Thursday, September 23
                                                                                                                                       Writers Group (1 PM)
                                                                                    Susan McBride [author of the Debutante
                                             Tuesday, August 17
                                                                                        Dropout Mystery series] (7PM)                 Tuesday, September 28
                                          Spanish Story Time (5PM)
                                                                                                                                    Spanish Story Time (3:30PM)
                                          Book Discussion (7:30PM)                              Saturday, October 2                Smyrna Reader’s Club (6:30PM)
                                      Charming Billy by Alice McDermott                    Writers’ Group (10AM - Noon)         So Many Books So Little Time by Sara
                                        Book Discussion [at Hastings]                      Story Time [ages 3 - 7] (10AM)                     Nelson
                                      Naked in Baghdad by Anne Garrels                         Saturday, October 9                      Saturday, October 9
                                                                                   Parks & Rec Workshop [ages 8 & up] (10:30            Writers Group (1PM)
                                              Thursday, August 19                         AM - Noon) REGISTRATION REQUIRED
                                         Chapter Book Club [ages 8-11]                                                                   Tuesday, October 26
                                     (4 PM) Cam Jansen & the Case of the                       Thursday, October 14                 Spanish Story Time (3:30PM)
                                      Catnapping Mystery by David Adler                     Fiction in Five (6:30 - 9PM)           Smyrna Reader’s Club (6:30PM)
                                           Book Discussion (6:30PM)                                                             Seduction of Water by Carol Goodman
                                                                                              Saturday, October 16
                                       Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy
                                                   Chevalier                             Friends' Bookstore (9AM - Noon)                Saturday, October 30
                                                                                          Writers’ Group (10AM - Noon)
                                                                                                                                         Writers Group (1PM)
                                              Saturday, August 21                         Story Time [ages 3 - 7] (10AM)
                                         Writers’ Group (10AM - Noon)                                                                 Every Tuesday in August
                                                                                                Monday, October 18                   Young Writers Group (4PM)
                                         Story Time [ages 3 - 7] (10AM)
                                                                                        Fall Story Time Registration begins
                                            Saturday, August 28                                                                      Every Tuesday in September
                                                                                             Tuesday, October 19                              & October
                                              Writers' Loft (2PM)
                                                                                           Spanish Story Time (5PM)                 Toddler Time [2-3 yrs] (10AM)
                                     An Evening with Anne Garrels (7PM)
                                                                                          Book Discussion (7:30PM)                   Young Writer's Group (4PM)
                                            Saturday, September 4                   Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy
                                                                                                                                 Every Wednesday in September &
                                         Writers’ Group (10AM - Noon)
                                                                                              Thursday, October 21                             October
                                         Story Time [ages 3 - 7] (10AM)
                                                                                           Book Discussion (6:30PM)             Preschool Story Time [4-7 yrs] (10AM)
                                           Saturday, September 11                   Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-
                                                                                                                                    Every Thursday in September
                                     Parks & Rec Workshop [ages 8 & up]                       time by Mark Haddon                            & October
                                     (10:30AM - Noon) REGISTRATION REQUIRED                                                     Preschool Story Time [4-7 yrs] (10AM)
                                                                                                                                    Story Time [3-8 yrs] (6:30PM)
                                           Thursday, September 16                  SMYRNA
                                          Book Discussion (6:30PM)                              Saturday, August 14                  Every Friday in September
                                      The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey                        Writers Group (1PM)                          & October
                                                 Niffenegger                                                                    Books and Babies [birth to 23 months]
                                                                                              Saturday, August 28                              (10AM)
                                            Saturday, September 18                            Writers Group (1PM)
                                        Friends' Bookstore (9AM - Noon)                                                             Every Saturday in September
                                                                                      Tennessee Valley Winds Concert in the
                                         Story Time [ages 3 - 7] (10AM)                                                                      & October
                                                                                                   Park (5PM)
                                         Writers’ Group (10AM - Noon)                                                                Story Time [3-8 yrs] (10AM)

                                                 Linebaugh Public Library System                                       LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS
                                   Linebaugh Public Library                   Smyrna Public Library
                                   105 W.Vine Street                          400 Enon Springs Rd.W.
                                   Murfreesboro, TN 37130                     Smyrna, TN 37167          COUNTY BOARD                       CITY BOARD
      Murfreesboro -- Smyrna

                                   Phone: 615-893-4131                        615-459-4884             Nell Blankenship                    Lucinda Lea
                                   Fax: 615-890-4858                          615-459-2370
                                                                                                       Ernest Burgess                     Greg Lyles
                                                            LIBRARY HOURS                              Sherry Carpenter                    Ben Moore
                                   Linebaugh:                        Smyrna:                           Elaine Cawthon                      Bill Patterson, Treasurer
                                   Mondays through Thursdays 9-9     Mondays through Thursdays 9-8
                                   Fridays and Saturdays 9-5         Fridays and Saturdays 9-5
                                                                                                       Brooks Harrison                     Kevin Smith
                                   Sundays 1-6                       Sundays CLOSED                    Steve Steele, Vice-Chair            Ron Washington
                                                                                                       Betsy Waldron, Secretary            George White, Chair
                                   HOLIDAY CLOSINGS
                                   Monday, September 6; Monday, October 11

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                                                           Library Syste m

                                                 The only lending institution
                                                    where it pays to borrow.

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