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									Sailing in Dublin Club Ltd. AGM
Date: 20th April 2011
Venue: National Yacht Club Dun Laoghaire
Attendees:             Ray Ryan, Marco Ruffini, Muireann Lynch, Liz Ellis, Lilja Meissner,
(source : attendance   Attila Vedo, Gerry Flaherty, Paul Furlong, Barry Cardiff, Bernd von der
sheet circulated at
the AGM)               Decken, Bronagh O’Leary, Aine Healy, Susan King, Brenda Tobin,
                       Carlos Pinto, Simon Leonard, Piero Tintori, Tom Irving, Jo Toomey,
                       David Byrne, Stuart McBride, Nicola Byrne, Pat O’Dowd, Wyn Hughes,
                       Christopher Reilly, Kara Prole, Bryan Dobson, Pat McGoldrick, Tom
                       Walsh, Bryan O’Grady, Geraldine O’Dwyer, Colm Roche, Regina
                       Regan, Peter McIntyre, Deirdre Deasy, Catherine Pierse, Vicky Power,
                       Donal O’Mahony, Jessica O’Donnell, Maria Browne, Derek Byrne, Tony
Apologies:             Georgina Scally

1. Minutes of last AGM
Minutes approved no issues raised.

2. Financial Accounts
The Treasurer presented the 2010 audited financial accounts.

There has been an adverse movement in the finances to the tune of aprox €8k. Income
from membership subscriptions is down €1.9k, while expenditure rose by over €6k year
on year. Adverse changes in expenditure were across all categories but maintenance of
Sigma and the extra depreciation (non-cash) on the new Clubhouse were mentioned. It
was noted that 2011 membership figures are healthy and that it was a credit to the
promotions team.

It was noted that the adverse movement in the accounts was partly due to the accounting
problem where some members availed of the early joiner option the previous year, and so
there were some 2010 membership fees shown as income for 2009, which caused the
2009 figure to 'look' better that they were, and the 2010 figure to 'look' worse than they
actually are. Another factor in the drop in subscription income was the increased uptake
of the training incentive discounts by existing members.

3. Accountant and Auditors
Michael O’Dwyer to be retained as accountant. Charge €860
Auditors to be retained – Byrne & Byrne. Charge €607
4. Chairperson’s Report
The Chairperson opened his remarks by noting the high level of member involvement for
the start of the 2011 season. Almost 60 members have signed up to date.

The installation of the new clubhouse and the proposed on-line membership
administration were key non-sailing activities completed in 2010 in addition to the
creation of an Event calendar on the website and the completion of the Membership

Keel Boat sailing:
Ruffian racing and the involvement of the Obsession in the ISORAS series were
successfully undertaken in 2010. The trip to Cork was a new initiative and in 2011 a trip
to the Scilly Isles with Sailing West is planned along with a proposal to take the
Obsession out on weekend cruises.

In relation to Dinghy sailing, the 2010 sailing season was successful with ongoing
participation in the frostbites but dinghy sailing presents more challenges for the club.
Due to a lack of captains, a rota on the rescue boat is proposed for those in the club with
Powerboat skills. This will allow Dinghy Captains to sail.

Survey results revealed 83% of members would be interested in an on-line booking
facility (which will allow the club to manage slots for sailing), while 36% of members
reported never using the facebook page. These results will feed into strategy for 2011.

Focus required on continued Club Promotion, and encouragement of members in the
development of their sailing skills.

For 2011, there may be a requirement for a process of expenditure approval given the
deteriorating finances and the Committee will look into developing a longer term
strategic plan.

The Chairman noted his appreciation to the outgoing Committee for their hard work
during the year and concluded by thanking the membership for their support over his 3
years as Chairman

5. Committee election

Position               Nominated               Proposed by:            Seconded by
Chairperson            Regina Regan            Jo                      Peter
Membership             Georgina Scally         Regina                  Bronagh
Treasurer              Colm Roche              Ray                     Pat O’Dowd
Safety Officer         Tony Corbet             Donal                   Bryan
Cruising Secretary     Donal O’Mahony          n/a                     n/a
Keelboat Sailing          Tom Irving
Dinghy Secretary          Stuart Mc Bride            n/a               n/a
Keelboat                  Simon Leonard              n/a               n/a
Maintenance Officer
Dinghy                    Barry Cardiff              n/a               n/a
Newsletter                Carlos Pintos              n/a               n/a
Social Secretary          Bronagh O’Leary            n/a               n/a
Webmaster                 Colin Mac Giolla           n/a               n/a
Promotion                 Regina Regan               n/a               n/a
Training Officer          Damien Byrne               n/a               n/a
Note: Only certain positions require formal proposal and secondment.

The new Chairperson, now in possession of the Captains hat, thanked the outgoing
Chairman for his work and dedication to the club.

6. Discussion Topics

      6.1. Weekend Cruises
Marco Ruffini gave a presentation on the proposal to commence overnight cruises around
Dublin Bay.


In discussions following the presentation members suggested that vice captains could
take the Ruffian out in the absence of the Obsession and that the overnight cruises would
take place on 2 weekends per month (a timetable to be drawn up). A member recalled a
previous scheme of charging member an overnight fee for away sailing. This is not
proposed by the Committee at the current time. The Committee stressed there would be
transparency with a Google Spreadsheet available for all to view. A member suggested
that members who had been rejected for a place previously be given priority at the next
session, should there be oversubscription to a sail.

      6.2. Dinghy Sailing
Jo and Stewart co-presented a discussion on Dinghy sailing.
  Dinghy Sailing 2011

Issues discussed included
      The equality issue with the DBSC pairings commenced in 2010 which was in an
       effort to prevent the loss of experienced members due to lack of challenge.

      The proposal for 2011 to schedule summer sessions ahead of time (4-6 weeks).

      A discussion on the shortage of Captains (and further discussion on the proposed
       rota for the safety boat by all club powerboat qualified members including a
       proposal to carry out training).

   6.3. Maintenance

Simon Leonard, the Keel Boat maintenance officer gave a short note on the importance
of maintenance and of reporting issues, which was re-iterated by Barry Cardiff, the
Dinghy Maintenance officer who also stressed the need for pre-emptive maintenance. If
members note something that is about to break or some pointy bits that might interfere
with the sails, they should be fixed or reported rather than waiting for something to break
or another spinnaker to tear.

7. AOB
Bronagh O’Leary gave a quick mention of the social side of the club and the proposed
use of the Purty Kitchen as an extension to the clubhouse and mentioned that discount
cards of 20% on food were available to members.

There being no further business the new Chairperson closed the meeting.
Appendix 1 - Agenda

                             Sailing in Dublin Club AGM

                                National Yacht Club
                                  20th April 2011

   1. Minutes of last AGM

   2. 2010 Accounts

   3. Accountant & Auditors

   4. Chairperson’s report

   5. Election of Officers

   6. Topics

         Weekend Cruising

         Dingy Sailing

         Boat Maintenance

   7. AOB

Followed by Dinner

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