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									                          The American Legion                                                                                 Nonprofit org.
                                                                                                                              U.S. Postage
                          Warrington Post 240                                                                                    PAID
                         8666 Gulf Beach Highway                                                                              Pensacola, FL
                         Pensacola FL 32507-2639                                                                             Permit No. 385
                      ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

                                 The       Victor’s Voice
                                                      FOR GOD AND COUNTRY JULY 2011
                                                                                      Post 240 website: www.americanlegion240.org
COMMANDER                                     Commander’s Corner
Jimmy Martin 982-1947       For the first time since 2006, our Post has reached our 100% Membership Goal. Thanks to the 1stVice
ADJUTANT                    Marsha Martin and Adjutant Mike Munoz. Elections are over, new Officers will be installed on Saturday July
Michael Munoz 292-1464      9th at 3:00PM. Now we start with another year of doing the Legion business. Supporting the Veterans by
1ST VICE COMMANDER          supporting the Post and Lounge with all the upcoming Events, Parties, Memorials, Ceremonies, Membership
Marsha Martin 982-5750      drives, Post Clean up, Open Houses and generally just getting together to swap stories and yes, lies, about
2ND VICE COMMANDER          when we were in the Military. Point of all this is: Don‟t just be a member of the American Legion Post 240,
Vacant                      be an active supporter of the Legion and the Post. We have new members who are wanting to get involved
3RD VICE COMMANDER          but want to watch and wait before volunteering or filling a position. If you are one of those people, come see
Jake Taffaro 251-987-5848   me for information. I, along with the other Post Officers, will be happy to share with you the workings of the
FINANCE OFFICER             Legion. I need Chairmen for the various Programs we support and I would love to get you involved by
Hal Eyerly 944-7741         explaining what the Chairman‟s role is and appoint you to a Chairmanship. I also put up a Commander‟s
HISTORIAN                   Suggestion/Complaint box – it is located in the Lounge above the Emblem Sales cases.
Chuck Krahn 458-0530
                            For God and Country Jimmy Lee Martin
John Gilkerson 455-3740     1st Vice Commander - I would like to extend a big “WELCOME” to all of our new members. I would like to
CHAPLAIN                    thank our Adjutant, Mike (Mouse) Munoz for the great job he did this past year. Due to his hard work and
Delbert Murray 429-9836     persistence we reached 101% membership. This is the first time since 2006. I also want to say “thank
Cell 404-729-7972           you” to everyone who helped me this past year. It was a pleasure to be your 1st Vice and congratulations to
SERVICE OFFICER             Mike who takes over in July. We again ask everyone that renews their membership to please pay by check
Greg Grover 450-3702        or money order. Please do not leave cash in the Adjutant‟s box. If you must pay with cash please see
ALR DIRECTOR                Mouse or the Cdr personally. New 2012 membership cards will be avail on July 4th at our Open House.
J.D. Ellis 554-5257         Please come and join us and renew your memberships early! For God and Country Marsha Martin
Mark Seaman 453-4357                                                            Hello Riders,
                                                3rd Vice Commander
HOUSE COMMITTEE                                                                 June was an eventful month and very hot! July is upon us
                                         It‟s hard to believe that six months
Phil Gist 456-2914                                                              now and no relief in sight. Just remember to keep yourself
                                         have already gone by. Now, that
Al Rogers 455-2741                                                              and your pets hydrated. July 4th is the "Open House" at
                            the Post has had the election of new officers
Bill Eastman 457-8419                                                           the Post and the Post will be cooking a pig on the 3rd.
                            and 4th of July holiday ahead of us, we look
Ken Shepherd 457-7238                                                           The Post, Auxiliary, the Sons and the Riders will be taking
                            forward to getting back into full swing with the
Frank O’Neal 910-0326                                                           your yearly "Dues" that day so come on out, meet and
                            Fish Fry‟s starting 7 August 2011. As always,
LOUNGE MANAGER                                                                  greet, and have some fun. On July 9th at 3:00 is the
                            we look forward to seeing you on the first
John Mille 455-6111                                                             Installation of the new Officers. All Riders should come
                            Sunday of each month, so bring some friends
                                                                                and support the Officers. On July 10th at 10:00am will be
                            with you and join us for some good food, family
LADIES AUXILIARY                                                                the first meeting with the new officers, some come early
                            time and friendship. Serving starts at 2:00 pm
PRESIDENT                                                                       and have some breakfast. July 16th is ALR 382's
                            until gone. DON’T FORGET; there will “NOT”
Mary Taffaro                                                                    (Navarre) "Night Poker Run" If you have never done a
                            be a Fish Fry for the month of JULY due to
251-978-0420                                                                    night run before this„ is great and a lot cooler! July 23rd is
                            July 4th holiday celebrations and BBQ
CHAPLAIN                                                                        the "Dusty Rhodes American Dream Charity Run" in
                            provided by the Post.
Mary Fahrforth 261-7040                                                         Panama City, See Connie Jones the new Secretary for
                            For God and Country – Jake Taffaro
                                                                                more information. Not very many rides in July, it's just to
 Auxiliary President                                                            HOT!!!~ As this will be my final column for the news letter,
 I want to thank everyone for all of their help and support                     I just want to thank all of you that have supported me as
 during my year as Auxiliary President! It has been a lot                       Director, and the RIDERS these last two years. We have
 of work but it has also made me aware of all of the work                       had our ups and downs but for the most part it's been
 that goes on behind the scene to be an officer of the                          great. And after saying this, help keep the ALR strong by
 Auxiliary. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to                          supporting your new Officers. Ride and Be Safe....See
 serve! At our June 14th meeting Vi won the 50/50 and                           you on the road or at the Post.
 donated it back to the Auxiliary; thank you Vi. Also at                        For God and Country J.D. Ellis Director, ALR 240
 this meeting we had the end of our „Incentive Drawing”
 which was worth $100. There were 34 names pulled                  Sons of the American Legion
 before we had a winner and the winner was Ginny                   To keep the SAL Membership going and not losing the Charter, I
 Hippard. Congratulations! Some of the upcoming                    have assumed the Commander position for the SAL. Mark Seaman
 events are the July 4th Pig Roast and Pot Luck Dinner,            and I talked about this and we agreed this was the best course for
 donations will be accepted and then on July 9th at 3PM            the future of the SAL as he has not had a quorum in the last 4
 will be the installation of the new officers. Please come         months. Mike Munoz has agreed to help me process the
 out and welcome your new officers.                                membership dues. The SAL needs your involvement and support to
 For God and Country, Mary Taffaro                                 keep us alive. Jimmy Martin

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