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					Ever since, we heard about “HTC Magic”. We’ve been waiting on of our seats for it to land at T-Mobile. After all, the Magic our second Android phone for review and we were interested to Google and HTC both could improve upon their initial T-mobile

the edges would be see that G1.

Google released a mobile device called the “Google Ion”. And it was made the rounds at the Google I/O Conference. The Google Ion shares and developed most of the G1’s features. It came equipped for T-Mobile’s 3G service. The “Google Ion” is simply quite just unlike “HTC’s G1. But the G1 was rather large to accommodate its physical keyboard, touch-screen only Ion sports a sleek profile, glossy skin view, and a good eye catching design with two different colors blue and black color scheme. Coming to dimensions 4.65 inches tall, 2.19 inches wide and 4.09 ounces, the Ion has a comfortable feel in the hand and it slides cleanly into a pocket easy traveling. The ION is having 3.2 inch multi functional touch screen with bright 480×320 pixels. And it supports HVGA display shows colors, graphics and photos. We can personalize screen with high definition wallpapers. It provides many features but some are similar to G1. It includes a calculator, alarm clock, calendar, text and multimedia messaging, speaker independent voice dialing. We can easily synchronize Google calendar and contacts. It supports different internet application services like the YouTube app, Wi-Fi, USB mass storage and syncing, GPS with Google Maps integration, and Google Talk. Google ION looks more simple and slim. It is having 3.2 megapixel cameras. So by this we can easily use it for video recording and video playback. Camera editing options are available for video editing. The ion has gallery application for accessing photos. These IONS has 288MG internal memory. Because of this we don’t need new memory card. Same as like the G1, these ION processor performed more speed and beautifully. The phone works very quickly to our instructions while opening and closing application. There is no time delay in navigation of menus. It works talk time around 7.5 hours for GSM and 6.6 hours for 3G services. These IONS Call quality is excellent and the 3G speeds are very fast. A few complaints and defaults remain, but its eye-catching slim design and interface, improved advanced features, and best performance makes this ION excited about Android’s full potential.

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