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 (01 January – 30 November 2006)                                                            Deleted: REPORT


            A. Personnel Management

         La Union PPO has been very accommodating in the matter of processing of
 promotion papers of deserving and qualified personnel. For the period, three personnel were
 promoted from SPO4 to PINSP.

           On LOI PATNUBAY, a total of five (5) personnel of this Office were meted non-
 disciplinary penalty: 4 dropped from rolls and 1 dismissed from police service. For disciplinary
 penalty, 10 were suspended, 14 were reprimanded, and one personnel was demoted with a
 total of 25 personnel.

            On TABA Cops, nine (9) personnel were reported to have violated this directive of

 the C, PNP.

       B.      Training and Education

        To enhance administrative and operational effectiveness of personnel, 84 trainings
 and seminars were conducted and participated in by 8,293 personnel.

       C.      Morale and Welfare Benefits Programs

       Various awards and recognitions were given to 1,997 personnel for their exemplary
performance and efficient services:

       D.      Financial Management

           1. Liquidation, disbursement and distribution of MOOE of this Office down to Police
 Stations to include PMG for the period in the total amount of Php 1,645,415

            2. Maintenance of camp grounds was made possible by the allocation of funds for
 janitorial expenses in the amount of Php 89,350.00

          3. Prompt distribution of Replacement Clothing Allowance (RCA) for 88 personnel
 for the period in the amount of Php 952,776.00

       E.      Logistical Management

           On Mobility, This office received 1 unit Isuzu Patrol Jeep issued to LUPPO, 1 unit Isuzu
 Patrol Jeep 4 x 2 issued to Bacnotan PS, 1 unit Isuzu Patrol Jeep 4x2 issued to Bauang PS and
 1 unit Isuzu Patrol Jeep 4x2 issued to San Juan PS.

          On Ammunitions, this Office received from Hqs PRO1 3,550.00 Ammos for Cal 5.56,
 2,617.00 Ammos for Cal 9MM and 265 Ammos for Cal 45.

         On Communications, this Office received 1 set of ICOM VHF Repeater, 4 sets
 Telephone Satellite and accessories 4 sets ICOM IC-V100 Mobile Radio, 10 sets FONTEK
 VHF/FM Mobile Radio and 3 sets of UNIDEN Handheld Radio for use of Police Stations this
        On Gasoline, this office received from PRO1 a total of One million four hundred
ninety nine thousand sixteen and thirty six centavos (Php 1,499,016.36) for the period
covered. This allocation was distributed to all Unit/PS under this office through the distribution
scheme made by higher office.

         On fund support, this Office received a total of Php 13,656,337.73 from different
LGUs for the period covered. This support were in the form of office supplies, oil and
lubricants, maintenance of patrol vehicles, water, telephone, electrical and other
incidental expenses.

      F.     Planning Services

        This Office established the LUPPO Multi-purpose cooperative which was registered
with the Cooperative Development Authority under Registration No. DAC– 4422. on
September 2001 and was newly reactivated on 18 October 2004. All personnel were
encouraged to become members of said cooperative.

         During the period, we were able to organize the neighborhood of Camp Diego
Silang for the revival of Church services at the Camp’s Chapel. The newly renovated Lady of
Fatima chapel was recently inaugurated on July 4, 2006. Meanwhile, other facilities of the
camp are properly maintained to include the tennis court which was recently refurbished
with the assistance of the newly organized Camp Diego Silang Tennis Club.


      A.     Criminality

         Crime Volume for the period decreased by 39 incidents or 8.80% compared to
same period last year. Likewise, index crime decreased by 31cases or 15.12% and the non-
index crime also decreased by 8 or 3.36%.

           The Average Monthly Crime Rate (AMCR) registered at 5.24 incidents per 100,000
population, a decrease of 0.51 incident compared to the previous period. Crime Solution
Efficiency is recorded at 91.83% or an increased by 3.07% compared to the same period
last year.

            Police Visibility

       Thirty (30) Police Assistance Centers are being maintained and manned by 119 PNP
personnel on rotation basis.

        Conducted 27,660 foot patrols with the support of CVOs as force multipliers with
649,846 man-hours consumed. Also, 14,672 mobile patrols were conducted and consumed
198,590 man-hours.

        On checkpoints, a total of 8,788 operations were conducted and consumed
142,126 man hours.

      On traffic management, a total of 11,365 operations were conducted with
augmentation from brgy tanods. A total of 591,850 man hours were spent.
      B.      Results of Anti-Crime Efforts

              1)      Illegal Drugs

         Revalidation conducted by PDEA-1, RAIDSOTG & this Office on 18 Aug 2006 resulted
to the identification of twenty six (26) Barangays in the province that were considered
affected with forty (40) Identified Drug Personalities.
         Aggressive and sustained operations conducted by this Office resulted to the
arrest/neutralization of eighty six (86) drug personalities, eight (8) listed in the watchlist while
seventy eight (78) were newly identified personalities. The Office also confiscated 52.278 gms
of shabu, 508,922.38 grams of dried marijuana leaves, 495 fully grown MJ plants and 202 MJ
seedlings with a total DDB Value of Php 12,911,661.00 Fifty (50) cases were filed in court.

          Likewise, this Office empowered a total of six (6) barangays that were affected with
illegal drugs under category 2 and category 3.

           Municipality/City          Barangay             Level of Affectation
           Agoo                       Bacsil               Category 2
           Bangar                     Bangaoilan West      Category 2
                                      Ma Cristina East     Category 2
           Balaoan                    Butubot Oeste        Category 3
                                      Ar-arampang          Category 3
           Bacnotan                   Casiaman             Category 3

               2.     Kidnap for Ransom – No incident reported

               3.     Street Crimes

          A total of 47 street crimes were recorded where San Fernando City registered the
highest occurrence of 16 incidents followed by Agoo with 10 incidents, Bauang with 7,
Aringay, Rosario and Tubao with 2 incidents while Bacnotan, Bangar, Luna, Naguilian, San
Juan, Caba, San Gabriel and Sudipen with only 1 incident. The most common street crime
committed for the period covered is illegal drugs with a total of 44 incidents or 94% of the
total street crimes reported in the province.

               4.     Carjacking

        Conducted two (2) successful operations that resulted to the arrest of seven (7)
persons and the recovery of two (2) vehicles. Two cases were already filed in court.

               5.     Bank Robbery – No incident reported

               6.     Hijacking/Highway Robbery - No incident reported

               7.     Violation of Other Special Laws

                      a.   RA 9287 (Illegal Gambling)

                              Conducted twenty two (22) operations that resulted in the
apprehension of sixty nine (69) persons and the confiscation/recovery of Php 22,632.50. Twenty
nine (29) cases were filed in court.

                      b.   RA 8550 (Illegal Fishing)

                             Conducted sixty seven (67) operations that resulted in the
apprehension of eighty (80) persons and the confiscation/recovery of 4,235 kilograms of
dynamited fish, 5 fishing boats, 2 improvised blasting caps with detonating cords and compressor
tank and various fishing gears. Fourteen (14) cases were filed in court

                      c.   PD 705 (Illegal Logging)

                         Conducted seventeen (17) operations that resulted in the
apprehension of twenty one (21) persons and the confiscation/recovery of 3,239.3764 bd ft,
125 sacks of charcoal, 1 unit chainsaw, 390 light bamboos and hand saw. Items were later
turned-over to CENRO for proper disposition.

                      d.   RA 8485 (Animal Welfare Act)

                            Conducted three (3) operations that resulted in the
apprehension of seven (7) persons and the confiscation/recovery of 159 assorted native
dogs. Three (3) cases were filed in court.

                      e.   RA 9239 (Optical Media Act of 2003)

                            Conducted two (2) operations that resulted in the
confiscation/recovery of 730 assorted CDs and DVDs and the arrest of one person and were
later turned over to CIDG-1 for proper disposition.

                      f.   PD 1619 (Sniffing of Volatile Substance)

                          Conducted one successful operation that resulted in the
apprehension of    one person and the confiscation/recovery of 1 bottle of rugby.
Appropriate case was filed in court.

                      g.   Anti-Cattle Rustling

                            Conducted two (2) operations that resulted in the apprehension
of four (4) persons and the confiscation/recovery of 1 cow. Two cases were filed in court.

       C.      Results of Campaign Against Wanted Persons with Head Prize

               Five (5) MWP with head prize were neutralized for the period.

      Name of Wanted Person Nature Offense/Court/CCAmount Recommended  Date/Time/Place Neutralized
                      y Carreon                         P250,000.00
 Leonardo Cacanindin Rape (4 Counts)/MTC Aringay, LU/0264        230400 Jan 2006 at Pacita Complex,
                      to 0267                                    San Pedro, Laguna
                            Rape/MTC Aringay, LU/0259
 Arturo Mangaoang y Cacanindin                                   190100 Feb 2006 at Brgy Sta Rita West,
                                                                 Aringay, LU
                      Sibayan                            P75,000.00
   Benjamín Morgate y Murder & Frustrated Murder/RTC Br 34,      062000 May 2006 at Public Market, City
                      Balaoan, LU/U-10703                        of Sn Fdo, LU
         BENNY BADANA Rape//RTC Br 34, Balaoan, LU               031600 July at Quezon Prov’l Jail, Brgy
                                                                 Cotta, Lucena City
  Emmanuel Manantan y Ancla Br 33, Bauang, LU/ CC Nr 32           161800 Nov 2006 At Brgy Al
                      00-BG                                      Norte, Naguilian, La Union

       D.      Results of Campaign Against Wanted Persons without Head Prize

            Three hundred eight (308) MWPs without head prize were arrested for the period.

       E.      Results of Campaign Against Syndicated Grime Groups and Criminal Gangs

         There were no Organized/Syndicated Crime Groups in AOR. However, this Office
neutralized sixteen (16) newly identified criminal gangs with fifty (50) members/leaders for the
period covered.

                 Bulatao               4                                 Theft
                  Laygo                1                                 Theft
                 Tongga                5                              Carnapping
                  Balite               4                                 Theft
               Delos Santos            2                                 Theft
                  Roquero                      3                       Theft
                Madarang                       2                     Robbery
                 Laranang                      2                    Swindling
              Colangco-Flores                  2                     Robbery
                  Apilado                      3                       Theft
                   Pedros                      4                  Agaw celfone
                 Madrigal                      1                   Carnapping
                Lagmasen                       3                Akyat bahay/theft
                Caballero                      5                   Canapping
                  Dasalla                      8                  Theft/Robbery
                  Moreno                       1                    swindling

       F.      Results of the Campaign Against Loose Firearms

         Conducted forty nine (49) operations that resulted in the apprehension of forty (40)
persons and the confiscation/recovery of fifty six (56) firearms ( 3 HP, 44 LP, 9HM). Twenty six
(26) cases were filed in court

       G.      Results of the Anti-Insurgency Effort

         As part of our preemptive security measures, regular barangay visitations, and
internal security operations are being conducted with its primary focus on far flung
barangays. Two (2) major internal security operations and 154 prophylactic patrols were
conducted along the tri-boundaries of IIocos Sur, Benguet and La Union to prevent LCTs from
adjacent provinces from expanding into our AOR during the period. Said operations were
conducted along the tri-boundaries of IIocos Sur, Benguet, and la Union on March 5-10 and
March 27-28, 2006.

        One significant highlight in our efforts against insurgency was the armed encounter
between combined elements LU PMG and San Gabriel Police Station against more or less 14
Communist Terrorists (CTs) reportedly under Ka Pulol at Sitio Sese, Sgy Dakil, San Gabriel, La
Union on March 6, 2006. Said encounter resulted to tile recovery from the enemy, one (1)
hand grenade, two backpacks, one (1) garand clip with .ammo, one (1) empty magazine
for M16 and voluminous subversive documents.

       H.      Results of the Anti-Terrorism Effort

         No terrorist-related incident had been committed in AOR, however, simulation
exercises adopting the three-tiered defense system namely: Intelligence build-up; Target
Hardening and Incident Management was undertaken by this Office to establish a
systematic coordinated and effective response to threats, acts of terrorism including disaster
and calamities that may occur in the province.

       I.      Accomplishment of Bomb Data Center

         No bomb-related cases has been reported in AOR, however, Bomb Incident Center
(BIC) has been established at this Office to perform initial response whenever bomb incident
occurs in AOR.

       J.      Participation in the Counter International Terrorism Intelligence Center (CITIC)

            Close liaisoning with higher headquarters is being made from time to time.

       K.      Counter Terrorism Efforts

                  Formulated contingency plans for intensified police actions to ensure
security of government/public vital installations/economic key points in AOR.

                  Conducted 76 security survey inspections over 50 vital installations/facilities
in AOR. Likewise, continuous coordination and dialogue has been undertaken by this Office
with security agencies being contributory in providing security services to the different vital
facilities/banking/lending institutions in the province to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

                  Organized Provincial Crisis Management Committee chaired by
Honorable Governor Victor Ortega and also all Police Stations has their MCM chaired by
their respective Municipal Chief Executives.

           L.     Security Coverage/Foreign Visit

        Conducted 111 VIP security operations and 245 special events coverage with
58,664.50 man-hours spent for the operations


          A.      Construction of Police Station

       This Office initiated the construction/renovation of six (6) police stations/PACs in the
amount of P15,542,431.40.

       Name Of Project                                    Source of Fund
                               Date Started Amount of Project                           Remarks
                                                                             % of Accomplishment

       Repair/Improvement of Camp 11,2006          P375,000 Funded by former C,PNP             Completed
       Chapel                                                   PDG LOMIBAO
       Construction of New San      July 4, 2006     P 10M         LGU/PNP       85% phase 1   On-
       Fernando City Police Station
                                  June 24,2006
       Construction of New Naguilian                                           100%
                                                     P 5M CDF of Cong. Dumpit/PNP phase 1      On-
       Police Station
       Renovation/ Construction of July 5,2006      P70,000          LGU                       Completed
       PAC Extension of Pugo PS
       Renovation of Poro PAC, SanJuly 2           P22,431.40        LGU                       Completed
       Fdo CPS
                                 August 7,2006
       Renovation of PAC, Tubao PS                  P75,000 Knights of Columbus/LGU            Completed

          B.      Council of Elders

         The counter part of police actions against crime and criminals is the cooperation
and support of the community. Leading the way in building stronger and dynamic
neighborhood partnership is the Council of Community Leaders. A total of 160 councils and
231 meetings conducted in this province have been instrumental in providing feedback,
identifying focus areas and harnessing the energy of the citizens as one collective unit for
peace and order.

          C.      PNP Text 2920

       This office recorded a total of four hundred eighty three (483) text messages
received and acted upon.

          D.      Community Participation

           Thirty (30) PCPs were established by this Office provincewide manned by 116
personnel augmented by CVOs to address initial response to any call for police assistance.
      E.    Housing Projects

       PNP housing program is one of the prime thrust program of the CPNP in line with the
moral and welfare of the PNP personnel with the aim to provide adequate, decent and
affordable shelters reasonably near PNP camps and stations.

        To attain this objective, higher office established PNP housing board down to
provincial/city police office to formulate housing plans and policies and oversee the
administration of this program.

       In relation hereto, this Office created and activated its provincial housing board
designating the following PCOS/PNCO to compose said the board:

      PSUPT RAMON G ANCHETA, DSC (DPDA)                   - Chairman
      PSUPT GIOVANIE C MAINES (ADMO)                      - Vice Chairman
      PSUPT NOEL B AMOYEN (DPDO)                          - Member/Secretariat
      PSUPT MANUEL P APOSTOL (C, PCR)                     - Member
      PINSP ARMANDO A SANTIAGO (SFCPS)                    - Member/Consultant
      SPO4 Wilfredo Villanueva (PESPO)                    - Member.

       At present, the board is coordinating with the LGU this province to seek their
help/assistance in identifying probable areas to be donated to the PNP for this purpose.

      F.    Honesty Teams

        This Office formulated OPLAN “Honesty Teams” which prescribes the operational
guidelines to be followed by the police units in enhancing the image of the Philippine
National Police through a comprehensive program to weed out erring PNP personnel
engaged in extortion or “Kotong”, mulcting, bribery, and other forms of illegal activities.

     At present, this Office has created and activated Provincial Honesty Team
composed of the following:

      PSUPT NOEL B AMOYEN                   -      Chairman
      PINSP JANETTE A DE VERA               -      Admin Officer
      PPI BENJAMIN B DIAGAN JR              -      HRDD Officer
      PSUPT STERLING RAYMUND P BLANCO       -      Intel/Invest Officer
      PCINSP ROEL L LAMI-ING                -      Opns Officer
      PSUPT MANUEL P APOSTOL                -      PCR Officer


            Police Community Relations Services

       For the period, the Office conducted 205 seminars to update our personnel on crime
prevention efforts and 377 community/Barangay and school-oriented dialogues/ Symposium
were conducted. Distributed 3,950 leaflets /handouts on crime prevention, public safety,
bomb threats awareness, anti-terrorism and anti-drugs campaign materials.

         Likewise, about 600 billboards/signboard and pictorials were displayed at strategic
public places for information and guidance of the public regarding the Programs and
Activities of this Office and in support to the programs and projects of the different
Government Agencies, LGU's, NGO's and private/religious organization as our partners in
crime prevention program of the PNP and the National Government.

       Conducted 48 press releases to inform the public the reliability and competence of
the PNP personnel.
       Attended 231 radio program "Ugnayan Para Sa Bayan" at DZSO Radio Stations.

            Community Assistance and Development

       There were 54 Sportsfest conducted for the period by this Office both on outdoor
and indoor games.

       Conducted 253 medical/dental outreach program in far-flung barangays and
served 25,231 patients.

         Community Inter-Relations

         A total of 708 projects had been implemented such as oplan linis, clean and green
programs and Sunday Mass sponsored by different police station had been conducted and
it geared high acceptance rating from the community.

        Conducted 382 linkages with the different government agencies to strengthen
and maximize efforts directed particularly addressing specific problems.

         On CRACs this Office has recorded 1,696 referrals for the period.

         Community Organization and Mobilization

          There are 6,680 mobilization activities recorded for the period. CVO's involved
themselves voluntarily during Parade, Fiestas, School Activities, Disaster Response and other
Public Safety Services.

      FJGSS Services

           As a framework for community organizing and social mobilization following
activities were initiated to determine how issues of violence against women and children,
the cycle of abuse that characterizes the abuser and the abused, gender discrimination, the
comodification of women and children, the delinquency among minors and the prevalence
of crimes committed now a days by young offenders, as well as the apathy and indifference
from the family members and neighbors, including the lack of institutional mechanisms to
address the root cause of them all ---- Family Violence--- have been found as among the
many factors of rising incidence of crime and the concomitant phenomenon of man's
inhumanity to man.

      Organization and Mobilization of Family/Youth/Women Groups

         Provincewide, 28 different associations were organized and all the organized
associations were actively mobilizing for a certain cause -driven activity concentrating more
on crime prevention.

      Basic Social Institutional Advocacy and Development

          Meetings/conferences/dialogues/ugnayan concerning families, women, children
and youth with a total of 248 were initiated/attended by personnel assigned with the FJGSS;
89 innovations on projects that promotes crime prevention were also initiated participated
activities in connection with national/local events relevant to families, women, youth/
children with 33 initiated training activities, solely or jointly with other organization and 59
generated appropriate assistance from GOs/NGOs/civic - oriented sectors.

          The FJGSS has also been involved in 139 community-based projects and programs
initiated by other GOs/NGOs/civic-oriented groups with 219 visitation activities in schools,
churches, family homes, homeowners association, youth/women society groups; barangay
           119 Program Enhancement activities on information dissemination re BARYA & 71
activities such as info campaign/dissemination and counseling re OFW Family Assistance
package were also conducted.

      News Releases Concerning Family Violence Prevention and Protection of Victims

          This Office has undergone 101 Radio Interviews attended by COPs and 62 News
Releases from the different Police Stations this provinces and has produced 7,589 I.E.C.
materials on families, women, & children’s issues and concerns which were distributed to the
different barangays provincewide with 55 print features on Best Practices on Print Release re
Violence Prevention & Protection of Victim


          A favorable peace and order condition is expected to remain in the province for
the next period. While it is true that the CPP/NPA have continued to step-up their armed
struggle in other parts of the country, LUPPO has remained vigilant and has already assumed
the active role in the fight against insurgency, through the conduct of more combat
operations by our PMG in areas where sightings have been reported. The deployment of the
required number PNP personnel in remote municipalities has also been carried out. Likewise,
all other efforts such as the proposed establishment of special CAFGUS in the three critical
towns in the province have been initiated. This is being done in close collaboration with the
local chief executives concerned and the AFP (503rd infantry brigade).

          On criminality, the decrease in the crime volume for the period particularly on
index crimes can be attributed to the increased police presence. With the various security
and crime prevention measures now in place coupled with the increased and active
participation of the community, we are optimistic that we are heading towards the
realization of the common objective of peacekeeping that will in effect contribute to the
socio-economic growth in the province.

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