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									`                                                                       January 2011

2011! Let‟s make it a good one.

So What Has Been Happening Around Here?

First, let‟s all take a moment to send our prayers and best wishes to all those who are not
in the best of health at this time of year. This is especially true of Marilyn Harrold.
We‟re thinking about you Marilyn.

A Message from our President, Nacy Gallant

I would like to thank Cathy Hughes, who chaired the Silent Auction, and her committee
who worked very hard to make this event successful. Also thanks to the membership
who donated articles and came out to bid on them. Cathy has more to say on this subject
later in the ROAR

As you are probably aware, starting January 1st the Quebec government has decided to
give us a belated Christmas present of a 1% sales tax increase. At our last meeting the
Board decided not to increase the bar prices for the balance of this curling season. We
will assess the situation again in the fall.

I want to extend a big thank you to Ed Jones and Bill Bedford for organising and
running another successful Turkey Shoot. Everyone had a lot of fun. THANKS TO
EVERYBODY who signed up and sold it out.

Our next major bonspiel, the Lyle Bradford Calcutta, will be held in February It is
being chaired by Kim Moskalewski Sr. He has already guaranteed a full bonspeil so
please sign up and support him. Come out to the auction and buy your teams. There's
big bucks to be won! There will be more detail about this in the February ROAR.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I want to wish you all a very
happy, prosperous and healthy New Year. Have a great second half of the season and
good curling.
Who says you don’t get good advice on the Dr. Phil show?

Recently Dr. Phil proclaimed the way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you
have started. So I looked around my house to see things I started and hadn't finished.

This morning I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Baileys, a bottle of Kahlua, a
package of Oreos, the remainder of my Valium prescription, the rest of the cheesecake,
and the last of a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel right now.

Water Cooler
The water cooler that was available in the ice shed for cold water drinks has been
removed. It has outlived its shelf life and can no longer be kept clean. It is being
removed for sanitary and health reasons. If you require a cold drink of water while you
curl, please obtain it in a plastic glass from the bar.

MWCC Auditor’s Report

Whenever a chit is used in the club we make it a practice to send a notice via email to
those members with a computer or we print a copy for those who do not have a computer.
Some people are of the misunderstanding that they are being asked to submit their
payment immediately upon receipt of this chit notice. That is not the purpose of these

What we are trying to do is to ensure that all chits are recorded correctly in our computer
system. To that end, we send an email or print a copy for everyone when a chit is
recorded. This is to give the recipients the opportunity to ensure they agree with the
information on the chits. If anyone has a question, he or she can check with
Anne Mitchell who will have the chits sorted and ready for verification.

Of course, when you receive your monthly statements, it is important to the club that you
make your payments promptly.

A young woman wasn't feeling well, and asked one of her co-workers to recommend a
physician. "I know a great one in the city, but he is very expensive. It’s $500 for the first
visit and $100 for each one after that."

The woman went to the doctor's office and, trying to save a little money, cheerily
announced. "I'm back!"

Not fooled for a second, the doctor quickly examined her and said, "Very good, just
continue the treatment I prescribed on your last visit."
Silent Auction

Here is a report from Cathy Hughes on this year‟s Silent Auction:

Our plans were for this to be the major fundraiser for this season. We were not
disappointed as over 300 items were received and we raised a total of $6,325.

It was a very anxious time for me and the numerous people I had helping me. On the day
of the auction I had to take a few pills to calm my nerves as the ebb and flow of the
visitors during the day was very slow. Even as we were edging towards the final bell of
the day, there was not the flurry of movement between tables that I had expected. It
helped my nerves when I made a couple of visits to the downstairs lounge to listen to the
mellow jazzy sounds of Jane Critchlow and No More Blues group as they entertained us
in the late afternoon.

But I discovered my fears had been unfounded as we tallied the receipts and they rose to
over the $6,000 mark after the closing bell. .

The hockey and entertainment tickets and the services and spa days proved once again to
be the “hot items”.

I hardly know where to start when I think of the number of wonderful people I want to
thank for assisting me along the way:

       Anne Mitchell and Nacy Gallant for their counsel
       Erin Ryan and Heather Boyle for their artistic talents and set up suggestions
       The Entertainment Committee (Sandra Arseneault, Ann Anderson and
         Shirley Elliott) for introducing us to the Jazz Ensemble of Jane Critchlow
         and No More Blues
       Debby Ship and Heather Broden who kept a watchful eye on the bidding sheets
         and acted as the “bid slashers” to help move bids along. These ladies also
         collected our funds at the end of the day.
       Audrey Prosser and Rosemary Cochrane who assisted at the Odds Table
       Francine Jones who marketed this event to the Media World and the people of
         Montreal West through the sandwich board signs distributed throughout the
         Montreal West city limits. Francine‟s team of Anna Grafton, Paula Percy,
         Pat Cogan and Robbie Sproule greeted the visitors and monitored the front
         door traffic.
       Roberto Cruz, Dale Houston, Sandra Arseneault and Ann Anderson kept
         watchful eye over the tables
       Jim Doyle who offered his “secret garage” to store some of the more prized
         items. Jim also was the transportation director who made sure certain items
        arrived here in time for the day.
       Volunteer office staff who graciously accepted the auction goodies on my behalf.
Editor’s Note: I’m sure I speak for all the members when I say thank you to Cathy for
        the countless hours she spent on this event to make it such a success.

Boss talking to Smith: “What we have here Williams is a breakdown in

9th Annual Turkey Shoot 2010

Ed Jones and Bill Bedford, once again ran the show and once again did a super job.
They were ably assisted in this task by Sandra Jones and Brian Shee. Brian had a little
difficulty with the scores in the first run. He told me those 2+2 calculations have always
presented a problem for him. He thanked the JIM MATCHETT (oops) team for making
his job easier as it was no problem adding up all those zeroes.

Our turkeys, Tom, Istanbul and Stuffed were exhausted, but safe, after a busy night
encouraging everyone to fill up on pizza. They had to pack quickly after the bonspiel
was over as they will be contestants on the next episode of Survivor to be held in the
Atwater Meat Market.

Once again we showed that we can support events run by the club if the effort is made by
everyone. Ed told me 64 curlers and 5 spares signed up very quickly. There was only
one late and unavoidable cancellation

Ed and Bill would like to send a big „thank you‟ to all who participated.

And, oh yes, the winners were:

       1st Run                               2nd Run

       Frederic Fabry                        Anne Marie Belanger
       Maureen Custy                         Bonnie Allen
       Bob LeMesurier                        Jean Francois Leroux
       Scott Grafton                         Kerry Ryan

It was a great night!

Did you ever notice that the people who are late are often much jollier than the people
who have to wait for them?

Messages from Match Committee

Here is a report from Kevin Alladin:
H i everybody!    Here is a quick update:


The ladder is going very well. I do apologize for the website updates, but I have been
missing a lot of results. I have finally gotten most of the game results so by the time you
read this the bulletin board and website will have been updated.

The final day of competition for the Past President's is January 4th. On Thursday,
January 6th, Team Grafton will play Team Sage for the Past-President's
A-Championship, and Team Marchand will play Team Hall in the Past-President's
B-Championship. Both games will begin at 6:30. (Note: Teams Sage and Hall have
clinched first place in the second halves already.)

I would like to thank all of the players for their respect of the rules, feedback (both praise
and criticism) and for sticking to the rules of competition. I have tried to make
everything as transparent and as collaborative as possible, and you have all embraced
that. So I thank you.


The next big event is the Lyle Bradford Calcutta bonspiel that will be taking place in
February. We want to get 64 players!! Notices and emails will be sent in January. If
you want to play and/or help, please let me know, or contact
Kim Moskalewski Sr. who will be running the event.

Grande Dame

Huge news!!! Our club won!
It is with immense pleasure and pride that I tell you that Montreal West has won the
2010 Grand Dame competition. The Grand Dame, which is in its fifth year of existence,
is the ladies version of the Grand Match and took place on Saturday, November 27. In
all, 38 teams, representing 16 Montreal clubs, participated. Montreal West, who has
always shown strong participation in this event, fielded 5 teams. The points for the
Grand Dame (and Grand Match) are calculated based on the each club's percentage of
points scored in all games played. Bonus points are given to clubs who enter more than
the minimum number of teams (for the Grand Dame, the minimum number of teams
required is 2 per club). Once all scores are reported, the math is done and a winner is

Please congratulate all of the participants when you see them. I hope we will have even
more participation next year... to defend our title!
Team Hall off to Junior Provincials

You will read more of this in the Junior Report, but I am happy to report the Alex Hall
team has qualified for the Junior Provincial Playdowns to be held in Chicoutimi from
January 3-9.

Virginie Lessard off to the Provincial Scotties

 We have another provincial representative this year! Virginie Lessard, who plays third
for Fred Marchand in the ladder, will be participating in the Provincial Scotties that takes
place in Gatineau in late January. Wish her luck!

To conclude, I would like to wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year.

'If at first you don't succeed, do it the way your wife told you!'

Day Ladies

Here‟s a report from Cathy Wardlaw:

The two major competitions for the first half of our season were completed with the
following results:

Past President’s (sponsored by June Gray)

        Winners                                 Runners-up

        Jocelyn Schultz                         Bonnie Allen
        Susan Leger-Hussey                      Mary Johnson
        Karen Hall-Moon                         Linda Raza
        Heather Broden                          Susan Upham

Crystals (sponsored by Helen Reid)

        Winners                                 Runners-up

        Hille Viiries                           Karin Drewey
        Bonnie Allen                            Linda Chapdelaine
        Linda English                           Susan Leger-Hussey
        Sandra Jones                            Helen Reid

We also had two short „fill in‟ competitions to round off the season before the
December holidays.
The Tuesday draw was the Round Up and the Thursday Draw was called Moving On
Up. Final results will be shown in the next ROAR.

Outside Spiels

The Lachine Curling Club held their annual Alfeida Payson Invitational on December 7th.
The Montreal West team of:

       Bonnie Allen
       Linda English
       Karen Hall-Moon
       Helen Reid

played two friendly games but had trouble adjusting to „Lachine ice‟. Nevertheless, they
enjoyed a great curling day.

LCA News

Ted Thompson Trophy

This is a rotating competition with the winning team being challenged by the next club in
the rotation. On November 18, Montreal West challenged the Town of Mount Royal and
won. We were then challenged by Lachine on the 9th of December Unfortunately, we
were on the losing end.

       The November 18th team               The December 9th team

       Mary Johnson                         Mary Johnson
       Roberta Wood                         Alice Homonko
       Angela Geoffredo                     Roberta Wood
       Paula Percy                          Helen Reid

Social News

The December 8th Social Bridge was a great success. We hosted 16 tables despite our
first heavy snow storm and difficult road conditions. Many thanks to our all our
members who so willingly contributed to this important fund raising event.

The next Social Bridge will be held in February.

We shall also report on our Christmas Fun Day and Luncheon in the next ROAR.
The census taker knocked on Donna's door. She answered all his questions except one.
She refused to tell him her age.

"But everyone tells their age to the census taker," he said.

"Did Miss Maisy Hill and Miss Daisy Hill across the hall tell you their ages?" she asked.

"Certainly," he replied "Well, I'm the same age as they are," she snapped.

"As old as the Hills," he wrote on his form.

Monday Evening Curling

Here‟s a report from Geneviève Lemieux

The Monday Night Curling League survived its first snowstorm of the season! Only 16
out of 24 members could make it on December 6, so we played doubles and pickup
games. And then, on December 13, we held our last game of 2010, followed by a
Christmas lunch. On this occasion, instead of playing our regular Half and Half, we
collected funds for the NDG food bank as a gesture of solidarity. See you all in 2011!

Nouvelles de la ligue du lundi soir :

La ligue du lundi soir a survécu à sa première tempête de neige! Le 6 décembre, en raison
des conditions routières difficiles, seulement 16 de nos 24 membres ont réussi à se rendre
au club. Nous avons donc joué des doubles ainsi que des parties amicales. La semaine
suivante, soit le 13 décembre, nous avons tenu notre dernière partie régulière de la saison,
suivi d‟un goûter de Noël. À cette occasion, au lieu de tenir notre moitié-moitié habituel,
nous avons ramassé des fonds pour la banque alimentaire de NDG. Au plaisir de vous
revoir tous en 2011!

It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbour's newspaper,
that's the time to do it

Day Curling 40 +


       Champions                               Runners-up

       Kevin Phelan                            Eugene Fudge
       Marcel Bernard                          Claude Labrecque
       Ray Dubrule                             Gerry Sabourin
       Jacques Lacroix                         James Botsford
       Playoff and Trophy winners            Runners-up

       Eugene Fudge                          David Waters
       Claude Labrecque                      George Tyson
       Gerry Sabourin                        Doug Allen
       James Botsford                        Bob LeMesurier

As winners of the 1st half, James Botsford's team will play in the final match for the
"Stan Chambers Cup" club championship against the 2nd half Jack Harold winners

Annual Christmas Luncheon

What a great time we had! Santa didn‟t show up because he had an interclub game at
the North Pole against Laval. I don‟t have the results of the games but, if the Laval guys
knew what was good for them, they will have wanted to keep off the Naughty List.

Shania Twain was there along with Janis Joplin and others to entertain the gang. I say
gang and not the boys because, for the first time, we had the pleasure of the company
of 4 ladies at the luncheon. They were a bit nervous amongst all these macho men but
they said they had a wonderful time.

The ladies proved to be more than able dancing partners to some of the more energetic
men like Kevin Phelan who was seen in a wheelchair after the event. Jack Ford and
Franco Arciero made a nice dancing pair too.

The singers were terrific and, judging by the applause, their selection of songs from years
past was a big hit. They were accompanied in one song by Elvis Lacroix We‟ll
eventually get over it. I hope.

It was really nice to see some former members such as Jim Wells jitterbugging at the
luncheon. Mickey Laughlin and Dodd Gray wanted to sing but Moe Quenneville and
Gord Moore begged them not to unless Ben Stolow played his „fiddle‟. Of course, Ben
wanted nothing to do with that suggestion. .

It was very odd to see Bob LeMesurier using the women‟s washroom but he insists he
always put the seat down when he was finished. Well trained!

The half and half winners, Doug Allen ($250) and Bob LeMesurier ($100) were roundly
booed by those without the winning numbers. Poor losers!

James Botsford did a great job organizing this event. Like all well run events, he had
some terrific help. He asked me to send his thanks to:
       Mike Homonko and Jacques Lacroix for all their input into getting this event
        off the ground. Mike did a great job bugging everyone to attend then
        collecting their money at the door. Jacques did a wonderful job as MC and
        strong arming everyone to put $10 into the half and half.

       The four ladies with the courage to join the Christmas luncheon festivities

       Joe Wroblewski for supplying the microphones. Peter Pride for the tablecloths
       and napkins.

       Johnny Maloney for the piano and squeezbox

       The Men’s Choir led by Bob McDevitt for entertaining us with the Curling Song
       written by Reg Wells.

       All our volunteers who set up the hall. Our bartender Keri and special thanks
       to Mike Dowd who helped the sound technician for the entertainers.

       Tony for the great roast beef dinner. Nacy Gallant, our president, who gave us
       great news about our financial status.

       Our entertainment group supplied by Penny Macgregor (the blonde) of Star
       Image Entertainment and to Al Rodgers for recommending them to me.

       To everyone who attended.

      And to anyone he may have missed.\

James is already looking forward to next year‟s Christmas Luncheon when there will be
more entertainment and lots of laughs. This event is always open to all club members
and their friends.


So, how‟s it going with these guys?   Let‟s have a look at their December games:

On December 1st, at Ste. Anne & Hudson Legion, we won 1, tied 2 and lost one. Not
bad! The winning and tying teams were:

Winners:      Doug Allen     Joe Balogh       Mombo       Bob McDevitt
Tying team:   Ed Jones       Bill Bedford     Ed Crosbie  Dave Dubeau
Tying team:   Tim Curran     Ray Dubrule      Rick Hughes James Botsford
On December 3rd at our club against Laval, we tied only 1 of 4. The tying team was:

               Eugene Fudge Ray Dubrule      Rick Hughes James Botsford

On December 9 at Pointe Claire, we won 1 and lost 3. The winning team was:

               Pierre Dufour Ron Pilkington Rick Hughes      James Botsford

On December 10th at Royal Montreal, we won 1 and lost 2. The winning team was:

               Bill Bedford Mike Dowd       Ed Crosbie      Dave Dubeau

On December 17th at Laval, we tied 1 and lost 2. The tying team was:

               Claude Labrecque    Chip Mowat    Ray Dubrule Mike Homonko

Not a pretty picture. Won 3, tied 4, and lost 11 games. And, this is after sending
coach Chip Mowat to Egypt, all expenses paid, to pick up some curling tips. Seems the
only tips he saw were on the pyramids. After Moses made it out of Egypt he picked up
the 10 commandments. Since Chip left Egypt he has come up with some of his own:

       Thou shalt not steal a point.....thou shalt steal many.
       Thou shalt not take Chip‟s name in vain….even if he gives you terrible
       Honour your father and mother by winning…..or else they will become childless
       Thou shalt not commit adultery…..confine your playing around to the ice
       Thou shalt not covet your opposition‟s skip. Take what Chip gives you.
       Thou shalt not murder a shot
       Thou shalt not look like an ox and play like an ass.

First guy:  My wife gave me an SUV for Christmas.
Second guy: Wow! You’re so lucky.
First guy: Yeah!. Sock, Underwear, and Viagra.

Here‟s a report from Ann Anderson, your Wilkinson Match Co-ordinator

Hi Everyone:

I hope you all had a relaxing, happy and healthy holiday season. Our second draw, aptly
named Winter, is already underway. Speaking of which, I neglected to congratulate the
winners of our Fall Session.
DIVISION B                                           DIVISION A

Francine Jones                                       Renate Huerster
Robbie Sproule                                       Kim Moskalewski Jr.
Patricia Cogan                                       Francine Pilon
Norm Savoie                                          Kim Moskalewski Sr.

The rest of us have two more draw opportunities to win bragging rights. Mind you some
of our skips don‟t need much of an excuse to find something to brag about. All in all
that‟s a good thing. We need those confident types who are willing to throw those last

I‟d like to thank everyone who has helped out so far. Jim Doyle has been making sure
you have food on a weekly basis. Nacy Gallant has been keeping an eye on the 50/50
draws. Special thanks to Velda Lulic for arranging for food for our last game before
Christmas. Velda, those sandwiches were delicious! Thanks as well to the folks who
make sure the ice is pebbled between draws. Zack Wise and Kim Moskalewski Jr.
have been particularly faithful in this regard. Thanks to everyone for supporting our
50/50 draws.

Just a reminder, our Winter Session ends on February 4th and our Spring Session begins
on February 11th. Good Curling Everyone.

A man walked into a bar and sat down next to a man with a dog at his feet. “Does your
dog bite?” he asked.
“No,” said the man. A few minutes later the dog took a bite of the man’s leg.
“Hey! I thought you said your dog doesn’t bite.”
“That’s not my dog,” replied the man.

Junior Curling

Here‟s a report from Gloria Toteda

The holiday season was a busy time for our juniors and this will continue into early
January as they represent Montreal West at various events. Here is an overview:

(1) Quebec Provincial Playdowns

MWCC had 2 teams entered in the playdowns for the Junior Provincial to be held in
Chicoutimi from January 3-9.

Alex Hall, Adam Freilich, Nicholas Backman, Dylan Applebaum and Matt Mitchell won
one of the provincial spots for the Montreal region and will represent MWCC at the
provincials. You can follow the team and send them emails to encourage them at: (and click on team Hall).
Unfortunately, Zack Wise, Colin MacLean, Steven Fagen and Marc and Daniel Philion
came up just short. They put together a thrilling semi-final win in the C division but lost
a heart-breaking final game in the 11th end of the final.

(2) Annual Junior Tim Caverly - December 27-29

This event was held at various local Montreal clubs. MWCC had 6 teams participating
in various divisions of the event. Congratulations to the following juniors who
represented MWCC proudly and had fun curling over the holiday break.

(a) Little Rocks: Patrick Jean, Simon Marcotte, Joseph Fernandez and Andrew Martins
    coached by Michel Jean - for three of the boys it was their first bonspeil.

(b) Elite Section: MWCC has 2 teams in this section. Team 1: Zack Wise,
    Colin MacLean, Mark Filion, Daniel Filion and Stephen Fagen coached by
    Stephen Wise were B finalists. Team 2: Alex Hall, Adam Freilich and
    Matt Mitchell coached by Rob Filion were A finalists

(c) 20 and Under Section: Trish Dempsey, Alex Patton, Michael Fagen,
     Raymond Casgrain and Bryce Drewery-Schoeler were B finalists.

(d) 15 and Under Section: MWCC had two teams in this section composed mostly
    of NEW curlers to big rocks with many having moved up from little rocks at the
    beginning of the season. This was their first event with no on-ice coaching.
    Congratulations to the 2 teams that represented MWCC proudly and are
    continuing to learn and progress in the game. Team 1: Dominique Jean,
    Melissa Dunn, August Darey, Alison Moskalewski coached by Gloria Toteda.
    Team 2: Christopher Byrne, Danny Bell, Tyler Seguin, Tyler Rowley and
    Samantha Gentile coached by Andrew Byrne.

(3) Jeux Du Quebec Playdowns – January 7 to 9

MWCC will have 2 boys teams and 1 girls team 15 and under in the playdowns to
represent our region at the Jeux Du Quebec in Valleyfield in February/March. We will
update you with the results - good luck to all.

The junior board would like to thank all parents and juniors for the great holiday
celebration on December 18th and we look forward to a continued strong second half of
the season.

Should you have any questions about the junior program or wish to get involved with
volunteering, please contact any of the below:
Chair       Michel Jean (514-694-8494 or
Little Rocks Mark Watson (514-488-5943 or
Big Rocks      Erin Ryan (514-482-7975 or
Treasurer     Janet Walpole (514-246-8099 or
Secretary/Membership Gloria Toteda (450-462-2213 or

"I was a vegetarian for a while, but I quit because there are side effects. I found myself
sitting in my living room starting to lean toward the sunlight."

Grey Cup Party
About 30-35 people gathered to watch the Grey Cup on TV and to cheer the Als to
victory. Kari Parm tells me a great time was had by all especially Al Rodgers who won
the most money in the pool.

A big thank you to Anne Mitchell for supplying the delicious chilli.

Carpet Bowling

Here‟s a report from Mary O‟Toole

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Our Christmas luncheon held on December 14th catered “By George” was as usual
enjoyed by all. Though the temperature on the third floor was chilly – the camaraderie
amongst the bowlers warmed things up.

Irene Darrell who has initiated a very nice custom this year in that everyone‟s birthday is
acknowledged with your name on a balloon and a birthday cake. Celebrating birthdays
in December and receiving balloons:

Al Gagnon
Cathy Lanno (whose birthday was in a previous month)
Frank Mansi
Camilla Pogson
Eleanor Robertson

After the luncheon Margaret Finlayson distributed prizes to the winning team:

 Skip Jeannine Thompson/Audrey McGregor, 3rd P.K. McWilliam/Margaret
  McLaughlin; 2nd Cathy Lanno; Lead: Eleanor Robertson
and the runner ups were:

 Skip: Irene Darrell . 3rd : Evelyn Leheron , 2nd Laura Ross, Lead Mary O‟Toole.

The prizes for “Closest to the Jack” were won by Evelyn Leheron and Muriel Petrie (your
name is in the ROAR again Muriel – quite the year)

Angela Geoffredo, President of the Day Ladies was our guest for lunch and wished
everyone the best for the Holiday Season.

It was also a pleasure (as always) to see Elizabeth Grant join us for these special events
and from the Day Ladies‟ Mary Johnston Thanks for the lift Mary.

And last, but certainly NOT least, is the very kind gesture by the few but dedicated
Carpet Bowlers who played Bocce this past summer. The players donated their fees of
$65.00 to the N.D.G. Food Depot in order to provide a helping hand during the Christmas
Season. Kindness goes a long way and I am sure it was much appreciated.

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are now prepared to roll the bowls again.

A travelling salesman was up north when it was hit by a bad snow storm. He telegraphed
his firm in the south. “Marooned by storm. Wire instructions as of yesterday.”

The reply came, “Start summer vacation.|

Here are the standings as at December 19th:

       Team                   Wins            Losses        Ties     Points

1    James Botsford              8              2             0         26
2    Bruce Blanchard             6              3             1         23
2    Steve Holdaway              5              2             3         23
4    Jay Brushett                5              3             2         22
5    Diane Huculuk               5              5             0         20
6    Mark Dozois                 4              5             1         19
7    Alan Bousquet               4              6             0         18
7    Rick Hughes                 4              6             0         18
9    George Verret               2              5             3         17
10   Nicole Hachey               2              8             0         14
Canfir Curling

Here is a report from Rob Williams president of this Sunday curling group:

Here are the standings as of December 19th

        Team          GP`     Wins Ties       Losses        Points                 `

T3 Rob Williams       7         4      1       2             16
T4 Danny Boyd         7         3      2       2             15
T5 Nacy Gallant       8         3      1       4             15
T1 Bob LeMesurier     7         3      0       4             13
T2 Pierre Cadorette   7         2      2       3             13

       Curling resumes again on Sunday, January 9th.

Canfir is a mixed rental league of various skill levels (beginners are welcome). We play
every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please note that Canfir is actively looking
for curlers for next season in an effort to increase our membership. If interested, please
contact me at

On behalf of the Canfir Curling League, we wish to extend our best wishes for 2011 to all
our members and everyone associated with the Montreal West Curling Club.

You know you are getting old when your age is more than any number on a BINGO card.


Name that Chicken

Seeing you have such a keen interest in my brother's poultry hobby, you will be pleased
to see that the 2 turkeys he recently acquired are called Jim and Gary

Marg Ford
Editor’s Note

This biting and uncalled for letter is in response to the request in the December ROAR
for entries to the contest to Name that Chicken. Marg’s brother is raising chickens and
wants to name one after Marg. The response has been overwhelming. Unfortunately,
as this is a family paper, I had to eliminate 88 entries and that left me with 3.

       Marg BQ the chicken
       Jack’s chick
       Naggy Maggy

This last one is from Jack. I promised him I would do all I could to keep it out of the
ROAR. However, as I had already typed it and I didn’t know how to delete it, I had to
leave it in. Just pretend you didn’t see it.

Jack, along with the other two winners whose names shall remain anonymous to protect
them from Marg, will receive free copies of the ROAR for one year. Congratulations!

Threatening Letter

If you know what is good for you, do not mention in the ROAR that our team lost 8-0 to
your team in the Ladder.

Bob Carson Mike Dowd Nacy Gallant and Cathy Hughes

Remember, when you want to ask questions, make suggestions, volunteer your services
to help the club, or maybe even send a thank you for something you may like in the club,
just send an Email to your editor.

My Email address is
What’s happening Over the Next Few Weeks?
Dates to remember:

              January      1       -       Levee beginning at 10:30 a.m.
                           3       -       Day Ladies ladder begins
                           3       -       Monday Evening Curling begins
                           3       -       Instructional Curling begins
                           4       -       +40 Curling begins
                           4       -       Last game of Past Presidents‟ Ladder
                           6       -       Past Presidents‟ Ladder Playoffs
                           7       -       Wilkinson begins
                         7-9       -       Jeux du Quebec Playdowns
                         11        -       Grafton Hunt Ladder begins

Wife:    Where have you been? It’s two o’clock in the morning!
Husband: You’ll never believe this! I was jumped by some thugs. They forced me
           to drink liquor to incapacitate me, held me hostage all night then took
          all my money.
Wife:    Oh?
Husband: I don’t know why I bother telling you this. You never believe me anyway.
Wife:    Oh, I believe every word of it. As a matter of fact, the same thugs came
          back here and smashed all your golf clubs.

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