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Indian Hills Community College
    The Indian Hills Community College Academy provides a challenge to selected students through a unique program within
the Arts and Sciences Division of the college--a division encompassing Arts and Sciences and Criminal Justice students. Highly
motivated individuals will find the Academy an opportunity to share experiences with people who have similar academic interests.
Especially gratifying to Academy members is the personal recognition they receive as a result of their achievements in this presti-
gious organization.

         Upon acceptance into the Academy, students are encouraged to participate in any or all of the following activities:

•   Working with distinguished faculty members on academic projects to gain an in-depth knowledge of various subjects by taking
    special independent study Honors Project classes, designated on the student’s transcript as an honors course.
•   Taking field trips to study art, architecture, history, and science.
•   Attending lectures by guest speakers.

     In addition, students accepted into the Indian Hills Academy who are not already receiving an IHCC Foundation Scholarship
will be eligible to receive an academic award in an amount of up to $450 annually from the Indian Hills Foundation.

    Those students selected to participate in the Academy will be recognized at the annual Winter Academy Banquet in February
and at the annual Spring Reception in May. New members will be inducted at both of these semi-formal affairs. Arts and Sciences
faculty, college administrators, and family members of Academy students are also invited to attend.

    Students are eligible for the Academy if they have a cumulative IHCC GPA of 3.5 or higher based on at least 15 hours of IHCC
academic credit. The student’s application essay will also be reviewed in the evaluation process. Academic integrity and personal
character will also be considered in membership selection.

    Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher who have fewer than 15 hours of IHCC academic credit may be eligible for the Academy
based on evaluation of ACT scores and/or high school GPA.

    Students approved for membership in the Academy will remain members as long as they maintain full-time status and a mini-
mum cumulative GPA of 3.5. Failure to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA for two consecutive terms will make the student ineligible for
continued Academy membership.

                                  December            Applications due for new Academy members
                                    January           New Academy members contacted
                                   February           Winter Academy Banquet for all members
                                    March             Applications due for new Academy members
                                  April/May           Annual field trip
                                        May           Spring Reception for all members

     To be considered for Academy membership, students must fully complete the application form on the opposite pages and submit
it to the main Arts and Sciences Office, ASCO 123, by the above deadline dates. Specific information about the Academy and
Academy programs may be obtained from one of the Arts and Sciences Academy Committee members: Beverly Bethune, Rhonda
Eakins, Dr. Garry Meredith, Dr. Craig Payne, Darlas Shockley, and Dr. Lee Wymore.
                                                                                                          IHCC GPA

                        ACADEMY APPLICATION                                                               H.S. GPA

                                                                                                                Office Use Only
Part I:     Identification Information

            Legal Name:

            Student ID Number:

            Permanent Address:
                                    Street/box/route                               city                     state            zip

            Address While
            Attending College:
                                    Street/box/route                               city                     state            zip


            Telephone number where
            Applicant can be reached: (                )     --

            E-mail address where applicant can be reached.

Part II:    High School Information:
            If you currently have fewer than 15 hours of academic credit, please complete this section:

            Year of High School Graduation:

            High School from which you graduated:

            High School Grade Point Average                or GED Composite Score

            High School Class Rank                                High School Class Size

            ACT Composite Score

Part III: College Information
            IHCC Program Enrolled in or Planning to Enroll:

            Have you previously attended a college other than IHCC? Yes                    No
            (If yes, a college transcript must be attached to this application.)

            Have you previously attended IHCC? Yes                        No

            List the names of two Indian Hills instructors whom the Academy Committee might contact as references.

Part IV: Application Essay
Discuss at least one significant concept you have learned in one of your college classes and comment on why you find this concept
to be especially interesting and/or important. Respond by attaching a typed page to this application. Your essay should be approxi-
mately 250 words and will be evaluated on the basis of content, mechanics, style, and organization. Excerpts from your essay may
be used as part of your introduction at Academy events.

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