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									                                   Partner Update – January 2009

          high net worth customer acquisition and entertainment

Passion - Power - Nostalgia - Excitement

                                   Campbell Center 1
                        8350 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1500
                                   Dallas, TX 75206
                     Office: 214-393-4662 - Fax: 214-393-4651
        Sponsors & Advertisers:    Social Network:
       Unique Access – High Net Worth Focus

„   There are 27 Vintage Racing clubs in the USA and over 500 in the UK & Europe. An
    estimated 10 million people world-wide own vintage cars. Until the formation of the Vintage
    Racing League (VRL), there was no national/global customer acquisition platform based on
    Vintage Racing.
„   The VRL will uniquely connect our Sponsors and Advertisers with 10 million high-net worth
    people through their passion for Vintage cars and Vintage Racing.
„   To accelerate the VRL’s growth, we built a world-class Social Network for people that love
    vintage cars (see MyVRL -
„   Socially, MyVRL’s purpose is to create a community so that the 10 million Vintage car owners
    world-wide can find and communicate with each other.
„   From a business perspective, MyVRL will improve our Sponsors and Advertisers ability to sell
    their products and services to high net worth individuals, by providing timely information about
    Member buying preferences and needs. MyVRL will generate revenue from: Merchandising &
    Licensing, Sponsorship Sales and the sale of Information.

                  Passion - Power - Nostalgia - Excitement
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                              Partner Update

„   The purpose of this Partner Update is to provide new information about the development
    status of the Vintage Racing League.
„   We remain very positive about the long term success of the VRL because of the unique
    focus and access to the target high net worth customer segment.
„   The Founders continue to fund and operate the business and have done so for the
    previous 2+ years.
„   During this time, accomplishments include:
      „ The development and refinement of the Vintage Racing League Business and
          Implementation Plan, (
      „ The successful creation and launch of a world-class Social Network
          ( to drive member acquisition.
      „ Creation of numerous business relationships to further promote the business.
„   We are now seeking $5 million to grow the business.

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Social Network -

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                                  How We Make Money - MyVRL
Generate Revenue
                                                                                    Generate Revenue
from MyVRL and TV
                                                                                    from Sponsors and
                                                                                    Event Advertisers
1) Produce 18 x 30
                                                                                    1) 1 x Title Sponsor -
Minute shows per
                                                                                    $5 million
season with a
                                                                                    2) 2 x Presenting
Premium 60 minute
                                                                                    Sponsors - $3 million
Vintage Racing
League Historics
                                                                                    3) Event Advertisers
event special.
Sell TV advertising.

2) Sell Vendor ads
on MyVRL

                                                                                    Generate Revenue
Build the MyVRL
                                                                                    from Central Market
Social Network
                                                                                    Transactions &
1) Build member
                                                                                    1) Apparel, Parts
base to 20,000+.
                                                                                    and Services.
                                                                                    2) Engines, Wheels
2) Build MyVRL to
                                                                                    and tires.
100,000+ members
                                                                                    3) Collectibles and
with strategic partner.
                                                                                    4) High Net Worth
3) Create compelling
Content for repeat
                                                                                    information sales. Intro
                                                                                    at the point of sale

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Business Website –

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            VRL Lines of Business – Build Out Sequence


                                         Advisory Board

                                              Merchandising                                                Event
     Storage &           Programming                                                 Sponsorship                            Social Network
                                              & Licensing                                                Management
     Race Prep

Car Care              Vintage Events     Merchandise                           Target Sponsors      Events     
Safe and secure       18 x 30 minute     „   Apparel                           „ Wealth             Los Angeles, CA
vehicle storage,      shows              „   Parts                             Management           Watkins Glen, NY     „ Information
race preparation,     per season         „   Engines                           Firms                San Francisco, CA,   „ Central Market
restoration and       with a premium     „   Wheels                            „ Automotive         Sebring, FL          „ Advertising
detail services for   60 minute          „   Tires                             „ Communications     Chicago, IL          „ Vendor
Vintage race          Vintage Racing     „   Collectibles                      „ Technology         Palm Springs, CA     Social Networks
cars at established   League Historics   „   Gearboxes                         „ Luxury Lifestyle   Dallas, TX
race tracks in        event special      „   Cars                                                   Las Vegas, NV
8+ major cities                          „   Services

           3                    3                                                                            3
                                                       2                                     2
      Build out sequence 1-3
                                                             Proprietary and Confidential
    Why Vintage Racing as a Selling Platform?

„   Celebrities and high net worth individuals (4+ million USA; 10+/- million worldwide) have
    fallen in love with Vintage cars and Vintage racing. Celebrity owners include: Jay Leno, Ralph
    Lauren, Nick Mason, Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Dempsey.
„   There are many individually organized “Premium” Vintage Racing events staged throughout the
    USA, UK & Europe.
„   The Vintage Racing League is the first to organize a global customer acquisition and
    entertainment platform around vintage racing, to connect 10 million high net worth vintage car
    owners with our Sponsors.

                Passion - Power - Nostalgia - Excitement

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For a Richer, More Tactile Customer Experience

            Less memorable for “Non - Participant” Attendees


    • Behind the ropes   • Separated from “the action” by arena seating. Individual    • Inconsistent event
    experience. Single   Box Ownership (or Lease) required for “limited” Premium       venues and production
    Event Sponsorship    Seating per city – not a “one stop” national platform. Very   values. Requires multiple
    (e.g. The AT&T       expensive option for mass entertainment – 50,000+             vendor coordination.
    Pebble Beach).       customers.

                Memorable, Tactile Experiences for
               Passionate “Participatory” Attendees
„       50,000 customers @ 8 events - in the pits ‟ with the drivers and the cars.
„       10 million high net worth vintage car owners ‟ one global platform.
„       The Vintage Racing League delivers a unique, globally branded experience to customers that are
        jaded by current entertainment options.
                                                    Proprietary and Confidential
Growing Our Social Network – www.myvrlcom

„   To connect our Sponsors and Advertisers with their target high net worth customers, we’re
    growing the world’s largest online community for people that love vintage cars ‟ see
„   Members can post pictures, videos & podcasts; access a “Central Market” of information about
    Apparel, Parts, Services & Cars; and join Owner and Member Groups that are specific to their
    areas of interest. Additionally, they can locate events in their area and obtain a detailed
    roadmap describing “How to get into Vintage Racing”.
„   Our Social Network objective is to create trusted marketing relationships with our members.
    During the member enrollment process, we will ask key questions to include:
       „ Who are you and how should we communicate with you?
       „ What do you own today and what would you like to do?
       „ What would you like to own and what would you like to do in the future?
„   We will very selectively deliver messages to our members, per their declared areas of interest
    and intent. Timely buyer preference information is the most highly valued by our Sponsors and

                                          Proprietary and Confidential
                       Our Member Demographics

„   There are 75 million USA based baby boomers; 125+ million total in the USA, UK &
„ 10+ million are millionaires.
„ 6+ million are multi-millionaires (source: Epsilon Data Services).
„ There are an estimated 10 million vintage car owners worldwide. 4+ million own vintage
    cars in the USA (source: 4 x major vintage car Insurance companies ‟ Grundy, Heacock, Hagerty & Aon).
„ 30,000+/- USA based vintage car owners race the cars. (source: 27 x Vintage Motorsports Council
    Vintage Racing Clubs: see and a greater number race through 500 clubs in the UK
    & Europe (source: Motor Sports Association; see We estimate that 300,000 people
    attend the 170 US based Vintage race events annually.
„ The baby boomer generation will inherit $3.5 trillion from their parents. As this baby
    boomer generation ages, they seek new outlets for their wealth and spare time.
Our Objective………………………………..
    To improve our Sponsors ability to sell their products and services to the high net worth
    demographic by providing timely information about their buying preferences and needs.

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170+ US Events Annually - Schedule and Locations

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How to Get into Vintage Racing

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Sponsor Benefits

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Advertiser Benefits

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              Vintage Racing Event Track Details

                            Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas’ Street                    Dallas, TX - Eagles Canyon Raceway
                            Course is 2.4 miles long with 10 turns.              is 2.6 miles long with 15 turns and
Watkins Glen, NY –
                                                                                 70 feet of elevation changes.
2.6 miles long with
15 turns.

San Jose - 1.448 mile         Indianapolis Motor Speedway
street course                 - road course.                                                    Sonoma, CA -
with 10 turns.                                                                                  Infineon Raceway
                                                                                                (Sears Point) is 2.6
                                                                                                miles long with 15

                                           Denver, CO – Denver’s
                                           Street Course is 1.6 miles
 St. Petersburg, FL –
                                           long with 11 turns.
 road course is 2.6 miles
 long with 15 turns.

                                              *Las Vegas - street course.
                                              Map to follow.

                                                 Proprietary and Confidential
             The Vintage Racing League Team

„   The Vintage Racing League team is comprised of proven event management and promotion
    professionals. The team has historically managed a $300 million revenue Motorsports
    business. Total value of sponsorship value delivered by team members during the prior 25
    years exceeds $5 billion. See Team @
„   The team has successfully delivered customer acquisition and event management programs for
    Global 1000 companies, to include:
„   AT&T, Coca Cola, Coors, Anheuser Busch, American Express, Sony, Phillips, Yamaha,
    Sports Illustrated, Nike, Ford, Telmex, Gigante, Converse, Four Seasons, FedEx, Firestone,
    Toyota & Honda. MCI Worldcom, Coors Light, Teledyne Water Pik, and Target Stores.
„   The Vintage Racing League will serve three primary corporate sponsors:
        „      The Vintage Racing League Title Sponsor will entertain 50,000+ existing/target
             customers at eight national events annually. Title Sponsor cost - $5 million.
        „      Two Vintage Racing League Presenting Sponsors will entertain 12,000+ customers
             annually. Presenting Sponsor cost - $3 million.

                                         Proprietary and Confidential
               Management Team Profiles

Co-Founder & Chairman ‟ Stephen J. L. Page
       „ Vintage Racing participant and industry veteran ‟ Former CEO, Chairman and/or Board
          Director Page-Wheatcroft & Co. Ltd, bpmx; ejobs Inc.; Tatum LLC and River Logic,
Co-Founder & CEO ‟ Joe Heitzler
       „ Former CEO Champ/CART; Executive Producer CBS Sports; CEO VTE Mobile TV
          Sports Productions; CEO Grand.
CFO - Dolf Renaud
       „ Proven CFO with Automotive and Real Estate expertise
VP Marketing - David Meffert
       „ Former VP Marketing, CHAMP
Chief Legal Officer - Deborah Schneider
       „ Former Chief Legal Counsel, CHAMP
VP Public Relations - Kika Garcia-Concheso
       „ Former VP Public Relations, CHAMP; VP Public Relations, IRL team.

                                     Proprietary and Confidential
                          Investment Description
„   The founders have self funded the VRL for 2+ years. We have designed the business, created
    key relationships, built the Sponsor and Advertiser website ‟ and our Social
    Network ‟
„   Management’s 2009 focus is on growing membership within our Social Network - MyVRL. (At
    20,000 Members, we can sell ads; at 100,000 Members we can sell Sponsorships).
„   We are seeking $5 million to further develop the business: $3 million to fund Year 1 operations
    (equip and build out the Social Network, build the management and operating team and deploy
    staff to acquire new members at events) and $2 million to fund the company’s Year 2 operations
    . The use of funds is described on the next page.
„   Investor's receive:
     „    A proven team committed to building a premium brand ‟ anticipated sale within 5 years.
     „    Pro rata 33% ownership of the Vintage Racing League, ($10 million pre, $15 million post
          investment valuation).

                                            Proprietary and Confidential
           Vintage Racing League - Use of Funds

Funding for The Vintage Racing League: $5 million.
„   Year 1: Use of funds - $3 million:
      „   Year 1 Social Network Management & Operations Team $2,200,000
      „   Social Network Platform enhancement (Central Market) $250,000
      „   Event Equipment for Member Acquisition - $400,000
      „   Vintage Racing League Promotion $100,000
      „   Office, Legal & Administration $ 50,000
„   Year 2: Use of funds - $2 million:
      „   Year 2 Management & Operating team expense $2,000,000.

                                            Proprietary and Confidential
VRL - Financial Overview

         Proprietary and Confidential
VRL 2009+ Overhead Costs

         Proprietary and Confidential

Vintage Racing League Board Directors:
Stephen Page, Co-Founder and Chairman
Joe Heitzler, Co-Founder and Director, (ex CEO CART)
Gene Atkinson, Retired Chairman, Goldman Sachs International
Deb Schneider , Director and Chief Legal Officer, (ex CLO CART)

The Vintage Racing League
8350 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1500, Campbell Center 1
Dallas, TX 75206
Stephen J. L. Page; Cell: 214-676-4333; email:
Office: 214-393-4662
Fax: 214-393-4651
Business website:
Social Network website (Members)

                                     Proprietary and Confidential

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