Sample of Late Payment Notice by qwt14729


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									John Smith
123 Main Street
Oaktown, MI 12345


Sally Jones
456 Central Ave
Rockville, CT 67890

Dear Sally Jones:

This letter is a formal notice to you demanding that you make immediate payment of the
unpaid rent due under the terms of the rental agreement covering the following property:

   8343 Market Road
   Bellington, WA 75644

As of 06/08/2009, your May payment is 20 days past due. Your rent was due on
05/01/2009. In addition, you owe late charges as provided by the lease.

The following is an itemization of the total amount due:

Unpaid rent    $3,000.00

Late charges $ 500.00
Total        $3,500.00

                       Sample Late Rent Notice
This is a sample legal document. After you finish
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complete document, customized for you. This document is intended
as a sample only, and is incomplete.

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