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					VITA Product News
Product news as of March 2009

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                                                                            Date of issue: 03.09
The new, easy way to take shades –
VITA Easyshade Compact  ®

The cutting edge spectrophotometric technology of the VITA
Easyshade Compact shade measuring device enables precise and
unmistakable results to be obtained in determining the shade
of natural teeth and verifying the shade of dental restorations
in a matter of seconds.

It is just as simple to use as its predecessor. The second gen-
eration of the measuring unit features increased mobility thanks
to its cordless design, state-of-the-art LED light source and a
storage capacity of 25 measurements that remain stored even
after the unit has been switched off.

VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER

The VITA Linearguide 3D-MASTER combines the user-friendliness
of the linear shade guide arrangement with precise shade
determination according to the three dimensions of color, value,
chroma and hue.

Its modern design is characterized by perfect esthetics and a lo-
gical structure. To determine the shade, the value (lightness
level) is determined using the Valueguide, and then the chroma
and hue are determined with the corresponding Chroma/Hue-
guide. The shade tabs of the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER are ar-
ranged clearly and logically on each of the individual shade
guides. This prevents one's eyes from tiring too quickly, as it is
now only necessary to distinguish between six, or at the most,
seven different shade tabs.

                                         VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER 3
VACUMAT "New Generation" –
for perfect, individual solutions

The new VITA VACUMAT "New Generation" modular firing system
permits the perfect individual solution and is extremely efficient
and economical. The system comprises the premium furnace VITA
VACUMAT 6000 M, three freely selectable control units (vPad
easy, vPad comfort and vPad excellence), which enable up to four
furnaces to be controlled with one control unit as well as various
useful extras. The user determines the modules he requires, and
can add further components to the system (be it furnaces, control
units or accessories) at any time. In this way, every laboratory can
assemble a firing system matched optimally to its individual
needs, and with a clear cost advantage compared with conven-
tional furnaces. The fully automatic VITA VACUMAT 6000 M for
all dental ceramic firings, available in a modern compact and

4 VITA Equipment
ergonomic design, offers consistent firing results of superior
quality thanks to the innovative firing tech-nology. The current
operating status is always immediately apparent with the aid
of an LED light bar.
A choice of three control units, vPad easy, vPad comfort and vPad
excellence, is offered for controlling the furnace. These feature a
unified operating concept based on self-explanatory symbols
which can be used intuitively. This means that the right control
unit is available for every requirement from “simple for the
perfect firing result” for the production-oriented practitioner
up to “exclusive and comfortable” for the individualist.
Furthermore, vPad Comfort and vPad excellence provide a simple
means of controlling up to four furnaces simultaneously.

                                                   VITA Equipment 5
VITA In-Ceram YZ – Now preshaded

VITA In-Ceram YZ color LL1p are industrially preshaded zirconium
dioxide blocks for the CAD/CAM manufacture of crown and
bridge frameworks. Their shading corresponds to that of the
most popular Coloring Liquid shade LL1.

Preshaded blocks offer numerous advantages: production time is
shortened, since there is no need for subsequent shading with
Coloring Liquid. This furthermore simplifies framework manu-
facture for laboratories unfamiliar with the use of Coloring
Liquid. In addition to this, industrial preshading ensures homo-
geneous coloration throughout for a high standard of esthetics.

6 VITA All-ceramics
VITA In-Ceram YZ – Zirconium dioxide

in a new block geometry

The large block geometries VITA In-Ceram YZ-65/40
(22 x 40 x 65 mm) and YZ-85/40 (22 x 40 x 85 mm) for the Sirona
inLab MC XL unit, were specially developed for the fabrication of
bridge frameworks with up to ten units. Furthermore, they are
recommended for two adjacent pontics. By means of modern
batch milling programs, it is even possible to mill up to 30 single
restorations simultaneously.

The smallest block geometry YZ-14 (13 x 13 x 14 mm) was
specially developed for the fabrication of single tooth restorations
in the anterior and premolar area with the Sirona inLab system,
since this ensures particularly efficient material utilization.

All the new block sizes are available as of 24th March 2009
at the IDS in Cologne. As of May 2009, the SIRONA software
version 3.60 will be available for processing these.

                                                  VITA All-ceramics 7
VITA Block materials for the
KaVo Everest System  ®

The material VITA CAD-Temp MonoColor for temporary restorations
is now available as a disc with a diameter of 100 mm in the shades
1M2T, 2M2T and 3M2T for the CAD/CAM system by KaVo Dental.

Likewise available for this system is the fine-structure feldspar
ceramic, VITABLOCS Mark II in the sizes l12 and l14 and the shades
1M2C, 2M2C and 3M2C.

                                         VITA Machinable Polymers 9
Natural play of color with
VITA CAD-Temp multiColor ®

The proven CAD/CAM composite VITA CAD-Temp, a cross-
linked acrylate polymer with microfillers, is available
immediately as VITA CAD-Temp multiColor. Thanks to its
harmonious shade nuances, this new variation guarantees
optimum esthetic results, which makes it particularly suitable
for the fabrication of long-term provisional restorations in
the anterior area.

The filled acrylate polymer is available in the basic shades
1M2T, 2M2T and 3M2T in the size CTM-40.
The block dimensions are 15.5 x 15 x 39 mm.

10 VITA Machinable Polymers
New dimensions not only in size:
VITA CAD-Temp monoColor ®

The polymer block VITA CAD-Temp monoColor is now
available in a larger block geometry.

VITA CAD-Temp is a CAD/CAM composite for the manufacture
of fully and partially anatomical long-term temporary
restorations. The material is available in the new block geometry
CT-55 (15 x 19 x 55 mm) in the shades 1M2T, 2M2T, 3M2T.

                                       VITA Machinable Polymers 11
             Concept – Classical meets modern

The VITA VM concept was specially developed to meet the
ever-increasing demand for integrated, all-inclusive systems.
The unified veneering concept for metal ceramic, all-ceramic
and acrylic resin offers scope for finding a solution in all cases –
for all indications and aesthetic requirements. The VITA VM
materials with optimum biocompatibility are available in the

unique VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades. In addition to this,
VITA VM 9, VITA VM 13 and VITA VM CC are available in the
classical A1 – D4 shades.
VITA VM is one system for all cases – for all indications from
standard to high-end restorations.

                                                       VITA VM 13
          OPAQUE – now with
an even better formulation

The goal of the product optimization was to achieve a dry
surface and make the complete curing of the opaque visually
recognizable in as many polymerization devices as possible.
This is guaranteed by the improved OPAQUE LIQUID, which
can also be used with the previous opaque powders.

The optimized manufacturing process ensures even better
distribution of the shade pigments in the OPAQUE powder,
which guarantees absolutely consistent shade reproduction.
The new 5 ml squeeze bottle allows precise dosing of the
available with improved formulation as of May 2009.

Cool and compact – the VITA Coolbox

The light-curing microparticle composite VITA VM LC was
specially developed for extraoral use in fixed and removable
restorations. The mechanical properties of VITA VM LC are
ideally matched to the corresponding indications.
A temperature of 5°C – 7°C is recommended for optimum
storage of VITA VM LC. The new VITA Coolbox offers
perfect conditions for this purpose.

With its compact dimensions of just 50 x 50 x 50 cm, the
Coolbox will fit virtually everywhere, and is easy to transport
and set up at another location in next to no time at all.

                                                        VITA VM 15
VITA Teeth – with a concept for
the perfect solution in every case

With a total of four posterior tooth lines, VITA Zahnfabrik offers
the best solution for every case and every indication in the field
of removable restorations. Furthermore, in combination with
VITAPAN and VITA PHYSIODENS anteriors, this results in
prostheses with outstanding aesthetics and reliable function.
The VITA MRP (microfiller reinforced polyacrylic) ensures long
life of the restoration and excellent wearing comfort.

VITA PHYSIODENS, the fully anatomical posterior, is designed
for BIO-Logical Prosthetics following the principle of the physio-
logical centric according to Dr. End – for top of the range
premium prosthetics.

16 VITA Teeth
VITA LINGOFORM, the fully anatomical, preabraded posterior is
the multifunctional tooth with the widest spectrum of indications
– for all customary occlusion concepts including lingualized

VITA CUSPIFORM, the semianatomical posterior with its narrow
occlusal surface design, is a particularly suitable solution when
space is limited.

VITA SYNOFORM, the gerontoanatomical posterior with its
flattish occlusal surface design is ideal for gerontoprosthetics
in the case of severe jaw atrophy.

                                                      VITA Teeth 17
VITA LINGOFORM – The new,  ®

easy way to set up teeth

As of April 15, 2009, VITA LINGOFORM, the ultimate multi-
functional tooth, is available in all 26 shades of the VITA
VITAPAN classical shades A1 – D4 (except B1). A new, larger
mould, 24L, will be added to the existing range of moulds
21L, 22L and 23L as of in autumn 2009.

The functionally designed occlusal surfaces of the posterior
tooth line, which can be combined with VITAPAN as well as VITA
PHYSIODENS anteriors, facilitate the statically correct alignment
of the prostheses and thus guarantee excellent wearing comfort.

18 VITA Teeth
Learn BIO-Logical Prosthetics

A special highlight in the teeth product line is the new
DVD-ROM on BIO-Logical Prosthetics (BLP), the occlusion
concept according to nature's example. The production of
the interactive information and learning medium took place
under the direction of Dr. Eugen End, who developed the
concept of BLP after extensive empirical research, and dental
technician Viktor Fürgut. The DVD-ROM comprises a good
three hours of video material as well as numerous printable
information documents.

                                                    VITA Teeth 19
With the unique VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER all
natural tooth shades are systematically deter-
mined and completely reproduced

Our products were developed specifically for dental use and
must be processed according to the instructions for use. The
information/illustrations contained herein do not constitute
an assurance of properties and are not binding.
Date of issue of this information: 03.09
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