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					  Fogarty Meeting in Banska Bystrica,
      Slovakia, June 15-17 2009

           Draft schedule, venue and
              logistics information

Martin Klus, PhD.
UC Berkeley
January 2009
Map of Slovakia
Map of Banska Bystrica area
                 Arrivals of participants
    Participants are expected to arrive in Bratislava Sunday -
     June 14, 2009, by 3:00 PM

    There are three arrival points suggested for participants:

1.       Hotel Donovaly in Banska Bystrica region
         (venue of the meeting)
     ◦     For those using individual transportation (car trains, international
           busses) e. g. from Slovakia, Czech republic or Romania

2.       Bratislava International Airport (BTS)
     ◦     Bratislava – capital of Slovakia is situated 125 miles far from Banska
           Bystrica – approx. 2 hours 15 minutes driving by car, 3 hours by bus
           (2/3 of the road is highway) and from 2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours
           45 minutes by express train.

3.       Vienna International Airport (VIE)
     ◦     Vienna – capital of Austria is situated 160 miles far from Banska
           Bystrica and 35 miles far from Bratislava (there is an airport coach line
           scheduled for every hour in daily time, between Vienna Schwechat
           airport and Bratislava central bus station)
           Arrivals of participants
   Those, who arrive to Slovakia earlier (Saturday) should stay in
    Bratislava (we are able to book some rooms in selected hotel in
    the city) or be transfered directly to Donovaly

   Selected hotel would also serve as a meeting point for group
    departure to Banska Bystrica

   There will be also continental lunch served for those who arrive
    before 12.00 and for those who will be interested in we´ll
    provide short guided sightseeing tour to the Bratislava old city
    and castle

   Aprrox at 3.00 PM we plan group departure from Bratislava to
    Hotel Donovaly in Banska Bystrica region

   6.30 PM Expected arrival to Hotel Donovaly

   8.00 PM Dinner and official opening of the Fogarty meeting in
    1st and 2nd day of the meeting
Monday - June 15 2008

Meeting program in Hotel Donovaly
5.00 PM Group departure to Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica
5.30 PM Sightseeing of Banska Bystrica old city
7.00 PM Banquet at the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica
10.00 PM Group departure to Hotel Donovaly

Tuesday - June 16 2008

Meeting program in Hotel Donovaly
5.00 PM Group A - Departure to UNESCO heritage village Vlkolinec
5.00 PM Group B – Departure for hiking tour to Nova Hola peak
8.00 PM Dinner in traditional Slovak restaurant KOLIBA
3rd day of the meeting and departure of
             the participants
Wednesday - June 17 2008

Morning meeting program in Hotel Donovaly
Lunch in Hotel Donovaly and individual departures

Group departure to Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica
Meeting with guests (WHO, Ministry of Health, US Embassy etc.)
Press conference at the Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica
Dinner in Banska Bystrica old city and group departure to:
Bratislava/Vienna/Hotel Donovaly

Thursday - June 18 2008 –
Breakfast + individual and group departures to Bratislava/Vienna

From Friday - June 19 2008         Individual „Slovakia tour“ program
                                   Everybody is welcome
             Venues of the meeting
Hotel Donovaly

   Hotel Donovaly is three star mountain hotel with 27 rooms + 6
    apartments situated 35 km far from Banska Bystrica in one of
    the best ski resort in Slovakia - Donovaly.

   Conference room, Restaurant, Daily bar and Wellness center
    offering high standard services with skilled and professional staff

   Wi Fi connection is available in Conference room, Restaurant and
    Hotel lobby.

   Hotel will be closed for public during the conference (including
    Daily bar and Restaurant)
Venues of the meeting
Venues of the meeting
Venues of the meeting
              Venues of the meeting
Matej Bel University

   Matej Bel University was established on 1 July 1992 after the integration
    of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Economics.

   However Banská Bystrica has a long tradition in schooling and culture,
    which last from 13th century.

   Matej Bel, after whom the University is named, studied and later worked
    as a rector at Evangelical grammar schools in Banska Bystrica in 18th

   Matej Bel was outstanding scholar of his age called pearl of Hungaria.

   He was active in the fields of pedagogy, philosophy, philology, history,
    and theoretical theology; he was the founder of Hungarian geographic
    science and a pioneer of descriptive ethnography and economy
              Venues of the meeting
Matej Bel University

   Contemporary Matej Bel University consist of six faculties:

   The   Faculty   of   Economics
   The   Faculty   of   Humanities
   The   Faculty   of   Political Sciences and International Relations
   The   Faculty   of   Natural Sciences
   The   Faculty   of   Education
   The   Faculty   of   Law

   These faculties are offering 1024 study programs (fields of
    study) with approx 10 500 1st grade (bachelor) students,
    approx. 5 200 2nd grade (master) students and almost 500 3rd
    grade (PhD.) students
Thank you for your
   welcome to
 Banska Bystrica

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