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					Granted Networks Nordplus Neighbour 2004 - 2005
Institution/ Organisation                 Coordinator            Project title                                           Partner countries     Grant (NOK)

Vytautas Magnus University, Institute of
Political Science and Diplomacy,                                 Developing Nordic-Baltic-Russian Cooperation in New     EE, LV, LT, RU, DE,
Department of Journalism                 Balcytiene, Aukse       Media Journalism Training                               FI, NO, SE                    200,000
The Swedish University of Agricultural                           Nordic-Baltic-Russian academic network in               EE, LV, LT, RU, DE,
science, SLU                             Brukas, Villis          sustainable forestry                                    SE                            290,000
                                                                 Education, Career and Competitiveness in the Nordic-
Junior Achievement Estonia                Eskor-Kiviloo, Heidy   Baltic Region                                           EE, RU, FI, NO                150,000

                                                                 Understanding Societal Change: Developing a             EE, RU, DE, FI, NO,
EuroCollege, University of Tartu          Gallagher, Michael     Regional Network of Transition Studies programmes       SE                            200,000

                                                                 Networking of Public Administration Schools and
Latvian School of Public Administration   Grudule, Mara          Institutes from Denmark, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania LV, LT, DE, FI                 200,000
STAKES, National Research and
Development Centre for Welfare and
health                                    Hemminki, Elina        Reproductive health in Northern Europe                  EE, RU, FI, NO                250,000

                                                                 Neighbourhood housing management, competence
Dept. of Geography, University of Bergen Holt-Jensen, Arild      development combining social and physical initiatives   EE, LT, NO, SE                240,000

Association for Traditional Rural                                Nordic-Baltic network of MANagement of TRAditional      EE, LV, LT, RU, FI,
Landscapes in Southwest Finland           Ikonen, Iro            rural biotopes and landscapes (MANTRA)                  NO                            190,000
                                                                 Educational network cooperation: Cervical Cancer
Estonian Cancer Society                   Jaigma, Andres         Screening                                               EE, LT, FI, NO                150,000
                                                                 Writing and publishing of a book series of Problem
Talnakönnun (Data Analysis)               Jóhannesson Benedikt   solving - Olympiad Mathematics.                         LV, LT, FI, IS                100,000
                                                                                                                         EE, LV, LT, RU,FI,
Öjeskolan                                 Johansson, Sven Olov   Network for quality in schools                          SE                             50,000
Lithuanian Association of Adult                                  Four Learning Seasons, Network for new and better       EE, LV, LT, RU, DE,
Education                                 Juozaitiene, Roma      local adult learning opportunities                      FI, NO, SE                    200,000
Nr. Djurs Ungdomsskole                    Kjærgaard, Eigil       The school of tomorrow                                  LT, RU, DE, NO                270,000
                                                                 Harmonization problems of lifelong learning in the      EE, LV, LT, DE, FI,
The Council of Higher Education of Latvia Konstantinova, Arija   context of providing quality and recognition            NO                            140,000

Russian State Hydrometeorological                                Distance Learning - Curriculum and Quality Raise of
University                                Kurbatov, Sergey       Education in the field of Hydrochemistry                EE, RU, FI, SE                250,000
Institute of Language, Literature and
History, Karelian Research Centre,                                   Multidisciplinary Humanitarian Study of the White Sea
Russian Academy of science                Lobanova, Nadezhda         Basin                                                 EE, RU, FI, NO, SE     280,000
Materials Research Dept., Risø National                              Integrated Nordic postgraduate education and
Laboratory                                Megnis, Modris             reserach network in materials engineering             EE, LV, DE, SE         180,000

                                                                     Network for the Study on Adolescents' Attitudes and    EE, LT, RU, IS, NO,
NOVA                                      Mossige, Svein             Experiences with Sexuality and Sexual Violations       SE                    250,000
University of Tromsø/Centre for
International Health and Insitute for
Community Medicine                        Nilssen, Odd               Arctic Network of Family Medicine                      LT, RU, FI, NO, SE    250,000
Section for Nordic Languages, Tartu                                                                                         EE, LV, LT, RU, DE,
University                                Ohlsson, Stig Örjan        BALSAM - Baltiskt Samarbete                            NO, SE                200,000

University of Oslo, Physics Institute,                                                                                      EE, LT, RU, DE, FI,
Experimental Particle Physics             Ould-Saada, Farid          Nordic Grid Neighbourhood                              NO, SE                280,000

Children of the Baltic - Interregional                               Environmental Education Network for Students,
Youth Environmental NGO                   Ovcharenko, Vera           Teachers, and Local NGO Activists                      LT, RU, FI, SE        200,000

Blekinge Institute for R&D in prmary
care, social work, and psychiatry /                                  Supporting the development of primary care in the
Blekinge County Council                   Ovhed, Ingvar              Kaliningrad region                                     LT, RU, DE, NO, SE    130,000

University of Helsinki, Department of                                Visualizing forest cycles: growth, management,
Biological and Environmental science      Pihlstrøm, Mikael          pollutant and nutrient cycles - FORCY                  LV, RU, FI, NO, SE    200,000

                                                                     "Dissemination of know-how on technological,
Energy Efficiency Center                  Pozdnjakova, Anna          economic and environmental aspects of biofuels use".   LT, RU, NO, SE        220,000

Herning Institute of Business                                                                                               EE, LT, DE, FI, IS,
Administration and Technology (HIBAT)     Rasmussen, Ebbe            Joint Degree                                           NO, SE                160,000
TeSe (Vocational College of Technique
and Service)                              Rosthøj, Louise            Team building and Competence-based Learning            LT, RU, DE, FI        250,000

Transparency International Latvia -                                  Democracy and Life Long Learning-struggle against      EE, LV, LT, FI, NO,
Delna                                     Rutka, Daiga               corruption: a Nordic-Baltic cooperative efforts        SE                    140,000
Environmental Institute, Lithuanian                                  Nordic-Baltic-Russian Ecological Network in            EE, LV, LT, RU, FI,
University of Agriculture                 Rutkoviene, Vida-Marija    Agroecology                                            SE                    225,000

University of Tampere, Dep of Political                              The European North and EU-Russian International
Science and International Relations       Rytovuori-Apunen, Helena   Relations                                              EE, RU, FI, SE         70,000
                                                                   Learning about forests (LeAF) program development
Secondary school # 3                        Semanova, Svetlana     in NW Russia                                            LV, LT, RU, DE, NO    240,000
Dept. of Pathophysiology, Centre for
Molecular and Clinical Medicine,                                   Nordic-Baltic Postgraduate Summer Schools in            EE, LT, DE, FI, NO,
University of Tartu                         Seppet, Enn            Cellular Bioenergetics                                  SE                    250,000

Non-profit Partnership "Centrocept"         Shpanova, Natalya N.   Cultural Service Desk                                   EE, RU, FI, NO, SE    120,000

                                                                   Quality and extent of the molecular biology courses     LV, LT, RU, DE, FI,
University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine   Sjakste, Nikolajs      on different levels of medical education                NO, SE                200,000
Institute of Biology of the University of                          Commom network for specialized education in plant       LV, LT, RU, DE, FI,
Latvia                                      Sjakste, Tatjana       genomics and biotechnology                              NO                    200,000
Kaunas University of Technology,                                   Nordic Center for Innovative Studies and Advanced
Faculty of Design and Technologies          Strazdiene, Eugenija   Training in Textiles                                    LV, LT, FI, SE        200,000
Department of Finnish, Saami and                                   Nordic-Baltic-Russian network of Finnish minority and
Logopedics/ University of Oulu              Sulkala, Helena        regional languages                                      EE, RU, FI, NO, SE    300,000
"Open Education" Center (North-West
Center for Technologies in Open
Education)                                  Sviderskaya, Inna      Democratic School - for the Democratic Society          EE, LT, RU, FI, NO    250,000
                                                                   Baltic-Nordic network cooperation on education and
Dpt of Statistics, Stockholm University     Thorburn, Daniel       research in survey statistics                           EE, LV, LT, FI, SE    290,000

                                                                   Distance learning, virtual college and university       LV, LT, RU, DE, FI,
Rogaland Training and Education Centre Tikkanen, Tarja             courses - How do we want to do IT (DIVIRGIT)            IS, NO, SE            200,000
University of Tartu, Centre for Baltic                                                                                     EE, LT, RU, DE, FI,
Studies                                Trasberg, Viktor            International Classroom                                 NO                    250,000

                                                                   Networking of Nordic and Baltic Universities for        EE, LV, LT, DE, FI,
Vilnius University, Career Center           Vaiciunaite, Jolanta   Development and Improvement of Career Services          IS, SE                225,000

Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty of                               Creation of training programme for human resource       EE, LV, LT, RU, FI,
Humanities/Center for Business Ethics       Vasiljeviene, Nijole   development and promotion of social responsibility      NO, SE                170,000
Tampere College, Kuru Institute of                                 Forestry education development in Nordic, Baltic and
Forestry                                    Vuori, Juhani          North-West Russia                                       EE, RU, FI, SE        200,000
                                                                                                                           EE, LV, LT, FI, NO,
Høgskolen i Volda, Ivar Aasen Institute     Walton, Stephen J.     Sprid Österut                                           FR                    180,000
                                                                                                                           EE, LV, LT, RU, FI,
Kungl Tekniska Högskolan                    Wennersten, Ronald     Technology transfer for sustainable developement        NO, SE                260,000
                                                                   Developing non-formal adult education in the Baltic
LOF                                         Westh, Jan René        Region with a view to creating SMEs.                    EE, LT, DE, SE        270,000

                                                                   Comparison of Nordic and Baltic experiences with the
NOVA University Network                     Wålstedt, Knut         use of ICT and distance learning techniques.            EE, LV, LT, DE, SE    180,000

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