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					The Marketing of Our Environment:
      Hybrid Automobiles
        Presented by: Erika Reddell, Thuy Tran and Tim Zittle

For years Americans have driven gasoline powered vehicles, dealing with
rising gas prices. Finally, the future has come and Automobiles not only
need less gas but are also kinder to the environment. Yes, Hybrids are the
way of the future and Americans have shown that they are willing to help
the environment as well as their pocket books. In the following presentation
you will see how hybrids work, the influences that Americans have made
on the appearance of Hybrids, the benefits of buying a Hybrid, an overview
of Hybrids statistics and the advertising that influence and target us to buy
Hybrids. The advertising will be deconstructed and show the opinions and
effects that the media has on American consumers.
                   How Hybrids Work:

• ACCELERATION - Uses battery to power electric motor to start car.
• BRAKING - Generator converts speed into electricity to charge battery.
This is called Regenerative Braking.
• COASTING - After hitting about 20mph, gas engine takes over and
charges battery while keeping up with traffic.
•PASSING - Both electric and gas power plants unite to pick up the speed
without a glitch.
• AUTOMATIC START/SHUT OFF - Engine automatically shuts off
when car stops and restarts when accelerator is pressed.
                           What Americans Want:

     1999 Honda Insight
                                                        2007 Ford Escape

Since the first Hybrid, Americans have voiced that they want:
                          • Power, speed and acceleration
                          • Affordability
                          • Attractiveness
                          • Fuel Efficiency
Americans love BIG cars and POWER. This has changed Hybrids from small
futuristic cars to big attractive cars that Americans love with the added Hybrid
        Many Americans are Buying Hybrids:



          150000                                               Total # of US Hybrid


                     2000   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006

Benefits to Owning a Hybrid:
                   • Tax Incentives and Legislative Packages
                   • Extended Power train warranties
                   • Fuel Efficiency
                   • Reducing Environment Issues and Oil Dependency
                   • Added Discounts on Insurance
                   • Carpool Lane Exemptions
                      2007 Hybrid’s at a Glance:
     $35,000                      Honda Civic
                                                                                             Ford Escape
     $30,000                                                                                 4WD
                                  Honda Accord                                               Toyota Prius
     $20,000                      Toyota Camry                                               Toyota
                                                                                             Highlander 4WD
     $15,000                      Toyota                                                     Toyota Camry
     $10,000                      Highlander
                                  Toyota Prius                                               Honda Accord
         $0                       Ford Escape                                                Honda Civic
                2007 Hybrids
                                                       $0     $1,000 $2,000 $3,000 $4,000

         Cost of Hybrids                                   Energy Tax Credits
                                                           *With tax credits, the high cost of buying a Hybrid
                                                           is comparable to buying a traditional gas powered
     5                                                                                         Honda Civic
     4                            Honda Civic                                                  Honda Accord
                                  Honda Accord        50
                                  Toyta Camry         40                                       Toyota Camry
     2                            Toyota Prius
                                                      30                                       Toyota Highlander
     1                            Ford Escape
                                                      20                                       4WD
     0                                                                                         Toyota Prius

    t-P ive


                                                                                               Ford Escape 4WD






                                                              City       Town     Combined






Star Crash Test Ratings                              Comparing Miles per Gallon
* Those that were not rated are not shown on graph
                    Hybrid Companies:
By using billboards, magazines, internet, television, radio and product
advertising Hybrid Companies have successfully:
                  •Achieved profit
                  •Maintained a steady pattern of increased sales
                  •Acquired capital for growth
                  • Expanded faster than any other business

                                      *By using Billboards such as this one,
                                      reminds people while driving that they
                                      could be saving the environment. This
                                      is a powerful message to anyone, no
                                      matter how old they are.
Introduction to
     Ads :

The marketing companies use several forms of advertisements to get their
message to the intended target, in our case people interested in higher fuel
economy and environmental preservation. TV ads, Billboards, and magazine ads
are the main sources for these ads. We have chosen to focus on the magazine ads
because we are able to provide a visual reference for each. We will also be
focusing on the less obvious points of the deconstructions because the ads are
included. Our goal is to show a variety of approaches that these marketing
companies will take, from fuel economy, conservation, humor, and even power.
Toyota Prius:
Toyota Prius Deconstruction:
What tools of persuasion are used?
• The need to feel safe: Drive a Toyota Prius and we can still have car to drive
  in the future. Driving a non-hybrid car will consume too much oil which will
  leave nothing for future generations.
• The use of humor: Drive a Toyota Prius and the Sheikh will cry because he
  can no longer sell as much oil.
What healthy messages are communicated?
•    Toyota Prius consumes very little gasoline. By driving it, we save gasoline
    and keep the air clean for future generations.
What unhealthy messages are communicated?
• It’s obviously not true that we can drive the people who control the oil broke
  simply by driving the Toyota Prius.
What part of the story is not being told?
• Toyota Prius still depends on gasoline. It’s just consuming less. The Sheikh
  still makes plenty of money from the oil he sells.
Ford Escape Hybrid:
Ford Escape Hybrid Deconstruction:

What tools of persuasion are used?
• The need to feel good about yourself: Ford has built a more fuel-efficient
  SUV. SUV drivers like the size and space of their vehicles, but take a lot of
  criticism for wasting energy. By driving a Ford Escape Hybrid and you can
  drive the type of car you want, but still take care of the environment.
• The need to escape: When life becomes overwhelming, the Ford Escape
  Hybrid can take you to a secluded hill top where you can escape your normal
  day-to-day activities, and still get closer to nature without harming it.
• The use of humor: The use of a Kermit the Frog instead of a human being
  suggests that even an animal knows that it is easy to spare the air, so any
  human being should know better than that. The Ford Escape Hybrid is the
  SUV to choose.
What healthy messages are communicated?
• It is very easy to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere; just
  drive a car that is more fuel-efficient and that is the Ford SUV Escape
Ford Escape Hybrid Deconstruction: (Continued)

What unhealthy messages are communicated?
• That you can drive off road anywhere you want. When driving off of
  designated roads, a great deal of damage is done to plants and the landscape.
  This should never be done.
What part of the story is not being told?
• 36 mpg is fuel-efficient for standard SUV’s, but it is nothing compared to other
  hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or the Honda Civic Hybrid. At this rate,
  driving a Ford Escape Hybrid may not help tremendously to keep the air clean
  and the earth green.
Lexus GS450h:
Lexus GS450h Deconstruction:

What tools of persuasion are used?
• The need to achieve: The Lexus can help you show that you are successful,
  but still sensitive. Driving a cleaner car for the environment while not giving
  up performance. Drive this car and you are powerful and intelligent.
• The need to dominate: Lexus GS450h is as powerful as many other V8 cars.
  It will give you the speed, performance, and luxury you need.
• The need for prominence: In as short as 5.2 seconds, everyone will realize
  that Lexus GS450h is different from other hybrid cars. It has an elegant
  design to satisfy demanding customers. Driving this car will give you the
  excellent performance Lexus has to offer while taking less oil from the
  earth’s limited supply.
What healthy messages are communicated?
• It’s possible to save the oil and the air without giving up on speed and luxury.
  Lexus has just proved it.
Lexus GS450h Deconstruction: (Continued)

What unhealthy messages are communicated?
• Power and superiority aren’t usually common traits of people that are
  concerned about saving the earth.
What part of the story is not being told?
• Lexus GS450h can’t achieve 60 mph in 5.2 seconds using the electric engine
  but the V6 gas engine with premium gasoline like any other non-hybrid cars.
  It may cost more to purchase a Lexus hybrid.
Honda Accord Hybrid:
Honda Accord Hybrid Deconstruction:

What tools of persuasion are used?
• The need for aesthetic sensations: Honda Accord Hybrid is as beautiful
  and elegant as the surroundings themselves, and whoever buys it has a
  good aesthetic sense.
• The need to satisfy curiosity: Drive a Honda Accord Hybrid to find out
  why it is a living species; how it can treat boredom, dullness and road
What healthy messages are communicated?
• Honda Accord Hybrid uses less gas and lives in harmony with nature.
What unhealthy messages are communicated?
•   That saving a couple of miles per gallon is all that needs to be done to become
    one with nature. The mileage is still below that of many gas only cars.
What part of the story is not being told?
•   It still depends on gas so it’s not completely nature-friendly.
Saturn Vue Greenline
Saturn Vue Greenline Hybrid Deconstruction:
What tools of persuasion are used?
• The need to achieve: Saturn is smarter than other companies in designing
  their hybrid SUV at an affordable price. Driving a Saturn Vue can help you
  demonstrate how intelligent you are.
• The need to escape: Saturn is powerful enough to take you to remote areas
  like the creek in a quiet valley for a relaxing atmosphere.
What healthy messages are communicated?
• You don’t have to break your bank account to help spare the air. Buy a
  Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid and you can have a powerful SUV that is
  cleaner for the air, better for the earth, and is very affordable.
What unhealthy messages are communicated?
• Again, this is an example of telling people that it is okay to drive off of
  designated pathways for your own amusement.
What part of the story is not being told?
• The EPA rating of 32 mpg of the Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid is no longer
  the best highway gas mileage of any SUV. Ford Escape SUV Hybrid can
  achieve 36 mpg. Saturn Vue may be innovative but it’s not much different
  from other hybrid cars in that it still depends on gasoline.
Conclusion to Ads:

The consistent theme across all of these ads was fuel economy. Some touted fuel
savings while still delivering the power and prestige some people really want.
Others are focused on fuel economy only. Some use humor, while still others
combine the great outdoors with environmental concerns such as a cleaner
environment, helping to fight global warming, and preservation of natural
resources. Although these cars won’t make a big impact by themselves, it’s a
start. We have to start somewhere. Ribbit!

In the Final analysis, we can see that Hybrids will keep changing to adapt to new
generations. They will no doubt change shape, amenities, and engine types to
appease the American consumer as they changed from the Honda Insight to the
Ford Escape. As long as there is a demand for a better efficiency vehicle which
we have seen to be the case, the automobile companies will work to make this
possible. As well as changing physical aspects Hybrid companies will also change
the way they advertise to gain the trust and attention of Americans to benefit the
environment, Americans, and car companies. Many Americans have adopted this
new found technology and who wouldn't with the attractiveness, amenities, tax
incentives, reducing oil dependency and the benefit to the environment, America,
and future generations. All in all it is safe to say that this is a step forward to a
new and rewarding future.



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