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TRR Summer Newsletter 2008 Final


									Y O U G OT YO U R TA X R E B A T E ,
                                                                                                                               Summer 2008
D ID YO U PA Y YO U R                        T R R D UE S ?
 D OW NL O AD            OU R RE G ISTRATION FO RM                @      WW W . TR RON L IN E . O RG / TR RBRO C HU RE . PD F

                                                      BY CLUB PRESIDENT, CONNIE HARMAN
4th of July on Smith
                                  Wow time has really flown by
June Meeting                  2   with paddling most weekends
                                  this year. Though it might not
                                  be the big stuff for all of us; it’s
Safety Column                     great being out on the water
                                  anytime. Fun to see so many
July Novice Clinic            3   people!

                              4   •    July 4th was spent on the
Kibler Race                            Smith River (Martinsville
                                                                           it one more year. Way to go Jack-       help them develop skills. There’s
Tturkeyfest 2008              5                                            son. If you stop we’ll be sad.          usually an extra boat or two for
                                  •    Kibler Valley was a blast,                                                  others to paddle, and it’s fun trying
                                                                           Our camping and cookout at Al-
                              6        with releases every Satur-                                                  out new boats.
Environmental                                                              bert’s was a blast despite a bunch
                                       day in July and a few dur-                                                  Roll sessions moved to Tuesday
                                                                           of teens that kept some of us up
                                       ing the week. Thank you,                                                    nights, so we can postpone to
Gossip Column                                                              most of the night! I’ve forgotten
                                       Delane Heath for keeping                                                    Wednesdays when it rains or to
                                                                           what it’s like to be that young! Next
                                       us posted on Kibler re-                                                     allow for our club meeting.
Treasurer’s Report            7                                            time I’ll bring my water bazooka
                                                                           and start a war!                        Upcoming Club Trip Plan:
If Women Named                8   With the great turn out of boat-
                                                                           Club meetings have been very dif-       •Gauley Festival Summersville WV
                                  ers this year. Old friends catch-
                                                                           ferent each month, as we continue        Sept 19-21st;
                                  ing up (if you got the chance to
                                                                           the tour of local restaurants in the
                                  see them), making new pad-                                                       •Fall Rendezvous, will be Septem-
Cruise Schedule                   dling friends, & the carnage                                                      ber 26th-28th will be in Bryson
                                  was every where.                         June: Brian Higgins with Dan River       City NC,
                                                                           Basin Association (DRBA) shared
                                  Our Kibler Valley Race Club                                                      This will be lead by Mike Hancock.
Club Officers:                                                             about the Dan River at Olympia
                                  Challenge was a hoot, and Dan                                                    Remember this is also GAF week-
                                                                           Restaurant on Market Street.
                                  Rossi was so gracious to let me                                                  end. We are planning to have chili
• President,                                                               July: We caught up and enjoyed
                                  tandem with him. We had a                                                        Saturday evening at Smoky Moun-
  Connie Harman                                                            country cooking at Moose Café at
                                  great time and our race time                                                     tain Meadows.
• Vice-President,                 was 43 minute. We plowed                 the Farmer’s Market.
                                                                                                                   As the year moves on, let’s con-
  Who’s on 1st?                   into a few rocks, and hit the            August: We all met at Mi Pueblo         tinue to reach out & help newbies
                                  one big rock at Basketball,              they didn't have a DVD player so
• Secretary/Treasurer,                                                                                             gain experience and encourage the
                                  which almost threw me out of             we adjourned to Eric Juday’s house
  Mack Roebuck                                                                                                     old members to come back, hang
                                  the canoe. (see picture above)           to watch footage of his Ecuador         out, & help out. Without them
                                  Jackson Heath’s Lemonade                 Trip and his famous ancestry.
• Cruise Chair,                                                                                                    there is no TRR.
                                  Stand seemed to go really well
  Bob Moses                                                                Weekly roll sessions has given us a             SYOTR
                                  this year. Maybe he should give
                                                                           chance to meet new paddlers and                          Connie
• Safety Chair,
  Eric Juday

• Conservation Chair,                                                   TUESDAYS,
                                      Roll Practice on Belews Lake, NOW TUESDAYS, 6pm till dusk
  Tim Tuttle
                                                   Eric Juday, ACA Certified Instructor
• Newsletter Editor:               & Experienced Club Volunteers, including Cruise Director Bob Moses
  Teresa Roberts
                                                       Piney Buff Landing, Hwy 65, in Stokesdale
Y o u g o t y o u r T A X r e b a t e , b u t d i d y o u p a y y o u r T R R du e s ?                                                   Page 2

Smith River Trip, 4th of July 2008                                                        Written By Bob Moses, Cruise Director

          Britt & Carlyn Lassiter                                 Glenn Vignola                                Father & Daughter
               side surf duet                               Manly Man & Fine Bartender               w/ intrepid Bob Moses in background

                                                                    What better way to start a       offers sufficient flow to practice
         K1:  Britt, Carlyn, Tim, April, Tosh,
                                                                    holiday weekend than to          basic river skills.
              Glenn , Eddie and Bob                                 get together with friends        And like those great sage minds
         OC1: Connie, Becky, Teresa, and Bob.                       and paddle.                      that remind us: “Basics, Basics,
                                                                    The Smith River near Mar-
                                                                    tinsville, Virginia is a gen-    The highlight of our trip was
                                                                    tle float trip with a few        getting to see a “WOOZ” in ac-
                                                                    riffles that beg for about       tion!
                                                                    two more feet of water to
                                                                    become real rapids. Don’t
                                                                    get me wrong, I like the
                                                                    Smith River a lot, but it
                                                                    has yet to cause much of
                                                                    an adrenaline rush. It is a
                                                                    great place to cool down
                                                                    on a hot summer day and

OLYMPIA          RESTAURANT ON                     MARKET STREET JUNE 2008                          WRITTEN           BY    JOHN LEA
Dan River Basin Association, (DRBA)                  to protect the region's heritage, key to       improve the region’s quality of life, mak-
offers river and trail outings for fun and           building sustainable economic improve-         ing the area a better place in which to
friendship, create river accesses for                ment in an area dependent on declining         live, visit, and do business.
boating, floating and fishing, and link              agriculture and manufacturing econo-
                                                                                                    Ongoing DRBA Projects:
people with places by promoting trails               mies.
                                                                                                        Mayo River State Park
and greenways.                                       DRBA is working to foster the creation of a        Stream monitoring
DRBA creates opportunities for adults                regional identity to promote the history,          Riverside parks
and school children to learn about the               natural resources, and unique features of          River access points
health of their local streams and to re-             the Dan River valley region. By protecting         Fishery enhancement
store local trout fisheries & actively work          the region’s natural assets such as the            Regional eco-heritage tourism
                                                     Dan River and its tributaries, DRBA is             Historical Batteau Reenactment
                                                     working to promote tourism as well as              First Saturday outings year-round
                                                     healthy lifestyles. DRBA assists localities        River-related historic preservation
                                                     in creating community parks, trails and            Educational programs and displays
                                                     access to local rivers and streams.                Hiking, riding, and portage trails
                                                     By promoting a bi-state network of rivers,         Historical & archaeological research
                                                     greenways, and trails, DRBA hopes to           Thank you Brian Higgins & DRBA for
                                                     improve the region’s quality of life, making   presenting to our club.
                                                     the area a better place in which to live,
                                                                                                    In the course of stealing verbiage from
                                                     visit, and do business.                        your website for this article, I finally
                                                     By promoting a bi-state network of rivers,     joined and I hope other TRR members
                                                     greenways, and trails, DRBA hopes to           will follow suit!   www.
You got your TAX rebate, but did you pay your TRR dues?                                                                                  Page 3

                                                   WRITTEN BY ERIC JUDAY, SAFETY CHAIR

 When You Can’t Use Your                        every time I’ve tried it.
                                                Knee Up then Stand UP
 Skirt Grab Loop to Exit                          First take one leg out of the thigh brace.
                                                  Put your knee up into the skirt and pull
 There has been a lot of talk about how to
                                                      your foot up to your bottom or into
 exit your boat in the event that you can’t
 pop the skirt using the Grab Loop. There             your seat.
 was a very unfortunate incident in PA            Stand up on this leg in your seat at the
 where the Grab Loop was accidently                   same time you push both sides of the
 tucked inside the cockpit of a C1, causing           boat near the cockpit with your
 the death of an east coastal kayaker                 hands.
 recently . I imagine that exiting C1’s are a     Keep standing up and pushing with your
 bit different from exiting kayaks. So this           hands and if you can, get both feet
 method is mainly directed to kayakers. It            under your butt.                               Center Line, Bear Creek Falls, Cheoah River
 may work for C1’s but you should test for        Either the skirt will pop off the rim or you
 yourself what works best. And that goes                                                                tempt underwater alone.
                                                      will push out through the tunnel of
 for kayakers using this method as well.              the skirt leaving the skirt on the boat.     Other techniques are being circulated. I
                                                Notes                                              can’t comment on how well they may or
 Test different methods for yourself first
                                                This is not an easy thing to do and cre-           may not work. Be sure to test any new
 on DRY LAND. Don’t attempt these tech-
                                                ates a lot of suction with the tight seal          method before you need it. Whatever
 niques without an escape plan. Don’t test
                                                on today’s well manufactured skirts                method you choose, beware of sloppy
 these methods underwater without a
                                                when performing this method on dry                 execution in the heat of the moment as
 spotter. Don’t test methods with your
 grab loop tucked in. Be sure to keep your      land.                                              this may cause muscle strain or injury.
 grab loop out for any test as an emer-           When you are upside down you will have           Be safe out there. Practice techniques
 gency exit.                                          water pushing into the cockpit of the        before getting on the river. Everyone’s
                                                      boat and gravity will be on your side.       equipment is different. Be aware of your
 What I have used for as long as I can                                                             equipment and know your own limita-
                                                  Practice on DRY LAND first and only in
 remember is a “Knee UP then Stand UP”
 method. It’s very simple and has worked
                                                      the water with a spotter. Don’t at-          tions.      Know before you go!

   TRR Novice Clinic – July 19, 2008                      Smith River Martinsville, Virginia          Written By Lorraine Burnham

 Participants: Glenn Vignola, Rick James,       portion covered gear & paddling clothes,         Epilogue
                                                                                                 Epilogue: Although I’ve attended 2 novice
 Don Swanson, Lorraine Burnham, Justin          equipment care, river safety, self-rescue,       clinics with another paddling club, I felt
 Keener, David Probst, and Pete Goldwine.       basic rescue of fellow boaters, throw            fortunate to attend this one. I discovered
 Prologue:                                      rope techniques and proper behavior/             taking a clinic with different instructors
                                                etiquette for whitewater paddling.               broadens my perspective. Each instructor
 Two evenings before TRR’s 2008 Novice          At mid-day, the clinic staff and partici-        focuses on different aspects of our sport.
 clinic, I wondered if I should still try to    pants carpooled to the Smith River near          The subtleties of skill improvement may
 attend. I called Connie and “begged” to        Martinsville, VA. We used the Marrow-            seem insignificant at first but can make a
 be allowed to join a nearly full class of      bone put-in and set shuttle for a take-out       big difference when practiced over and
 excited novice kayakers. Lucky for me,         at Mitchell Bridge, about four miles             over. I improved my skills, picked up some
 there was one spot left in the first in a      downriver. The Smith is a Class I-II river,      important safety tips & paddled with some
 series of instructional paddling clinics.      with many excellent spots to practice the        familiar and new faces. I look forward to
 Safety Chair, Eric Juday led the clinic,       ferries, peel-outs and stroke techniques         taking more clinics with TRR and paddling
 with safety boaters Connie Harman and
                                                Eric demonstrated.                               with some newfound boating buddies.
 Bob Moses in K-1s + Kirby Wilkins OC-1.
                                                The group broke for lunch at Lunch Stop          Upcoming Kayaking Clinics:
 The clinic began @ 8:45am at Connie &          rapid, a good place to practice eddy
 Bob’s home in Kernersville where we                                                             September 20th & 21st -- Intermediate Kay-
                                                turns, ferry moves, self-rescue, rope            aking, $55 ACA members, $60 non-ACA.
 enjoyed early morning sun on the patio &       throws and basic surfing. There were no
 Connie’s home-baked muffins. Eric spent                                                         14-16 hours of instruction on the
                                                “accidental” swims this day, although            Tuckasegee / Nantahala rivers (western
 most of the morning reviewing the basics
                                                one paddler executed his first wet exit.         NC) or similar venue, depending on water
 of whitewater paddling from the perspec-
 tive of an ACA (American Canoe Assoc.)         On the way back to Kernersville, several         levels.
 certified instructor, combined with exten-     participants practiced the much enjoyed          October 11th -- Beginner/Novice Kayaking,
 sive experience as a whitewater kayaker/       tradition of a beer on the road trip back.,      $25 for ACA members, $30 non-ACA.
 instructor. (Eric began teaching paddlers      while most of the group stayed around
                                                after the clinic to enjoy Mexican food           8 hours of instruction on the Smith River or
 as a teenager in Ohio.) This classroom                                                          similar venue, depending on water levels.
                                                and beverages at a local restaurant.
Y o u g o t y o u r T A X r e b a t e , b u t d i d y o u p a y y o u r T R R du e s ?                                                            Page 4

                                               WRITTEN BY GLENN “I’M ONLY THE BARTENDER” VIGNOLA

         Dancin’ ‘neath the stars

 It is safe to say everyone had a                              Glenn Vignola,                                          Jim Vanlew
 great time with the race. From                       Boater by Day, Bartender at Night                           Calmly surfs the turbine
 the first time cherries like me to
 the most experienced paddlers,
 everyone had a great time and
 made it through in one piece.
 I myself and everyone in TRR
 would like to say Thanks to all
 those who made it possible once
 again. The river was flowing as
 fast as the Tequila (or maybe I
 have that backwards) which
 made for a lot of fun and play on                        Eric Juday                 Bartender & Willing Victim Bob         Trish Owens Surfing
 and off the water. We did our
 best to have a good time and
 avoid the big rocks (and flaming
 Some of us even recorded per-
 sonal best times. After the race
 thanks to Albert and Connie we
 were able to have a great cook-
 out and camp the night next to
 the river. We all had a fantastic
 time that day and night. (even if
 some of us suffered for a day or
 two afterwards).
 I’m sure everyone is looking
 forward to next year.                                             Ed Boswell                                           Tim Tuttle
                                                                     360’s                                            Turbine Surfing
 I know I am!

       OC2 Team Dan Rossi & Connie Harman                                                                             Duane Brown attains
                                                                     Make way for Don Gray

                                                                TRR in the News:

 content/2008/ 07/27/article/ rough_water_ time_to_get_ your_feet_ wet
                     Photos: legacy/indepth/ 08/whitewater_ 072708/
                Check Out Kibler Calendar Boyz: Jim Vanlew, Eric Juday, Jerry Hopping & Mack Roebuck!
Y o u g o t y o u r T A X r e b a t e , b u t d i d y o u p a y y o u r T A X du e s ?                                                   Page 5

                                          Dave Fox’s Tturkeyfest 2008:
                                                           by Steve (Slott) Lott

                                          If you were to ever find                 he’d been doing it for
                                          yourself in an eddy with                 years. Way to go Ben.
                                          me, above a rapid with a
                                          name like “screaming                     After a day of fellowship
                                          mother of hell” or some-                 and good paddling by all
                                                                                                                          Slott Move!
                                          thing like that, and you                 we went back to camp for
                                          hear me say “no prob-                    the evenings festivities.
            Young Turks                   lem ....just follow my line”             David put the turkey in
       Brian, Dave, Ben & Tim             I suggest you think about                the smoker before we
                                          it. But if you find yourself             went to the river so it was
                                          in the takeout parking lot               nearly ready when we got
                                          of the Lower section of                  back to camp. Bob
                                          the Green River and Bob                  brought his deep fryer so
                                          Moses says “I know a                     he could fry another (it
                                          darned good place to get                 may have been juicer had
                                          babyback ribs”.....follow                he and Tim been able to         Robert eddy hops with ease
                                          his line every time.                     resist poking it so much).
                                                                                   Good times attract good
                                          On our way to Turkeyfest                 company, and we were
                                          weekend, Bob, Connie                     joined by Christine B of           Next time you
                                          and I decided to do a little             Georgia, Robert J and
                                          warm up run on the lower                 Gretchen _. The meal              see Teresa you
     Brian Gilly as Yamika Boy            Green. The water was a                   was terrific followed by          should ask her
    eats kosher wieners with beer
                                          little low but warm & the                some campfire shenani-
                                          scenery was excellent. We
                                                                                                                        to explain.
                                                                                   gans that involved Te-
                                          worked our way down thru                 quilla and marshmallows.         Or ask Dave Fox
                                          the run with no difficulty &             Next time you see Teresa           why he added
                                          had dinner in a rib joint                you should ask her to ex-
                                          called Fat Buddy’s in                    plain. Or ask Dave Fox           that extra “t” for
                                          Wayneswille. The ribs                    why he added that extra           “tequila” to the
                                          were to die for. After din-              “t” for “tequila” to the          event’s name.
                                          ner we drove into Bryson                 annual event’s name.
                                          City for beer & supplies,
                                          then out to Smokey Moun-                 Breakfast at Rivers End
                                          tain Meadows to set up                   the next morning and a
         Three Serious Chefs!                                                      great day on the Nan-
                                          camp. David Fox was al-
                                          ready there along with                   tahala. Just above Surfers
                                          several others.                          there was a thunderstorm
                                                                                   with lots of heavy rain.
                                          Next morning we packed                   But by the time we got to
                                          gear and set shuttle to                  the Falls the sun was
                                          run the Tuckaseegee.  .                  back out and everyone I
                                          About 20 of us put on                    saw made a clean run
                                          around noon with sun                     down, including Ben!
                                          shine bright and a slight                                              Yamika Boy puts on the Nanty
                                          breeze. We had a novice                  The whole way home I
     Caught Poking the Turkey!            paddler who’d only run                   had this huge smile on my
                                          one river before. David                  face because I had such a
                                          Fox’s excellent instruction              great time with old and
                                          and TRR group care made                  new friends. Thank you to
                                          it a fun experience. We                  all who participated and
                                          helped him ferry and                     made me remember just
                                          catch eddy’s all the way                 why I love this sport. Not
                                          downstream. He made a                    only is it great to be on
                                          very tricky ferry above the              the river but the times we
                                          hole at the Railroad rapid               spend together make
                                                                                   memories that will last       Dave Fox Buried in a Nantahala
                                          that made him look like                                                 surf with Tim & Slott nearby
        Teresa Runs the Falls
You got your TAX rebate, but did you pay your TRR dues?                                                                         Page 6

    T H E T AO                  OF       PEE                                                                 New Members
          BY TIM TUTTLE
 While paddling in Western NC, I came upon a sign
 on the river posted by a landowner with a familiar
 cartoon: “No Trespassing. If you must relieve your-
 self, do it in the river”. I thought that to be strange.
 I always thought to relieve myself out of the water,
 on land. So I went on the Internet. And here is what
 they say:
             If you need to urinate during the              And a tip from the British Columbia Minis-
             day the river managing agencies                try of Education’s “Bear-Human Conflict
             tell us the best approach is to use            Reduction Guidelines for River Rafting”:
             the river. You may be concerned                      Urinate away from camp, and below
             about the environmental conse-                       the high water line so that it is
             quences of doing this. The fact is,                  flushed away.
             any contribution you make to the               I guess this is so’s you don’t piss off the     We have 44 members with
             river will be infinitesimal com-               bears.                                                dues paid up,
             pared to the river’s overall water             And of course proper etiquette dictates
             volume. Thus, by being diluted                 you pee DOWNSTREAM of where your
                                                                                                             including new members
             quickly, urine becomes environ-                friends are surfing, they just might flip. So      Christine Blumberg,
             mentally harmless. Echo Trips,                 the next time you’re out paddling with TRR               Georgia,
             Salmon & Rogue Rivers, Idaho & Ore-            on the river remember…DON’T…..
             gon                                                                                               Lorraine Burnham,
           Urine has little direct effect on
           vegetation or soil. In some in-                                                                          Jan Bolen ,
           stances urine may draw wildlife                                                                         Chapel Hill,
           which are attracted to the salts.
           They can defoliate plants and dig                                                                        Ed Hodgin,
           up soil. Urinating on rocks, pine                                                                        Jim Mohr,
           needles and gravel is less likely to
           attract wildlife. Leave No Trace                                                                       Glenn Vignola,
           Program, Center for Outdoor Ethics                                                                      Greensboro.
                                                                                                              Also, welcome back to
                                                                                                            Charles “Butch” Landreth
                      TRR GOSSIP COLUMN                                                                           Darryl Collins
                         BWAHAHAHAHA                                                                                Ron Miller

  Are you really active in the club?                                                                            Annual
   Take this quiz and see:
 ♦ Which TRR member’s pet window-shaded their owner this season and caused broken ribs? (If
    you guessed John Lea’s mule, keep up! That was last newsletter.)
                                                                                                               TRR Dues
 ♦ What former TRR critic is now its biggest fan & planning to join? (Two Hints: See comic
    Environmental Column above + paddling picture on page 5.)
 ♦ Who is the artist kissing and at which TRR event? Was tequila involved?                                          Mail to:
 ♦ Who in their right mind would pay $150 to install a pump on a very used 10-year old boat?                      Triad River
 ♦ Who is the Yamika Boy and how did he get his name?                                                               Runners
                                                                                                                P.O. Box 24094
                                                                                                              Winston-Salem, NC

                                                                                                                  on request
Y o u g o t y o u r T A X r e b a t e , b u t d i d y o u p a y y o u r T R R du e s ? d u e s ?                                   Page 7

Coolest P.F.D. eye ever saw                                                    WRITTEN By Dave Fox

Just like Superman, Bob Moses came to save                     THEN, just like superman, he vanished
the day at the 30th Annual OHC-WWSC 8/15-                      before anyone could say
17/08. We asked for help: Bob answered the                                 THANK YOU!!!
call to arms. He not only saved the day, he
saved 3 or 4 swimmers {a couple folks more                                 So Thanks from the B.S.A
than once} 3 boats, 2 paddles and a party in a                                                              Bob’s Way Cool PFD
pear tree.                                                                                               Designed By Bob Moses and
                                                                                                             painted By John Lea

                                                                                                          by Mack Roebuck
                                                                                                        Transactions for the Year
                                                                                                       Dues……….…………... $ 260.00

                                                                                                        Kibler Picnic ( and hence,
                                                                                                        port-o-let)………...…...…..…. $ 97.85

                                                                                                       Checking Balance AUG 15, 2008:
                                                                                                       Hope ya’ll are paying atten-
                                                                                                       tion to the math. There may
                                                                                                       be a test later.
                                                                                                       Preview test question:
                                                                                                         How much money did
                                                                                                         TRR spend last quarter
                                                                                                         on tequila & which brand?
Y o u g o t y o u r T A X r e b a t e , b u t d i d y o u p a y y o u r T R R du e s ?                                         Page 8

TRRCALENDARGIRLS:                         DONNA SPOON, TERESA ROBERTS                              AND        CONNIE HARMAN

IF WOMEN NAMED RAPIDS                                                                      WRITTTEN BY DONNA SPOON

The first thing I noticed when I took up solo canoeing six summers ago, was the lack of females in whitewater sports. I grew up
in a house of men, who lived for the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”, so was not intimidated when I found myself in
the gender minority on numerous trips down the Southeast’s Nantahala and French Broad Rivers. I grew accustomed to the pre
and post paddle banter, consisting of play-by-play descriptions of previous feats involving un-ending combat rolls, killer holes,
river-wide strainers, and jagged rocks all run at flood-stage levels.
As my skills advanced, I began to try more challenging rivers. However instead of responding with the pre-paddle thrill that I
observed in my male counterparts, I found myself having nightmares the night before a trip of swirling torrents swallowing my
tiny craft, with no eddies to slow my out-of-control flow toward inevitable monster hydraulics. This fear reached the hysterical
level on a trip down the Nolichucky Gorge, as we loaded the shuttle, and I listened to veteran single and double bladers describe
rapids with menacing names such as Jaws, On the Rocks, and Sousehole.
To my relief, two women joined the flotilla that day. We discussed pleasantries on the shuttle to the put-in, and unlike our male
counterparts exchanged the essential details from our lives that serve to cement the female bond, including our career path, rela-
tionship history, and interests beyond paddling. The only real conversation of paddling was a few sentences about how long eve-
ryone had been in the sport, and an admission of how nervous we were about the day’s trip.
The first few minutes were a blur, as I carried my gear to the river, stretched, and did warm-up strokes in the pool above the rail-
road bridge, which spans the green Nolichucky. It was impossible to appreciate the beauty of the gorge at this moment, as I was
at the point of hyperventilating in my anticipation of the first rapid, prophetically named “On the Rocks”. Everyone in our group
survived the next two rapids, and we stopped for lunch on one of the numerous white sandy beaches, which dot the river’s banks
at lower levels.
We women congregated together, and began to discuss the morning’s experiences, the beauty of the gorge, and ways of combat-
ing our pre-trip anxiety. It wasn’t long before we came to a group consensus that males had definitely named the rapids on each
river with the intention of increasing their prowess; consequently the more intimidating and terrifying the rapid’s name, the
greater their accomplishment when having escaped the deadly grip of the appropriately-labeled “Jaws”. We further concluded
that males use the pre-trip shuttle as a sort of male pep rally to vividly share sensational descriptions of boat-eating holes to build
adrenaline. We immediately decided that names should be changed to initiate less anxiety before launching into the current.
          Current Name                                   Proposed Name Change
          On the Rocks                                   Foaming Angel Falls
          JAWS                                           SMILEY FACE
          Rollercoaster                                  Rainbow Ride
          Surprise                                       Fairy’s Playground
          Sousehole                                      Maggie’s Rock
Now I realize that readers possessing the Y chromosome feel these new & less intimidating names have no place in river lore.
But we in the paddling gender minority ask that you indulge us, and the next time you hear female paddlers wax fondly of
“Foaming Angel Falls”, know that we are merely readying ourselves to face the challenge ahead in our own kindler gentler way.

   On The Rocks AKA                      Jaws AKA                    Rollercoaster AKA     Surprise AKA           Sousehold AKA
   Foaming Angel Falls                  Smiley Face                   Rainbow Ride       Fairy’s Playground       Maggie’s Rock
                                                                                                                                      S u m m er 2008

                                                                      Fa l l Cr ui se S c he d ul e
         PO Box 24094                      Gauley Festival Summersville, WV                              September 19th-21st
   Winston-Salem, NC 27114
                                           TRR Fall Rendezvous (Tuck & Nanty) & GAF weekend
      Phone: 336-924-3802                  Camping at Smokey Mountain Meadows Campground September 26th-28th
       Fax: 336-217-2771
                                           Chili provided by Club Saturday night,           (see notes below)
     Newsletter submissions:               Contact Mike Hancock at 704-460-7627
                                           TRR Club Meeting                                              October 14th
      General information:                 TRR Club Meeting                                              November 11th                 Paddling Strokes and Roll Practice                            Tuesday nights

                                                                                     Cl i ni cs :
                                                  Sept. 20th & 21st Intermediate Kayak $55 ACA member $60 non-ACA
   We’re on the Web!                         14-
                                             14-16hrs instructing on Tuckasegee/Nantahala or similar depending on water levels
                                                   October 11th Beginner/Novice Kayak $25 ACA member $30 non-ACA  non-
                                                  8hrs instruction on Smith River or similar venue depending on water levels.

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                                           FALL RENDEZVOUS We've got reservations at Smokey Mountain Meadows so all we need now is
                                           boaters. I haven't done this in a real long time, but we used to really have a lot of fun with this. Of
                                           course you're ALL invited, but it would be especially neat to see some TRR "Old timers" show up.
                                           Heck, if I can come back from the dead, anyone can. So if you're out there lurking, drag the
                                           Dancer out of the cellar, blow the spiders out of it and come on up. All interested parties please
                                           let me know at canu49@hotmail. com or 704-460-7627 so we can start getting a headcount. And
                                           if you should know any old, dormant TRR types, light a fire under 'em.
                                                                                                                 SYOTR, Mike Hancock

Eric teaches all 3 Versions of the Kayak
  Roll at TRR’s Tuesday Roll Sessions
      on Belews Lake in Stokesdale

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