Sheet1 - Roadmap to America by cuiliqing


									                          Volume II Catalogue of Lessons on Roadmap to America: The Last Best Hope

                                                    Volume II ROADMAP                                              Volume II PREMIUM
VII, Ch1   SkillProject    Woodrow Wilson, the Fourteen Points and Treaty of Versailles
VII, Ch1   Mnemonic        Wilson's Plan POINTS                                                GREAT WAR
VII, Ch1   Debate          The Sedition Act of 1918                                            US Senate Should Ratify the Versailles Treaty
VII, Ch1   Play            War in the Air: Interview with Eddie Rickenbacker                   Press Conference with President Wilson
VII, Ch2   SkillProject    Radio Days
VII, Ch2   Mnemonic        STOCKS                                                              TWENTIES
VII, Ch2   Debate          Prohibition Was a Total Failure                                     America Always Has Been & Must Always Remain Nation of Immigrants
VII, Ch2   Play            The Crash                                                           Prohibition
VII, Ch3   SkillProject    The WPA & the Alphabet Agencies
VII, Ch3   Mnemonic        NEW DEAL                                                            NAZIS
VII, Ch3   Debate          The New Deal Has Been Beneficial to America                         The Lessons of Munich (1938) Are Still Relevant Today
VII, Ch3   Play            The New Deal                                                        The Scottboro Boys
VII, Ch4   SkillProject    Headlines of the Day
VII, Ch4   Mnemonic        HITLER                                                              Lend-LEASE
VII, Ch4   Debate          America Should Rescind the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution       1939: America Should Rescind or Revise Neutrality Acts
VII, Ch4   Play            Battle of Britain                                                   Lend-Lease Press Conference
VII, Ch5   SkillProject    Pearl Harbor After-Action Report
VII, Ch5   Mnemonic        INFAMY                                                              ATLANTIC
VII, Ch5   Debate          The United States Should Reinstitute the Draft                      1942: Japanese Americans Should be Removed to Internment Camps
VII, Ch5   Play            Pearl Harbor                                                        World War II 1942: The Battle of Midway
VII, Ch6   SkillProject    Yalta & Potsdam
VII, Ch6   Mnemonic        VICTORY                                                             OVERLORD
VII, Ch6   Debate          The United States was Justified in Using Atomic Weapons on Japan    Air Campaign Against German Cities in WWII was Necessary to Win War
VII, Ch6   Play            D-Day Invasion                                                      Auschwitz: An Eyewitness Account
VII, Ch7   SkillProject    The Korean Conflict
VII, Ch7   Mnemonic        COLD WAR                                                            TRUMAN
VII, Ch7   Debate          The Cold War Inevitable After World War II                          1948: President Truman Should Order Desegregation of Armed Forces
VII, Ch7   Play            Berlin Airlift                                                      The Korean War
VII, Ch8   SkillProject    Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"
VII, Ch8   Mnemonic        FIFTIES                                                             I LIKE IKE
VII, Ch8   Debate          It is Justified to Engage in Cover Actions to Topple Another Govt   Television Was and Is a "Vast Wasteland"
VII, Ch8   Play            Rosa Parks                                                          Integrating Little Rock Schools
                           Volume II Catalogue of Lessons on Roadmap to America: The Last Best Hope

VII, Ch9    SkillProject    The Vietnam War
VII, Ch9    Mnemonic        MARCHES                                                                   John F. KENNEDY
VII, Ch9    Debate          US Should Make Every Effort to Put Astronauts on Mars                     1961: President Kennedy Should Increase Military Presence in Vietn am
VII, Ch9    Play            Cuban Missile Crisis Press Conference                                     March on Washington
VII, Ch10   SkillProject    The Resignation and Pardon of Richard M. Nixon
VII, Ch10   Mnemonic        WATER                                                                     VIETNAM
VII, Ch10   Debate          Counterculture Movement of 60s & 70s Helped Create Better America         1972: US Should Normalize Relations with Communist China
VII, Ch10   Play            Nixon to China                                                            Watergate
VII, Ch11   SkillProject    Museum Display Project: Jimmy Carter
VII, Ch11   Mnemonic        CARTER                                                                    FORD
VII, Ch11   Debate          The Panama Canal Treaty of 1977 is in the Interests of the US             Equal Rights Amendment Should Be Added to the Constitution
VII, Ch11   Play            Iranian Hostage Crisis                                                    The Energy Crisis, 1970s
VII, Ch12   SkillProject    The Postal Commemorative Stamp Project
VII, Ch12   Mnemonic        REAGAN                                                                    SOVIETS
VII, Ch12   Debate          Ronald Reagan's Call to Shrink Federal Government Still Important Today   Who Should Receive Award For Doing the Most to End Cold War?
VII, Ch12   Play            Margaret Thatcher on Ronald Reagan                                        "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!" Press Conference

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