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					      Onida Mobile Phone

User Manual
Type: G630
Please read this manual carefully
before operating this product

Thanks for Choosing Onida products.
For the safe and efficient operation of this product, please read this manual
and other materials carefully before you first operate it. Onida shall bear no
liability for any losses caused by improper operation of this product not in
compliance with the instructions and requirements of this manual or by your
misunderstanding of this manual, except for losses caused by the improper
installation or operation of Onida professional maintenance staff.
Onida has performed careful proofreading of this manual; however, we
cannot ensure that there are no mistakes or omissions of any kind in this
Onida strives to continuously improve the functions of its products and the
quality of its services. Therefore, the company reserves the right to make
changes to any of the products and software programs described in this
Manual as well as the content of this Manual without giving prior notice.
This manual intends to help you to operate this Onida product properly and
represents no statements on the software and hardware configuration of
this Product. For detailed information about the product configuration,
please refer to the contract related to this product (if any) or consult the
dealer of this product. The pictures in this Manual are only for reference. In
the event that there are any inconsistencies between pictures and the
actual product, the form of the actual product shall be taken as final. Many
network functions introduced in this manual are special services provided
by the network service operator, therefore whether these network functions
can be used or not depends on your network service operator.
The content of this Manual is protected by copyright law. Without the prior
authorization of Onida, you are not permitted to duplicate or copy this
Manual in any way, transmit in any way via wired or wireless networks or
translate it into any other languages.

                                         Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Safety and Maintenance ---------------------------------------------5
Chapter 2: Exterior of the Mobile Phone ---------------------------------------9
 REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF BATTERY ................................................. 9
 CHARGE THE BATTERY .......................................................................... 10
Chapter 3: Layout Drawing and Key Functions---------------------------- 12
 DISPLAY ............................................................................................... 13
 POWER ON/OFF THE MOBILE PHONE ........................................................ 15
 KEYPAD LOCK ....................................................................................... 15
 DIAL DOMESTIC PHONE NUMBER ............................................................. 15
 DIAL EXTENSION OF FIXED PHONE ........................................................... 15
 DIAL INTERNATIONAL PHONE NUMBER ...................................................... 15
 DIAL A NUMBER IN THE LIST .................................................................... 16
 EMERGENCY CALL ................................................................................. 16
 ANSWER CALL....................................................................................... 16
 ADJUST VOLUME ................................................................................... 16
 CHANGE RINGTONE OF INCOMING CALL .................................................... 16
 REDIAL RECENTLY DIALED NUMBER ......................................................... 16
 WRITE MESSAGE ................................................................................... 17
 CELL LOCATION DISPLAY ....................................................................... 17
 SET PROFILE ........................................................................................ 17
 MUSIC PLAYER ...................................................................................... 17
 VIDEO PLAYER ...................................................................................... 17
 CAMERA............................................................................................... 18
 VIDEO RECORDER ................................................................................. 18
 EBOOK ................................................................................................ 18
 FM RADIO ............................................................................................ 18
 SERVICES ............................................................................................ 19
 SECURITY SETTINGS .............................................................................. 19
Chapter 4: Function List----------------------------------------------------------- 21
Chapter 5: Input Text --------------------------------------------------------------- 23
 SMART ENGLISH INPUT METHOD ............................................................. 23
 CAPITAL LETTER AND SMALL LETTER INPUT METHOD.................................. 23
 NUMBER INPUT METHOD......................................................................... 23
Chapter 6: Function Quick Reference ---------------------------------------- 24
Chapter 7: FAQ ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 27
Chapter 8: Technical Parameters----------------------------------------------- 29

Chapter 9:List of Accessories in Packing Box----------------------------- 30
SERVICE CENTRE LIST------------------------------------------------------------ 31
Warranty Card----------------------------------------------------------------------- 316

         Chapter 1: Safety and Maintenance
While using the mobile phone, please observe following
• Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the phone.
• While in flight, always turn off your mobile phone. If your mobile phone’s
clock and calendar function can automatically turn on the mobile phone,
please check and cancel the setting before boarding.
• While using the phone, please keep it away from heat and high voltage
environment, e.g. electric appliance or electric cooking device. Use the
phone in normal temperature. Using the mobile phone in environment
higher than 55 or lower than 10 will damage your phone.
• Please keep away from fire. Please turn of the mobile phone near gas
station, fuel warehouse and other inflammables.
• Do not hold the mobile phone while driving a car. Do not place the mobile
phone above airbag or area that can be reached when an airbag pops up,
so as to prevent severe damage when the airbag swells and imposes
strong force on the phone.
• Use standard battery, charger and accessories recognized by our
company only. We do not take any responsibility for consequence caused
by use of third party battery, charger and accessories.
• Do not dismantle the mobile phone at discretion.
• The mobile phone will interrupt other electronic devices when placed near
such devices. Please keep the phone from electronic devices such as TV
set, radio, personal computer, peace maker and hearing aid, etc. Do not
place the mobile phone near credit card or magnetic field. In hospital or
other special areas, please observe relevant regulations for use of mobile
• Keep the mobile phone away from mechanical vibration or shaking. Do
not strike the screen with hard objects.
• Using mobile phone case or plastic mobile phone case can damage the
coating on housing of the mobile phone.
• Do not use solute such as benzene or alcohol to clean the housing of the
mobile phone. Keep the mobile phone away from corrosive chemicals and
cleaning agents. Use clean and soft cloth to wipe your mobile phone gently.
• Do not expose your mobile phone to direct sunshine or places with
excessive smoke or dust.

• Keep the mobile phone dry. Do not use the mobile phone in high humidity
environment such as bathroom. The phone is not waterproof, so keep it
away from rain or dampness.
• Use accessories such as earphone with caution. If your mobile phone is
equipped with an external antenna, do not touch the antenna unless it is
necessary. Only original antenna should be used. Use of unauthorized
antenna may lead to damage of the mobile phone.
• When you are to unplug the connector of a charger from your mobile
phone, please hold the connector and then pull it out. Do not drag power
• Do not rely on mobile phone as the only communication tool in the case of
emergency, such as medical rescue.
• Please place the mobile phone at a safe location out of children’s reach so
as to prevent occurrence of danger.

While using the battery, please observe following instructions.
• Before use, please read detailed instructions for use and as well as label
on the surface of battery.
• Please charge the battery in a cool and well-ventilated room. Otherwise,
high environment temperature may lead to overheat, smoking, burning,
distortion or even explosion of the battery.
• The battery is equipped with special protection circuits and devices inside,
so do not open the battery; Otherwise it may lead to short circuit or
electrolyte leak. If electrolyte enters eyes, there is danger of blindness. In
such cases, immediately wash eyes with clean water (never rub the eyes
with hands) and then go to hospital for treatment.
• Do not squeeze the battery and keep it away from mechanical vibration
and shaking. Do not short connect the battery, for this may damage the
battery and components connected to it. Short circuit can be caused by
coin or clip directly connecting anode and cathode of the battery. Therefore,
do not put the battery together with metal objects.
• Do not use damaged or depleted battery.
• The battery should be replaced when it can not meet the requirement for
performance. Battery can be charged hundreds of times before it should be
replaced. However, as a consumable, though the battery can be charged
hundreds of times, its quantity of electricity may decrease gradually. When
service time (talk time and standby time) is found to have decreased, the
battery should be replaced.

• Prevent the battery from exposure to the sun or places with excessive
smoke or dust. Do not use it in damp environment, such as bathroom. The
battery is not water-proof, so keep it away from rain and moisture.
• Do not put the battery in places that are too hot or too cold. Temperature
above 55 or below -10 may affect performance of the battery.
• Do not throw the battery into fire so as to avoid explosion.
• Do not put the battery in water so as to avoid short circuit inside, resulting
in battery overheat, smoking, distortion, damage or even explosion.
• Dispose the battery according to regulations (for example, recycling). Do
not dispose the battery as domestic garbage so as to avoid explosion and
• Special charger should be used for this battery for charging, and
continuous charging time should not exceed 12 hours.
• Please place the battery at a safe location out of children’s reach so as to
prevent occurrence of danger.

While using the charger, please observe following instructions.
• Before use, please read detailed instructions for use and as well as label
  on the surface of the charger.
• Do not disassemble or modify the charger or use it when power cable is
  damaged; otherwise there will be electric shock or fire, or the charger
  may be damaged.
• Do not touch the charger with wet hands. If the charger contacts water
  or other liquid, immediately cut off the power supply.
• Do not short connect the charger and keep it away from mechanical
  vibration or shaking and direct sun shine. Do not use it in damp
  environment, such as bathroom. The battery charger is not water-proof,
  so keep it away from rain and moisture.
• Do not use the charger near electric appliances such as TV set and
• When remove charger from mains, hold the charger instead of dragging
  the power cable so as to avoid damage of power cable.
• Please place the charger at a safe location out of children’s reach so as to
prevent occurrence of danger.

While using the earphone (you may have to buy an earphone
additionally), please observe following instructions.
• Please control appropriate volume while using the earphone so as to
avoid damage of hearing.
• Do not drag earphone cables by force so as to avoid break.
• Do not use the earphone for a long time in high temperature and high
humidity environment, which is likely to cause damage of the earphone or
decrease of service life.
• While driving a car, riding a bike or walking on the streets, please do not
use the earphone, otherwise it is likely to cause accident.
• Please place the earphone at a safe location out of children’s reach so as
to prevent occurrence of danger.

     Chapter 2: Exterior of the Mobile Phone

Removal and Installation of Battery
Follow steps below to remove the battery:
  Press the back of the mobile phone and slide the housing down to
remove the back cover above the battery.
  Button up the battery buckle and gently lift the battery to remove it.
See the figure below:

  Warning: Be sure to turn of the mobile phone before remove the battery.
  Direct removal of battery when the mobile phone is in service is prohibited,
   otherwise the SIM card and the mobile phone are likely to be damaged.
Follow steps below to install the battery:
  Aim the bottom of the battery to corresponding slot at the bottom of
battery bank.
  Press the battery towards the mobile phone and until it is locked in the
battery bank.
Charge the Battery
For the first three chargings, please use up the battery before charging so
that the battery can achieve best status of use. Plug the charger to power
supply and the other end to the charging socket at the bottom of the mobile
phone as follows:

Note: Please handle with care. Do not pull out charging plug by force. This may
                    damage your mobile phone or charger.

• Before use, battery supplied with your mobile phone should be
  completely charged.
• While charging, do not remove the battery.
• Once battery is used up, the mobile phone will shutdown automatically.

        Chapter 3: Layout Drawing and Key

                                                     navigation key
       Left soft key                                 Right soft key
Audioplayer Hot key                                  FM Hot key
          Send key                                   Hang-up key

            OK key
                                                     Number key

        Symbol key                                   Input method
                                                     switching key
Four-way navigation key consists of up, down, left and right key, and is
used to quickly enter 4 fixed menus or select menu items in menu
1. Press [left key] to enter Message in standby mode.
2. Press [right key] to enter Calendar in standby mode.
3. Press [up key] to enter ShortCut Menu in standby mode.
4. Press [down key] to enter Profiles list in standby mode.
5. Press [OK key] to enter Main Menu in standby mode.

[Left and right key]: move the cursor left and right in edit mode.
[Up and down key]: scroll to browse phone numbers, information and
submenu items; move the cursor up and down in edit mode.

[Left soft key]: execute the function displayed at lower left corner of the
[Right soft key]: execute the function displayed at lower right corner of the
screen; when you are in a menu, press this key to return to previous page;
in edit mode, short press this key to delete a character before the cursor
and long press this key to delete all characters in the edit area.
[Left Hot key]: to enter Audioplayer in standby mode
[Right Hot key]: to enter FM in standby mode

[Dial key]: dial phone numbers and answer calls; in standby mode, call out
record of dialed numbers.
[Hang-up key]: end call or reject incoming call; long press this call to power
off/on; when you are in a menu, press this key to return to standby state or
cancel input.
[Number key]: input numbers, letters and some special characters; in the
main menu and other menu windows, number keys can be selected and
used as shortcut keys.
[* key]: different functions exist in different states or function menus; in
standby state, long press this key to input special dial character “P”; in edit
state, enter interface for character selection; in standby state, long press 0
key to input special dial characters and input “+” (international access
[# key]: different functions exist in different states or function menus; in edit,
press this key to switch input method.
[OK key]: different functions exist in different states or function menus; in
most menus, this key confirms the operation made or the menu selected.
The display screen consists of three parts: icon area, text and content area
and soft key indication area:

                                Icon area

                                Text and Content area

                                Soft key indication area

     Icon   Indication
            Signal intensity indicator. More signal bars represent
            more intense signal.
            New short message/new service information is
            Short messages are full.
            New multimedia message is received.
            Multimedia messages are full.
            Alarm clock function is turned on.
            Stopwatch function is turned on.
            Play background music.
            GPRS is connected.
            Battery volume state.
            Call forwarding takes effect.
            Set to ring mode.
            Set to mute mode.
            Set to vibration mode.

                Set to ring and vibration mode.
                Keypad is locked.
                Memory card is inserted

Power on/off the mobile phone
1. Long press the hang-up key to power on the mobile phone.
2. To power off the mobile phone, long press the hang-up key in standby
Keypad lock
    You can select time for automatic keypad lock via [Settings] [Security
setup] [AutoLock keypad], so that your mobile phone can automatically
lock the keypad.
    You can also press [Left soft key] + [* key] to manually lock keypad in
standby state. Once keypad is locked, you can press [Left soft key] and
then [* key] according to directions on the screen to unlock the keypad.
Dial domestic phone number
Use number keys to input area code and phone number in standby state
and then press [send key] to start the call. To change the phone number,
please delete characters by pressing [Delete Soft key].
After the call, please press [Hang-up key] to hang up the call.
You can enter domestic phone numbers according to following sequence:
Area code        Phone number        Send key
Dial extension of fixed phone
Some fixed phone extension can not be put through directly. Instead, you
need to enter exchange number first and then press [* key] to switch
continually until a “P” appears on the screen. Then enter extension number.
You can dial fixed phone extension number according to following
Area code Exchange number P Extension number                   Send key
Dial international phone number
To dial an international number, long press number key 0 until pre-fix
symbol “+” for international long-distance call appears on the screen.
You can enter international phone number according to following
+ Country code    Complete phone number  Send key
Dial a number in the list
Every phone number you dialed or received is saved in the Call History of
your mobile phone.
Press [dial key] in standby state to enter Dialed Calls list, press [left key]
and [right key] to switch among Missed, Received and Rejected calls list.
All phone numbers in the list can be dialed directly by pressing [dial key].
Emergency call
As long as you are within coverage of network, you can call emergency
service. If your network provider does not provide roaming service for the
area, “Restricted Service” will be displayed on the screen. As long as you
are within coverage of network, you can make an emergency call even
without a SIM card.
Answer call
1. If there is an incoming call and your mobile phone is ringing or vibrating,
press dial key to answer the call.
2. To terminate a call, press hang-up call.
Adjust volume
1. In standby state, press [Down Navigation Key].
2. Select User Profiles-Option-Customize-Volume Settings.
3. Press left/right or up/down key to adjust volume.
4. Press OK to confirm.
Change ringtone of incoming call
1. In standby state, press [Down key].
2. Select User Profiles-Option-Customize -RingTone.
3. Select ringtone.
Redial recently dialed number
1. In standby state, press dial key.
2. Press up or down to select the number needed.

3. Press the dial key.
Write message
1. In standby state, press [OK key] to enter main menu.
2. Select Message-New message-Text Message to enter short message
edit window.
3. Select Messages-New message-Multimedia Message to enter
multimedia message edit window.
Cell Location Display
    Cell broadcast refers to the public message sent by the network service
operator. If cell broadcast service is used, you can receive messages of
various subjects from the network service operator, such as weather, taxi
and hospital. For subjects available, please consult local network service
    Enter cell broadcast submenu, you can see menu option as:
    Receive CB: Turn on / off reception of cell broadcast.

     Note: The cell broadcast function needs support from network service

Set profile
1. In standby state, press [OK key] to enter main menu.
2. Select Profile
3. Select a profile in the list and then press OK key or left soft key.
4. Select Activate.
Music player
1. Mainmenu -> Multimedia -> Audio Player.
2. Select track in Options-Current playlist and press OK key to start playing.
3. You can add and play files to other playlists in player window – option –
other playlist.

Video player
1. Mainmenu -> Multimedia -> Video Player.

2. Select a file and press [OK key ] to play
3 Press [* key] will to To view video in fullscreen
1. Mainmenu -> Multimedia -> Camera.
2. Press [OK key ] to capture photo
3. Option->Image : to view photos
4. Option->Unhide Icon: to show functions in preview window
Video Recorder
1. Mainmenu -> Multimedia -> Video recorder.
2. Press [OK key ] to record video
3. Option->Video : to view videos
4. Option->Record Setting: to set video format and quality
5. Option-> Reset Setting: return to default setting
1. In standby state, press [Ok key] to enter main menu.
2. Select Mainmenu -> Multimedia to enter EBook file list interface.
3. Select an EBook and press OK key to enter reading interface to start
reading. You can press up and down key to read line by line or press left
and right key to turn pages.
FM Radio
The FM Broadcasting feature with the frequency band FM87.5-108 is only
available when you have inserted the earphones.
The specifications of the various keys in the radio interface are as follows:
Up key: Turn up the volume.
Down key: Turn down the volume.
Left key and Right key: When FM is turned OFF, pressing Left/Right key
once will decrease/increase the frequency band by 0.1 MHz
forward/backward. When FM is turned ON, pressing Left/Right key once
will help you find a normal channel forward/backward.
Number key "1": Briefly pressing this key will help you switch to the
corresponding channel when there is a first channel in Channel List, while
holding down this key will set the current channel as the first channel in the
Channel List.

Number keys "2-9": Similar to 1 key, the number keys only control the
channels whose numbers in Channel List correspond to the number keys.
Press Options in the interface of Music Player for the following operations:
Record: Record the current radio. You can find the file in Audio folder.
Channel List: Max. 30 channels with the frequency band ranging from
87.5 to 108 can be edited.
Manual Input: Frequency ranging from 87.5 to 108 can be input to search
for the channels.
Search Mode: Three mode:Semiauto Search, Manual Search,Auto
FM Alarm: You can set FM Alert as Alarm.
Settings: The radio can be set in the following way:
Output: Earphone or Speaker mode.
Background Play:On / Off. If it is On, it will play even if FM application is
Your mobile phone supports WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-based
services. WAP services need network support, please consult your network
operator or the service provider providing you with service needed. You
can access various WAP services such as news, weather forecast and
airline flight. Such services are specially designed for mobile phones and
maintained by WAP service provider.
Security settings
PIN Setting
In PIN settings, you can check PIN code status and start, cancel or
  modify the PIN code.
Privacy Protect
Privacy protect function is used to set whether to apply password to such
  personal information as Message, Call History, EBook and Calendar. If
  set to apply password to such information, an input box for password
  authentication will pop up before entering a corresponding window.
  Only when correct password is entered can you proceed to the next

During security setting, you can check encryption status and Activate and
 Deactivate password protection, and change password in Password
Note: initial password is 1234, so is the same value of privacy protect password.

Phone Lock
Phone lock function is used to set whether to apply password to the mobile
phone. If password is applied to such information, you will enter the window
to input phone lock password. Only when correct password is entered can
you enter standby interface.
AutoLock Keypad
The AutoLock Keypad function can automatically lock the keypad in a
certain time after your last press-button operation so as to prevent
unwanted press-button operation. You can select to turn on/off this function
in AutoLock Keypad setup window. Once you select to turn on this function,
the mobile phone will automatically lock the keypad if there is no
press-button operation in a fixed period of time. Optional time periods are
as follows: 20Sec 40Sec 1Min 2Min and 3Min.
After the keypad is locked, you can press [Left soft key]+[* key] to unlock
according to screen prompt.

               Chapter 4: Function List
1    Message
     1.1      New Message
     1.2      Inbox
     1.3      Outbox
     1.4      Sentbox
     1.5      Draftbox
     1.6      Auto Message
     1.7      Template
     1.8      Voice Mail Box
     1.9      Message Setting
     1.10     Capacity
     1.11     Cell Location Display
2    Phone Book
3    History
     3.1      Missed Calls
     3.2      Received Calls
     3.3      Dialed Calls
     3.4      Rejected Calls
     3.5      Delete Call Log
     3.6      Call Time
     3.7      SMS Counter
     3.8      Call Cost
4    Settings
     4.1      User Profiles
     4.2      Display Setup
     4.3      Phone Setting
     4.4      Call Setup
     4.5      Dedicated Key Set
     4.6      Security Setup
     4.7      Network Setup
     4.8      GPRS Connection
     4.9      Factory Reset
     4.10     Flight Mode
5    Multimedia
     5.1      Audio Player
     5.2      Video Player

         5.3      Camera
         5.4      Video Recorder
         5.5      Ebook
         5.6      FM
6        Games
         6.1      Bricks
         6.2      Boxman
         6.3      Color Bead
7        Organizer
         7.1      Alarm
         7.2      Calendar
         7.3      Calculator
         7.4      Stopwatch
         7.5      World Clock
         7.6      Conversion
         7.7      Memory Card Manage
         7.8      Data Restore
         7.9      System Status
8        Services
         8.1      STK
         8.2      WAP
9        File Manager

     Note: SIM card application is also known as SIM card value-added
     service menu. Since different SIM card contain different contents, and
     menu contents vary considerably, some menus may not be available.

                      Chapter 5: Input Text
In text input area, press # key to switch the input method needed: smart
English input method, capital letter input method, small letter input method,
and number input method; Press * key to insert special symbols.
Smart English input method
While using smart English input method, each letter needs to be pressed
once only. A key on the keyboard represents several letters. When it is
pressed, smart English input mode will automatically compare the word
with words in language database and make a correct choice.
If the word is not correct when you have entered all letters, please press [*]
key once or several times to select other words.
For example, press [4] [6] [6] [3] to input good; and press [4] [6] [6] [3] [*] key
to input home.
Capital letter and small letter input method
General operation for capital letter and small letter input method (ABC and
Each key is used to input several characters. Quickly repeat pressing the
key until the character needed appears.
When you need a space in the capital letter and small letter input method,
press [0 key] once.
Press a key with the letter needed indicated below to enter the first letter
and press twice to enter the second letter and so forth.
For example, quickly press 2 for three times to input letter “C”; quickly press
5 twice to enter “K”.
Hold a key to enter a number.For example,hold press 2 to input muber “2”.
Number input method
Press a key according to the number to be entered.
Text input prompt:
• To move the cursor, press navigation key:
• To delete characters in order, press right soft key. To delete all characters,
hold the right soft key.
• To input Space,press [0].

        Chapter 6: Function Quick Reference
         This section briefly introduces functions of the mobile phone.
Function          Notes                       Select
 Check recent     Check recently dialed,      Main Menu-History-Missed, Received,
  call history    received, missed or         Dialed and Rejected
   records        rejected call.
 Delete recent    Delete content of a call    Main menu- History- Delete call log
  call history    record or delete all call
   records        records.
                  Check duration of           Main menu- History –Call time
 Display call     recently dialed and
  duration        received calls, clear
                  the call timer.
                  Search      contact   in    Input initial of the contact to be searched
Check contact     phonebook.                  in the input box at the lower part of the
                                              Main menu-Phonebook list interface.
                  Add a new contact to        Main menu-Phone Book-Option-Add
 Add contact
                  phonebook                   New
 Copy a SIM       Copy       a     SIM        Main menu-Phone Book-Option-Copy to
 card/phone       card/phone contact to       phone/Copy to SIM
contact to the    the mobile phone
mobile phone
                  Check the total number
 Phonebook        of phonebook entries            Main menu-Organizer - System
  capacity        stored in the phone or      Status--Memory Used – Phone Contacts
                  SIM card.
                  Set alarm of a specific     Main menu-Organizer-Alarm
                  Set time and date of              Main menu-Settings-Phone
Time and date
                  the phone                          Setting-Time and Date
                  Use the calculator          Main menu- Organizer -Calculator
                  function on the phone
                  Read received, sent,        Main menu-Message-Inbox,          Outbox,
                  stored message or           Sentbox, Draftbox
                  sending failure.
                  Can store commonly          Main menu-Message-Template
                  used short messages
  Message         and          multimedia
  template        messages so as to be
                  used while editing
     Delete       Delete all messages in      Main menu-Messages- Inbox, Outbox,
  message         message boxes.             Sentbox, Draftbox -Option-Delete, Same
                                             number del, Delete all sms, Empty
                  Check         message      Main menu-Messages-Capacity
                  capacity on SIM card
                  and the mobile phone.
                  Receive and listen to      Main menu-Messages-Voice Mail Box
  Voice mail
                  stored voice mail.
                  Change           display   Main menu-Settings- Display Setup
Display setting
                  settings on the phone.
Incoming call     Select incoming call       Profile - Option-Customize-Ringtone
   ringtone       ringtone
   Vibration      Select whether to turn     Profile - Option- Customize -Set Vibrate
  reminding       on vibration
                  Adjust volume              Profile - Option- Customize -Volume
                  Select      the    voice   Profile - Option- Customize – Keypad
     Keytone      produced when a key        Tone
                  is pressed.
                  Select the warn tone       Profile - Option - Customize – Warning
  Warn tone       when a specific event      Tone
                  Change the prompt          Profile-Option- Customize - Message
  Message         melody settings when       Tone
   melody         a short message is
                  Select the melody          Profile - Option- Customize – Power
On/off melody     when the phone is          On/off Tone
                  powered on/off.
                  Input personal notes       Main menu-Settings- Display Setup-
     Personal     displayed when the         Standby Screen - Notes
      notes       phone is in standby
                  Set any key answer         Main menu – Settings - Call Setup -
                  (except right soft key     Answer/Reject
     Any key
                  and hang-up key) in
                  the    case     of    an
                  incoming call
                  Protect the phone and      Main menu – Settings - Security Setup
                  prevent unauthorized
                  Set the phone to lock      Main menu – Settings – Security Setup -
  AutoLock        the              keypad    AutoLock Keypad
   keypad         automatically after a
                  specific time period.

  Reset to      Reset      the    mobile     Main menu-Settings-Factory Reset
   factory      phone       to    factory
  settings      settings
Memory Card     Plug in the usb line to      Select Memory card link
     Link       PC
                Plug in the usb line to      Select PC Synchronization
PC suit Link
                Plug in the usb line to      Main menu - Organizer – Data Resorte –
                PC , the data will be in     Export(Import)   Data      –     SMS
Back up SMS
                memory card – SMS            Export(Import)
                Plug in the usb line to      Main menu - Organizer – Data Resorte –
     Back up    PC, the data will be in      Export(Import) Data – Export(Import)
     Contacts   memory         card     –    Contacts
                Phonebook folder
                This     function     will   Main menu - Organizer – Memory card
Disk Format     format the disk and all      Manage
                the data will be deleted

                          Chapter 7: FAQ
If any problem are encountered while using the mobile phone, please solve
them with reference to following items. If the problem still exits, please
contact designated dealers or service provider immediately.
■ “Enter PIN code” appears on the screen:
Enter valid PIN password of your SIM card. If you do not know the
password, please contact network service operator immediately.
■ “Enter PUK code” appears on the screen:
Your SIM card will be locked if you enter wrong a PIN code for three times.
To unlock your SIM card, you have to enter PUK code. Please contact
network service operator immediately.
■ “Insert SIM card” appears on the screen:
Make sure SIM card is correctly installed. Check if SIM card works properly.
It may have defects or faults. If so, hand it over to network service provider.
■ “Not in service area. Network failure.” is displayed.
Check signal intensity indicator. If there is no network signal, you may be in
the basement or network blind area in a building. Please move to other
locations to receive signal. Another situation is that you are not covered by
network. You can ask your network service provider to provide network
service coverage.
■ Poor sound quality. Echo or noise makes communication difficult:
Hang-up your phone and dial again. Network service provider may connect
you to a line with better communication quality.
■ Standby time declines:
Signal at your location is weak so that the mobile phone has to search
signal for a long time. When you don’t want to answer any call, please
power off for a time being. It is also possible that the battery has been used
for a long time and approaches its service life. In this case, please replace
the battery.
■ Mobile phone fails to boot:
Check battery volume or charge the battery. While charging the battery,
power on your phone and check. If your mobile phone is put off for a long
time, the battery is likely to discharge excessively. You can not power on it
in this case, and the phone will give no response for quite a long time. The
phone can not be powered on until battery is restored.

■ Cannot send short message:
Please check your service center number option to see if you have set up
service center number or if the number is correct. Perhaps you have not
open SMS service, or recipient of short message is invalid, or network
service operator of your region does not support this service.
■ Cannot charge:
There are three possibilities: 1. Charger of your mobile phone does not
work properly. You can contact nearest designated service provider or
dealer; 2. Ambient temperature is not appropriate. Please change charging
environment; 3. Poor contact. Please check plug of your charger.
■ Can not add entries into phonebook:
Phonebook is full. Please delete some useless entries.
■ Can not select some functions:
The service is not available or network service provider of your location
does not support this service. Please contact the designated service
provider or dealer or network service operator immediately.

          Chapter 8: Technical Parameters
Product name: GSM double-frequency function digital mobile phone
Model: G630
System: GSM 900/DCS 1800
Ambient temperature
Highest: +55°C
Lowest: -10°C
Basic parameters
Weight: 85.6g
Dimension: 110×49×14mm

Chapter 9:List of Accessories in Packing Box

One Battery
One Charger
One Headset
One User Manual
One Phone Suite CD
One 512 MB Memory Card

                 SERVICE CENTRE LIST
Maharshtra: Mumbai-Andheri 32945199/26878136 / 8137/ 4879/
26874891/     9324102119     Mumbai-Chembur       32937984/25241984/
9323786625 Mumbai-Borivali 9867643695/ 28697754 / 28697802
/9867643695 / 9323724415 Mumbai-Goregaon 9324721942 / 28764605 /
28791499/9892530953 Mumbai-Lalbaug 9869230643/ 24714300 /
64517177 / 9869230643 Thane 25470806 / 9322192400 / 25421948 /
9323724463 Kalyan 3209470/ 2327060/ 9324451953 Vasai 2334089 /
90/9323698399 Vashi 27827503/27827583 / 9821716724 Vasai 6451455/
9967905543 Kalyan 3212075/ 9323294772 Nagpur 3248461/65 /
9373599205 Nagpur – South 2222366 / 6460366/ 9372425958 Amravati
3297767/ 9326280099 Chandrapur        277166 / 9372277166 Akola
6418348 / 9326450488 Pune      32931959/ 2605 4770/ 40078356 /
9372497877          AhmedNagar 2425877/ 9325606919 Pune NEW
Wanawadi 40052177 / 40090377 / 9371205077 Pune-Kothrud 25461876 /
9371205077 Solapur 3294758 /2723711 / 9370454570 Pimpri / Chinchwad
27485173/ 9890968052 Panaji - North Goa 222 2736 / 222 1099 / 222
8295 / 9325551233         Madgaon - South Goa      3259391          /
9326797265 Kolhapur 2462325/ 9371225633 Sangli 3298587 / 2322 242
/ 9370820104 Ratnagiri 321683 Satara 284351 / 9370820104 Aurangabad
       3252656 / 9372369399 Aurangabad 6992444 / 9922681232 Nasik
3200775/ 6524123 / 578524      9372422890      Jalgaon     3206670   /
3204257/ 232368 / 9370730985 Nanded         325025       /     321253
Karnataka: Bangalore- Indiranagar 32928265/ 9341033739 /Bangalore -
Rajaji Nagar 23122672 / 23125245      9916908103       Bangalore    –
Jaynagar 26577409 / 26576274 / 9916908046 Bangalore Radial CRC
       25438796 / 25438795     9902732891 Mysore CRC 3206473 /
2463437 / 9341255959 Kolar 401445 / 9844405543 Mangalore 3255339 /
2411210 / 9341880107 Mangalore 2414924 / 2415445 Hassan 266606
Udupi 2532810/ 2532830 Shimoga 277391/ 226846 Hubli 3298808 /
2214814 / 2288712 / 9341680104 Gulbarga 324327 / 275816 /
9886628723 Raichur 231311 / 9886628723 Davangere 325765 / 233982 /
253585 / 9449629481 Bellary 277826 / 9449629481 Belgaum 3295249 /
2424095 / 2469139 / 9342306934 Bijapur 2255278 / 9342306934

Tamil Nadu : Chennai     32961651 / 28330220       /      9381144102

Chennai – Adyar 24525067 Chennai - Tambaram        22413334 Chennai
– Avadi 26558118 Chennai – Tondairpet 25913350 Chennai –
Valasarawakam 24865500 Chennai – Kilkattalai 22475300 Pondicherry
3296177      / 2342467/ 2348856 / 2222368 / 9344444112 Cuddalore
324566 /236677 / 223105 /9345344108 / Vellore 2235946/ 2235964/
4203946 / 9894600218 Chennai – Radials 32973243 / 32973244 /
9381144118 Kanchipuram 67270964 Tiruvannamalai 250761 / 254167
Madurai 3259062 / 2533 033/ 6543001/ 6543002 / 9360044103 Tirunelveli
3291831/ 2331731/ 2331831/ 2331901/ 9367944111 Nagercoil 234362 /
234372 / 9381251696 Trichy 2775133 / 2770433 / 9345144120 Dindigual
2433747 / 9344678809 Thanjavur 271729 / 271297 9360318839
Madurai        2604340 / 2600529 / 9360044116 Karaikudi 227939/ 40 /
9360009802 Puddukotai 320441 Coimbatore 3258032/         252 7314 /
3250431/ 243 3340 / 244 3482/ 93448 44117 / 93448 44104 Salem
3048090 /244 9525 / 244 3237 93444 44113 Erode CRC 222 7211 / 222
7201 / 93622 27201 Karur 259 295 / 234 295 / 9367155286 Pollachi
325756/ 231796 Tiruppur 223 4526 / 223 0407 93443 44110
Andhra Pradesh: Hyderabad 32935964 Secunderabad 27840126 /
9885579039 Kukatpally 23161296 / 9885569764        Malakpet
24547649/ 9885578329 Kurnool 278510 / 9393840105 Tirupathi 2286867/
6563377 /9391724389 Karimangar 2230947 / 9290077307 Nizamabad
550115 / 9347240104 / Godavri Khani 932444204 Ameerpet 32495566 /
62615566     / 9246509614 Nellore 9393667793 Godavari Khani 243123 /
9849262806 Warrangal 2454951 / 9885850002 Mahabub Nagar
       253475/ 9849412435 Ananthapur 227801/ 9346235756 Proddatur
248844 / 9849655619        Vijaywada 3299410 / 2438681 / 6536040 /
9397840107 Vizag 3296423         / 2598 463/ 6533825 / 9394240111
Rajahmundry 6663873 / 2443873 / 9393940112 Guntur 3252223
/2233006/ 9396402716 Vizianagaram 9246492177 Eluru 9246492177
Bhimavaram 9246492177 Ongole 9246492177 Tenali 9246492177
Khammam 9246492177 Kakinada 9290624383
Kerala: Cochin 3259353/ 3988900 / 2357 536 / 2357 440 / 9388648410
Calicut 3942114 / 2740 858 / 2743 502 / 9349748417 Vadagara 2522502 /
9947033220 Malapuram 3298228/ 2730125 /9947033228 Kannur
3292681 /2766 581 / 2711733 / 9349748416 Payannur 325456/
201/742/209/511/ 9446005231 Thalaserry 3205179/ 2322152 /
9446005225 Trivandrum 2465 426 / 2462 924 / 9349348418
Balarampuram 2409010 / 2409238 / 9947030083 Attingal 2629368/

9947030088 Kottayam 3292651 / 2575 446 / 2575 336 /     9947031631
/ 9349948420 Kattappana 273255 / 9947031643 Thodupuzha 220355 /
      9947031644 Trichur 3296725 / 3249666/ 2337667 / 9349848419
Kollam       3963666 / 2765 721 / 2743 701/ 9387008421
Pathanamthitta 2231450 / 9349996332 Alleppy 3255001 / 2267065 /
9388899449 Perumbavur 2520099 / 2590099/ 9388405846 Aluva
6520208/ 2620208/ 9387171000 Palakkad 938883883 Mavelikara
3290222 / 9995154512 Tirur 9847425151 Irinjalakuda 3291515 / 2830796
Gujarat: Ahmedabad       32942148 /26422176/ 26422174/ 26440505/
26422175 / 30028232 / 9925236541 / 9998082070 Gandhinagar
32900501/ 23243747 / 9925236511 Bhavnagar 2522523 / 9925236555
Rajkot 3204919/ 2454783 Gandhidham 323070 / 9327314443 Mehsana
254573 / 9825477439      Jamnagar 9924047076 Baroda 3253267
/2786041/42/43/45 Surat 3018652 /2465633 / 34 /9825979998 Surat
Madhya Pradesh: Indore 3249000/ 3241043 / 2530 146 / 679 / 126 /
9302473112 Gwalior 3240900/ 2428513 /9300773115 Ujjain 3240900 /
      2525921 / 9301508801 Ratlam 324490 / 230235 / 9329435055
Bhopal 3240900 / 2558192 / 9301373113 Jabalpur 3240900 / 2450621 /
9303373114 Rewa 256491 / 9893974910 Balaghat 247652                 /
9425139552 Itarsi 235222 /9981207108 Dewas 220005 /9893064949
Sagar 329951/ 2392086 / 9329414144
Rajasthan: Jaipur 3206300 / 3245484 / 5101951/ 5116601 / 5116602 /
5116603 /9314914110 Ajmer 3291084 / 2632548 / 9352214113 Kota
5100137 / 9314412303 Jodhpur 3253809/ 2440413 / 2622366 / 2633449 /
9314714116 Pali 320900 / 256370 / 9352916107 Udaipur    3297675     /
2411548 / 2417182 / 9314414112       Bikaner 3295324 / 2525425 /
2201958 / 9351658717 Ganganagar 2476195 / 9252524717/ 9784866246
Bhilwara 307054 / 9214966006/ 9829142360 Sikar 253645               /
9214177130 Alwar 5120630 / 9351372508
Punjab & Himachal Pradesh: Ludhiana 9316404203 / 9317617216 /
98888904201 Chandigarh 2714614/ 2703248 Bhatinda 2254265
      / 5012075 Patiala 3255432 / 2205603 Jallandhar 3245432 /
2225891 / 2235488 Amritsar     3245432 / 2530349 Hoshiarpur 245508
Pathankot    2254182 Kangra 9816944028 / 9218922881 Shimla
2655136 / 9816046016 Bhota      9817109838
Jammu & Kashmir:         Jammu        2562258 / 9906037727 /

9906026170 / 9906020854 Srinagar 2481083 / 9419006964 / 9906303093
Haryana: Karnal3295237 / 3293794       2220525 / 2220725 / 2220825 /
9354717310 / 9355956700 Ambala         3296270         /     4006270       /
93158-59018 Rohtak 250335 / 9315430724 Faridabad 3297290 4050637
Gurgaon 3240134 /4202835 / 93135-95193 / 9313940390 Panipat
4006498 / 9315430718 Hisar 9896111603 Hisar 9896111603 Bhiwani
9812244146 Fatehabad 220668 / 9812114637 Sonipat 9815900579
Kurukshetra 652172 / 92541017528       Jind 9812175001
Delhi: South Delhi 32449736/ 2694 48 - 26 / 34 / 43 / 24 / 42 / 8822 / 3843
/ 46028228 / 9350852821 / 9350852822 / 9313572659/9350414121 East
Delhi 65656240 / 41 / 9350595643/ 9350595658 / 9810841314 West
Delhi 65656239 / 9313363012 / 9350852813 North Delhi 2745 5617 / 2663
/ 9350593596 / 9350852822
Uttar Pradesh       Lucknow 3252284/ 3225340/232 3306/ 232 3044/
2335764/       9336848973/       336848974         Kanpur         3265005/
3264550/2540581/9935769322 Faizabad 320808/ 241314 9415061089/
9335029940/ Nirala 2786530 /4066249 / 9839173503 Kanpur                /
9336337575       /9919237575 / 9415062345/ 9336866999 Kanpur
9415062345/ 9336866999 Lucknow 9335030333/ 9305461689 Jhansi
9415502608, 9936674704 Raibareilly 9335671666/9415082635
Varanasi 3298538/ 2224560 / 2227704 09336847755 Gorakhpur
3293222/2346126/9335029936        Allahabad       3296888/        2260768/
9336847754         Allahabad 2427080/ 9450542506 Mahmoorganj
2225135/9935758360                                               Ghaziabad
3263207/3223868/4104981/9313171608 Bareilly 3256600/ 2302688/
9837554885 Meerut 3254424/ 2640296 /9385312016 / 9319604400/
9319604400/ 9319604400/9319604400           Noida 3229094/ 3228483/
4267157/ 9313171607 Saharanpur 9760363770 MuzafferNagar
897363001/ 9897363001        BulandShahar 9358713434/ 9358713434
Bijnor 9335348707/ 9335348707 Bareilly Moradabad 9319963000/
9319963000 Agra 3256033 / 3202045/2523067/ 9336847763 Agra
205995/ 9336847761
Etah 309527/9358085588 Mathura 3298208/9319338400 Kasaganj
9319878333/ 921998644
Uttaranchal: Dehradun 3250544/ 2650916/ 9336618068 Haldawani
326300/ 282462/ 9336847756
Chattisgarh: Raipur 3240900/ 4074325/ 9329570731/ 4074326/ 3203435/
4069176 Korba 320090/245857/9301321361 Bhilai 3940900/ 4050700 /

9301321362 Rajnandgaon 9329551000
West Bengal: Kolkata South - New Alipore 32426424/ 24007951/
9433522574 Siliguri 2525722/ 2525721/ 9434130296/ 9338078401/
9434178876 Barrackpore (24PG North) 9332066199 Garia (24 PG South)/
24367528/ 9339772596 Murshidabad 274691/ 9232473594/ 9333194352/
9434743675 Nadia 9332656601 Burdwan 2542387/ 9332100554/
9332233901 Durgapore 3290954/ 3208585/ 9332800271
Assam: Guwahati 2413138 / 2413158/09435044420/9954890168
/9864116390 Jorhat 2309008/ 9435091567 Guwahati 09864408750/
Tinsukia 2337512/ 09864052167
Orissa: Bhubaneshwar 0674-3299315/2530449/ 2573439/09338167410 /
9338167416/ 9338167411 Rourkela 3295442/2507092/ 9337467417
Cuttack 3254442/ 2331122/ 9337167412 Sambalpur 3295442/ 2404871/
9338967419 Behrampur / 3295442/ 2221574/ 9338967414 Balasore
329442 / 241348/9338367415
Bihar: Patna 3252513 / 3259715 / 16/2261 071/09334461210 /
9234611210/      Muzaffarpur    2247221/     9334061211      Gaya
2432863/9334140303 Bhagalpur 2409473/ 9431383711 Arrah 2409473/
Jharkhand:    Ranchi    3299585/2341049/9334465110     Jamshedpur
3205008/2432464/ 9334173951/ 9334133359 Hazaribagh 9431366644
Dhanabd 9234411586

                       Customer’s Warranty Card


Customer’s Name:


Dealer’s Name

Dealer Address & Stamp


Date of Purchase:

Date of Expiry of Warranty

Please paste the IMEI sticker in the space provided below, the
Warranty of your handset is based on the same, so keep the form in a safe

MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD provides this Limited Warranty to person who has purchased the ONIDA
mobile phone and original accessory delivered with your mobile phone.

1. The warranty period for the transceiver for 1 year, battery & charger for 6 months is from the date of
   purchase of the product.
2. The warranty does not cover external housing and cosmetic parts.
3. MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD warrants to you that during the warranty period MIRC ELECTRONICS
   LTD or a MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD authorized service network will repair or replace, at MIRC
   ELECTRONICS LTD option, any defective product, or parts thereof, with new or factory rebuilt
   replacement items, and return the product to the consumer in working condition. No charge will be
   made to the consumer for either parts or labour in repairing or replacing the product. All replaced
   boards or equipment shall become property of MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD.
4. The warranty in respect of a repaired or replaced product/part shall extend for the remaining
   warranty period of the repaired product or replacement thereof to the cunsomer
5. Upon request from MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD or its authorized service center, the consumer must
   provide the purchase receipt or other documentation or information in respect of the date and place of
6. The consumer shall have no coverage or benefits under this warranty in the event that any of the
   following conditions are applicable.
          • The Product has been subject to abnormal use or conditions, improper storage, exposure to
            excessive moisture or dampness, exposure to excessive moisture or dampness, exposure to
            excessive temperatures, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repair including but not
            limited to use of unauthorized spare parts in repairs abuse, accident, Acts of God, spills of
            food or liquids, maladjustment of customer control and breakage or damage to antenna.
          • MIRC ELECTRNICS LTD has not been notified by the consumer of the defect in the product
            during the applicable warranty period.
          • The product serial number or the accessory date code has been removed, defaced or altered.
          • The defect or damage caused by defective function of the cellular system or by inadequate
            signal reception by the external antenna.
          • The product has been used with or connected to an accessory not supplied by MIRC
            ELECTRONIC LTD , not fit for use with ONIDA mobile phones or used in other than its
            intended use.
          • The seals of the product’s battery enclosure have been broken or show evidence of
              tampering or the product’s battery has been used in equipment other that for which is has
              been specified.

7. In order to derive the benefits of this warranty, the consumer should follow the following procedure.
         • The consumer shall return the product to place of purchase for repair or replacement.
         • The consumer may contact local MIRC ELECTRONICS LTD office for the nearest authorized
            service center.
         • The consumer shall arrange for the product to be delivered to the authorized service center.
         • The consumer will be billed for any parts or labour chargers not covered by this warranty. The
           consumer shall be responsible for expenses related to reinstallation of the product.



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