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					‫بسم هللا الرحمن الرحيم‬

-   The health team.
-   Health survey.
-   Family health record.
-   Action plan.
-   statistics.


A group of people with different degrees of knowledge,
experience and skill. who cooperate and participate to reach
the common united goals.

It is important to have a leader who is able to :
 1. Determine the responsibility of each             member.
 2. Asses to functionality of the team members .
3. Motivate each team member to
  improve his capabilities and skills.

4. Settlement of disputes that may occur between
  members of the team.
     Role The health team in the
        primary care center:

It is necessay to be in all primary care centers a
staff who have the appropriate skills to provide

 Treatment and development services. In addition
to a workforce that has the technical skills.
The health team in the primary care
 center must be composed of ??
     Factors enhancing the productivity of the

1.   The members feeling that the goal that they are working for has
     been achieved or partly achieved.

2. Good relationships between the members .

3.Continous training of the members .

4.Availability of the

5.Motivations of the member by different ways.
       Factors reducing the productivity :

1.Weak leadership.

2.The team lack a prompt supervision.

3.Ignoring some achievements . Or attribute it to one party only.

4.Shortage of resources.

5.No or few periodic meetings.
         Social Demographic Health

1- Select the area of services:-

  a- should be the health team identify and detect the services of
the health center in consultation with ministry of health and
local communities.

  b- This is done by obtain an official map from the nearest
municipality or from the Headquarters organization of villages
and if not possible, a Chart is placed on the ground by the health
  Social Demographic Health Survey

2- Preparations:-

  a- The leader of health team must be make sure to all
members have been sensitized and trained on the concept
of primary health care and the health survey population.
  b- This is followed by the Panel to prepare a plan of
action for the social health survey of the population.

  c- The team leader regulates meetings with local
ministries, other leaders of society, eminent personalities,
important and most influential leaders, such as religious
leaders, doctors, teachers ...etc. To achieve the following:-
Social Demographic Health Survey

A- Sensitized to the concept of primary health care.

B- Explain the details of what will be performed by the
Panel for the scanning process and its importance to
determine the health status of society and the related
problems and find appropriate solutions to their

C- Confirm the importance of community involvements
and strengthening in the survey population and study
                             Third : survey

It devides into two parts

   1- Survey from house to house
   2- General survey of the community

Survey will be from house to house by members of the health team such as : nurses and health
monitors and some administrative

members are taking the record No. of family and visit the houses were numbered , the house
number must be written in Family Health Record

Forth : General Survey:
At the time of the survey from house to house. survey should clarify the social and economic
development of society

As following :
1- Educational Status
   Level of education in the community

Types of schools and the number of students enrolled in all of them

2- social Status:
   Youth women's social organizations and social clubs

3- The economic status:
   Source of income
   Average of income per individual
4- The level of basic sanitation of the
environment: Do they protect source from the pollution? Do they
examine Water?
And by whom?

5- Nutritional status of the community:
* Provide good food at the household level
and community
* Customs, traditions and ways of preparing food at the household
6- Common diseases in the community:
   -communicable Diseases:

must know the types of infectious diseases that are reported and
methods for propagation and the reasons
non-communicable diseases :
Types, causes and the most vulnerable groups in society
7- ability of health:
Other health centers around and available resources and the
types of roads and the distance as well as hospitals and proximity
and far away from there

 8- causes of death:
Causes of death during the past year and inventory and
classification of deaths based on causes
Fifth : Updated data and information
All economic and social information in any society ((including in
health and disease are subjected to change in Saudi Arabia,
which is evolving rapidly and very quickly ,so must health teams
note the change and record information continuously and can
change information and other essential data such as :
• moving out families and especially non-Saudis from house to
house, they should be registered the change in Family Health

• head of the family may be changed by death or divorce or

Healthy team should keep records precisely for neonatal and
deaths to add and remove individuals from community in present
                      family medical file

    Steps to form family medical file
-field visiting.
-information related to the family.
-information related to the individual health.
-id for every individual.
-complete medical examination results.
-diagnosis , treatments , x-ray tests and lab results.
-results of transferring to hospitals.
-following-up the Child development.
-information about the pregnant woman.
-one file for every family including any relations in the same house.
                   file importance

To the patient :
 -good reference of the patient state.
  -great overview of the patient chronic disease problems.
  -clarifying the inherited disease problems in the family.

 To the doctor :
 -developing the doctor skills.
  -having a great picture of the patient state.
  -researches and studies of the community state in region.

 For planning:
 deaths-chronic diseases-inherited diseases-disabilities
                 file contents:

-outer cover:
   father name - family card number – individuals name of
the family

–location of the house.
   -inside :
   cards e.g.. (dental-vaccination and growing).
    lab and x-ray results.
    results from hospitals.
          Action Plan

    Is not possible to accomplish the policies
and objectives of national health and primary
health care strategies required to achieve the
goals of health for all is through the application
of a plan for primary care at various levels.
Planning is very important to harmonize the
available resources and prevailing health
problems to avoid wasting money and effort and
come up with better ways to achieve the
objectives set.
Any health planning aims to improve health services,
and can put more specific targets with regard to
improving primary health care services and

  Is the process of identifying society's health problems,
and identify critical needs, and generate the necessary
resources to achieve this and to set priorities according to
the possibilities of the objectives achieved and therefore
the planning process is one of the prerequisites necessary
to take advantage of manpower, money and resources
available to meet the health needs of citizens, as seen by
these services on the basis of scientific, and what he sees
and perceives the community's needs and aspire to them.
  Concepts and terminology of the Plan of

Manpower, money, tools and skills, information, technology and time.

Is the endpoint of each were planned to verify whether his or not

  Is the degree of achievement of return
to different activities are expressed in a
language population (the target) as
target, either by age, sex, work, or the
language of the properties or in figures
(coverage) or the language of the time.
     The ultimate goal :

  Is the desired end-state, which moved
toward her goals and resources and
therefore not constrained by time or
resources such as "Health for All“.
 Is drawn from the slate and deliberate steps to complete the work
and contains five key elements:
 1 - goals.
 2 - policies.
 3 - programs.
 4 - time schedules.
 5 - Budget.
Variety of methods and procedures established to
deal with data collection and analysis in the form of
figures ,and then display it .

1- Descriptive Statistics :
Such as that used in the census data
2- Suppositional       Statistics :
Resorting to this type when the lack of full information and specific
sample is taken and circulated .
1-Monitor the activities and events services .
2-Data analysis and monitoring of the pros and cons .
3-Helping in the planning and development .
4-Analyzing society
            Data collected from the health center

1-Rate of population increase .
2-The level of living .
3-The pattern of disease spread .
4-The incidence of diseases (particularly infectious and
5-Mortality rate (especially mothers and children )
6-Rate of consumption of vaccines and medicines .
7-The level of growth in children less than 5 years .
8-Monitor the participation of community
      Data display and analysis :

 Is the next step after data collection and pre-analysis.
  Concerned with order of the data in the totals and in an orderly
  way for easy analysis and make use of it.
 have different methods:
 A - Tables:
 Is put the data that was obtained in the formula of all the variables
  that need monitoring.
 Ex: simple table:
 Such as monitoring the number of citizens in the services area
  health center.
Census 2007 AD   Name of the village   Serial number

2500             A                     1
1200             B                     2

1050             C                     3
4750             3                     Total
 B - Charts:
  Is the second way to view the data and give those viewers the way
  to fun in watching the data and their basic components and
  despite the fact that these visual aid easy to read comparison
  tables, but not containing accurate details and It gives the viewer a
  hint of the data presented.
 B-1 Bar chart:
 Is a means suitable for graphic display regular data such as
  gender, nationality and treatment.
   They create repetition by the beginning of the most frequent
  access to lower frequency and columns must be separated from
  each other equal distances here and noticed that repetition is the
  high column.
 B-2 Pie chart:
 Consists of Drawing Circuit divided into segments representing the
  frequency of each slide to partition the total.
  Are useful to clarify the representation of data, which consists of a
  small group of categories.
 The main objective of the development of statistical data in tables
  or schemes is to facilitate the understanding and assessment of
  large amount of data coming in and by this way can workers in
  primary health care view the data available to them properly and

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