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Asterisk - The VoIP PBX of the Future

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									The VoIP PBX of the Future
 Randy Bell - Digium Channel Account Manager
                 (256) 428-6243
        Who is Digium ?

Digium® is the original creator and primary
developer of Asterisk®, the industry's first and
leading Open Source telephony platform.
Who is Digium (cont)
Founded is 1999 as Linux Support
Services, by Mark Spencer, CTO and
original author of Asterisk
Profitable and Quarter over Quarter
growth since 2002 (26 Straight Quarters)
Over 50% of sales are international
Headquartered i H t ill Al b
H d       t d in Huntsville, Alabama
with a development office in San Diego
140+ employees and growing
World Class Management Team
World Class Venture Capital Backing
    What is Asterisk ?

Asterisk® is an Open Source telephony
platform that provides all the functionality
of a high-end business telephone system.
       g                   p      y
   Asterisk Architecture
    ZAP            SIP                IAX2             H.323

  Command Line                                     Manager
    Interface                                      Interface

                                                                     - Applications
  Applications                                  Resources
                           Dialplan                                  - Resources
                                                                     - Modules

                 Audio &               File                System
                  Video               Format               Config
                 Codecs               Drivers              Drivers
Where Does Asterisk Fit

 Small Office Home Office (SoHo)
 Small to Medium PBX
 Enterprise PBX
 Carrier Class Softswitch
 Application Server
 Media Gateway
Building an Asterisk PBX

     Digium Telephony Devices

 Industry Standard Server Hardware

  Asterisk in the Enterprise

Asterisk scales much the way Google scales.
 Capacity increases as servers are added.
             Dual License Model
•   While Asterisk Open Source is available as open source software
    under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Digium released
    Asterisk under a dual license scheme, making Digium the only
    company in the world that can offer customers a commercial license.

•   The commercial license included with Business Edition provides Legal
    protections, such as patent and trademark indemnification, that are not
    available under the GPL.

•   One example of the commercial license is Asterisk Business Edition
    which supports the innovation and creativity of Open Source Asterisk
    with the protection and support available in traditional commercial
Asterisk Global Adoption

Over 4 Million Servers Deployed World Wide
Over 200 Service Providers globally use Asterisk
City / Municipality
Travel Tourism
Universities / Schools

     Botanicalls allows plants to place
     phone calls for human help.

     When a plant on the Botanicalls network
     needs water, it can call a person and ask
     for exactly what it needs. When people
     phone the plants, the plants orient
     callers to their botanical characteristics

    Inveneo uses Asterisk-based
    technology for its solar- and
    bicycle-powered Linux-based
    communications system that
    provides basic computing, voice
    calling and Internet access for
    villages without access to
    electricity or telecommunications
        y p
      Why Open Source?
• Rapid Application Development / Shorter time to
  market for new features
• Better application integration based on open
• Community can influence or create new features
  Sa e y o      e do oc        o abandonment
• Safety from vendor lock-in or aba do e
• Open source methods and tools aid partner co-
• Lower acquisition costs than for proprietary software
    y       p
Are you an Open Source User?

 TIVO               BMW

    Motorola Razr
  Collaboration Solution
• Wikipedia
  • Collaboratively created Encyclopedia
  • Owned by no one
  • Over 10,000 Authors
  • 4 Million Articles
  • 200 Languages
  • 10 times the content of Britannica

 Five Employees at the end of 2006
Wikipedia vs. Network News
•                7,
    8:50 AM July 7 2005 – London trains bombed by terrorists
•   9:08 AM – 1st Wikipedia article appears
•                               y        g        g
    10:00 AM – Other community members begin adding
    information and corrections
•   12:00 PM – Hundreds of users make contributions
•   End of day – 2500 users create a 14-page account more
    detailed than any single news outlet
                 g g
             Changing Mindsets
    “Someone outside your organization today knows how to answer
    your specific question, solve your specific problem, or take
    advantage of your current opportunity better than you do. You
    need to find them, and find a way to work collaboratively and
    productively with them.”
                                                A.G. Lafley- CEO
                                                Procter and Gamble
•   Procter and Gamble
     – 90,000 connected researchers
     – 50% of new product ideas will
       come f     th         it b
             from the community by
                                           •   Previously would have developed the
     – “Proudly Found Elsewhere”               technology internally
               Duster,     Regenerist,
     – Swiffer Duster Olay Regenerist      •   Bakery in Bologna, Italy had the solution
       and Crest Spin Brush                    printing on cookies and pastries.
                                           •   Launched in less than 1 year at 1/10 the
                                               internally developed cost!
 Digium s
 Digium’s Corporate Roles

Asterisk Project Owner   For Profit Company
    and Maintainer        All things Asterisk
The Asterisk Community
               •        3 000
                   Over 3,000 downloads per day
               •   Over 4 Million Servers deployed Worldwide
               •   Over 56,000 active users on forums
               •   Over 17,700 on active Asterisk mailing lists
The Asterisk   •   Over 7200 on our Bug Tracker
Community      •   Over 400 active contributors
               •   Over 7M Web Site hits/month
               •   Over 200 service providers worldwide using
                   A t i k
               •   AstriCon for Asterisk Users;
Asterisk Stats – 2008 YTD

 •                 (bugs digium com)
     Issue tracker (
      Unique visitors: 249,000
      Total visitors: 950,000
      New issues opened 2,850
                     p       ,

 •   Number of commits to Asterisk Trunk
      3,498 (mainly Asterisk 1.6 related)

 •   Number of commits to Asterisk 1.4
      1,401 (bug fixes)

                 Digium, “The Answer is Open”
More Asterisk Stats – 2008 YTD
  •   Public Subversion Repository Mirror
       Unique visitors: 196,000
       Total visits: 1.254,000

  •   420 contributor license agreements
       (last 12 mo)

  •   Downloads (Thru August 14)
       835,000 (Asterisk and AsteriskNOW)

  •   Projected numbers at current run rates
  Astricon 2008
           September 23-25, 2008
           Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa
           Glendale, Arizona — USA

               g u / s e s event
           • Digium/Asterisk e e
           • Connect with the Community
           • Meet many of the developers around
             the world
           • Presentations for beginners to
             advanced users
How do we make Money?
Digium Products and Services
Digium’s Exceptional Satisfaction
        Program“ (ESP)

• The most comprehensive and aggressive product
  guarantee program in the open source telephony
  market today

• Under the Risk-Free Guarantee, Digium® will refund
   h       h     i    f          lif i Digium product(s)
  the purchase price of any qualifying Di i       d ( )
  for any customer that is not 100% satisfied with the
  performance of the Digium product(s) they purchased.
Digium Product Relationships
                                                                  SMB Products

                                                                     SMB Features
                                                                     Easy to use GUI
                                         Business Edition

                    • Formal Testing
                    • I t       bilit
    Digium 50%                                Service Providers
                    • Certification
    Community 50%

   Asterisk                                                        Future Versions
 Open Source
Digium Customers & Partners

                     for Voicemail
            Industry Awards
InfoWorld (BOSSIE)            
Best of Open Source Software for 2008   Product Leadership Award - Silver
Asterisk® - 2008                        Asterisk® - 2008

             p   y
Internet Telephony East                              p   y
                                        Internet Telephony East
Best of Open Source                     Best of Open Source
Digium® - 2008                          Digium® - 2008

TMC                                     TMC
2008 TMC Labs Innovation Award          Unified Communications Product of the Year
Switchvox® SMB 3.5 – 2008               Switchvox™ SMB 3.0 - 2007

Linux Magazine                          InfoWorld
T 20 C         i to Watch in
       Companies t W t h i 2008         Technology of the Year Award
                                        T h l        f th Y    A   d
Digium® - 2008                          Asterisk® 1.4 - 2008
Why Not Use Free Asterisk ?
 Do you have the time and expertise
           to i l      t from scratch?
 necessary t implement f          t h?

   •   Software Compatibility Testing
   •   Hardware Compatibility Testing
   •           y   pp
       Community Support Resources
            Digium’s VoIP PBX Solution
•   Simple to use IP PBX
•   Voice Mail
•   Voice Mail to Email
•   Conference Bridge
•   Extension Groups
•   Switchboard
•   Web Services Interface
•   Call Queues/ACD
•   Reporting
•   Call Recording
•   IVR
•   …..and More
Hi-tech, without the techs

•   Switchvox designed for an everyday user, not
•   Geeky technology inside, like a TiVo
•   Easy to use for the everyday Joe, like a TiVo
•       won t         Linux Guy
    You won’t need a “Linux Guy” to use or install
•                                  router,
    If you can configure a Linksys router Switchvox
    will be no problem
      Switchvox at a Glance

•                 y        p y
    Thousands of systems deployed!
•   Hassle free setup and maintenance, just point and click
•   Support for open standards means no vendor lock in
•   Users can manage their own extensions
•   Great reporting & logging so you can optimize your system
•   Mobile workforce ready! Calls can be routed to:
•   Switchvox includes APIs for easy integration with other apps
•   Custom ‘mash-up’ panels can be developed for any web app

•   Basically unlimited
•   Check online through web interface
•   Check in email (Outlook, mobile phone)
•   Check from phone
•   Dial in to check from remote phone
     Auto-Attendant / IVR

•   Auto attendants are a kind of IVR
•   Interactive Voice Response
     It talks, you respond by pressing keys
     NOT speech recognition

•   You can make an unlimited number of
    menus, link them together infinitely
                       g               y
           Queues / ACD

•   Very flexible, in particular in SMB
•        all random         robin, etc.
    Ring all, random, round robin etc
•   Permanent / Log in queue members
•   Custom music per queue
•   Unlimited queues
     Find me / Follow me

•   Users control their own extension behavior
•                          g
    Can be time based, using admin or
•               Call      Sets
    Can create “Call Rule Sets” to be activated
•   Cascade, Forward, Ring All, Secret Code,
    Send to Voicemail

•   Real time call control panel
     See what’s going on, interact, drag-n-drop

•   Not just for the receptionist
     Each user can customize for their work

•   Web based, not a standalone application
     Easy to run from anywhere, maintain
    Spotlight: Mashups
•   APIs for easy integration with other apps

•   Switchboard maximizes workplace efficiency

•   Google Maps, & SugarCRM panels

•   Custom panels can be developed for any web app

•   Can it do screen pops? Yes, but why bother…panels are
     h              i    f
    the next generation of screen pops

•   Easily accomplish what even the most expensive PBX

•   Maximize revenue and gain more mindshare
                  Switchvox Bundles

                                                                   SMB AA350NR Rackmount              SMB AA350 Redundant
   SOHO AA60 Appliance               SMB AA60 Appliance
                                                                         Appliance                    Rackmount Appliance

 For home offices/small offices   For more demanding small &        For medium businesses or           medium large
                                                                                                   For medium-large businesses or
that need a professional phone    medium businesses without a     those that want the power of a       those that want a high-
            system                      computer rack                   “server-class” PBX          performance, redundant PBX

 Desktop or wall mount case             p
                                  Desktop or wall mount case              p
                                                                  Short-depth 3U rackmount case            p
                                                                                                    Full-depth 3U rackmount case

                                   Recording: 5 calls at once      Recording: 10 calls at once      Recording: 20 calls at once
Recording & Conferencing N/A
                                  Conferencing: 5 calls at once   Conferencing: 15 calls at once   Conferencing: 30 calls at once

                                                                                                     RAID mirrored hard drives
                                                                    Warm spare server failover       Redundant Power Supplies
      Redundancy N/A                    Redundancy N/A
                                                                           available                Warm spare failover available
               In C  l i
               I Conclusion
“Some users, especially SMBs, are confused or scared about the
“complexity” of configuring an Asterisk environment. The Switchvox
software easily allows for users to take advantage of the power that
lies within Asterisk, while maintaining simplicity in management. The
system was easy to install, manage, and use. This simplicity, however,
did not affect the feature set. With more features than comparable and
l          t     this    li     is    il the i
legacy systems thi appliance i easily th winner.”   ”

                                    Matthew Nickasch, Network World
       Asterisk Resources
Digium Corporate Website     Asterisk Forums

Asterisk Community Website   Asterisk Bug Tracker      http:/

Asterisk Mailing List        Digium Knowledge Base
http://lists digium com
                             http://kb digium com

AstriCon Conference          Digium Blog – Inside the Asterisk
   p         p        g

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