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From SLP to JUPAS OEA and SRR – key points to note

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From SLP to JUPAS OEA and SRR – key points to note Powered By Docstoc
					From SLP to JUPAS OEA and SRR –
 some key points to note for school
                 Stephen YIP
    Chief Curriculum Development Officer,
                   CDI, EDB
                25 June 2011
JUPAS new arrangement (NAS cohort)
• Briefings in mid-June by JUPAS (Relevant presentations
  are available from JUPAS school accounts)
• School Reference Report (SRR)
   – Personal and General Abilities
   – Academic Performance (in Percentiles and overall ratings)
   – Supplementary Information (only for exceptional circumstances)
• Other Experiences and Achievements in Competitions /
  Activities (OEA)
   – At most 20 OEA items
   – Additional information (300 words in either English or Chinese)
                Key dates
Online application   25 Oct 2011 – 9 Jan 2012
Submission of        25 Oct 2011 – 28 Feb 2012
School Reference
Report (SRR)
Submission of OEA    25 Oct 2011 – 3 Feb 2012
Submission of full   25 Oct 2011 – 31 Mar 2012

                             Reference: JUPAS official web
   Options to submit students‟ OEA information
             To be uploaded by                   To be uploaded by
                   school                             students
Option 1   • Part I: School Activities                       N/A
           • Part II: Non-school Activities
           • Additional Information
Option 2   • Part I: School Activities        • Additional Information
                       盡量upload by
           • Part II: Non-school Activities

Option 3
                                 batch• Part II: Non-school Activities
           • Part I: School Activities
           • Additional Information

Option 4   • Part I: School Activities        • Part II: Non-school Activities
                                              • Additional Information

Option 5                 N/A                  • Part I: School Activities
                                              • Part II: Non-school Activities
                                              • Additional Information
           Action Planning
• Management: Any overall planning of OLE
  and SLP to cater for JUPAS arrangement?
  Who will lead? Who should be involved?
  In particular, what are the roles of class
  teachers and students?
• Educational: What is the educational
  meaning for students?
• Technical: What kinds of technical tools
  will be used for such submission?...

     8 questions to ask…
   1. Who will lead? Who will
involve? How can we get there?
Possible strategy:
• 1 management staff oversee the whole process
  (e.g. VP); reshuffling manpower as appropriate
• 2 „maps‟ – “System map” & “Road map” towards
• 3 strands of „new‟ data –
    I. OEA activity data;
    II. Write-up of Additional Info;
    III. SRR info
• 4 key players: Career teachers, Class teachers, IT
  experts, OLE co-ordinators – training and briefing
                                  Management perspective
2a. Are the class teachers and students know
    about the JUPAS arrangement, with
    selected submission option?

        Possible strategy: arrange suitable seminars to
        students under the assistance of Career teachers /
        SLP coordinator (Management and Educational)
2b. Are the class teachers and students
    well-versed about the tools to be used
    in the preparation process?

       Possible strategy: Arrange workshops for class
       teachers and students under the assistance of IT
       teachers / SLP coordinator (Technical)
3. How was the progress of SLP
   depository in S.4 and S.5?

Possible Strategy: Check the development of
individual SLPs early before starting the selection &
submission process(Educational and Technical)
4. Will students be supported in
   selecting their OEA items?

   Possible Strategy: Select JUPAS OEA under
   the assistance of Career & Class teachers and
   IT teachers (Educational and Technical)
5. Are students supported in the write up
   of Additional Information(300 words)?

        Possible Strategy: Making reference to the
        SLP‟s self-account under the assistance of
        Career teachers, Language teachers and
        Class teachers (Educational)
6.   Do all teachers have a common consensus in the
     generation of percentiles and overall ratings?

                   Possible Strategy: Set up Ad Hoc Committee
                   comprising of panel heads of KLAs and led by VP
                   of Academic Affairs to arrive at common
                   consensus (Management)
    How to provide the academic performance in
    percentile and overall rating for reference by
•    Schools will have full discretion to determine
     results that would best reflect their students’
     academic performance at school when
     completing the Senior Secondary years.
•    There is support from WebSAMS.
•    Course providers of Applied Learning courses
     will provide data of student learning progress to
     EDB in May and December for S5 and S6 study
     respectively, and schools will receive students‟
     learning progress reports from EDB in June and
     January respectively.
7. Have you conveyed the information
   to parents?

           Possible Strategy: Mobilise PTAs to
           convey relevant (preferably holistic)
           message to parents (Management)
8. Do you have any alternative
• Direct entry via JUPAS excel template by
  batch or by students…
• Use of clerical support in the verification of
  students‟ information
• Testing on JUPAS online interface (via
              Possible Strategy: Ensure common
              consensus among relevant personnel
              and exercise the alternative plans
              accordingly (Management)
     Schedules of service providers
                 WebSAMS eclass          myIT-School

Link test with   27/6 – 15/7 20/6-15/7   20/6-15/7
JUPAS                                    Aug: fine-
Rollout          August      Aug/Sept    Sept/Oct
Training         Aug – mid- On request End Oct/Nov
Suggestions for schools using
    self-developed tools

 • Enhance the self-developed tools based on
   JUPAS file structure; or
 • Import data into WebSAMS and make use
   the sub-module “JUPAS Application” under
   SLP module
• JUPAS* (general and technical): 2859 2274
• WebSAMS: 3125 8510 or respective School Liaison
  [WebSAMS Forum:]
• eClass: 3913 3133 []
• MyIT-school: 2950 4174 []

* some general enquiries may be directed to EDB and
  HKACMGM as required
           Support from EDB
• „Preparing Students for Successful Transition
  workshop‟ from March to July 2011 by
• Tentative school plans on SLP/ JUPAS
  submission - website: (
• WebSAMS workshops from Aug to Sept 2011
• Technical enquiry on WebSAMS SLP Module -
  respective liaison officer from EDB‟s SIM section

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