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					Section A
NHS Forth Valley Rapid Impact Assessment – functions, services and
Please complete electronically and answer all questions unless instructed otherwise.
(RIA/EQIA Guidance notes available on NHSFV Intranet site)

                                                                                               Version 1.3
Q1. Name of the function/service development or other identified area
OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT Forth Valley Royal Hospital

Q2. What is the scope of the function/service development/other
FV Wide X     Service Specific X Discipline Specific       Other (Please Detail)

Q3. Is this a new function/service development/other
Yes                                            No X
Q4. If no to Q3 which local function/service development and other is it replacing?

Q5. Team responsible for carrying out the Rapid Impact Assessment? (please list)
Sharon Hamilton - Out Patients Charge Nurse
Lynn Waddell - Equality and Diversity Project Manager
Arlian Mallis-Acting Patient Focus Public Involvement Coordinator

Q6. Main RIA/EQIA persons contact details
Name:        SHARON HAMILTON                          Telephone Number:        07760990428
Department: OUTPATIENTS                               Email:         

Q7. Describe the main aim, objective and intended outcomes of the function/service
development/ other
The Outpatient department is provided for all patients, carers and relatives attending for outpatient
consultations with medical, nursing and or associated healthcare professional staff members.
Appointments are made via the medical records department, with systems in place to meet
individual needs of patients attending all clinics.
Clinics held in this facility include:
     all medical and surgical specialities as well as preoperative assessment,
     orthopaedics,
     diabetic retinal screening,
     dermatology,
     orthodontics and oral surgery.
Access to services provided within Out Patients
The department is accessed via the main hospital entrance through an atrium space into the main
OPD reception desk. From there patients, carers etc will be directed through to one of six clinic
areas with a reception desk and waiting area for each clinic area.
Patients are collected from waiting areas by staff and escorted to the appropriate consulting or
treatment room. If patients require to access other departments for example x-ray, OPD staff will
give directions for the location or escort the patient if required. Car-parking facilities are available as
well as local transport into the hospital grounds. The Scottish Ambulance Service provides transport
to those who require transport on medical grounds.

Q8. (i) Who is intended to benefit from the function/service development/other, staff or
service users?
Staff                Service Users        x   Other          Please identify_______________
(ii) Have they been involved in the development of the function/service development/other?
Yes       x                          No
(iii) If yes, who was involved and how were they involved? If no, is there a reason for this
Patient Focus Public Involvement Panel have been actively involved in the development of this
function and its transfer to the new hospital on 31/07/10

    (iv)  Please include any evidence or relevant information that has influenced the
          decisions contained in this RIA; (this could include audits; research; published
          evidence; health needs assessment; work based on national guidance or legislative
          requirements etc)
Approx ****** service users access this service on a yearly basis. (No’s to be included)
To ensure that the service meets the best practice standards the service follows ‘SIGN guidelines’
specific to clinical specialities as well as meeting the specific requirements of the ‘18 week Referral to
Treatment Programme
 ‘IPCE Outpatient Audit’s have been completed in 2007, 2008, 2009 and actions put in place to
ensure current service delivery is enhanced.
Q9 Identify which equality groups this local guidance may impact upon.
Positive Impact: The area being considered may have a positive impact on any equality groups outlined in
relation to promoting equal opportunities and in improving relations within equality groups, or providing
targeted services to particular strands.
Negative impact: The area being considered may have a negative/adverse impact upon any of the equality
target groups outlined i.e. disadvantage them in any way.
Neutral Impact: A neutral impact on the Equality Target Groups indicates an impact that is neither positive
nor negative – no one group is advantaged or disadvantaged
What impact is your policy or service                                                  Comments
likely to have on different people
because of their:                                  Negative/             Provide any evidence that supports
                                        Positive               Neutral   your answer for positive, negative or no
                                                                         impact incl what is currently in place or
                                                                         is required to ensure equality of access.
Age                                                            x         No discrimination in relation to age,
                                                                         access to children’s audiology
                                                                         testing room, children’s play area,
                                                                         buggy and pram park, and baby
                                                                         feeding room.

Disability (incl. physical/sensory,   X                       No discrimination in relation to
Learning Difficulties, Cognitive                              disability noted.
Impairment or mental Health)
                                                               Patient needs met on a 1:1 basis
                                                               All waiting rooms have space for
                                                                 wheelchairs; staff will rearrange
                                                                 consulting rooms in advance of
                                                                 wheelchair clients requiring
                                                               Access to sign language
                                                                 interpreters can be arranged with
                                                                 prior knowledge of patient’s
                                                                 attendance. Assistance dogs
                                                                 permitted to access to clinic area.
                                                               Disabled toilets available within
                                                                 the department
                                                               Loop systems in place
                                                               Access to information in
                                                                 alternative formats is done on a
                                                                 needs led basis
Gender (Male, Female and              X                       No discrimination noted
Transgender)                                                   Chaperone procedure is in place
                                                                 to support client’s needs.
                                                               Male/ female toilets and baby
                                                                 changing facilities are available.
Race/Ethnicity (incl. Gypsy           X                       No discrimination noted
Travellers)                                                    Access to Language line needs
                                                                 to be rolled out.
                                                               Interpreter service available if
                                                                 booking office made aware at
                                                                 time of appointment.
                                                               Systems in place to translate
                                                                 patient information into
                                                                 appropriate language if
                                                               Patient needs met on a 1:1 basis

                                          X                    Signage in English only
Religion/Belief              X                                 Chaperone procedure in place
                                                               OPD staff sensitive to the needs
                                                                of religious beliefs during medical
                                                              Patient needs met on a 1:1 basis
                                                              NHSFV have access to spiritual
                                                                care team
Sexual Orientation                                   x       No discrimination noted
Staff                                                x       No discrimination noted
Other: Included are some areas for consideration. Please amend/add as appropriate. See Appendix
3 on Guidance Notes for more information.
Gypsy Travellers                                     x       No discrimination noted
Homeless                                             x       No discrimination

Involved in Criminal          x                                Patients from local prisons access
Justice System                                                 OPD with officers, private space is
                                                               provided by OPD staff to maintain
Low income                    x                                NHS Forth Valley systems in place
                                                               to support people accessing OPD
Rural Areas                                          x         No discrimination-Scottish
                                                               Ambulance Service assists patients
                                                               in these areas as necessary.
Q10. If actions are required to address changes, please attach your action plan to this
document. Action plan attached?
Yes     x                            No
Q11. Is a full EQIA required?
Yes                                   No x
Please state your reason for choices made in Question 11.
No significant discrimination noted at present.
    Ongoing evaluation of service including patient experience surveys. Changes would be made
      if adverse impact identified.
    All staff accessing equality and diversity mandatory training as part of a rolling programme.
      Strand specific training may be offered dependant on need of staff or service

Date Completed                      21/04/2010
Date of Review                      21/04/2011
Signature                                                    Print Name     SHARON HAMILTON
Department or Service OUTPATIENTS
Please keep a completed copy of this template for your own records and attach to any appropriate
tools as a record of RIA or EQIA completed. Please send completed RIA form and action plan to: (Sections A & B only)

                                            Rapid Impact Assessment Action Plan (EQIA)              Section B

Name of local guidance being EQIA:            Out Patient Department

Date                Issue                    Action Required       Lead (Name, title,   Timescale        Resource Implications         Comments
                                                                   and contact
06/04/2010          Language line not        Requires to be        SHARON               August 2011      Access to language line
                    being used to full       championed            HAMILTON                              specific phone handset
                    potential to support     throughout the                                              and staff training or super
                    people whose 1st         department                                                  user
                    language is not
06/04/2010          Signage in English       Review if problems    Sharon Hamilton      August 2011      Have question in relation
                    only, no pictorial       are experienced by                                          to signage/access
                    signage in place         patients accessing                                          included within next IPCC
                                             services re                                                 Survey
                                             following signage
06/04/2010          All staff accessing      Review PDP            Sharon Hamilton      August 2011
                    equality and             requirements of
                    diversity mandatory      staff. Review
                    training as part of a    access
                    rolling programme.       requirements of
                    Strand specific          patients which may
                    training may be          influence training
                    offered dependant        needs of staff
                    on need of staff or
06/04/2010          Specific needs of        Work ongoing with     Michael Fox          3 year action    Agnes Proven, Medical
                    patients identified      data monitoring                            plan in place    Records to update OPD
                    prior to attending       team to ensure that                                         Charge Nurse on
                    OPD appointments         peoples needs are                                           progress.
                                             reflected within
                                             notes, referral
                                             letters etc

Signed:           SHARON HAMILTON                                                                       Date:        06/04/10

This form has to be submitted along with the completed RIA to Lynn Waddell (Sections A&B Onl y)

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