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									                                           May 17, 2011
Aajar Zaman, Bangladesh, 2004

                                                                                    Xiao Li Tan, China 2005

                         John Reuter, Ukraine, 2004   Andrew Lee, Singapore, 2006
Outline for today
    Program Overview
    Thinking of Applying
    Grants and Benefits
   Fulbright Application
    Application Process
Some things to keep in mind
     UCSD at a glance
    Program Overview - The U.S. Student
          Program is designed for:
 Recent BA/BS graduates
 Master's and doctoral candidates
  Young professionals, including
writers, journalists, and those in
law, business, and other
professional fields
 Artists and musicians
                                     Rosanna Brilliantes – Philippines
   Program Overview - A Fulbright allows
                                  University coursework
                                  Independent library or field research
                                   Professional training in the arts and
                                 other fields
Rebecca Tyroler-Cooper - China    Assistant English-teaching
                                   Invaluable opportunities to meet, work,
                                 and live with the people of the host
                                 country, sharing daily experiences
Program Overview - A Fulbright allows
  Opportunities to promote mutual
understanding through engagement in
the community
  Appreciation of other’s viewpoints and
beliefs, the way they do things, and the
way they think, through direct
interaction with them

                                           Lydia Boyd - Uganda
Program Overview - Who is eligible?
  U.S. Citizens

   Those with Bachelor’s degrees, equivalent training or
 professional experience by grant start

   Sufficient language ability as required by host country and
 in keeping with the Fulbright mission

  Able to pass simple physical exam (no conditions which
 would interfere with your ability to complete your project)
 Program Overview - Who is NOT
 Non U.S. citizens (including permanent residents)

 Ph.D. degree-holders

  Previous U.S. Student Fulbright Study/Research grant

 Dual citizens or residents in some host countries (check
website country descriptions)
Thinking of Applying - A Fulbrighter
                             Strong academic and/or
                           professional preparation

                            Demonstrated leadership ability

                            Less than six months spent in
                           host country (excluding
   Phuong Do - Vietnam     undergraduate study abroad)

                            Focus on community involvement
Grants and Benefits - Types of awards
 Basic Grant Types
     Full Grants
     English Teaching Assistantships
     Travel-Only Grants (Italy, Germany, or Hungary only)
 Special Fulbright Programs (within the full grant structure)
     Business Grant (Australia, Mexico, the Netherlands, or Spain)
     Journalism Grant (Germany, UK, Taiwan)
     Critical Language Enhancement Awards
     Fulbright-mtvU Awards
     Opportunities in the Sciences and Public Health
Grants and Benefits - Types of awards
 Other Fulbright Country-Specific Awards
 While many countries offer specific awards, applicants must indicate in
 the SPECIAL PROGRAMS section of the application if they wish to be
 considered for one of the awards listed below.

 •Africa, Sub-Saharan:           •Italy: Deaf Studies
 Fulbright/Fogarty Fellowships   •Italy: Polytechnic of Turin
 •Australia: CSIRO               •Mexico: Graduate Degree Awards
 •Ireland: Irish Language        •Mexico: Public Policy Initiative
 •Italy: Slow Foods              •Netherlands: Water Management Award
           Fulbright Application
You can access the application here: https://us.fulbrightonline.org
            Fulbright Application - Online
Or go directly to the embark site: https://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/usa/24/
             Fulbright Application
  Complete the “face page” (Step B: Page 1) all in one sitting. You
may return to this page to update your answers at any time prior
to submitting the application, but it is important that you complete
the basic data at the start.

  Once you create an account, choose UC San Diego as your
institution, and Graduate Fellowship Advisor(TBN) as your FPA, I
will have you on my list of applicants.
         Fulbright Application
Personal Narrative
Letters of Recommendation
Letter of Affiliation
Language Evaluation
Supplemental materials (for those applying in the arts)
  Fulbright Application- Proposals
             What Fulbright wants to see
 Academic or Professional Qualifications
 Validity and Feasibility of Project
 Foreign Language Proficiency
 Evidence of Adaptability and Motivation
  Personal statements that read like an intellectual biography,
rather than a reiteration of a family history
        Application Process - General
 Three step review process
      -Institution review
      -National screening committee review
      -Country review
 Announcements on your application progress will be made at the
end of January, 2012
        -moved to country review or not
 Announcements regarding the funding status of your application
will be made on a rolling basis from the end of March – September.
         Application Process - General
  Application process – paper copy no longer needed (except for
supplemental arts materials)
 Make sure to “preview” each page since the embark application
may allow more characters than the pdf conversion will capture.
 Multiple letters of affiliation must be scanned and saved as ONE
pdf and uploaded in ONE pdf.
  2 language report forms allowed this year (for two different
languages, not two for the same language)
         Application Process - General
Significant coursework = need transcripts, but if you took 1 or 2
non-essential courses at cc, don’t need those transcripts. UG
transcripts are absolutely necessary!
      -Official transcripts needed
      -Need to be in this order: UG,
      master’s, PhD (name them
      accordingly to lessen confusion)

                                             Steven J. Vanek, Bolivia
          Application Process - UCSD
 Submit online by our internal deadline of September 12
     -Please note that our internal deadline is WAY earlier
     than the national deadline – plan ahead!
     -nothing is hard copy anymore, unless you have
     supplemental arts materials
     -official transcripts and letters of affiliation will now
     have to be scanned and uploaded as a word doc or PDF
  Once you have submitted your application, I review the proposals
to pick faculty for your interview
 Application Process – The Interview
  The interview will be with 1-2 faculty who fit into one of these
        -has/have been a past fulbrighter
        -has/have knowledge about your country of interest
        -has/have knowledge about your topic (but may not
        necessarily be from your home department)
  The interview is informal, but it is necessary that you come
prepared to talk about your research and plans in detail
        -can you talk to non-specialists as well as field experts?
Application Process – The Interview
I will also be sitting in on interviews to take notes
You will be evaluated at the institution level on several factors
           Academic qualifications
           Language qualifications
           Validity and feasibility of proposal
           Knowledge of host country
           Impression you would make abroad
Application Process - Fulbright tools
  The Fulbright online application
  Fulbright blog – replaces the old applicant newsletter
  Podcasts and webinars
  PDF versions of application forms
          Application Process - Timeline
Start thinking about possible project(s), identify
people for letters of rec, become familiar with
country specifications, identify country
Write, revise, and refine proposal and personal
Apply (by UCSD internal deadline of September
12), interview with faculty, and wait                Caleb Kim – South Korea
      Application Process – Contact Info
                    World Regions/Areas      Relevant Program Managers
                        General Inquiries    Walter Jackson (wjackson@iie.org)
          East Asia and the Pacific Region   Jonathan Akeley (jakeley@iie.org)
                  South and Central Asia     Cara Doble (cdoble@iie.org)
    Europe (except Germany) and Eurasia      Rachel Holskin (rholskin@iie.org)
                 Africa and the Near East    Jermaine Jones (jjones@iie.org)
Central America & the Caribbean Regional     Jody Dudderar (jdudderar@iie.org)
    Program, South America, Mexico and
             External Relations/Outreach     Tony Claudino (tclaudino@iie.org)
 Application Process - What Now?
  Spend the summer thinking about your projects, setting up
affiliations, and writing/refining your proposal and personal
  Get input on your project from professors, mentors,
specialists, colleagues and peers.
  Email the Graduate Fellowship
Advisor(TBN/gradadvisor@ucsd.edu), the UCSD Fulbright
Program Advisor, if you would like to set up an appointment to
go over specific questions, concerns, proposals, etc.
   Some things to keep in mind
Research country-specific requirements
If you try to contact someone abroad for a letter of rec or a
letter of affiliation, they may not respond right away (if at all!)
Transcripts may take time to order/print
The application is pretty lengthy; start early. You can always
save your work and log back in and finish
Get input on your project from professors, mentors,
colleagues and peers
UCSD At-A-Glance (past three years)
 Awards have been in the fields of Public Health, Music
 Composition, Biology, Modern History, Philosophy, Math,
 Oceanography, Psychology, Musical Instrument Training,
 Sociology, Filmmaking, Political Science
 Countries include Uruguay, Estonia, Nicaragua, Israel, Japan,
 Germany, Taiwan, Hungary, Australia, Spain, Switzerland,
 China, Argentina, Japan
 Generally 1:3 ratio of acceptance for UCSD (though this is by
 no means a guarantee)
    Good Luck!
             My contact information:
           Graduate Fellowship Advisor
          Email: gradadvisor@ucsd.edu
              Phone: 858.822.2938
Blog: http://ucsdgraduatefunding.wordpress.com

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