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					Satisfaction - Too many animals are dying but there is something that can be done to help save the lives of many animals. - To save the lives of animals, you can donate money to organizations such as the Humane Society to help keep their service keep running which helps to save the lives of animals. - Every dollar matters because every dollar is a step in the positive direction. According to North Shore American League America, donating will support medical centers and shelters where thousands of animals are treated every year. You will be happy knowing that you are making a difference by helping animals in need. - You can also volunteer in shelters and rescues to help homeless pets. All you have to do is create a volunteer profile at and their system will match you with shelters and rescues. You can help animals in need and meet other caring people like you. - You can help by grooming lonely pets, cleaning cages, helping in adoption events, transporting pets to the vet, and being a foster parent to a homeless pet. Volunteering is good thing and you will be very proud of yourself for doing something productive that helps others. - According to Pia Salk, pet adoption is the option because you are saving lives. When you adopt an animal from an animal shelter, you are saving the life of the animal you adopt but you are also making room for another animal to come in the shelter. You are creating space for new pets and allowing old pets to stay in the shelter even longer. Adopting an animal is a continuous cycle of saving lives. - Adopting a pet with give you a very loving friend. Pets that need help really show their appreciation when helped and will develop a very deep and close bond with their new owner. - The pets are given obedience training before being adopted so they are trained and ready to go. If somehow things don’t workout with your pet, you can return the pet which will save you a lot of stress. - Adopting a pet is a better option than buying one from a local pet store because local pet stores get there pets from a backyard breeder, or a people who make money by breeding their purebred dogs and cats. They also get their pets from a puppy mill which is a purebred puppy factory farm where puppies are produced as quick as possible to sell to pet stores. Pets are forced to breed at unhealthy rates. Backyard breeders and puppy mills only care about money and not the health of the pets. They are ignorant about the health issues and genetic diseases that may arise from inbreeding. We can stop them or at least slow them down by taking away their profits. Adoption is clearly the best option and the most human option. - Now that we have discussed the solution to the problem, we can move on and visualize the benefits from helping these animals.

Visualize - Helping animals by donating, volunteering, or adopting will save the lives of many pets each year. Many pets will live a happier and more fulfilled life. You will feel great knowing that you made a difference in a positive way. You will have fun playing with animals and realize that pets have positive impacts on our lives because they are loyal friends that will always be there for you. Our world will become a better place by helping because helping is a good thing and helping animals may lead to other good things. It’s a positive influence to everyone because we want our world to be better and helping animals is a step in the positive direction. - Now that we know our benefits from helping animals, we can move on to the actions that we can take right now.

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