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The Import Garage


									                           The Import Garage
  The Pollution Prevention                                                         THE ECO-LOGICAL
Outreach Team (P2O)certified The                                                   BUSINESS PROGRAM
Import Garage as an Eco-Logical
                                                                                   The Eco-Logical Business/
Business auto shop. Bill Eastman,
                                                                                   Automotive Services Program is a
owner of The Import Garage, is a
                                                                                   joint project of the Automotive
certified mechanic whose shop                                                      Service Association, the Pacific
specializes in Japanese, European                                                  Automotive Trades Association,
and British cars since 1977.
                                                                                   AAA of Oregon/Idaho and the
   Eastman lives by being aware of                                                 Pollution Prevention Outreach
how we generate waste and handle                                                   Team (Portland, Gresham,
it and moving to recycle or reuse        He is a member of the financial           Clackamas and Washington
instead of disposal. His father lived    board of directors of the PATA,           counties, United Sewerage Agency,
this philosophy both as a family         (Pacific Auto Trades Association)         Metro and the Oregon Department
man and his jobs; first as a Chemist     and OATA (Oregon Automotive               of Environ-mental Quality).
then an Environmental Control            Trades Association) board member.
Specialist for Kaiser Aluminum. In
1959 his father and young Eastman                                                  BENEFITS TO
                                         He feels it is a real challenge for his
planted gladioli in the yard across                                                CUSTOMERS AND THE
                                         employees to keep up with a
from the aluminum plant. Five            changing automotive environment.          COMMUNITY
years later they dug up the bulbs,       He has made a conscience choice to        •   Certified Eco-Logical Business
dissected them and analyzed the          offer continuing education and good           exceeds local environmental
results. Results showed them that        benefits to his six employees. He             requirements and insures that
the aluminum plant that put food on      feels it is a constant challenge to           Best Management Practices are
the table was also poisoning the         find good mechanics since                     followed.
Ohio River and land around it. Bill      automotive shop isn’t taught any          •   Certification assures customers
says that the Ohio river, which was      longer in the local high schools.             that the business has taken the
once a cesspool, is now almost           There are no apprenticeship                   necessary steps to reduce water
clean enough to drink and his            programs offered in the State of              and air pollution, hazardous
father’s actions had a direct            Oregon                                        and solid waste.
influence on cleaning up the river.                                                •   Certification of Excellence
One man can make a difference.           Eastman thinks it is worthwhile for           Award for responsible
   Just as his dad got involved, so is   any automotive shop to get involved           environmental management
Bill involved in a total immersion       in the Eco-Logical Business                   notifies the community that
into an environmentally correct way      Program as it makes good economic             shops care about the
of living his life and business sense.   sense to become environmentally               environment.
Good solid waste management to           aware. He feels one must recognize
recycle, cut waste, purchase             there is a potential problem and then     BECOME OR USE A
remanufactured parts especially          do something about it to solve the        CERTIFIED ECO-LOGICAL
from responsible environmentally         problem.                                  BUSINESS Automotive Shops
correct countries and eliminating        He said that being pro-active in a        For an Eco-Logical Business “Keep
materials to the landfill now flourish   responsible environmental manner          Your Shop In Tune” manual or to
through The Import Garage.               also puts him in contact with others      schedule a certification visit to learn
Cardboard, used parts paper boxes,       who can help with his business.           about ways to reduce pollution and
scrap paper and metals are recycled      He is not all business; when asked        cut costs, call 823-5320.
Used metal parts are sent for re-        what he dreams, it is just as quick       Auto Shop Customers
manufacturer of auto parts. Anti-         “Honduras!”                              For a list of certified Eco-Logical
freeze is recycled on-site.                                                        Program auto shops, call Metro
   With a Bachelors Degree in                                                      Recycling Services, 234-3000. Or
Engineering and a Masters in                                             
Business Administration, Eastman
continually finds way to save
money and help the environment.
                                                                                   The Import Garage
          left to right Bob Hartley,                                               Owner Bill Eastman
      Dave Klug, Bill Eastman owner,                                               1800 SE MLK Jr. Blvd.
 Rob Schwab, Mike Gano. Joe Cantrell                                               Portland OR 97214

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