Resident Rotation Schedule June June

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					                                  University of Maryland Department of Orthopaedics
                                               Resident Rotation Schedule
                                                 June 2010 – June 2011
                                                             (rev 8/4/10-nmc)

 PGY I        July                   August           September        October         November        December
 Griffith      Ortho                 Ortho            Ortho            Trauma          SICU            Vascular
 Greishober   Trauma                 Mercy            Rheum            Emerg Surg      Plastics        Peds
 Matusewski   Emerg Surg             Rheumatology     Mercy            Peds            Trauma          Plastics
 Palmer       Mercy                  Vascular         Trauma           Ortho           Ortho           Ortho
 Tannous      Trauma                 Plastics         Rheum            Mercy           Emerg Surg      SICU

 PGY I        January                   February      March            April           May             June
 Griffith     Ortho A                   Plastics      Emerg Surg       Mercy           Rheum           Peds
 Greishober   Vascular                  Ortho A       Ortho            Ortho           SICU            Ortho
 Matusewski    Ortho                    Ortho         Ortho            SICU            Vascular        Ortho A
 Palmer       Rheum                     SICU          Peds             Ortho A         Emerg Surg      Plastics
 Tannous      Peds                      Vascular      Ortho A          Ortho           Ortho           Ortho

 PGY II            Jun - Sept 5          Sept 6 – Nov 14     Nov 15 – Jan 30     Jan 31 – Apr 10    Apr 11 – Jun17
 Jester              Spine (6/28/10)          Trauma                UE                Consult              VA
 Leung              Trauma (7/1/10)             VA                 Spine                UE               Consult
 Meyer                VA (6/18/10)             Spine              Consult             Trauma               UE
 Obafemi              UE (7/1/10)             Consult             Trauma                VA                Spine
 Sando              Consult (6/18/10)           UE                  VA                 Spine             Trauma

 PGY III           Jun 18 - Sept 5       Sept 6 – Nov 14     Nov 15 – Jan 30     Jan 31 – Apr 10    Apr 11 – Jun17
 Allmon                  Adult                  F&A               Sports              BWMC              Peds-JHH
 Gilotra                 Sports               BWMC                 Adult             Peds –JHH            F&A
 Karp                  Peds –JHH               Sports              F&A                 Adult             BWMC
 Morgan                  F&A                Peds –JHH             BWMC                 Sports             Adult
 Wilkerson              BWMC                   Adult            Peds –JHH               F&A              Sports

 PGY IV             Jun 18 - Sept 5        Sept 6 – Nov 14     Nov 15 – Jan 30    Jan 31 – Apr 10    Apr 11 – Jun17
 Casagrande              Spine                 BWMC                Trauma            Research       Peds/Tumor -Sinai
 Clinton           Peds/Tumor-Sinai            Trauma             Research             Spine             BWMC
 Gillis                Research           Peds/Tumor-Sinai          Spine             BWMC               Trauma
 Knutsen                BWMC                    Spine         Peds/Tumor-Sinai        Trauma            Research
 Whitney                Trauma                Research             BWMC          Peds/Tumor-Sinai         Spine

 PGY V        Jun 18–Aug 29     Aug 30-Oct 24      Oct 25-Dec19    Dec 20–Feb 20    Feb 21–Apr 17   Apr 18–June 17
 Becker           BWMC               VA               Trauma           Adult            Sports            S&E
 Belin            Trauma             S&E             BWMC               VA              Adult            Sports
 Gupta             Sinai            Adult              Sports         BWMC             Trauma             VA
 Hallal             VA              Sports             Adult            S&E            BWMC             Trauma
 Thompson          Adult           Trauma               VA             Sports            S&E            BWMC
 Zahir             Sports          BWMC                 S&E           Trauma             VA              Adult

Research Resident – Ebrahim Paryavi, M.D.                                          Ortho A = Anesthesiology rotation

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