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Community Development


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									Community Development

           NATE GREEN
What is Community
                 ODOD Definition

 The Community Development Division provides the
 solid foundation necessary for Ohio’s citizens and
 economy to flourish. By solidifying Ohio’s
 infrastructure, improving housing conditions,
 creating jobs, addressing energy needs, and
 supporting local social service initiatives, the work of
 the Community Development Division is
 transforming Ohio into a global leader, making the
 state an even better place to work and live.
               Wikipedia Definition

 Community development, often abbreviated as
 CD, and informally called community building, is
 a broad term applied to the practices and academic
 disciplines of civic leaders, activists, involved citizens
 and professionals to improve various aspects of local
  Practical uses of community development

 Housing
 Downtown revitalization/development
 Neighborhood development
 Broadband
 Energy assistance programs
 Low-to-moderate income
 Quality of life initiatives: parks, trails, schools
               ODOD Resources


 Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
 Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program
 Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP):
 Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP)
 Electric Partnership Program (EPP)
                       ODOD Resources

 http://www.development.ohio.gov/cdd/ohcp/cdp.htm
 Federal CDBG
    non-entitlement counties and cities for housing rehabilitation,
     economic development and public works improvements
 Water and Sanitary Sewer Program
    provides grants to small, needy communities in rural areas of Ohio as
     they work to comply with Environmental Protection Agency
 Community Housing Improvement Program
    provides grants to Non-entitlement counties and cities interested in
     undertaking housing-related activities, including necessary
     infrastructure improvements.
                      ODOD Resources

 http://www.development.ohio.gov/cdd/ohcp/edp1.htm
 Economic Development Program
    provides funds to units of local government to provide gap financing
     for local business development
 Comprehensive Downtown Revitalization Tier One and
 Tier II Programs
    The Comprehensive Downtown Revitalization Tier One Program
     provides funds to eligible communities to assist with the
     development of downtown revitalization planning documents.
    provides funds to eligible communities to help eliminate blighted
     conditions, improve infrastructure and stimulate economic
     development in central business districts.
                    ODOD Resources

 Microenteprise Business Development Program
   provides grants to eligible cities and counties and nonprofit
    organizations to assist in the development of local
    microenteprise businesses and to create and retain long-term
    jobs in the private sector. Microenterprises are defined as
    for-profit entities with five or fewer employees, one of whom
    owns the business.
                  Other Resources

 OSU Extension Community Development Division
   http://comdev.osu.edu/

 USDA Rural and Community Development
   http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_1OB?
 US Economic Development Administration
   http://www.eda.gov/
          How do ED and CD fit together

 Community Development is not often an essential
  function of economic development programs
 ED pros often provide support but don’t lead CD
 Where do ED and CD most often meet?
    Downtown revitalization
    Broadband projects
    Brownfield remediation
    Quality of life projects
                             CD Case Studies

 Pickaway Connect
   Two goals
        1.     Provide broadband access to all parts of Pickaway County
        2.     Fiber ring connecting government, education, health care and

       Pickaway County Trails project
            Construct a trail from Circleville west to Pickaway County
             line along former Norfolk Southern RR tracks
            Applied for funds through Clean Ohio to purchase property
            P3 provides support to Pickaway County Park Park
                     CD Case Studies

 Mary Virginia Hannan Crites Park
   Full service park in the City of Circleville

   Funded through public and private donations

   P3 provides support through advocacy, marketing, media and
    grant writing

 Village of Ashville Community Center
   Construct a community center to include fitness facilities and a
   Done in conjunction with YMCA
                       CD Case Studies

 US EPA Grants
    Provides money for Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments.
    Assesses properties that have development potential
    CD component is cleaning up properties in neighborhoods that have
     potential public health hazard

 Downtown development
    Façade improvements
    Revolving loan funds
    Tax incentives (CRA, new markets tax credit)

 Land banking property
    Cleveland area land bank
    Central Ohio CIC
Examples from participants
     Contact Info

         NATE GREEN

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