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					             New York State Society of

              Radiologic Sciences, Inc.
                   53rd Annual Pre-Conference Board Meeting

                                   Quality Inn & Suites

                                 Niagara Falls, New York

                                Thursday October 17, 2002

Meeting called to order at 5:30 p.m.
Dominick DeMichele – Immediate Past President
Paulette Peterson – President
Joseph Whitton – President Elect
William Brennan – 1st Vice President
Eileen Doyle – Treasurer
Barbara Neumann – Secretary
Anthony DeVito – 2nd Vice President
Joan Parsons – Special Guest (ASRT)

TOPIC I:       Approval of Minutes

Review of Secretary Minutes from Spring 2002 Meeting

               Motion: A motion was made and seconded to accept secretary's minutes from
                the Spring 2002 Meeting

               Action: A vote was taken, motion carried unanimously

TOPIC II:      Reports

Joan Parsons – ASRT representative discussed ASRT issues.
1. President Reports:

   A.        President Peterson attended the ASRT meeting this past June. Mary Ann Harvey
             contacted President Peterson about possible passage of Article 35, which did not pass
             in this Legislative session. President Peterson attended Region 9 meeting in
             September. President Peterson met with the NYS Podiatrist Association to get special
             stipulation to Article 35.
2. Officers Report:
   A.        Treasurer Report submitted by Eileen Doyle - (see attachment #1)
              Financially sound. Eileen Doyle commended President Peterson on her excellent
3. Committees Reports:
   A.        Membership Report submitted by Robert Geiser.
              As of October 2002 we have 684 (634?) members. There is a discrepancy as to
               the number of students
   B.        Newsletter Report submitted by Eileen Doyle
              Two newsletters were published last year. A stipend was given to President
               Peterson for all her hard work.
   C.        Legislative - Reporting is Joseph Whitton President Elect - (see attachment #2)
              Reimbursement from ASRT paid for all of RT in DC.
   D.        Nominating Report submitted by Anne Verschuuren
              Every Board position has at least one candidate
   E.        Bylaws - No Report

TOPIC III:      Old Business:

1. Conference Issues:
   A. 53rd Annual Conference.
              All speakers were approved for ECE credits.
              Registrations – 106 attendees
              Meeting protocols procedures in all handouts
              Hotel Issues – Installation Luncheon will take place in conference room due to
              Vendor Contributions – Hildy Oberstein, Chair Reported that $1050.00 received for
              Student Bowl – Nine teams competing this year. New format for the student bowl.

2. Article 35 Update
           President Peterson reported that Article 35 did not pass during this Legislative
3. ASRT Issues

           There are Chapter Delegate positions are open for election this year in Bone
            Densitometry, CIT, Magnetic Resonance, Management, Medical Dosimetry,
            Radiation Therapy and Sonography
           Pilot Program Application – President Peterson did apply to the ASRT for unified
            membership dues
4. ASRT Restructuring Follow-up
           Joan Parsons discussed that a model would be voted on by ASRT members
5. Web Site
           President Peterson had the web site started. Start up cost is $35.00. Maintenance
            is $8.00 per month.
6. Policy and Procedures
           President Peterson reworked the entire manual. Student membership now has
            specific dates
7. Life Membership Issues
           Melvin Thornhill withdrew nomination of Mary Ann Emanuelli
8. Workforce Investment Now (WIN) by Healthcare Association of New York State
           President Peterson submitted an application for NYSSRS membership in WIN.

TOPIC IV:     New Business

1. President Reports
           President Peterson will make Mary Ann Harvey an Honorary Member of NYSSRS
           Elections – All Board positions have at least one candidate. Chief Teller is Jim
            Fromm, Sergeant-At-Arms is Sherry DeMichele
           NYSSRS has a new Chapter Group, the Association of Radiologic Administrators
            and Supervisors (ARAS)
           Special Stipend was given to Cindy Smith Educational Chair for all her hard work
            reworking the format of the Student Bowl
           Podiatry Bill – Discussion involving its effect on Article 35. Hiriam Chirel M.D.,
            DPM and Donald Feldman M.D., DPM will address members at the first business

President Peterson called for any additional business, hearing none, adjourned the
meeting at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: ____________________________________
                           Barbara A. Neumann RT (R) (M) (CV)
                                 Secretary, NYSSRS, Inc.


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