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              The husky howl
         March 2010                                          North High School                                                           Issue II

Advertising May Help Budget Ills
By Stephanie McIlquham                   school equipment.                         state which have brand new equip-        around the school would be sort of
         Advertising in high schools              When asked how she felt          ment, or the latest style of jerseys,    odd, they might not be taken seri-
has been a hot topic in Eau Claire       about the subject, senior Mariah          also have signs for local banks hang-    ously,” notes a North student. “I
of late. This year, through student      Mousel stated, “Slapping a Pepsi          ing up in their gym. Many schools        believe that advertising is wrong for
input, senior Marcus Liddell is          logo on the back of a chair doesn’t       have advertisements on score             the younger generations because
trying to get this project moving.       affect the players, coaches, or           boards and on chairs in the gym.         it takes advantage of them. They
Using a student survey taken in a        spectators. Advertising would be                  One student surveyed this        don’t understand what they are
homeroom period, Marcus tried to         a great way to earn money for the         year said that “seeing a Pepsi sign      always saying,” says another. Se-
                                         athletic department so we aren’t          in a gym doesn’t make me want to         nior Marcus Liddell agrees saying
                                         so dependent on the school dis-           drink Pepsi more than Coke. If this      that he supports advertising in high
                                         trict.” Previous venders willing
                                         to support North High School in
                                         some way have included, but are
                                         not limited to Coke and Pepsi, who
                                         agreed to help out if they were al-
                                         lowed to have a vending machine
                                         selling their product in the school.
                                         Venders such as this have been
                                         removed, however, due to contro-
                                         versies between the companies’
                                         representatives and the school
                                         board as to when to allow students
         Marcus Liddell                  to purchase such beverages from
gather some opinions of students in      the machines. When the Eau Claire
grades nine through twelve. Over         Area School District started crack-
one thousand students responded          ing down on enforcing healthy eat-
to the survey, and it appears NHS        ing habits, the soda machines were
students are ready for it, with 69%      removed all together.
in favor of advertising in school                 While students support the
and 31% opposed. One student,            idea of advertising, they would like
who remained anonymous, went so          to be involved in the process. Out
far as to say that “there is advertis-   of the students who support the
ing all around us outside of school.     advertisement idea, 482 indicated
School is not a place for public         that they would like to have some                    Advertising already appears at Carson Park.
advertising.” Other students, how-       input or control over what compa-         will give us money we should do          schools but when it comes to the
ever, think advertising is a “great      nies were being advertised, where         it!” Some students see advertising       elementary level, advertising might
idea to get money.”                      they were being advertised, and           in school as a community engaging        be almost pointless due to the num-
         Of those students who           how they were being advertised.           opportunity. “I think it would be        ber of kids still learning to read and
responded “yes” to wanting ad-                    In recent years athletic         great to have local businesses put       comprehend advertisements.
vertising 385 would like to hear         fees in Eau Claire have continually       ads in the school. I feel that is more           Whether advertising in Eau
advertising on the morning an-           increased. Many families find it          positive for the whole community,”       Claire schools becomes a reality in
nouncements, 650 would rather            difficult to keep up with the amount      notes one student. “It’s not doing       the near future is still uncertain. One
see advertisements on posters, 281       of funding it takes to have a child       any harm and it’s a really good idea     thing almost all the students at North
would prefer to encounter ads on         participate in high school athletics,     to help the school and the commu-        High School can agree on, though:
computer screens, 212 would like         especially since the prices for par-      nity.”                                   something has to be done in order to
to see them on jerseys and 185           ticipating in sports has tripled in the           Advertising at school can        boost the school’s budget.
would like to see advertising on         past four years. Other schools in the     be tricky though. “I think that ads
  Page 2                                   News and Features                                                          The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                          March 2010

Ala Carte Choices Could be Healthier
 by Sammit Birtzer and Brooke McIntyre
                                                                              old fash-
                                       She said, “Kids don’t know what
         Most North students and                                              ioned
                                       they are eating and should have
staff members may not realize                                                 recipes, and
                                       labels and more choices.” In the
that the hot lunch program has to                                             whole grain
                                       ala carte line the pre-packaged
strictly follow the food pyramid                                              breads.
                                       foods do have labels, but the
guidelines. The ala carte choices                                             Fresh fruits
                                       deep fried foods do not.
do not have to follow these guide-                                            and veg-
                                                The deep fried foods
lines which can become a health                                               etables were
                                       are cheaper than fresh fruits
concern for students and staff.                                               offered to
                                       and vegetables; however, staff
         Several interviews with                                              students
                                       member Gene Power said that
North students and staff indicate                                             and the only
                                       if we bought our produce from
that there is a strong desire for                                             beverage
                                       local growers it would poten-
changes to be made in the ala                                                 offered to
                                       tially be cheaper. Ms. Tackmann
carte line. Students and staff alike                                          students
                                       also agreed that the ala carte
agree that there needs to be                                                  was water.
                                       program is more about money
healthier foods incorporated in                                               Teach-
                                       than the quality of the food. Joel
the ala carte selections.                                                     ers com-                             tant now, but will be increasingly
                                       Hornby, power lifting coach and
         North student Savannah                                               mented after the food program        more important in the future. The
                                       teacher, said, “Too many of the
Johnson said, “I don’t think the                                              was changed, grades improved,        students and staff are confident
                                       unhealthy choices seem cheap-
ala carte line is healthy enough;                                             truancy was less of an issue, and    that if other schools can accom-
                                       er.” He also added that the poor
I would add a salad bar.” She                                                 arguments were rare.                 plish having better foods to eat,
                                       food choices affect everyone’s
continued, “I also wish we had                                                        According to a North staff   so can North. It’s a work in prog-
                                       performance physically, mentally
more fresh local fruit.” Most of the                                          member, North is an institute for    ress and it looks like we’re on our
                                       and emotionally.
people who participated in the                                                learning, but we aren’t helping      way.
                                                The mental and physical ef-
interviews said they would “love”                                             educate the students how to eat
                                       fects have been proven at Central
the choice of a salad bar here at                                             properly. This is not only impor-
                                       Alternative High School in Apple-
                                       ton, Wisconsin. According to the
         Even if North cannot com-
pletely eliminate the unhealthy
food choices in the ala carte line,
                                       article “A Different Kind of School
                                       Lunch,” the school’s food program                 The Husky Howl Staff
                                       was radically changed. Burgers,
health teacher Deborah Tack-
                                       fries, and burritos were replaced
mann believes that we should be
                                       with salads, meat prepared with         Editor
informed of what we are eating.                                                Bailey Benedict
                                                                               Mr. David Sampson

                                                                                                 Advisor’s Statement
                                                                                     At present, the Husky Howl is in need of students who wish to
                                                                               engage in the world of journalism. Writers, editors, photographers,
                                                                               and designers of all ages are encouraged to see Mr. Sampson in
                                                                               room 345 or email to express their
                                                                               interest. Participation can range from occasional writing to earning
                                                                               credit for an independent study.
                                                                                                  Mission Statement
                                                                                     The Husky Howl is a publication created by North High School
                                                                               students. The goal is to inform and entertain the student body on is-
                                                                               sues that are local and relevant to them without the use of obscenity
                                                                               and libel.
                                                                                     The editorials and features that are written express the opinions
                                                                               and ideas of the writers and are not expressive of the entire student
                                                                               body or the entire staff of the paper. Letters to the editor are welcome
                                                                               and may be emailed to the advisor, Mr. Sampson, at dsampson@
                                                                      Letters must be signed; however, the author’s iden-
                                                                               tity may be kept anonymous upon request. We reserve the right to
                                                                               edit the letters.
                                                                                     The Husky Howl aims to be an informative aid to the student
                                                                               body as well as a means of bringing people together.
   The Husky Howl                          News and Features                                                                               Page 3

        March 2010

Funding Shortages Still a Problem
by Savannah Johnson, Samantha Gruen, Andrew Kim, Nathaniel Coleman, Whitney Hanson, and Matt Seipel
        Over the past year stu-        grading homework now. Teachers          she said would greatly impact her       in most American high schools.
dents at North High School have        are also having problems getting        life.                                   True equality will never happen.”
had to pay twice as much for           to know their students as well as               According to the article        But theatre isn’t the only activity
sports, classes have gotten cut,       they have in the past due to the        “Budget Reductions Made by              being hurt.
teacher positions have been elimi-     significantly larger class sizes.       Eau Claire School District,” in                  The band and orchestra
nated, and many opportunities                  The school district is not      2009-2010 the Eau Claire School         programs have been experienc-
have been taken away because           hiring as many new teachers             District increased the fees for         ing tough times as well. There
of budget cuts. Within the last five   because of the cost. “Students          participation in extra-curricular       are only two orchestra directors
                                                                               activities and saved $91,917. By        in the entire district and ours is
                                                                               doing this, the district may have       only at North for one hour a day.
                                                                               saved money, but families have          Gene Power, the band director,
                                                                               had to spend more.                      said, “Programs that get more vis-
                                                                                       When asked how budget           ibility get more funding; athletics
                                                                               cuts have affected her family,          are very visible and therefore get
                                                                               Macki Fadness said, “It has af-         more funding. We are all scram-
                                                                               fected us a lot. We pay $800 for        bling for attention.” He would like
                                                                               just my sister and me to play high      to see another band director at
                                                                               school sports this year. I still have   North High to help him with the
                                                                               three other siblings that partici-      over 200 students that he instructs
                                                                               pate in sports also. My family is       on a daily basis.
                                                                               in eleven sports a year. We have                 Governor Jim Doyle has
                                                                               had to cut back on stuff like shop-     proposed a new budget that will
                                                                               ping, new equipment, and other          cut $2.2 billion in spending and
                                                                               items because the extra money           will protect middle class tax cuts.
                                                                               was spent on sports.” Macki is not      In two years the governor’s bud-
                                                                               the only student who plays mul-         get will finish with a positive bal-
                                                                               tiple sports. There are many other      ance of $270 million. “At its most
                                                                               students who are wondering how          basic, this is a budget about what
           Budget constraints could limit theater projects.
                                                                               they’re going to pay for every-         we believe is important for our
                                                                               thing.                                  future,” stated Governor Doyle.
years, over $20,500,000 has been       are losing out on having younger                Many people feel that fa-       The budget is meant to benefit
cut from the district’s budget. Most   teachers and new student expe-          vor is shown to specific programs       education, health care, and pub-
of this was cut in the 06-07 and       riences,” added math teacher            such as sports and arts. Lucas Ris-     lic safety. Hopefully this plan will
07-08 school years alone, causing      Pam Kamrath. The students are           inger, the theatre director, stated,    protect public schools from losing
a huge decrease in the funds used      not getting as many new experi-         “Some activities have a higher          classes and teachers along with
for students’ education and extra      ences because they do not have          priority than others. Sports will       lowering the athletic fees.
curricular activities.                 as many teachers to share the           always be of the highest priority
        Since 2005, 60 semester        experiences with. “We need to
classes have been cut at the high      make the budget cuts at the top
school level, limiting students’       of the district where they have not
options. Assistant Principal Susan     been affected yet,” added substi-
Kern stated, “They (the cuts) are      tute teacher Lyla Lahn.
as bad as I have seen in my years               One budgetary change
of teaching, and just in my five       that is likely to have a major effect
years as an administrator things       on a significant number of stu-
have gotten even worse. Cuts are       dents is the district’s bus routes.
immense but we try not to let it       Lydia Stanley, sophomore at
affect the students.”                  North complained, “After school I
        In addition to fewer           can’t get a ride home because my
classes for students, teachers are     parents are still at work.” Lydia
getting bigger classes because         currently relies on the district’s
there are fewer teachers. Health       busses as her means of transpor-
teacher Deborah Tackmann said          tation to and from school. If the
she doesn’t like the larger class      proposed cuts are made to the
sizes because they are harder          bus routes, she will no longer be
to teach. She also commented           able to ride a district bus to and
that she spends much more time         from school, which is a change                          Oversized classes challenge teachers.
  Page 4                                   News and Features                                                            The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                           March 2010

Temperature Still a Concern at North
by Courtney Provos and Sarah Poli                                            this could be because it is near the    body’s heat is retained by wear-
                                                                             gym and doesn’t have an outside         ing a hat, it could help students
        The fluctuation in tempera-    concerned with being warm that
                                                                             wall in his room.                       significantly. Another option
ture at North High affects more        they can’t focus on their academ-
                                                                                      Other staff members            would be to allow the wearing
than the comfort of the students; it   ics.” This is directly related to
                                                                             agree with this. When inter-            of jackets and coats. This is not
affects their health and academics.    research conducted by Dunn and
                                                                             viewed, math teacher, Ashley            currently allowed due to North’s
        Results of an interview        Dunn. Their research showed that
                                                                             LaGear stated that, “My room            dress code, but may need to be
with Susan Kern, Assistant Prin-       the brain can’t focus at certain
                                                                             is on the outer perimeter of the        revisited.
cipal, show that on December 4th,      temperatures because it is be-
                                                                             building, but it’s not that cold.”              One final consideration
                           while the   ing reminded to get a sweater
                                                                             Nonetheless, she has still been af-     was found at www.sciencebase.
                           heating     or move to a warmer part of the
                                                                                                     fected by the   com. This would be allowing
                           system      room. Sophomore Katie Roscoe
                                                                                                     cooler tem-     students to eat and drink dur-
                           was sup-    said, “I can’t focus. I’m thinking
                                                                                                     peratures of    ing classes. Carbohydrates and
                           posed       more about how cold I am than
                                                                                                     the building.   proteins, along with hot teas, hot
                           to be in    what the teacher is saying.”
                                                                                                     Ms. LaGear      chocolate, and other warm bever-
                           proper               Chuck Domer, North’s
                                                                                                     stated,         ages, help the body keep warm.
                           working     Building Services Manager, re-
                                                                                                     “It can be      There are precautionary mea-
                           condi-      ported that the building can vary
                                                                                                     difficult to    sures students could take to avoid
                           tion, the   as much as 64 degrees to 73 de-
                                                                                                     look profes-    the mess often associated with
                           Student     grees. They are currently working
      Ms Amyotte                                                                                      sional but     food and drink, such as keeping
                           Services    on stabilizing and equalizing the
area was 38 degrees. This is far       temperature so it does not vary.         Katie Roscoe          also keep      the items in semi-closed contain-
                                                                                                      warm.”         ers.
from the ideal 72 degrees that         Mr. Domer mentioned the mainte-
                                                                                      Many people have sug-                  Until the temperature can
is needed for optimal learning,        nance staff is doing the best they
                                                                             gested different ways to solve          remain consistent throughout the
according to a study conducted         can with what they have to work
                                                                             the heating problem. North could        building, the administrative staff
at Loyola University. According        with.
                                                                             raise the building temperature;         should consider allowing for spe-
to the same study, the farther the              Although many rooms in
                                                                             this is an obvious, yet not very        cial accommodations. Unless this
temperature is from 72 degrees,        the building are cold, some are
                                                                             cost-effective solution. Allowing       occurs, students and staff may be
the more negatively it affects the     warm, such as the library, com-
                                                                             students and staff members to           required to take matters into their
mind’s ability to learn.               puter labs, and areas near the gym.
                                                                             wear cold weather apparel, such         own hands in order to benefit
        Melissa Amyotte, an Eng-       When in Darrel Kluck’s office, the
                                                                             as hats, gloves, and scarves could      themselves and others.
lish teacher at North believes that    temperature seemed perfectly
                                                                             be considered. Since most of the
sometimes, “the students are so        comfortable at 71 degrees. Part of

        North to present                                                        Student
       The Matchmaker                                                           Speaks
       North’s Husky Moon Theatre Companywill be presenting The
Matchmaker When the wealthy Horace Vandergelder decides that he
wants to get married, he hires matchmaker Dolly Levi to help him find
the perfect bride. Willful and eccentric, Dolly soon extends her influ-
ence to Vandergelder’s clerks, his niece, a hat maker by the name of            How do you feel about losing Collaboration Mondays?
Mrs. Malloy…and Mr. Vandergelder himself. Look forward to chases,
laughter, and unforgettable characters in this classic farce by Thorn-                                                First of all, it’s not our fault
ton Wilder which was the basis of the movie Hello Dolly.                                                              the people downtown are not
       Come see it on April 23rd and 24th at 7pm and April 25th at 2pm.                                               smart enough to check and
                                                                                                                      make sure we have enough
                                Starring                                                                              minutes. Second, 600 minutes
                                                                                                                      is stupid. The students and
     Dolly Levi…..Meghan Marquardt               Minnie Fay…Emilee Larson                                             teachers lose collaboration
   Horace Vandergelder…Ryan Liddell           Miss Van Huysen…Joyce Idarraga
     Joe Scanlon…Jonathon Idarraga             Ambrose Kemper…Kyle Miller                                             for the worthless amount of
        Malachi Stack…Seth Price               Ermengarde…Brianna Theiste                                             time it would take the aver-
   Cornelius HacklMichael Schwiebert             Gertrude…Sammi Wensel                                                age high school to watch two
       Barnaby Tucker…Nick Cota                    Rudolph…Michael Abel                                               movies and plant six pota-
    Irene Malloy…Shelby Swansinger                 Augustina…Alicia Pope                                              toes. Yeah. And good thing
                                                                                         Kersten Greene
                                                                                                                      we have an extra minute of
                                                                                                                      first hour!
   The Husky Howl                            News and Features                                                                                 Page 5

        March 2010

WebSENSE Controls Student Access to Internet
by Cole Kulig, Jon Fortier, and Luke Severson
         Many businesses and            of [WebSENSE’s] database was
government institutions use con-        posted without any human inter-
tent filtering programs such as         action…” The blocking of certain
WebSENSE to keep employees              sites could be attributed to com-
and students from visiting unau-        puter error.
thorized websites while at work                  Although some sites
or school. The school district has      that may be needed for practi-
such a system and blocks con-           cal, school related purposes are
tent which is “harmful to minors.”      blocked, the School Board policy
Clarifying this term will answer        364.1 states that, “Subject to staff
some of the lingering questions.        supervision, technology protec-
According to School Board Policy        tion measures may be disabled
365, “harmful to minors” is, “any       or, in the case of minors, mini-
picture, image, graphic image           mized only for bona fide research
file, or other visual depiction that:   or other lawful purposes.” If a
       a) Taken as a whole and          teacher requests that a site be
       with respect to minors,          unblocked, the Director of Tech-
       appeals to a prurient in         nology, or a designated represen-
       interest in nudity, sex, or      tative must be informed.
       excretion;                                School staff is still affected
       b) Depicts, describes, or        by the security measures, but not
       represents, in a patently of-    every site blocked or filtered for
       fensive way with respect to      a student is blocked or filtered for
       what is suitable for minors,     school staff. Some staff found this
       an actual or simulated           to be a nuisance, “We don’t know
       sexual act or sexual con-        what [students] can’t access… we
       tact, actual or simulated        almost have to have a student test
       normal or perverted sexual       a site,” Gene Power, band teacher
       acts, or a lewd exhibition of    said. Mr. Power also thinks that
       the genitals; and                some of the security measures             posed to go to. Mr. Tillman also        form may seem like a nuisance or
       c) Taken as a whole, lacks       implemented are unnecessary,              said, “I haven’t had any problems       waste of time to some, it is a pre-
       serious literary, artistic,      and that the program doesn’t al-          with [WebSENSE], but that’s just        caution that the district must take
       political or scientific value    low teachers to decide what is ap-        my experience.”                         in this technological age.
       as to minors.”                   propriate. In essence, however, he                 Michael Scwiebert, a stu-               To some, WebSENSE may
         Although some sites are        believes that WebSENSE is neces-          dent at North, thinks that Web-         be considered a necessity and
filtered for obvious reasons, oth-      sary.                                     SENSE is, “annoying, but useful.”
                                                                                  Michael also says, “If you have to
                                                                                  look [something not appropri-
                                                                                  ate for school] up, do it at home.”
                                                                                  When asked what he would
                                                                                  change about WebSENSE, Mi-
                                                                                  chael said he would change the
                                                                                  security warnings that pop up on
                                                                                  many sites.
                                                                                           The school board policy
                                                                                  364.1 states that, “Computer use
                                                                                  is essentially an individual expe-
                                                                                  rience; however, primary respon-
                                                                                                                                 Michael Schweibert
                                                                                  sibility for appropriate use of the
                                                                                  Internet resides with the student.      to others it might be considered
                                                                                  A user agreement form will be           a nuisance. In the end, responsi-
                                                                                  signed by the student and parent        bility falls on the students to use
ers make people wonder why                      Other staff found Web-            prior to their use. Failure to follow   the school district’s technology
WebSENSE is blocking the site.          SENSE to not be a big problem.            appropriate practices may result        appropriately.
For some sites that seem to be          Ed Tillman, a biology teacher,            in disciplinary action including
blocked for no reason, answers          thinks that WebSENSE does what            loss of the individual’s access
can be found. According to              it’s supposed to: keep students           to the Internet.” While signing, “more than 25%           away from sites they’re not sup-          and returning a user agreement
   Page 6                                   News and Features                                                        The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                         March 2010
Forensics Students Take on the Big Apple
by Scott Smith
        “It’s big, it’s stinky, and I don’t like it…well actually I do. But I
wouldn’t want to stay there for a bunch of time.” This is how Hayley
Barrickman described New York City. Hayley was one of five North
High seniors to go to New York City to compete in the Columbia Invi-
tational Forensics Tournament. The other seniors were Bethany Blount,
Meghan Marquardt, Michael Schwiebert, and myself. We had some
interesting experiences in the Big Apple.
        One of the first impressions we had of New York, was a packed
subway station at10:30PM. We tried to avoid standing out (which is
difficult when you are dragging suitcases and clearly look like some-
one from northern Wisconsin) and were unsuccessful. Then we had
a surprise (although we shouldn’t have been surprised; New York is
known for its rats). Two of the biggest and furriest rodents that I have
ever seen, walked down the middle platform like it was a normal
thing. The other people in the subway station didn’t seem the least bit
shocked or surprised by the rats.
        The next day, we explored New York City. When you are in
New York, you see buildings and streets that you recognize from TV
like The Plaza Hotel (Home Alone 2), New York City Hall (Spin City),
                                                                                              The forensics group at Times Square
                                                                                Heights, a Tony award winning musical about three days in Washington
                                                                                Heights in New York City. The show was amazing (this coming from
                                                                                theatre and acting nerds) and we were all blown away by just how
                                                                                good it was. The music was cool, the story was compelling, and there
                                                                                were moments of extreme humor mixed in. If you are in New York, I
                                                                                think you need to
                                                                                go see a Broadway
                                                                                show and I think
                                                                                you should pick In
                                                                                the Heights.
                                                                                         New York
                                                                                was an amaz-
                                                                                ing place to visit,
                                                                                but like Hayley, I
                                                                                wouldn’t want to
                                                                                live there (other
                                                                                members of the
                                                                                team would). It
                                                                                was an experience
                                                                                that I doubt any of
                                                                                us will forget. For
  Hayley, Michael, and Scott ponder work by Orozco at MOMA                      this trip, I have to
                                                                                thank Mrs. Richard-
and the US Federal District Courthouse (Law and Order). Central Park            son, Mrs. Knight,
is a great place for seeing these types of sights. A few specific spots         Scott Peterson, and
were of great interest to Bethany, Hayley, and me, because of the fact          David Hodorowski
that we had seen bodies found at those sites in episodes from the Law           (our coaches/
and Order franchise.                                                            guides/guardians).
        New York was fun and we did the touristy stuff, but we also             Without them, this
went to compete. Columbia is a tournament that generally features               trip would have
the elite forensics teams in the country. We went up against east coast         never happened
prep schools whose students will be going to universities like Colum-           and we would like
bia. Our little team held its own against the big, elite teams. Michael         to thank them for
Schwiebert advanced to quarter finals in Dramatic Performance and               all they do for us.
Meghan Marquardt advanced to the semi finals of both Original Ora-                                  Front: Ms Knight, Hayley Barrickman, Betha-
tory and Oral Interpretation of Literature.                                                         ny Blount, Meghan Marquardt
        There is one final thing that I have to write about. This is the                            Back: Nick Anderson, Ms. Richardson, Mi-
one thing that everyone of us and our coaches mentioned when asked                                  chael Schweibert, Scott Smith, Mr. Peterson,
about New York. That was the fact that we were able to go see In the                                David Hodorowski
   The Husky Howl                          News and Features                                                                           Page 7

        March 2010

Students Buzzing About Cell Phone Policy
  by Karly Pickerign and Jesse Holman
                                                                                      Some students have witnessed teachers using or checking
        North High School students and staff members have a lot of            their cell phones during their classes and believe it is unfair. Students
opinions about the cell phone policy. The policy was put in effect dur-       interviewed feel that if teachers can use their cell phones, they as stu-
ing the 2008-2009 school year. According to the Student Handbook,             dents should be able to use theirs as well. Then again, there are some
“all forms of electronic paging devices or cellular phones are prohib-        teachers who aren’t as strict with the policy, and allow cell phones to
ited from use during the school day at North High School.”                    be used.
        Prior to the policy’s creation, an administrative meeting was                 Cell phones may be considered a disruption from learning
held to discuss how to resolve the conflict of classroom disruption           due to the fact that when one rings, everyone looks to see what it is
                                                       caused by cell         and then has to re-focus. Cell phones can also be used as an easy way
                                                       phones. Assistant      to cheat. Someone could text another student for an answer they don’t
                                                       Principal Darrell      know; therefore the test isn’t really measuring the student’s knowledge
                                                       Kluck was one of       about a subject.
                                                       the people who                 Many
                                                       participated in        students admit
                                                       this meeting. He       or are in agree-
                                                       stated, “I think       ment that cell
                                                       the policy’s fair      phones should
                                                       and reasonable.        be banned from
                                                       It’s great to have     classrooms;
                                                       because otherwise      however, those
                                                       it’s a disruption to   same students
                                                       the learning envi-     believe a com-
                                                       ronment.” Another      promise should
                                                       teacher comment-       be reached, al-
                                                       ed, “I suppose it’s    lowing students
                                                       necessary.”            to use their
                                                       While many             phones in study
                                                       administrators and     halls, before
staff members believe it’s a great policy to have, most students think        and after school,
differently. Most students interviewed think it’s an unnecessary policy       during lunch,
and they would like to see changes in it. Kelsey Provos, a senior said,       and in between
“I think people should not have them in class, but we should be al-           classes. One
lowed to use them before school, during lunch, and in study hall.”            student commented, “That’s how Chippewa does it.”
        Although students know the policy, about 87% of those inter-                  As many students would like to see this compromise take ef-
viewed say they still use their cell phones during school hours. Nick         fect, one way to accomplish this might be to call for another meeting
Dutter, also a senior, admits, “I use my phone every hour and have            and have student council members take part in the creation of the
never been caught.”                                                           policy/solution. With students’ input considered, a newly revised cell
                                                                              phone policy would be seen as more reasonable and tolerable in the
                                                                              students’ eyes.
Page 8                                 Student Life                      The Husky Howl

                                                                            March 2010

                                               Photo by Chico Labarera

                                                                         Photo by Kao Lee Vang

                           Photo by Bailey Benedict

Photo by Bailey Benedict                                                  Photo by Kao Lee Vang
 The Husky Howl                                Student Life                                    Page 9

     March 2010

                                                                                 Photo by Bailey Benedict

Photo by Bailey Benedict

                                                      Photo by Bailey Benedict
                                                                                 Photo by Bailey Benedict

                           Photo by Bailey Benedict

                                                                                     Photo by Chico Labarera
  Page 10                                 News and Features                                                          The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                         March 2010

Ask Abby                                                                   tacked all the time and stared at because of our race differences. How
                                                                           can I make it stop?
Dear Abby,                                                                 -Black and Bummed
I am in an AP class that requires motivation and concentration. Previ-
ously I’d be able to do these two things quite well, but since the be-     Dear Black and Bummed,
ginning of this year, I haven’t been able to focus in one of my classes    I hate to break it to you, but there is nothing you can do to stop igno-
because of one problem. There is a person that sits behind me in this      rant people from judging you and your boyfriend. What you can do
particular class and they NEVER stop talking. It’s to the point where      though, is be proud of your boyfriend and flaunt your diversity. You
this person doesn’t ever raise their hand anymore blurting out an-         may be annoyed by the stares you get from stupid people at the mall,
swers. I can’t even think, not that I have time to because this person     but while you feel uncomfortable, a young girl may be looking at you
yells out her viewpoint before I can comprehend the question. What         as a role model because you don’t let the color of someone skin affect
should I do?                                                               your judgment or feelings for a person. Turn what you feel as negative
-Highly Annoyed                                                            attention into positive learning experience for others. Show the world
                                                                           that you and your boyfriend are wildly happy together as a bi-racial
Dear Highly Annoyed,                                                       couple, and don’t care who knows it! You two may become the Hedi
I think most students have been in your situations; however, I hope        and Seal of Eau Claire!
you won’t let an annoying classmate ruin your learning experience.
If you feel comfortable enough, talk to the student and tell her you       Dear Abby,
appreciate her participation in class and the ideas she is sharing, but    I have told my boyfriend on many occasions that I hate facial hair. He
you don’t feel you are able to offer your opinion to the class because     doesn’t even have a legitimate beard, but he just won’t shave his weird
of her over-sharing. You may have great insight that your peers could      brown peach fuzz. How can I make him shave?-
benefit from, but you are intimidated by her aggressive nature in the      Facially Frightened.
classroom. If you are afraid to approach the problem student on your
own, talk to your teacher about your concerns. He or she may be able       Dear Facially Frightened,
to condition the obnoxious student into holding back some of her           Weird brown peach fuzz is secondly annoying only to No Shave Novem-
comments, and giving other students a chance to participate by mak-        ber. Why must men insist on strange patches of facial hair, I just don’t
ing comments that, if made by you, would fall on deaf ears.                know. While we do appreciate some manly scruff from time to time,
                                                                           awkward patches of facial hair just aren’t attractive or pleasing to said
 Dear Abby,                                                                boy’s girlfriend. If you have already dropped the hints you aren’t into
My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We’re both seniors      facial hair, try pointing out to him movie stars or other famous men you
and are going off to college next year. I plan on staying in Eau Claire    find attractive that are freshly shaven. This way he knows what you like
to study nursing and he’s going to LaCrosse. We’re pretty serious          without him feeling threatened by his best friend or a random senior in
about our relationship, but I’ve never been in a long distance relation-   the hallway, and hopefully he will take the hint. If you feel you are secure
ship before and I don’t know if I can handle the separation. We have       enough in your relationship, tell him frankly that you prefer him without
talked about it a little, but nothing is resolved and we won’t know what   his peach fuzz and ask him nicely to shave it off tomorrow morning. A
it’ll be like until next year. What should we do?                          happy girlfriend always leads to a happy boyfriend.
-Wrecked in Wisconsin
                                                                           Dear Abby,
Dear Wrecked in Wisconsin,                                                 I am currently experiencing issues with an overzealous individual of
Long distance relationships are never easy, but whether you fail or        the opposite sex. I am not interested in furthering our relationship,
succeed as a couple depends on the commitment level from both              but she obviously is. I have been trying to be as nice as possible, but
you and your boyfriend. I would recommend going to college with an         she doesn’t seem to take the hints I am giving. How do I get my point
open mind to where your relationship could go, and a realistic idea        across without crushing her dreams?
of what you want your next four years to be like. Don’t box yourself       -Currently Creeped On
into a set plan; leave room for you both to grow as individuals and as
a couple. If you do decide to stay together, make sure you keep com-       Dear Currently Creeped On,
municating as much as possible and set aside weekends to visit each        At this point in the game there is no room for ‘hints.’ If she is persis-
other so you always have something to look forward to. If you start to     tently creepy and clingy you need to tell her you aren’t interested
feel like you are drifting apart while you are away at college, make       without there being any room for confusion. While you need to be
sure you talk about it right away. As hard as a break up may be, you       firm, don’t be a jerk to her. Making her hate you won’t help the situ-
don’t want to waste time trying to fix a relationship when there are so    ation and will only make you feel terrible later on. Let her know, in
many new things you can experience while you are in college. You           person, that you don’t want to be with her anymore and you think it
also need to figure out where you see your life going in the next four     would be the best for both of you to go your separate ways. If you feel
years. If these places are similar for both of you, it may be worth your   like this may be a tough relationship to break, tell her you don’t think
time to work towards a stronger relationship. If you are both looking      you should talk to each other for a set period of time—no calling, tex-
for different things, you need to be honest with yourselves now, and       ting, or Facebook. Cold turkey may be the way you’ll need to end this
take care of your personal goals and happiness. No matter what hap-        one to assure it doesn’t become any more messy than it has to be. The
pens, you should be able to take from your relationship a great friend-    sooner you do this, the sooner she can move on and you both can find
ship and many great memories together.                                     someone new.

Dear Abby,                                                                 Future questions for ASK ABBY should be delivered to
I am a black female and my boyfriend is white. We get racially at-
                                                                           room 345.
   The Husky Howl                            News and Features                                                                              Page 11

        March 2010

Wimpy Pockets and WebSENSE: Change We Need
    by Meghan Marquardt                                                          loud enough, then nothing gets           they have to lose if they don’t. The
                                                                                 done. What if our opinions aren’t        future of our community is really
        There are a lot of things in     never really felt like I had a say in   enough? Well, at least by trying         in our hands, as cliché as that may
this world that I don’t like: Web-       what’s going on in our school, or       to initiate change, we’ve gotten         sound. So do something about it.
SENSE, the absence of collabo-           in our district. Whatever the rea-      someone’s attention.                     Write a letter, write a speech, go
ration Mondays that began this           son, I’m really regretting my lack               I guess what I’m trying to      to a meeting—a politely worded
week, celery, homework, doing            of action. I’m about ready to leave     tell you is that if you have time left   complaint has power, so use it!
the dishes, the lack of naptime in       North, and what mark have I left        here, use it. I may not be able to                Anyways, I apologize if I
high school, the fact that I can’t       on the school? Not a huge one.          single handedly pass a referen-          sound like a motivational speak-
play games on the computer dur-          People may remember me, but I           dum, but I can tell my community         er, or too preachy. The truth is,
ing study hall, and potato/ham-          haven’t really changed my school.       about the impact that the schools        though, I regret not trying to initi-
burger/corn casserole. What I                     I think the class of 2010      in the ECASD have had on me,             ate change at North, in the school
hate most of all, though, is the tiny    may be struggling with this idea.       and maybe they’ll listen. I may          district, or in the community, and
pockets in girls’ jeans. Women           Certainly, we are conflicted: our       not be able to get WebSENSE              I don’t want anyone here to leave
need to carry stuff around too,          class quote advocates creat-            taken off of the computers, but          high school feeling the same way.
you know, and those jokes that the       ing our own change, while our           maybe I can show those in charge         In the future, I’m going to do my
clothing designers call pockets          song (“Waiting on the World to          that there is educational merit in       personal best to be proactive
can’t even hold my spare change.         Change” by John Mayer) says             the forums and games that are            in my community, wherever that
        But I’m not going to bore        “Now we see everything that’s           kept from us. It’s the little things,    community may end up being.
you with a long list of the things I     going wrong/With the world and          which I now regret not doing, that                And clothing makers—
don’t like. Suffice it to say, I’m not   those who lead it/We just feel like     can initiate change: they may not        watch out. I’ve had enough of
totally satisfied with the world,        we don’t have the means/To rise         immediately fix anything, but            your wimpy pockets, and I’m
or even with this school. North is       above and beat it.”                     these small things can get peo-          ready to do something about it.
a great place to be, but it has its               I think we don’t know what     ple’s attention, can help change         Don’t be surprised if there’s a
share of problems (as does the           to do—we all see things we don’t        get a start.                             movement for equality in jeans
ECASD). And even though these            like, we all have ideas about how                So if you’re a freshman,        pockets in the near future—if men
problems bug me, it bugs me              to fix them, but we don’t feel like     a sophomore, or a junior you             can have pockets that can hold a
even more that I haven’t been a          we’ll make a difference if we say       still have time left. You still have     wallet, and iPod and a cell phone,
part of trying to solve them.            what we think. It’s a hard conflict     time to help your school become          why can’t we?
        Sure, I’ve complained. I’ve      to deal with and very much a            the place you want it to be. The                  What am I going to do
complained to my classmates              product of our modern society.          grown-ups can’t do it all on their       about it? Well…I’m not totally
and to my friends. I’ve ranted           We have things handed to us             own. The school board doesn’t            sure about that one yet…but it’s
to teachers and my Forensics             all of the time, so why shouldn’t       know what we want and need               on. I want my pockets, and I want
coaches, but I haven’t really done       change be the same way? But this        unless we tell them. The commu-          them right now!
anything. Maybe it’s because I           attitude is dangerous. If every-        nity can’t see the merit of funding
haven’t had the time, or the moti-       one’s afraid to speak up, if ev-        schools that their children don’t
vation, or maybe it’s because I’ve       eryone feels like their voice isn’t     go to unless we show them what

School Board Report
   by Marcus Liddell
         Marcus Liddell here             budget costs. As I’m sure most          exists to help; that’s you reading       to the homework, internet use,
again, with another update. For          of you know, the last referendum        this and all your friends in class-      school calendar, and school
those of you who missed the first        didn’t quite make it, and there are     rooms around the city. Find me in        hours policies, a possible co-op
article or don’t remember it, I’m        a number of theories about why.         the hallways or e-mail me at rlid-       between North and Regis boys
North’s student representative           (In a referendum, by the way, the with any ideas          hockey teams, and discussion
on the ECASD Board of Educa-             public votes to increase their own      you have about how to advertise          about a possible new policy on
tion, and my job is to keep you all      taxes to give the school district       a referendum and let the pub-            advertising, among other things.
informed regarding the Board’s           more money to put toward things         lic know how badly we need it,                    If you’re interested in any
activities. I’ll also take any com-      like smaller classes, more pro-         something the district failed to do      of these things, you should come
ments or questions you have and          grams, better sports equipment          last time. Also, talk to the adults in   to the next few meetings, which
convey them to the Board.                and more teams, among others.)          your life. Get them thinking about       are all held at 7:00 PM at the dis-
        Since I wrote last, the                  If we decide to go for it       a referendum.                            trict’s central office, and support
school board has revised policies,       again, which I think is likely given            The school board will            your opinions. If you can’t make it
listened to reports, and gener-          the current situation, it’d be nice     meet four times in the next two          for any reason or don’t wish to go,
ally conducted business as usual.        to have, for starters, a better way     months; on March 1st, March 15th,        you can contact me by e-mail or
Well, that’s not quite true; they’ve     to get the information out.             April 5th, and April 19th. At these      in person. I’ll be happy, as always,
also begun discussing a pos-                     For that, I’m appealing to      meetings, the following topics are       to convey your message for you.
sible referendum to help offset          the population the school board         expected to come up: changes
  Page 12                                                  Features                                                The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                      March 2010
Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play incurable cancer patients who make a list of things they want to accomplish before they “kick the
bucket” in the 2009 Grammy nominated movie The Bucket List. Sometimes it takes a terminal illness for people to realize how much life is worth
and to live it to the fullest. “What do you want to do before you die?” is the question posed by the MTV hit series The Buried Life. Duncan Penn,
Dave Lingwood, Ben Nemtin, and Jonnie Penn are the cast and crew who have created a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. The
group decided out of high school that they didn’t want to wait for their dreams to maybe come true but rather to go out and make them happen.
Senior Koua Xiong said, “I’d like to create an amazing artwork that will inspire someone else to do something great that will benefit the world.”
Like Koua, the stars of The Buried Life would like to make a positive change in the world by helping strangers achieve their goals as well. Is this
social phenomenon appearing more commonly in the media in hopes of persuading people to live like tomorrow may never come? Students at
North High School shared their answers to the question presented by The Buried Life:

What do you want to do before you die?
    compiled by Bailey Benedict

I want to own my own photog-                                                I would love to help the or-
                                       I want to write a novel, and                                              It would be cool to go skydiv-
  raphy studio and travel the                                              phanages in third world coun-
                                      hopefully turn it into a series.                                                ing in a competition.
            world.                                                           tries and travel the world.
                                         Matthew Knutson, senior                                                  Jonathan Idarraga, freshman
    Holly Stabenow, junior                                                      Chelsea Starin, junior

I want to just go skydiving for       Travel the world, go to every          Leave Eau Claire for good!               Become a vampire.
               fun.                             continent.
   Katlyn Moyle, freshman             Hannah Graves, sophomore                Michelle Trayner, junior                Tchoua Xiong, junior

    Win a thousand dollars.                  Meet a penguin.                To live and be a millionaire.                    Die old.
  Karissa Dehnoff, freshman              Danielle Ott, sophomore               Yency Yang, sophomore                 Alex Chang, freshman
  The Husky Howl                                      Features                                                        Page 13

      March 2010
                                                                                                        Someday I hope
                                                                                                           you get the
                                                                                                         chance to live
                                                                                                         like you were
        Go streaking.                                               Travel the world, skydive and
                                   Go play baseball in the metro-
Ariah Ming and Corrina Frank,                 dome.
                                                                             help people.                 Tim McGraw
                                                                        April Degner, senior            Live Like You Were Dying
          freshman                     Alec Cartman, senior
                                                                         I want to be...
                                                                         ...a pilot and fly the air-
                                                                      ...a Transformer in a trans-
                                                                    former costume with a mask.
                                                                     ...a paleontologist and find
                                                                                dino bones.
                                                                                ...a fireman.
                                   I want to get married and have    ...a football player, dad and            Own a pet pig.
Get married, have a family and                eight kids.                         a teacher.
      become a nurse.
                                                                                                          Amber Harings, junior
                                         Sarah Doud, junior           The kids from Head Start
   Danielle Pearsch, senior

                                     We only got 86,
                                    400 seconds in a
                                    day to turn it all
                                   around or throw it
                                        all away.
I want to travel the world after                                    See one of the seven wonders,        I would love to travel to
college and I want to get mar-           Kris Allen                       if not all of them.                    Europe.
 ried and have a good career.         Live Like We’re Dying             Robbie Barnes, junior            Samantha Kriese, junior
       Khue Yang, senior

  You know it’s
 never too late
to shoot for the
stars regardless
of who you are.
                                                                     I really want to travel to Paris
                                          Make a movie.              and see the Eiffel Tower and          I want to be a singer.
     Nickelback                      Ryan Leikness, sophomore
                                                                     experience the Paris feeling.
                                                                                                          Tiffany Dale, freshman
If Today Was Your Last Day
                                                                     Kelci Levandowski, freshman
  Page 14                                 News and Features                                                       The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                     March 2010

Hockey Stars Are Friends for a Season
by Macki Fadness
         On a team you learn you sink or swim to-
 gether. You learn you can’t do it without everyone.
 You learn when to follow and when to lead. On the
 ECA Stars girls hockey team you learn all of that, but
 with girls from Altoona, Memorial, and North High
         The Eau Claire Area Cooperative (co-op)
 team is made up of three girls from Altoona High
 School, nine girls from Memorial High School, and
 five from North High School. Although the name
 of the team is Eau Claire Area Stars only Memo-
 rial and North are included in the co-op from Eau
 Claire. The other Eau Claire area high schools are
 not included because when the Stars were being
 organized the other high schools did not have any
         In order for the Stars to become a co-op
 team, the administration from each school had to
 agree on forming a co-op. From there, the group ap-
 plied to the WIAA for approval. The team was then
 approved and it ran under a probationary status for
 two seasons. Everything functioned properly and

See GIRLS page 15                                                                                                     Photo by Chico La Barbera

Deer Hunt Extension Not Supported by Hunters
 by Adam Wendt
        The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ decision to          extended deer season has been put on hold for at least another year
extend the deer hunting season is questioned by many because of the         by the Wisconsin DNR. Many hunters are pleased with this because the
DNR’s questionable ideas in the past. Before the 2009 deer hunting          poor decision made by the DNR regarding earn-a-buck has obviously
season began, the Wisconsin DNR worked with the idea of extend-             left the Wisconsin deer population with unnaturally low numbers.
ing the gun deer season from nine days to sixteen days for the 2010
season. By doing this, they hoped to thin out the deer population.
However, as hunters found out this year, the deer population might
be smaller than the DNR thought because this year’s nine day season
was the lowest in 27 years for Wisconsin. Figures show that Wisconsin
hunters tagged fewer than 200,000 deer this year but in past years,
hunters have averaged 320,000 to 350,000 deer killed in Wisconsin.
        After viewing the statistics of this year’s hunt, North High
School sophomore, Brady Watnemoe, responded by saying, “Now to
me, this just can’t be human error. If in the past hunters have killed
350,000 deer and now this year they shot 150,000 fewer deer, that’s a
red flag to me telling us that there isn’t as many deer in the state. The
DNR has to take this into consideration before passing the sixteen day
gun hunt in future years.”
        After talking with other students at North High School, some
are worried that their hunting season might be destroyed by the DNR.
This concern arises because it is possible that future hunters won’t
have enough deer to pursue. Some people believe that no positives
can come from a future deer season extension. One North High School
sophomore, Brady Dokkestul, even said, “This extension would bring
nothing but trouble to the Wisconsin deer population. I believe we
need to preserve deer population so we have deer to hunt in the fu-
        Considering there has been much controversy over the ex-
tended deer hunt and little statistical figures showing the benefits, the
  The Husky Howl                                               Sports                                                               Page 15

       March 2010

 Athletic Fees Skyrocket in Eau Claire
    by Max Devine and Gage Stabenow
       Athletic fees in the Eau      free stipulation, saying that she is   lessons include learning to work      students work hard in the class-
Claire Area School District have     glad the rule was implemented          with others, learning to accept       room just to be eligible for sports.
risen dramatically from last year.   because it keeps students in ath-      failure and how to rebound from               Eau Claire isn’t the only
The majority of sports last year     letics year round.                     it, and gaining a solid work ethic.   city facing these issues however.
cost $100, which was already a               But what about two sport               While high school sports      According to a recent WIAA sur-
burden for some families to pay.     athletes? Students who partici-        are only “fun and games” to some      vey, 243 Wisconsin high schools
This year’s fees have doubled to     pate in two sports don’t receive       students, others may rely on them     currently have athletic fees. How-
                                     any discounts and must pay full        to get into college. Ms. Peplinski    ever, Eau Claire’s are among the
                                     price. This may force students to      points out that many colleges         highest in the state. Some schools,
                                     choose between the two sports          look at students’ extra-curricular    such as Marshfield, charge only
                                     because of financial concerns,         activities when considering them      $15 per sport.
                                     which Varsity Assistant Baseball                                                     Athletic fees are prob-
                                     Coach Mike Peplinski fears may                                               lematic for some students and
                                     cause students to choose not to                                              their families, but right now it
                                     play at all.                                                                 doesn’t seem athletic fees are
                                             For teens who choose                                                 going away. Mr. Brown proposed
                                     not to play, their free time may                                             the idea to make fundraisers into
                                     become occupied by activities                                                large, community wide events
                                     that might be harmful to them-                                               that include all sports working
                                     selves or others. Wayne Odgen,                                               together as one. Mr. Peplinski
                                     the Superintendent of Franklin                                               mentioned corporate sponsor-
                                     Schools, another district that has                                           ship, stating that changing The
                                     seen its athletic fees rise, stated,                                         Doghouse to The Pepsi Doghouse
          Coach Brown                “If the kids aren’t here playing,                                            may be a way to bring in money
$200, while hockey and gymnas-       practicing, they’re out someplace                                            for the athletic department. A
tics have climbed to $300.           else, more likely to be involved in                                          sophomore at North even men-
        This issue is even more a    things we don’t want them to be                                              tioned the idea of combining
concern to multi-sport athletes.     involved in”.                                  Coach Peplinski               North and Memorial sports to
Fees for one student could reach             Varsity Hockey Coach Guy                                             lessen the fees. $200 and $300
$600, not including shoes or other   Brown has similar concerns as          for admission. Mr. Brown men-         dollar fees cause problems for
equipment that is needed to          Wayne Odgen. Brown believes            tioned two more points regarding      high school students who just
participate in a particular sport.   that participating in sports not       college. He added, “Under-priv-       want to play, so hopefully ideas
However if you participate in two    only adds to the high school           ileged kids may not get an op-        are put in place to lower the price
sports, the third sport doesn’t      experience, but that it also builds    portunity to be involved and earn     of sports so students can just play
have a fee. Varsity Girls Basket-    character and teaches valuable         an athletic scholarship.” The other   without worrying about the fees.
ball Coach Michelle Peplinski        life lessons that only playing team    item Brown commented on was
commented on the third-sport         sports can teach. Some of these        motivation. Brown believes many

Girls Join Players from Three Schools
GIRLS from page 14                   cuts at the beginning of the sea-      assemblies, booster clubs, sched-     port than mine is. Other wise I
the WIAA gave its approval for       son, which gives all girls a chance    uling around school dances,           have no problems with the co-op.”
the team.                            to play.                               and other logistical issues,” said            The team was asked if
         “I like the co-op because           Even though the players        Coach Marty Fadness. The team         they would like any other sports
it gives me an opportunity to        are from different schools the         also has problems with getting        they play to be a co-op. Most said
meet new people,” said sopho-        Stars work well together. Last         word out to the other schools,        no because they like having big
more Bailey Sauro. The girls who     season they had a record of 16-        watching film, having dry land        rivalry games and playing each
play for the Stars co-op benefit     6-1 and made it to the sectional       practices, and using the weight       other in different sports. Outside
in many different ways. It takes     finals this year. Senior Jordyn        room. Sophomore Bailey Sauro          of hockey the team is each others’
away stereotypes about the other     Pater from Memorial said, “I think     said, “We don’t get to see each       rivals but during the season they
schools and provides a chance to     we work better together because        other outside of hockey practice.     work well together. Coach Fad-
meet people from three different     we don’t see each other 24/7.”         We are missing the social part of     ness said, “The dynamics of the
schools in the area. Sophomore               Overall the Stars like the     the team.” Senior Cassie Rose-        team always works well. The girls
Emily Lester from Memorial           co-op, but it does have its down-      more from Altoona added to why        on the team not only get along,
said, “I like the co-op because I    falls. “There are problems with        a co-op was so hard. She said,        but seem to enjoy the fact they
like being away from kids at my      having three schools represented,      “It’s disappointing to know that      are from different schools.”
school for a while.” The co-op       but those problems are all admin-      another school from the team is
is great because it doesn’t make     istrative problems, such as pep        giving my team a lot more sup-
   Page 16
                                                                     Sports                                                 The Husky Howl

                                                                                                                            December 2009
Dance Team                               After finishing first in regional
                                                                                                       Power Lifting
                                                         competition, the-
                                                         girls’ dance team         The boys and girls
                                                         qualified for the         powerlifting teams
                                                         state tournament,         won the second place
                                                         finishing 8th in the      team trophy at both the
                                                         Division I Hip Hop        Eau Claire North and
                                                         category, choreo-         Holmen powerlifting
                                                         graphed by Coach          meets. The following
                                                         Amy Pieper and            athletes have qualified
                                                         Aleshia Martell.          for state and/or nation-
                                                                                   al competition: Lindsey
                                                                                   Gorell, Anna Garlick,
                                                                                   Amanda Poquette, Sid-                        Photo by Chico La Barbera
Photo by Chico La Barbera                                                          ney Blodgett, Jocelyn          Marquardt impersonates Atlas
 Boys’ Hockey                                                                      Petersen, Eva Ham-
                                                                                   brick, Hannah Zimmer, Kyle Nelson, Jack Doroff, Jordan Clark, Luke
Freshman Sam Nelson had large                                                      Doud, and Aaron Marquardt. Coach Joel Hornby says, “Our team is
skates to fill because he took the                                                 very young this year, but we have some excellent senior leadership
place of the boys hockey teams’                                                    and many young powerlifters who are leading by example.”
previous goalie Conrad Kersten.

                                                                                                        Girls’ Hockey
The boys had a 8-13 record earn-
ing them the fifth seed going into
the regional finals against Chip-                                                  Although there is a rivalry
pewa (fourth seed) on Friday,                   Photo by Chico La Barbera          between the schools in
February 19th. North took a devastating loss in double overtime with a             other sports, the girls
score of 3-2 eliminating them from tournament play.                                hockey programs at North,

                     Girls’ Basketball                                             Memorial and Altoona
                                                                                   have bonded together to
                                “We have a great group of girls who work           form a co-op team. Team
                                hard each day to get better,” said varsity girls   captain, Jordyn Pater, is a
                                basketball Coach Michelle Peplinski. Al-           senior at Memorial and
                                though they are facing what she calls a “chal-     has led the ECA Stars
                                lenging” season, the Lady Huskies have a           to having a record of 15
                                15-6 record at press time with only three con-     wins and 8 losses. Varsity                       Photo by Chico La Barbera
                                ference losses two of which were to Meno-          Coach Marty Fadness said,
                                                                                                                           Kersten Greene in Goal
                                monie. Next year the team will be losing five      “The six North girls all
                                seniors, one being 6’3” starting post Laura        play a significant roll on the squad.” On Friday, February 26th the team
                                Van Es who is considering attending Lake Su-       played in the sectional finals against the Central Wisconsin Storm and
                                perior State University, a Division II school in   narrowly lost 2-0.
                                Michigan. Coach Peplinski said, “We believe
                                all girls in our program, not just our varsity
                                                                                                    Boys’ Basketball
   Photo by Chico La Barbera
                                players, are bringing excellent energy and
   Van Es with the ball.
                                work ethic to our practices each day.”

                               Wrestling                                     After winning their first six games, the
                                                                             boys basketball team faced what varsity
Led by seniors James Hennick, Tim Baker, Giordan Leek, and Marcus            boys basketball Coach Aric Carpen-
Liddel, the wrestling team had many participants, including 11 freshman, ter called “a bit of a hiccup” mid-way
and lots of energy. They won five team meets this year and hosted the Eau through the season. The team consists
Claire North Husky Invite where James was the champion. Giordan, Tim,        of eleven seniors and four juniors, Alex
and Marcus, who earned Honor-                                                Cole, Eric Kron, Grant Lokken, and Tyler
able Mention at 130 lbs, all trav-                                           Hermann, who will be the only return-
eled to Merrill where the Sectional                                          ing varsity players next year. Coach
Finals were held. Giordan and                                                Carpenter has a positive outlook on the
Marcus both took a tough loss in                                             rest of the season and said, “We look
their first match. Tim Baker was                                             forward to battling for the conference
unable to wrestle due to a torn                                              title, earning a good seed, and doing
ligament in his right shoulder and                                           our best to excel in the tourneys.” Now
chest. None of the boys qualified                                            back on track, the boys have won their
for State but they put up a good                                             last four games and earned the #5 seed                 Photo by Chico La Barbera
fight and blazed a trail for the team              Photo by Chico La Barbera
                                                                             in their sectional.
to follow next year.                        Hennick on the attack                                                                  Kron to the defense

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