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									                  All American Management
              The Property Management Experts
Serving Orange, Seminole, North Polk & Osceola, Southeast Lake & South Volusia Counties
                             of Central Florida Since 1983

                     Property Owner’s
             Please keep this document in a safe place
                       for future reference.

                                                                                           Table of Contents
               Welcome to All American Management!

This Property Owner’s Handbook is designed to familiarize you with our administrative
process. It is our sincere belief that when you, as our client, understand this process,
we can better serve your needs.
All relationships are established by written agreement between you and All
American Management, or companies acquired by All American Management. All
terms, conditions and provisions outlined in this handbook are subject to change
or withdrawal at any time without notice. You should look solely to your individual
property management services agreement for actual services rendered. For the
most up to date version of this handbook, check our website at www.AAMPM.com.
The following table of contents outlines the benefits, services, and what you, as our
client, can expect from All American Management.

                                Table of Contents
Part               Topic                                                   Pages
Part I             Why Choose Us?                                           4-7
Part II            Rental Marketing Plan                                    9 - 11
Part III           What’s Included for Fees Paid                          12 - 14
Part IV            Frequently Asked Questions                             15 - 18
Part V             Property Owner’s Expectations                          19 - 22
                   (What you can expect from AAM)
Part VI            References                                                23

                               Why Choose Us?

  Personal relationships, experience
  and know how
w RESULTS: Qualified Leasing
  Consultants and Property Inspectors
  property inspections
w CONVENIENCE: We show rental
  properties 7 days a week
w We have a “PROVEN RENTAL                      OUR PEOPLE MAkE THE DIFFERENCE
  MARKETING PLAN” for faster leasing            We believe that the key to our success
w GUARANTEED SAVINGS: Superior                  is in the personal relationships that we
  tenant screening                              have developed with our customers over
                                                the years.    All American Management
w PROTECTION: Attorney prepared                 has assembled the most talented team
  leases                                        of residential property managers in the
w ACCURACY: Computerized                        nation. Less than 40 property managers
                                                in the United States have attained the
                                                combined following property management
w GUARANTEED TENANT: If our                     designations: Certified Property Managers
  tenants break their lease in the first        (CPMs), Master Property Managers (MPMs),
  6 months, we’ll waive our leasing             and Residential Management Professionals
  fee and re-rent your property FOR             (RMPs). Our experience and knowledge
                                                in managing single family homes means
  FREE! (excluding advertising cost)
                                                savings for you. Our entire staff are well-
w The MOST QUALIFIED residential                compensated employees of our company
  Property Managers in the U.S.                 with a complete benefits package.
  (CPMs, MPMs, RMPs)
  1983 with over 7,500 satisfied
w NO SURCHARGE to property owners
  for minor maintenance and repairs
  you can do the work yourself, or,
  you can have us do the work for
  you and deduct it from your taxes
                                                       LEASING CONSULTANTS
  AGGRAVATION IN DEALING WITH                   Because     we   average     hundreds     of
  YOUR RENTAL PROPERTY                          prospective renter calls to our office each
                                                week, we dispatch our leasing consultants to
                                                show rental homes 7 days a week.

Our leasing consultants are specially trained        WE SHOW RENTAL PROPERTIES
in the art of assisting prospective renters                7 DAYS A WEEk
to lease properties. This focus on showing

                                                                                                   Part I — Why Choose Us?
efficiency, coupled with specialized training,    All American Management is open for your
means results for our property owners—not         convenience 6 days a week (excluding
to mention a tremendous benefit in time           national holidays). We realize that oftentimes
and savings to our qualified renters seeking      renters seeking quality rental homes must
quality homes.                                    have after hour or weekend appointments.
                                                  We also realize that the management of
       VIDEO TAPED PROPERTY                       rental properties doesn’t stop on Fridays at
           INSPECTIONS                            5:00 PM. We have property managers on
                                                  call 24 hours a day to handle any situation
If you believe that a picture is worth a          for our customers.
thousand words, then Video Taped Property
Inspections are just one more reason why you
should hire All American Management as the
property manager of your single family home,
condo, town home, etc. Since we began
adding video tape to our home inspections
(1997), there hasn’t been any question as to
“What the property looked like prior to move
in.” This procedure provides peace of mind
property management for property owners
who want to protect their property, AND to
tenants who want to facilitate the return of
their security deposit.
                                                          WE HAVE A PROVEN
                                                        RENTAL MARkETING PLAN
                                                  Our “Rental Marketing Plan” uses various mass
                                                  media to promote your vacant property to
                                                  thousands of prospective renters. We utilize
                                                  up to 12 various websites including (but
                                                  not limited to): www.aampm.com, www.
                                                  yahoo.com, www.homerentals.net, and
                                                  www.rentals.com just to name a few. We
                                                  market many of our vacant properties on
                                                  local television such as Fox News, the USA
                                                  Network, Lifetime Movies and others! We
 MANAGERS INSPECT PROPERTIES                      also create color flyers for each property
                                                  along with our attractive yard signage.
Our full time professional property managers
                                                  Over the past 20 years, many Realtors have
inspect both vacant and occupied pro-
                                                  also referred renters our way, as they are
perties each month. We divide up our
                                                  comfortable that our firm does not sell real
portfolio of properties by geographical zip
                                                  estate or compete with their services. We
code area to ensure properties are inspected
                                                  also utilize the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper
efficiently and regularly.
                                                  from time to time as needed. At All American
                                                  Management you’ll never have to worry
                                                  about extended vacancies due to a lack of

   SUPERIOR TENANT SCREENING                           Our accounting system also allows us
                                                       to make recurring monthly payments for
In selecting the right tenants for your rental         our owners, such as mortgage payments,
property, we believe that an ounce of                  homeowners association payments or any
prevention is worth 10,000 pounds of cure. We          other recurring monthly obligation, provided
want to safeguard that our property owners             adequate funds are available in your
get the caliber of renters they deserve. That’s        account. We make property management
why we utilize a 6 Step Screening process on           easy for our customers.
each and every adult rental applicant:
1. We pull national credit reports on each
   and every adult rental applicant.
2. We do an “eviction search” to be assured
   that our applicant hasn’t been evicted
   in the preceding 7 years.
3. We do a verification of former landlord
4. We do a verification of the applicant’s
   employment or income.
5. We do a “Criminal Background Check”
   on all adult applicants.                                   GUARANTEED TENANTS!
6. We do an FBI/CIA Terrorism List check to            We are so careful in our selection of renters
   guarantee your tenants are not registered           that we are able to provide our property
   as terrorists.                                      owners the following guarantee: if a tenant
Because of our superior tenant screening               placed by our firm breaks their lease during
process, most “rent-jumping” tenants (the              the first 6 months, we will waive our customary
ones who don’t pay rent, damage properties             leasing fee and re-rent your property to
,and move out in the middle of the night)              new tenants FOR FREE (advertising cost
prefer to apply directly to property owners,           excluded).
who may not know until it’s too late. We
hope this hasn’t happened to you. Throw
your aspirin away and call us today! Call
All American Management now at (407)834-

At All American Management we use the
top property management software in the
industry. We can “direct deposit” your rent
payments directly into your bank account!
Our property owners also receive a detailed             THE MOST QUALIFIED MANAGERS
statement each month showing all rental
income and disbursements.         We also              To provide the best available service to our
provide our property owners with a year-               clients as well as maintain our unsurpassed
end summary statement to give to their tax             reputation within the residential property
accountant.                                            management profession, the owners of All
                                                       American Management continually provide
                                                       the best property management training
                                                       within the industry. No other property manager

or property management company in                  NO SURCHARGE TO PROPERTY
Central Florida has the combined property        OWNERS FOR MINOR MAINTENANCE
management designations as those held by
the owner of All American Management,            At All American Management, we assist
Gene D. Bennett, CPM, MPM, PME, PRM,             our property owners and tenants by having
RMP, President. We are second to none in         independent qualified maintenance
property management achievement in our           technicians make any necessary main-
marketplace. This level of dedication is also    tenance and repairs. To avoid a conflict
reflected in how we treat our customers.         of interest with our property owners, we
                                                 do not assess a surcharge to our property
     SERVING CENTRAL FLORIDA                     owners on any maintenance or repair items.
                                                 We believe in passing these savings along
                                                 to our customers. We ask that your tenants
                                                 request all maintenance in writing and we
                                                 assess the tenants an administrative fee for
                                                 maintenance and repairs when necessary.
                                                 We have found this policy will encourage
                                                 the tenants to make minor repairs on their
                                                 own and keep your costs down.

                                                  RELAX & DEDUCT OUR FEES FROM
                                                           YOUR TAXES!
                                                 The choice is simple: You can relax, and go
               SINCE 1983                        on vacation because you have hired us to
                                                 manage your rental property. Remember,
All American Management has been serving
                                                 the cost of our services is tax deductible.
the needs of property owners since 1983.
                                                 OR, you can do the work yourself for which
At All American Management property
                                                 your time is not tax deductible. Our goal is
management is our career, not a sideline.
                                                 to save you time, money and aggravation in
With over 20 years of service, we offer
                                                 the leasing and management of your single
our customers stability in an every shifting
                                                 family rental property.

We believe that the key to our success
is in the personal relationships that we
have developed with our customers over
the past 20 years. Working for owners
of rental homes and with their tenants
requires open communication.        At All
American Management we believe that
communication is key to the success of any
                                                 Call Now!      All American Management

      VALUE When Interviewing Management Companies!
                                    All American
         Services                   Management     Company A   Company B
Professionally trained property
managers with CPM, MPM & RMP            4

Video taped move in/move out
Annual property reviews with
Superior tenant screening, credit
checks, eviction search, criminal
background check, landlord
references, employment history.

Each individual lease is attorney
A friendly, courteous person
answers the phone during
business hours. Properties are
shown 7 days/wk.

Our marketing plan includes
properties advertised on up to
eight web sites & local TV.

State-of-the-art computer           	   4
accounting with direct deposit to
your bank account

Property owners handbook, our
services in writing.
Our managers each have over 21
years of property management
experience in Central Florida
since 1983.

We specialize in property
management - not sales!
                       Rental Marketing Plan

We market our properties more extensively than any other company in
Central Florida, in the most cost-effective and influential manner.

Websites which may include:

                                                                           Part II — Rental Marketing Plan
    www.aampm.com                       www.rentalhomesplus.com
    www.yahoo.com                       www.rentals.com
    www.homerentals.net                 www.forrentorlando.com

Television Marketing throughout Central Florida. We advertise properties
for rent on: TBS, USA, Fox News, TNT, HGTV, Channel 13 Local News and

                      Rental Marketing Plan (cont.)

Full Color Flyers of Each Property:             Referrals:   With more than 20 years of
                                                experience in Central Florida, we frequently
                                                receive referrals from current and past
   Flyers placed in our Office Display          customers, tenants, and Realtors.

Our Attractive “Home for Rent”                  Orlando Sentinel Advertising:
Signs:                                          (as needed)

                        What’s Included For Fees Paid?
At All American Management, we believe            •   Attending to correspondence.
        “Value For Money = Service”               •   Organizing maintenance repairs and
Our service is called “Property Manage-               quotes.
ment.” However, it should really be called        •   Administering rent through our trust
“People Management” as much of our work               account.
is centered around our staff successfully
                                                  •   Electronic funds transfer to your account.
communicating with property owners,
tenants, contractors, creditors, insurers,        •   Filing evictions if necessary.
attorneys, code enforcement, planning and         •   Attending court evictions if necessary.
zoning and home owner associations—just
                                                  •   Preparing monthly         statements    for
to name a few.
                                                      property owners.

                                                                                                    Part III — What’s Included for Fees Paid
          MANAGEMENT FEES                         •   Preparing annual year end income &
                                                      expense statements and IRS 1099 Forms.
Management fees are charged on a
percentage basis as the rent is collected.        •   Liaison with home owner or condo
                                                      associations if applicable.
                                                  •   Organizing utilities to be turned on and
                                                      off when required.
                                                  •   Conducting annual rent reviews.
                                                  •   Regular follow up with maintenance
                                                  •   Periodic visual inspections of the property
                                                      to ensure lease compliance.
                                                  •   Processing notices to vacate or to renew
                                                      a lease term.
                                                  •   Liaison with insurance companies, when
Management fees are for our services in
connection with:
                                                  •   Conducting video taped move-in/move-
•   Attending to daily telephone, email and
                                                      out inspections.
    fax inquiries.
                                                  •   Lodging security deposit claims, when
•   Timely rent collection.
                                                      necessary, in accordance with the
•   A property manager on call 24 hrs a day,          Florida Landlord Tenant Laws, F.S. 83.
    7 days a week, 365 days per year.
•   Organizing keys for viewings, inspections
    and repair vendors.
•   Attending to payment of various property
•   Collection of late rent through various
    legal means.
•   Lease enforcement with tenants.
•   Hand deliveries of notices to tenants as

•   Liaison with and assisting sales brokerage        check, verification of former landlord
    firms.                                            references and employment verification
•   Maintaining a staff of highly skilled and         of applicant.
    trained professional property managers        •   Negotiating the terms of the lease with
    who answer our phones to conduct                  prospective renters.
    business during normal business hours.        •   Organizing the new lease agreement
•   Maintaining a professional office                 and processing items necessary for new
    overhead with the latest in technology            residency.
    and property management tools.                •   Conducting the lease closing in person
•   Constant ongoing training and cutting             with tenants, processing of lease, including:
    edge knowledge of our industry.                   general information and providing rules and
•   The officers and directors of All American        tenancy regulations to new tenants.
    Management are licensed as Florida            •   Registration and activation of           the
    Real Estate Instructors and qualified by          tenant’s rental payment system.
    the Florida Real Estate Commission, to
    administer licensing training and other
    courses in Florida.
•   Direct supervision by company owners
    who are Certified Property Managers
    (CPMs) through the Institute of Real
    Estate   Management      (IREM), also
    having the Master Property Manager
    (MPM) designation from the National
    Association of Residential Property
    Managers (NARPM).

              LEASING FEES                                  LEASE RENEWAL FEES
Leasing fees are for our services in connection   Leasing renewal fees are for our services in
with:                                             connection with:
•   Arranging, placement, recording and           •   Extending tenancy for an additional year
    administering advertising and signage.            of rental income for the property owner.
•   Arranging, taking and saving photo-           •   Encouraging management to retain
    graphs of your property.                          existing tenants, thereby reducing
•   Creation and placement of property                property owner expenses and increasing
    flyers.                                           income.
•   Uploading photos and property information     •   Avoiding vacancy as much as possible.
    to the various Internet sites.                •   Preparation of proper lease renewal
•   Arranging and conducting showing                  documentation.
    appointments with prospective tenants.        •   Review of market rents to adjust rents on
•   Keeping the property owner informed of            lease renewals.
    showings and rental activity.                 •   Timely renewal notices to tenants, per
•   Administering lease applications and              Florida statute, F.S. 83.
    processing applications for tenancy.
•   Tenant screening via credit reports,
    eviction searches, criminal background

            SALE TO TENANTS                               a. Pets
                                                          b. Additional people residing in property
At All American Management we do not
list properties for sale as we specialize in the          c. Yard maintenance
art of Property Management. Therefore,                    d. Excessive trash in yards or property
our sales are limited to assisting our tenants
                                                      •   Identify and correct any noticeable
and property owners in closing a sale of the
                                                          safety issues, which present potential
rental property.
                                                          liability for you, the property owner.
Sales commissions are for our services in
                                                      •   Identify necessary maintenance/repairs
connection with:
                                                          not considered priority and handle
•   A sale of the rental property to the                  through normal work order procedures.
    tenants, members of their family or                   These areas include:
    anyone acting on their behalf.
                                                          a. Tenant requests for repairs
•   All American Management is a licensed
                                                          b. Plumbing repairs or water damage
    brokerage, fully authorized to sell and
    conduct real estate closings in Florida.              c. Electrical repairs
•   Drafting of      sales   contracts     and            d. Carpeting or flooring repairs
    addenda.                                              e. Caulking repairs
•   Administering and assisting with the many             f.   Other items as noted on annual
    various items necessary to transact a sale                 property condition review
    from contract to closing.
•   The officers and directors of All American
    Management are also licensed as
    Florida Real Estate Instructors, qualified
    to administer licensing training and other
    courses in Florida.
•   We offer below market commission rates
    to save our customers money.

We provide to each property owner of each             •   Identify any potential capital improve-
investment property a complete cosmetic                   ment recommendations that the property
property condition review each year. This                 owner will need for future consideration.
review will include photos of your property               This could include replacement of old
and recommendations regarding upkeep,                     and/or defective:
maintenance and repairs.                                  a. Carpets
The most important purposes of this annual                b. Appliances
property review are as follows:
                                                          c. Plumbing fixtures
•   Review how the tenant is complying with
                                                          d. Heating and air conditioning
    the terms of the lease agreement with
    regard to physical care of the property.              e. Other floor coverings
    Perhaps repairs need to be made and                   f.   Cosmetic improvements
    charged back to the tenant.
•   Determine any violation by tenants with
    regard to:

As you can see, the annual property
condition review provides you, the property
owner, with a much larger overview of your
investment property than just maintenance
and repair. The annual fee of $125.00 per
property review will be charged to your
statement for this report. This fee does not
cover all of our costs to complete the report
(including fuel).
We feel this is a valuable added service that
All American Management provides all of
our property owners. Our competitors do
not provide this type of report because of
time and expense.

Thank you for choosing All American
Management to manage your investment
property. We’ll earn our fees and we
appreciate your business!

                          Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long does it take to lease my               2. When you find residents for my rental
   property?                                          home, how do you qualify them?
2. When you find tenants for my rental             We strive to provide you with the caliber of
   home, how to you qualify them?                  tenants that you want in your rental property.
                                                   This includes:
3. How quickly does All American
   Management process the monthly                  w A complete national credit report on
   rent and statements for property                    each adult resident.
   owners?                                         w A Central Florida court search to see if
                                                       the applicants have ever been evicted
4. How often and how are property
                                                       in the past 7 years.
   inspections conducted?
                                                   w   Verification from their former landlords.
5. If I want to sell my property can All
   American Management help?                       w   Verification of their employment.
                                                   w   A Florida criminal background check on
6. How are rental collections handled?
                                                       each adult applicant.
7. Do you guarantee the tenants that

                                                                                                    Part IV — Frequently Asked Questions
                                                   w   An FBI/CIA Terrorism List check to verify
   you place in my rental home?                        that your tenants are not registered as
8. Are you the cheapest company in town?               terrorists.
9. Who handles problems late at night?             In addition to the normal financial
                                                   qualifications, we always try to accom-
10. Why should I choose All American               modate the housing needs of our tenants
    Management?                                    so that the home they rent is convenient
                                                   to their work, shopping, and desired school
                ANSWERS                            district. This will help to make them happy
                                                   tenants who will remain longer in your rental
1. How long does it take to lease my               property.
   property?                                       At All American Management we believe
At All American Management the average             that the good residents are worth waiting
length of time to lease your home on the           for!
rental market varies depending on market           3. How quickly does All American
conditions. However, in recent years it has
                                                      Management process the monthly
averaged less than 14 days! This is because
                                                      rent and statements for property
we begin marketing your rental home the
moment it becomes ready to rent, or, as               owners?
soon as the current tenants give us the 60
day notice of their intent to move out.
We average hundreds of prospective tenant
calls each week.
In addition to our attractive yard signs, we
utilize our unique “Marketing Plan” to ensure
faster leasing of your rental property. We are
the premier leasing/management company
in Central Florida!

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround                     have left the home in the same condition
of your rent and statements. We offer                      as when they first rented it. If damage
“Electronic Direct Deposit” to your bank                   is found, we will impose a claim on the
account. Rent proceeds are deposited into                  tenant’s security deposit as required
your bank account on the 10th day of each                  by the Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws
month.                                                     (F.S. 83). If no damage is found, the
                                                           security deposit will promptly be returned
4. How often and how are property
                                                           to the departing tenants.
   inspections conducted?
                                                       5. If I want to sell my property can All
w When your property is vacant, we
    generally inspect it each week.
                                                          American Management help?
                                                       Yes. All American Management has teamed
w   The next inspection is done prior to the
                                                       up with leading Real Estate companies in
    tenants moving in. Referred to as the
                                                       the Central Florida area to sell your property.
    “move-in” inspection, this is where we
                                                       For information on how we can help you
    detail the condition of your property and
                                                       sell your property, call your All American
    video tape the property.
                                                       Management contact at (407)834-7600.
w   We inspect the exterior of our properties
    on a periodic basis and we also conduct            6. How are rental collections handled?
    other inspections when requested to do             Our collections policies are as follows:
    so or if we determine that checking the            w   Rent is due on the 1st of each month and
    property is warranted.                                 considered late on the 2nd day of the
                                                       w   All tenants who have not paid by the
                                                           3rd of the month receive a first notice,
                                                           a friendly reminder, placing them on
                                                           notice. We also attempt to reach them
                                                           by phone.

w   Within 90 days after the tenants move in,
    we contact them to ensure that all is well
    with your property and with them.
w   Annual property condition review with
    photos—mid-lease term.
w   Between the 8th and 9th month of the
    lease, we discuss with the tenant their            w   Any tenants who have not remitted
    intent to renew their lease for another                their rent by the 6th (or 7th if the 6th is on a
    year. If they are not planning to renew,               weekend) will be served between the 7th
    we advise our leasing staff to facilitate re-          and 9th the legal prerequisite paperwork
    rental quickly, with little or no vacancy.             (a 3 day notice) to file an eviction against
w When the tenants move out of your                        them.
  property, we do a detailed move-out                  NOTE: All of the above actions are provided
  inspection.  The move-out inspection                 at no additional cost to you as a service
  is performed to insure that the tenants              provided by All American Management.

While it is doubtful that an eviction will be            6 months of their lease, we will waive
necessary, since All American Management                 our normal leasing fee and re-rent your
does carefully screen all prospective                    home to new tenants for FREE (excluding
tenants; occasionally financial hardships do             advertising costs).
arise which require our prompt collections           w   Should a tenant move out breaking their
attention.                                               lease AFTER the first 6 months, we will
Should it be necessary to file an eviction, the          reduce and pro-rate our normal leasing
following step will be performed in addition             fee to you.
to the previously listed items:                      At All American Management you will never
w   All paperwork including (but not limited         pay two full leasing fees in the same 12
    to) copies of the lease and our notices          month period. NOTE: All advertising costs
    served upon the tenants are forwarded            are the expense of the property owner.
    to a law firm around the 15th of the
                                                     8. Are you the cheapest company in
    month (or sooner if your request) and
    they proceed immediately in filing the
    eviction action.                                 Probably not. It seems there is a new
                                                     property management company starting
Most evictions are settled with the tenant
                                                     out every day, trying to beat everyone else’s
paying all costs incurred and remaining in the
                                                     prices. Our fees are very competitive and
property. However, should it be necessary
                                                     we certainly are not the most expensive. On
to proceed with the eviction, we will assist
                                                     the other hand, we charge a fair fee for a
you in this action.
                                                     tremendous service.
                                                     No other residential property management
                                                     company in Florida offers all of our combined
                                                     services including:
                                                     w   Developing personal relationships with
                                                         our customers.
                                                     w   Pager or cell phone dispatched leasing
                                                         consultants and management.
                                                     w   Video taped property inspections.
                                                     w   Full time career property managers.
                                                     w   Our extremely careful tenant selection
NOTE: If you are employing our services but
                                                     w   Our proven Rental Marketing Plan.
place a tenant yourself and that tenant
becomes delinquent we do offer assistance            w   Our leasing fee/tenant guarantee.
with eviction proceedings. A one time fee            w   Our fast rent processing policy including
to be determined plus court costs, legal fees            direct deposit to your bank account.
and the cost associated with our time and
court participation will be charged.                 w   Properties shown by appointment 7 days
                                                         a week.
7. Do you guarantee the tenants you
                                                     w   Some of the most qualified property
   place in my rental home?                              managers in America.
Yes. We provide our property management
customers with the following guarantee:
w   Should any tenants we place in your
    rental property move out breaking their
    lease (for any reason) during the first

                                                If you have a residential rental property in
                                                Central Florida, there is no better choice for
                                                your investment and peace of mind, than
                                                All American Management.

When all fees are considered, for benefits
received, we are actually less expensive
than most companies in the area and have
been in business since 1983.
9. Who handles problems late at night?
Our property managers take turns being
“ON CALL” to handle late night calls from
our tenants. Our 24 hour hotline will take
a tenant’s emergency call and page the
manager on call.
Many times we are able to solve problems
right over the phone avoiding what might
have resulted in an additional maintenance
10. Why should I choose All American
In a word, “Experience.” Our customers
know that, “Our people make the
difference.” We believe that the key to our
success is in the personal relationships that
we have developed with our customers
over the past 25 years. We are here to
serve you and your tenants. At All American
Management, you are the boss and we will
work to earn your trust.

                         Property Owner’s Expectations
The purpose of this section is to present the
benefits our property owners can expect to
receive from All American Management. In
establishing a personal relationship with our
customers, it is important that each party
understands exactly what is expected of the
other. Our primary objective is to attain the
goals and objectives of our customers and
their rental properties.
We believe that by familiarizing you with
our administrative process of how we lease
and manage your rental property, we can               E. You can expect that all rental applicants
avoid surprises that could occur later on. It is         will be subject to:
important that you realize that we will move             1. A credit report on each adult rental
forward with our administrative property                    applicant.
management process as outlined herein,
unless you direct us otherwise in writing.               2. An eviction search of the public
Therefore, it is to your benefit to review and              records to verify that the applicant
understand the following services that are                  has not been evicted in the preceding
automatically provided and instituted by All                7 years.
American Management for the benefit of                   3. A verification of applicant’s former
you and your property.                                      landlord references.

                                                                                                     Part V — Property Owner’s Expectations
The following is an outline of some of these             4. A   verification  of  applicant’s
benefits and services that you, as our                      employment or income.
customer, can expect us to automatically                 5. A Florida “Criminal Background Check.”
provide and institute on your behalf:
                                                         6. An FBI/CIA Terrorism List check to
                  LEASING                                   ensure your tenants are not registered
                                                            as terrorists.
A. You can expect that we will place our
                                                      F. You can expect that we will lease your
   attractive “Home for Rent” yard sign on
                                                         property at the asking amount of rent
   your property (if allowed) prior to any
                                                         (as outlined in your       management
   known vacancy, or immediately if you
                                                         agreement with us) or higher.      You
   have just listed your rental home with us.
                                                         can expect that we will not lease your
B. You can expect that we will place your                property at a lower amount, without first
   vacant property in our “Rental Marketing              obtaining your permission.
C. You can expect that we will advertise
   your vacant property on the Internet on
   our company web site at: www.aampm.
D. You can expect that our client coordin-
   ator will schedule showings of your
   property 7 days a week to all prospective
   renters until your rental home is leased.

G. You can expect that once the rental                      RENT COLLECTION &
   applicant process is approved, we                          DELINQUENCIES
   will complete and execute the lease
   agreement prepared by our attorney              At All American Management, we do
   and give the tenants possession of your         not tolerate the delinquent payment of
   rental home.                                    rent. We are careful to explain this policy
H. You can expect that we will conduct             to new residents in order to avoid any
   a “move-in” property inspection and             misunderstandings that might arise later.
   complete     our   detailed    property         You can expect that we will make every
   inspection data sheets of your property.        effort to collect rent in a timely manner as
   We also generally video tape each               outlined in the “Frequently Asked Questions”
   property to document move-in condition          section (item #6 ) of this handbook.
   as well.
                                                   RENT PROCESSING & ACCOUNTING
I.   You can expect to be notified by our
     company that your property has been           At All American Management, our property
     rented. A copy of the lease agreement         management software is the top property
     is available once all parties have properly   management software in the industry:
     executed it and the tenants have taken

             LEASE RENEWALS
A. You can expect that we will attempt to
   renew the tenant’s lease at least 60 days
   prior to the anniversary date of their lease
B. You can expect that we will renew the
   tenant’s lease for another year at the
   same or at a slightly higher amount of
   rent, if possible. We will not renew the        A. You can expect to receive a monthly
   lease at a lower amount without your               computerized report showing all income
   specific permission to do so.                      and expenses of your rental property.
C. You can expect that we will place our           B. You can expect us to do “direct deposit
   “Home for Rent” sign and begin showing             of your rent” into your bank account.
   the property for lease as outlined in the
   leasing section above, in the event that        C. You can expect to receive a year-end
   the current tenants are not renewing               summary statement for tax purposes,
   their lease.                                       showing all of your yearly income and
                                                      expenses, that categorize said income
D. You can expect that we will renew the              and expenses.
   tenant’s lease agreement or re-rent your
   property to new tenants unless we have          D. You can expect that we will make your
   a written directive from you not to renew          mortgage payments and/or home-
   the lease or re-rent the property.                 owners association payments, if you
                                                      so direct and provided that adequate
         PROPERTY INSPECTIONS                         funds are available in your property trust
                                                      account. You can expect that we will not
You can expect that we will conduct                   make these payments if adequate funds
property inspections on your property as              are not available in your trust account.
outlined in the “Frequently Asked Questions”
section (item #4) of this handbook.

E. You can expect that in the last month of                proceed with these repairs and bring
   a tenant’s lease, we will hold funds in your            the property into compliance, subject
   trust account to protect you by having                  to funds being available in the property
   adequate funds available to make your                   owner’s account.
   property “rent-ready.” This enables faster           B. You can expect that if your property is
   leasing and less vacancy time.                          vacant we will effect items necessary
                                                           to improve the property’s showability
     PROPERTY MAINTENANCE &                                to prospective renters.        This means
             REPAIRS                                       faster leasing and less vacancy for
At All American Management, we believe                     you. Examples would include: lawn
that it is a conflict of interest for us to profit         service, carpet cleaning, maid service,
from the misfortunes of others. Therefore, we              pool service, utilities and painting when
do not assess a surcharge or make a profit                 necessary. In the event that any of these
of any kind from maintenance & repairs                     repairs were due to the former rental
from our property owners for their properties.             resident’s tenancy, you can expect that
However, rental homes must be properly                     we will spend all of their security deposit
maintained in order to preserve the value                  first (not your money) to put your property
of the property and maintain a positive                    back into it’s pre-rented condition.
relationship with the tenants. Florida also             C. You can expect that we will institute minor
has laws that require landlords to comply                  maintenance & repair items ($350 or
with certain basic maintenance and repair                  less) as requested by rental applicants to
items.                                                     secure a lease to quality tenants for your
                                                           rental property. To avoid the possibility
                                                           of major liability to you we also change
                                                           the locks between each tenancy.

A. You can expect that All American
   Management will not effect repairs to
   your property in excess of $350, without
   first obtaining your approval.    NOTE:
   This excludes repairs deemed by your                 D. You can expect that during the
   manager as emergency repairs, or                        resident’s tenancy, we will institute minor
   repairs that are required to bring your                 maintenance & repairs ($350 or less) when
   property into compliance by law,                        deemed by us to be necessary for the
   governmental building, zoning, safety                   preservation of your property and/or the
   and municipal codes, or the restrictive                 continuation of the resident’s tenancy,
   and protective covenants of your                        usually occurring at the renewal of their
   homeowners association, or repairs that                 lease. If the property owner provides
   in the manager’s sole judgement are                     the manager with third party service
   necessary for the safety of the tenants                 contracts or maintenance warranties
   or your property. The manager shall                     then the manager shall contact said

   provider for covered repairs. Otherwise,
   the manager shall assume that none
E. You can expect that we will only use
   repairmen, vendors and tradesmen that
   are properly licensed and insured to
   handle the type of work being performed
   on your property.
F. You can expect to receive copies of the
   original invoices of all repairmen, vendors
   and tradesmen employed to effect
   repairs on your property, upon request.

At All American Management, we believe
that communication is the essential element
in the success of our company. That is the
underlying reason for the creation of this
“Property Owner’s Handbook.” In today’s
business environment, no one can assume
to know or read the mind of another, or be
certain of their goals and objectives. To this
end, we at All American Management have
gone to great lengths to be accessible to
our tenants and property owners. We are
available by phone, fax, and email.

Thank you for taking the time to review our
“Property Owner’s Handbook!” We believe
it is time well spent, especially for our newer
clients. We trust that your experience with
our firm will continue to be a pleasant
experience and look forward to working with
you and your property in the future. Please
do not hesitate to contact us directly any
time we may be of service!


“I have dealt with this group for more than        “I would recommend All American
20 years while staying in Saudi Arabia. Being      Management because of Gene Bennett.
so far away, a reliable agent is absolutely        He is a professional who operates a first
essential. All American Management has             class property management organization.”
done their job with integrity and diligence.          Charles Weidenfeller
They have handled all aspects of real                 Rockville, MD
estate management for me with utmost                  All American Management Client
professionalism and competence.”                          since 1985
   Dr. Mohammed Akhtar
   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
   All American Management Client
       since 1983

“We would recommend All American                   “I would recommend All American
Management because not living in the               Management because of all the property
U.S.A. we feel we can rent our house with          managers I have used over the years.
confidence knowing it is in professional           They are the only company to consistently
hands.”                                            produce positive cash flow!”
   David & Margaret Goddard                           Paul Waters
   North Wales, United Kingdom                        Orlando, FL
   All American Management Client                     All American Management Client
       since 1990                                         since 1988

                                                                                               Part VI — References
“I have worked with All American                   “Living in California with our property
Management and I find them to be honest,           located in Orlando was a difficult
reliable, and extremely knowledgeable              balancing act until we found All American
about the real estate industry.”                   Management. I highly recommend the
   David McLain                                    company as being ethical, professional,
   Orlando, FL                                     and thorough in collecting rent and
   All American Management Client                  maintaining our property.”
       since 1985-1995 (property sold in ‘95)         Jane Erdtsieck
                                                      Orange, CA
                                                      All American Management Client
                                                          since 1985

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