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                                       Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion
                                       now accepted was once eccentric.              Bertrand Russell.                         With the patronage of

                                   It may seem that single site laparo-endoscopic surgery makes more diffi-
                                   cult, even unsafe, the accomplishment of surgery. But this was the com-
                                   mon thinking about laparoscopy when the minimal invasive surgery revo-
                                   lution started: minimal invasiveness is not just an “eccentric” option when
                                   reproduces the same good results of standard surgery. This conference will
                                   be the forum for discussing costs and benefits of single site laparo-endo-
                                   scopic surgery, showing state of the art technologies and techniques,
                                   reporting experiences and results after 3 years that such a new approach
     was introduced into the clinical practice in many field of surgery. A forum where sharing opinions with
     some of the pioneers and world recognized experts with a glance on possible future scenarios of surge-
     ry. Welcome to Rome, welcome to the Triple S Symposium.                     Marco Maria Lirici, MD, FACS

     L. Aldrighetti         Milano                                                     M. Morino               Torino
     P. Angelini            Napoli            F. Gaboardi             Milano           L. Moro                 Torino
     G. Baldazzi            Abano Terme       M. Godina               Dolo             G. Navarra              Messina
     L. Boni                Varese            C. Hüscher              Isernia          A. Pietrabissa          Pavia
     U. Boggi               Pisa              E. Jovine               Bologna          G. Pignata              Trento
     P. Boucher             Ginevra           A. Kamei                Roma             R. Pugliese             Milano
     A. Brescia             Roma              E. Kanehira             Tokyo            R. Rosati               Milano
     C. Buemi               Torino            M. Leandros             Athens           G. Scambia              Roma
     F. Corcione            Napoli            E. Lezoche              Roma             G. Spinoglio            Alessandria
     A. Cuschieri           Pisa              M.M. Lirici             Roma             C. Staudacher           Milano
     A. D'Annibale          Roma              L. Masoni               Roma             A. Szold                Tel Aviv
     G. Dapri               Louven            G. Melotti              Modena           F. Van Hyfte            Brussels
     N. Di Lorenzo          Roma              A. Melzer               Dundee           R. Vincenti             Roma
     A. Forgione            Milano            P. Morel                Ginevra          H. Weiss                Salzburg           T H E                T R I P L E              S       S Y M P O S I U M
                                         ECM SECRETARIAT
                       Twice Travel | Formazione in Medicina
                                                                  ORGANISING SECRETARIAT
                                                                  Twice Travel | Event Management                                 SINGLE SITE SURGERY SYMPOSIUM
                 Tel. +39 06 89535781 Fax +39 06 64495253         Tel. +39 06 8549700 Fax +39 06 8549733
                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL FORUM
                                                  SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE:
                                 M.M. Lirici - - mob. +39-329-6508250
                                              Aya Kamei -
                                                                                                                                                         ROME, NOVEMBER 5-6, 2010
                                                                                                                                                            Hotel Crowne Plaza St. Peter’s
      Video submission is OPEN. Selected video contributions will be accepted for presentation. Each video (DVD format) with
                 maximum length 6 minutes should be sent to the TSS organising secretariat before october 15
                                                                                                                                                        CONFERENCE PRESIDENT: MARCO MARIA LIRICI
                                                   CONFERENCE WEBSITE:
                                  HOTEL CROWNE PLAZA ROME ST. PETER’S
                                          Via Aurelia Antica, 415 • Tel +39 06.66420

                                                                                                                                                                        Scientific Comittee:
                                                                                                                                               L. Boni, F. Corcione, A. Forgione, A. Kamei, E. Kanehira, M.M. Lirici

                                                                                                                                                          Preliminary Program
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                                                                                                               CME credits

     THE TRIPLE S SYMPOSIUM                                                                                                      SINGLE SITE SURGERY SYMPOSIUM
     Friday November 5                                                                      by Italian Ministry of Health        Saturday November 6
     time              session                  title                                              chairmen/speakers             time          session               title                                           chairmen/speakers
     8:30-9:00         Opening Session     Welcome Address                                        M.M. Lirici                    8:00-9:30     Panel Session       Single Site Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
                                           President SIC                                          G. Melotti                                                       and Appendectomy:
                                           President ACOI                                         R. Vincenti                                                      Towards New Gold Standards?                       M. Leandros/G. Navarra
                                           President SICE                                         F. Corcione                                  Introducing lecture • Overall ergonomy of LESS and tips
                                           Secretary General EAES                                 M. Morino                                                           and tricks of LESS cholecystectomy             G. Spinoglio
     9:00-10:30        Round Table Session Critical Review & Evidence                             M. Morino/E. Lezoche                                             • Single site laparoscopic surgery and
                                           • History of SPA surgery                               G. Navarra                                                         cholecystectomy: evolution of the technique     L. Moro
                                           • The evidence                                         C. Staudacher                                                    • The LESS cholecystectomy pilot RCT
                                           • From multiple sites, to single site,                                                                                     and future multicenter trials                  P. Angelini
                                             to no site surgery : the challenges to be met P. Morel                                                                • Single site laparoscopic cholecystectomy POP    E. Kanehira
                                           • Critical review and Drawbacks                                                                                         • A lesson learnt from 3 years laparoscopic
                                              of single access laparoscopy                        M. Morino                                                          cholecystectomies and appendectomies            H.Weiss
                                           • The skin as an endocrine organ:                                                                                       • Technique of single site
                                              the rationale behind the attempt                                                                                        laparoscopic appendectomy                      L. Masoni
                                              of minimizing surgical wounds?                      E. Lezoche                     9:30-12:30    Recorded Surgery
                                           • Intraoperative cholangiography during                                                             Session With
                                              single access cholecystectomy: a crucial issue R. Rosati                                         Live Comments       4 Simultaneously Broadcasted
     10:30-11:00       Coffee Break                                                                                                            (coffee served)     Operations                                        F. Corcione/M.M. Lirici
     11:00-12:00       Panel Session       R&D Projects and Technologies 1                        E. Kanehira/A. Forgione                                          • Single site laparoscopic
                                           • The landscape of future technologies N. Di Lorenzo                                                                       right nephrectomy                              L. Boni
                                           • Working Instruments for single site                                                                                   • Laparoscopic single site
                                              laparoscopic surgery                                G. Dapri                                                            sleeve gastrectomy                             M.M. Lirici
                                           • US Dissection: a mandatory complement                                                                                 • Laparoscopic single site
                                             of single site laparoscopy?                          A. Kamei                                                            right colectomy                                A. Pietrabissa
                                           • Single incision laparoscopic surgery                                                                                  • Single site laparoscopic left
                                              through a new multiport device                      E. Kanehira                                                         liver lobectomy                                E. Jovine
     12:00-12:30       Lecture             Single Site Laparoendoscopic Surgery                                                                                    Discussants                                       L. Aldrighetti, U. Boggi,
                                           and Urology                                            F. Gaboardi                                                                                                        C. Staudacher, H.Weiss
     12:30-13:00       Face to Face        NOTES versus Single Site Laparoscopy E. Lezoche/C. Staudacher                         12:30-13:30   Lunch
                                           • NOTES                                                R. Pugliese                    13:30-15:00   Panel Session         Robotic Single Site Surgery
                                           • Single site laparoscopic surgery                     P. Bucher                                                          & New Platforms, Extended Indications A. Pietrabissa/G. Spinoglio
     13:00-14:00       Lunch                                                                                                                                         • Image guided non invasive surgery                   A.Melzer
     14:00-15:00       Panel Session       Bariatric Surgery                                      N. Di Lorenzo/A. Szold                                             • Robotic platform for single access
                                           • Sleeve gastrectomy                                   A. Kamei                                                             laparoscopic surgery                                A. D'Annibale
                                           • Single incision lap gastric banding                                                                                     • Single access transhjatal esophagectomy             C. Hüscher
                                              and other bariatric procedures                      G. Dapri                                                           • Single port laparoscopic pancreatic procedures H. Weiss
                                           • Minimizing invasivness in the treatment                                                                                 • Single site laparoscopic liver surgery L. Aldrighetti
                                             of morbid obesity: endoluminal treatments N. Di Lorenzo                             15:00-15:30   Lecture               Single Site Laparoendoscopic
     15:00-16:00       Panel Session       Single Site Colorectal Surgery                         C. Staudacher/A. Pietrabissa                                       Surgery and Gynaecology                               G. Scambia
                                           • Single access colectomy versus                                                      15:30-17:30   Videofestival         Best Video Session                                    A. Brescia/ L. Boni
                                              Standard laparoscopic colectomy                     C. Hüscher                                                         • Single site laparoscopic inguinal
                                           • Single site laparoscopic right colectomy             P. Bucher                                                            hernia repair                                       G. Baldazzi
                                           • Single site laparoscopic left colectomy: technique G. Pignata                                                           • Single access D1 + alfa subtotal
                                           • Laparoendoscopic single site left colectomy U.Boggi                                                                       gastrectomy                                         C. Hüscher
     16:00-16:30       Coffee Break                                                                                                                                  • Single access laporoscopic splenectomy E. Kanehira
     16:30-17:00       Lecture             Training program in Single Access                                                                                         • Single site laparoscopic nephrectomy                U.Boggi
                                           Laparoscopic Surgery                                   M. Leandros                                                        • Single site laparoscopic hjatal hernia repair       F. Corcione
     17:00-18:30       Round Table Session R&D Projects and Technologies 2                        E. Kanehira/N. Di Lorenzo                                          • Single site laparoscopic right colectomy            L. Boni
                       Introducing Lecture • The access philosophy                                A. Cuschieri                                                       • Single site laparoscopic liver resection            H. Weiss
                                           • SILS, NOTES and 1.5 port surgery                                                                                        • Single site laparoscopic cholecystectomy
                                              using the EndoGrab device                           A. Szold                                                             with the SSL Device                                 A. Kamei
                                           • Advanced flexible platforms, microinstruments                                                                           • Single site laparoscopic right colectomy            M. Godina
                                             and new in-vivodevices for minimal invasive
                                             natural orificeand single site surgery A. Forgione                                                                      • Single access laparoscopic incisional hernia repair L. Moro
                                           • Single port application of the Davinci               F. V. Hyfte                                                        • 1.5 port cholecytectomy with
                                           • Polypropylene film stable coating mesh to prevent                                                                         standard operating room reusable tools              A. Szold
                                            intraperitoneal adhesion formation: experimental                                     17:30-17:45   Closing Remarks
                                            and clinical evaluation of a cross-cutting technology C. Buemi
     20:30-23:00       Social Dinner

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