Surgical Scrub by MikeJenny


									Surgical Scrub
Prepared By
Dr:Manal Moussa
    What’s The Purpose of a
    Surgical Scrub?
 Remove debris and transient
  microorganisms from the nails, hands,
  and forearms
 Reduce the resident microbial count to a

 Inhibit rapid rebound growth

 of microorganisms.
        Who Does a Surgical Scrub?
   Anyone working in the OR at
    the beginning of their shift
   Scrub nurses in preparation
    for each case
   Nurses working in newborn
   Prior to a sterile procedure
   Warm running water
   Mask
   Hair cover
   Sponge imbedded with
    Iodine 2% or
    Chlorhexidine solution
Steps to a Surgical Scrub
   Surgical scrub will be 5 minutes in
    length at the beginning of the day and
    3 minutes after the first “long scrub”
   Remove all jewelry (rings, watches)
   Place your cap and mask on (should
    cover mouth and nose)
   Make sure fingernails are short and
    without polish
         Steps to a Surgical Scrub
   Wash hands and arms with antimicrobial
   Do not use excessively hot
   Water should be warm
   Clean under nails with a nail pick
   Start timing. Scrub each side of
    each finger, between the fingers, and the
    back and front of the hand for two minutes.
Steps to a Surgical Scrub
   Proceed to scrub the arms,
    keeping the hand higher than
    the arm at all times. This
    prevents bacteria-laden soap
    and water from
    contaminating the hand.
   Wash each side of the arm to
    three inches above the elbow
    for one minute.
Steps to a Surgical Scrub
   Repeat the process on the other hand and
    arm, keeping hands above elbows at all
    times. If the hand touches anything except
    the sponge at any time, the scrub must be
    lengthened by one minute for the area that
    has been contaminated.
   Rinse hands and arms by passing them
    through the water in one direction only, from
    fingertips to elbow. Do not move the arm
    back and forth through the water.
          Steps to a Surgical Scrub
    If the hands and arms are grossly soiled, the scrub
     time should be prolonged. However, vigorous
     scrubbing that causes the skin to become abraded
     should be avoided.
    At all times during the scrub procedure care should
     be taken not to wet water on to
    surgical clothing.
    Once in the operating room suite,
    hands and arms should be dried
    using a sterile towel and aseptic
    technique. You are now ready to
    don your gown and sterile gloves

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