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Cystic acne treatment


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									Cystic Acne Treatment: Accutane

Treatment of cystic acne is generally taken seriously. It should be treated by a dermatologist since cystic
acne is the severe form of acne characterized by nodules or cyst. Another considerable fact is that most of
the patients afflicted with severe inflammatory acne do not improve with just medicines like the over-the-
counter drugs or those mild treatments.

The cystic acne treatment usually takes months and even years. Among a number of cystic acne treatments
that work well, two are well-known: the isotretinoin (accutane) and the retinoid. These cystic acne
treatments are usually prescribed by dermatologists and must be taken properly for better results.

Of the two mentioned effective cystic acne treatments, it is actually the accutane which is so popular and
widely used. One of the factors that contribute to its popularity is its ability to prevent scarring caused by
cystic acne. It is typically noted that after 15 to 20 weeks of using this cystic acne treatment, the condition is
absolutely or almost completely goes away. This result was generally observed in up to 90 percent of the
acne patients. However, in those patients where acne reappears after a course of accutane, the doctor may
then prescribe another line of the same cystic acne treatment or other medicines.

Although the accutane is proven to be potent for fighting acne and acne scarring, certain findings have
shown that this cystic acne treatment cause certain side effects. One of the unfavorable side effects of the
cystic acne treatment accutane is birth defects in the developing fetus of an afflicted pregnant woman.
Knowing this effect of the cystic acne treatment accutane, the experts usually advice that it is very important
that women of childbearing age are not pregnant and do not get pregnant while taking this drug. Aside from
that, it is commonly suggested that women who are taking this cystic acne treatment must apply two
separate effective forms of birth control for one month prior to pregnancy and for one full month after
stopping the treatment. Perhaps the best key here is to ask the doctor when it is safe to get pregnant after
you have stopped taking such cystic acne treatment.

The cystic acne treatment accutane may even cause dryness to the skin and it may trigger psychological
disorder to the acne patient. The other possible side effects of taking accutane are dry eyes, mouth, lips,
nose or skin; nosebleeds; itching; muscle aches; sensitivity to the sun; and poor vision. This cystic acne
treatment even has more serious side effects like changes in the blood and in the liver function. It was with
such fact that most of the doctors treat cystic acne patients by first taking a study on the blood the cystic
acne treatment starts.

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