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Operational Report for November 2010
                                              ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT
                                                     NOVEMBER, 2010
To:           John Clemens
From:         Andy Bihl
Date:         December 7, 2010
Subject:      November Operational Report


Custodial Services

      Scrubbed and waxed tile in the elevator of the Branch Student Center
      Cleaned the entrance glass at Bowen Hall
      Set up the Nickelodeon for a CAB event
      Set up the Nickelodeon for an Upward Bound event
      Moved furniture in Comer Hall
      Machine scrubbed the corridors in the Chambliss Building
      Machine scrubbed and buffed the first floor lobby Conger Hall
      Set up Bowen Hall for the SAT
      Cleaned carpet in the Health Science Building
      Machine scrubbed and buffed the corridors in the Agricultural Science Building
      Set up Gressette Gymnasium for Stallion Day
      Delivered tables to the Agricultural Science Building
      Set up the Nickelodeon for DNR meeting
      Delivered 100 chairs to Howard Auditorium
      Delivered tables to the Chambliss Building
      Set up tables and chairs in The Meadows
      Moved furniture in Evans Hall
      Cleaned carpet at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture
      Delivered 15 tables and 45 chairs to AET
      Delivered tables to the Music Building
      Machine scrubbed the floors in the Nickelodeon
      Machine scrubbed the serving line in Donaldson Dining Hall
      Cleaned carpet in Health Sciences rooms 108 & 114
Plant Operations and Maintenance

48 hours of hourly labor was expended at GA MOA in November 2010.

      Installed a breaker and feeder for a 40 horsepower VFD pump in the central plant
      Replaced A/C unit in the Music Building
      Installed battery power for emergency lights at the Carlton Center
      Repaired the ice machine at the Red Hill Center
      Replaced the bearings on the air handler that supplies offices and classrooms at
       Gressette Gymnasium
      Repaired the ductwork in room 319 at Conger Hall
      Replaced piping and the valve for heat in Central Plant office
      Replaced the isolation valve in the Central Plant hot water system
      Replaced the chilled water pump coupling in the Yow Building
      Installed thermostats in room 106 at the Gray Science Building
      Replaced the lights in Gressette Gymnasium
      Finished the EMS in Gressette Gymnasium
      Installed carpet in the elevator at the Branch Student Center
      Tested the automatic sprinklers throughout campus
      Installed light inverters in Carlton Center
      Replaced lights in the Central Plant

       Managed the installation of carpet in the Peanut Museum at the GA MOA

    Managed the painting of the conference rooms at the GA MOA
Replaced lights on the outside of Gressette Gym for Graduation
55 lights were recently replaced in Gressette Gymnasium. Instead of using an outside
contractor for the installation, Sodexo employees did the work.

The cost of purchasing the lights was $12,200. The expected payback is 3 years or less.

The lights that were replaced were 463 watt lights. The new ones are 343 watts, which is
a reduction of over 25% in energy consumption. However, the new lights do not require
the same amount of time to warm up, which means that they can be turned off in between
classes; the old ones could not. We expect an overall reduction in electrical use of 67%.

At the same time, because the technology of the new bulbs is more advanced, the candle
power is more than doubled. People who enter the gymnasium now will probably notice
a difference without being able to pinpoint exactly what it is. When the project was
halfway completed, and old bulbs were on one side, new bulbs on the other, anyone could
notice that it was a remarkable improvement.

Finally, the life expectancy of the old bulbs was 20,000 hours. The new bulbs have a life
expectancy of 35,000 hours, so the cost of maintenance will be reduced.
Completed the installation of the EMS Gressette Gymnasium classrooms and offices.
Saved $5,000 by installing it with our staff.

            Install light inverter for emergency lights at the Carlton Center
Grounds Maintenance

      Applied second winter weed pre-emergent application to athletic fields
      Continued to aggressively treat the ant populations around campus
      Overseeded the graduation entrance area at Gressette Gymnasium
      Redefined all bed edges with our V-edger
      Replaced softball wind screen and fence cap
      Removed a large pine tree behind the Yow Building
      Removed a large pecan tree on the east side of Moore Highway
      Pruned most of our Knockout Roses. We will do the really large ones in
       December, after a few good frosts.

MOA (Museum of Agriculture)

No special projects. We continued to work on elevating the overall curb appeal of the

Custodial Services

      Set up Gressette Gymnasium for graduation
      Set up Howard Auditorium for HEP graduation
      Set up Howard Auditorium for police academy graduation
      Set up the Nickelodeon for Upward Bound
      Strip and wax the floors in the Britt and /Gray Science Buildings
      Scrub and wax floors in Donaldson Dining Hall
      Set up the Nickelodeon for the Red Cross Blood Drive

Grounds Maintenance

      Apply the second winter weed pre-emergent application to athletic fields.
      Prune the large Knockout Roses
      Apply 5-10-15 and or 16-4-8 to all overseeded areas
      Prune Drake Elms
      Remove the oak tree along Davis Road by the walking track
      Remove laura pet. shrub at Evans and transplant it to the softball field
      Plant low growing shrub(s) around drain at Evans Hall
      Continue to attack the ant populations around campus
      Pine straw the beds at the graduation area at Gressette Gymnasium
      Prune all campus lantana and cover with pine straw
      Spray out winter weed pressure.

MOA (Museum of Agriculture)

    Prune Lantana
    Prune Crape Myrtles
    Pine straw beds

Plant Operations and Maintenance

    Continue to work on replacing the switch for the main electrical feed to campus
    Install energy management system controls for the Yow Building and Britt Hall
    Start designing new fire system in the Branch Student Center, the boiler room and
     Gressette Gymnasium
    Start design of the EMS for King Hall, the Branch Student Center and the
     Moultrie campus
    Replace lights in the Agricultural Science Building
    Continue to work on new lighting projects around campus.
Damien Lucas was hired in the grounds department.

We will recognize Ray Woods at our January safety training for 28 years of service to
ABAC. Ray retired at the end of October but his schedule has not allowed him to be
recognized yet.

In November, the monthly safety training topic was Personal Protective Equipment

In the grounds department, Defensive Driving, and Slips, Trips and Falls were also
covered on 11/16/10.

Landscape Bed Maintenance, Managing Ants, and How to Transplant Trees was covered
on 11/16/10.

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