Make Believe Celebrity Weddings by looklovesend


									With the wave of their wands, these wizards-in-
training would have Harry Potter serve as best
  man. Keep an eye out for lurking, uninvited
guests from the Defense Against the Dark Arts.
Sparks would fly if these
  two former American
   Idol judges lit up the
 altar. Stay tuned to see
if something more than
 words are exchanged.
 How long could these
two baby-faced singing,
 dancing and Tweeting
sensations keep news of
their engagement off of
  Facebook? Pass the
  note, doubling as a
 wedding invite to the
  kid next to you, and
   then check Twitter.
Jersey Shore reality
  TV star is so busy
seeking immortality
 through rock-hard
abs his best bet for
lasting love is, well,
 himself. Bring your
   six-pack to the
The Queen and King of
  Originality—or is it
 Oddness?—join forces
against the Mainstream
 and the Conventional.
Worth watching for the
make-up, costumes, and

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