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									    Letter from the president
               ProsPerity is the engine that can                       Field (known as Neighborhood Planning Unit V or
                                                                       NPU-V)—Adair Park, Mechanicsville, Pittsburgh,
               move a community                                        Peoplestown, and Summerhill. We endeavor to
                                                                       build upon our successes in 2008 and leverage the
               The needs of the communities we serve, especially in
                                                                       Casey investment into a larger one so that we might
               the current economic downturn, are clear to the staff
                                                                       replicate citywide the successes of NPU-V.
               at The Center for Working Families, Inc. (TCWFI).
               Each morning, we open our doors to an ever-
                                                                       Therefore, TCWFI is seeking additional investors and
               increasing number of Atlantans seeking the means
                                                                       partners as it expands its services and geographic
               to a better life.
                                                                       reach beyond NPU-V. All over Atlanta, there are
                                                                       hardworking families struggling to survive, striving
               Participants come to TCWFI because few places offer
                                                                       to improve their economic situations, and aspiring
               the services available here, and even fewer offer
                                                                       to entrepreneurship; TCWFI can help them achieve
               them in a holistic manner. We employ an intensive,
                                                                       their goals.
               multi-intervention approach to help families gain
               economic success, not just for this generation, but
                                                                       We invite you to join our innovative effort to help
               also for the next.
                                                                       families in need advance on a pathway to economic
                                                                       success. Please join us as a funder, service provider,
               Over the past few years, TCWFI has helped place over
                                                                       employer, or volunteer as we work to ensure that
               800 people in jobs, has provided quality services to
                                                                       Atlanta’s hardworking families and their children
               nearly 5,000 and has helped return over one million
                                                                       continue to make ends meet and achieve sustainable
               dollars to the community through income supports
                                                                       economic success.
               such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. Through
               our Fatherhood and Sisterhood programs, we have
               helped participants address a host of personal
               barriers, barriers often overlooked in traditional
               family support programs.

               Launched with an investment from the Annie              David A. Jackson
               E. Casey Foundation, TCWFI initially focused            President/CEO
               on improving the lives of families living in the
               neighborhoods clustered around Atlanta’s Turner

What We have accomPlished
 Served more than 2,500 residents
 Placed over 800 participants in jobs
 Helped return $1,000,000 to the community through income
 supports such as the Earned Income Tax Credit
 Helped 300 fathers strengthen their family relationships
            linking ParticiPants to Family
            suPPorting Jobs                                         Unlike traditional job training and placement
                                                                    programs, TCWFI’s relationship continued long after
                                                                    participants secured employment. Moving-to-Work
            The Moving-to-Work Pathway provided under- and
                                                                    coaches continued to interact with participants as
            unemployed individuals with the skills and supports
                                                                    they transitioned to work, maintained their jobs and
            needed to prepare for and secure jobs offering family
                                                                    advanced in their careers.
            supporting wages and benefits.
                                                                    Shana Smith is a typical Moving-to-Work participant.
            Participants accessed an array of bundled services,
                                                                    Forced to leave her job of six years to care for her
            including individualized assessments, intensive
                                                                    disabled sister, the mother of two came to TCWFI “just
            coaching, job readiness training, orientation to the
                                                                    to prepare a resume . . . but got so much more.” In
            world of work, screenings for income-enhancing
                                                                    addition to preparing a resume, Shana learned how to
            public benefits, and other work supports. Through
                                                                    present herself in job interviews, use a computer and
            its unique, customized coaching approach, TCWFI
                                                                    manage office files. With her new skills, she was able
            provided an environment conducive to learning and
                                                                    to begin a career in the hospitality industry and to
            engagement, ultimately resulting in success for
                                                                    continue supporting her family.
            workers and their families.
                                                                    With two young daughters at home, Shana continues
            Acutely aware of the employment barriers that
                                                                    to take advantage of TCWFI’s services. “When you
            saturated NPU-V, TCWFI implemented initiatives
                                                                    come to The Center for Working Families, it is not a
            to combat these challenges; transportation
                                                                    one time thing,” she explains. “You get a pathway
            assistance, childcare subsidies and computer
                                                                    coach who coaches you throughout your career.
            literacy training were just a few of the services
                                                                    It is a lifetime opportunity.”
            made available to participants.

4    resULt: provided 375 participants with job-readiness training
       I came to prepare a
       resume, but I got so
               much more.

resULt: provided services to over 365 participants each month
If the Center had not
been here, I don’t know
where I would be.

6   RESULT: Linked over 2,000 people to income-enhancing benefits
             helPing Families Join                                             Consider Cinnamon Murray, a mother of two who came to TCWFI

             the economic mainstream                                           underemployed and having trouble making ends meet. She
                                                                               had a daily roundtrip commute of 40 miles to a low-paying job,
                                                                               and her transportation costs consumed much of her income.
             The Moving-to-Wealth Pathway at TCWFI provided income-
                                                                               Once matched with a TCWFI pathway coach, she was able to
             enhancing and asset-building services to help participants
                                                                               plot a course toward economic success; Cinnamon created a
             make ends meet and take steps to achieve family economic
                                                                               new resume, took work skills development classes and found a
                                                                               new job as assistant property manager of a nearby apartment
                                                                               complex. She also attended financial management courses that
             With the current federal minimum wage at $6.55 an hour, a
                                                                               helped her realize her dream of purchasing a home.
             full-time worker earned only $13,624 in 2008—well below
             the Federal Poverty line for a family of three ($18,310). TCWFI
                                                                               Cinnamon thanks TCWFI for opening the door for her family.
             used the EarnBenefits online benefit-screening tool to connect
                                                                               “I am quick to tell everybody about The Center for Working
             participants to more than twenty public and private work
                                                                               Families,” she says. “The Center will help you. I tell everybody
             supports, among them, food stamps, health insurance, utility
                                                                               about my experience, my journey from beginning to end.”
             assistance, and WIC. And since 2006, TCWFI has helped return
             over $1 million in benefits to NPU-V through the Earned Income
             Tax Credit.

             TCWFI complemented EarnBenefits with a host of other
             services, e.g., certified financial planning, budgeting
             assistance, Individual Development Accounts, and
             homeownership classes, aimed at helping participants
             save money and accumulate assets.

resULt: provided asset-building services to 550 participants
                              The true blessing of being
                              an entrepreneur is being
                              able to offer jobs to others
                              in the community.

8   resULt: Created a 2:1 match micro-business savings program
                  helPing ParticiPants stimulate the                            Roddy “Gino” Longino exemplifies this strategy’s great

                  local economy With micro-business                             potential. Gino came to TCWFI after losing his job and
                                                                                struggling to support his four children. Unfortunately, his
                                                                                criminal background made finding a job challenging—
                  Entrepreneurs are the backbone of any thriving economy;       despite his having more than 20 years of experience
                  their ventures provide jobs for millions of men and women.    in janitorial services. With TCWFI’s help, Gino turned
                  With ideas as varied as their number, entrepreneurs can       his experience into a viable business. He enrolled in
                  come from anywhere; however, they all share a common          entrepreneurship classes, obtained a business license
                  dream—becoming their own boss by building a business.         and, in April 2008, opened Top Priority Cleaning, Inc.
                  Unfortunately, many would-be entrepreneurs, particularly
                  those from lower-income areas, lack the basics—business       “I currently have four customers,” Gino says. “Not only am I
                  training, capital, confidence, etc.—needed to turn an idea    able to maintain employment for myself, but I can also offer
                  into a viable business.                                       jobs to other participants. That has been a true blessing
                                                                                for me—being able to give back to the community by
                  In 2008, with funding from the United States Department       employing others.”
                  of Health and Human Services, TCWFI launched the Moving-
                  to-Entrepreneurship Pathway to give participants a vehicle    Today, Top Priority employs six TCWFI participants.
                  for learning how to create business plans and, through
                  Individual Development Accounts, accumulate the start-up
                  capital needed to start micro-businesses. In addition to
                  assisting would-be entrepreneurs, this pathway provided
                  another option for TCWFI participants who faced significant
                  barriers to employment.

resULt: helped over 50 participants complete business plans
     famiLies, sisterhood, fatherhood
                                                 linking                           outstanding legal issues, addressed child

                                                 ParticiPants                      support arrears, secured employment, started
                                                                                   businesses, and became more involved in
                                                 to PathWays                       their children’s lives. Some participants also
                                                                                   brought their children to the weekly Fatherhood
                                                  With the belief that children
                                                                                   meetings, bearing out the program’s multi-
                                                  benefit from the financial and
                                                                                   generational benefit.
                                                  emotional support provided
                                                  by both parents, TCWFI
                                                                                   The Sisterhood Program improved the quality-
                                                  launched the Fatherhood
                                                                                   of-life for women in the community by helping
                              and Sisterhood Programs as gateway programs
                                                                                   them develop self-confidence and more positive
                              to provide men and women with the intensive
                                                                                   relationships with friends, neighbors and
                              mentoring, coaching and peer support needed
                                                                                   relatives. Through monthly group meetings,
                              to build strong relationships with their children,
                                                                                   participants in the Sisterhood Program worked to
                              parents, and community.
                                                                                   develop the skills necessary to maintain strong
                                                                                   bonds with their families and community.
                              The Fatherhood Program helped men address
                              the barriers preventing them from
                              being involved in their children’s lives.
                              It connected fathers with legal and
                              mental health services and provided
                              hard skills training, job readiness
                              classes and other supports. Program
                              participants became engaged in
                              their community and supported one
                              another in working toward better lives
                              for themselves and their families.
                              Fatherhood participants resolved

10   resULt: provided one-on-one coaching and advocacy to 100% of fatherhood participants
        ChiLdCare, edUCation, heaLth
                                  meeting the need                                     method program offered educational classes,
                                                                                       housing advocacy and comprehensive coaching.
                                  Providing services through a continuum of            In partnership with The Salvation Army, Consumer
                                  Pathways enabled TCWFI to develop a results-         Credit Counseling Services of Atlanta and
                                  oriented framework that ultimately helped            Resources for Residents and Communities of
                                  participants achieve economic                                          Georgia, TCWFI also provided
                                  self-sufficiency. By functioning                                       specialized services to help
                                  as a hub, and combining its                                            families that were experiencing
                                  services with those of partner                                         foreclosure negotiate workouts
                                  organizations, TCWFI played an                                         with their lenders and review
                                  instrumental role in reducing                                          foreclosure alternatives. As more
                                  and eliminating pervasive                                              single-family homes become
                                  employment barriers such as                                            available for rent and purchase
                                  unstable housing and lack of                                           in NPU-V, TCWFI will provide
                                  childcare.                                                             training to families to help them
                                                                                                         take full advantage of this new
                                  TCWFI used a multi-intervention                                        opportunity.
                                  approach to eliminate its
                                  participants’ employment barriers. With a holistic   TCWFI partnered with the Georgia Department of
                                  strategy that extended beyond simply helping         Human Resources and Sheltering Arms Family &
                                  to secure employment, TCWFI pathway coaches          Child Care Centers to offer subsidized, high-quality
                                  empowered participants to develop skills, believe    childcare to parents for whom childcare presented
                                  in their own abilities and build assets that         a barrier to employment.
                                  guaranteed long-term success.
                                                                                       TCWFI’s partnerships helped participants achieve
                                  TCWFI launched a Housing Stability program           family economic success by unlocking the doors to
                                  when housing issues surfaced as a predominant        employment, wealth-building and micro-business.
                                  challenge for families. This innovative, multi-

resULt: 2 out of 3 recipients receiving affordable childcare advanced their careers
        tCwfi history
                                                                 exPanding and                           Initially, TCWFI offered services in only two pathways: the Moving-to-

                                                                 reFining services                       Work Pathway and the Moving-to-Wealth Pathway. However, TCWFI
                                                                                                         expanded its offerings to help meet the varied, ever-increasing needs
                                                                 to meet Families’                       of area families. TCWFI recently added the Moving-to-Entrepreneurship
                                                                 needs                                   Pathway to help participants create micro-businesses.

                                                                      In 2003, The Annie E. Casey        And while education and employment were and remain a focus, TCWFI
                                                                      Foundation’s Atlanta Civic         continuously seeks to develop new partnerships that will add services
                                                                      Site (ACS) launched the            and programs to address the needs of participants. Current partners
     Gail Hayes, Annie E. Casey Foundation Atlanta Civic Site Manager
     and TCWFI past President & CEO Mtamanika Youngblood
                                                                      Center for Working Families        include Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Atlanta, SEEDCO,
                                                                      prototype in NPU-V to test         Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family Centers, The Atlanta
                     the assumption that an array of economic support services offered                   Community Food Bank, and The Salvation Army, to name just a few.
                     in a family-friendly and integrated manner would help working                       Added services include assistance with housing problems, assistance
                     families overcome their barriers and achieve economic success. The                  finding quality, affordable childcare, assistance addressing criminal
                     success and learning from that prototype led to a second prototype in               backgrounds and, through peer networks, assistance strengthening
                     2004. The results from these initial efforts proved that the Center for             family bonds.
                     Working Families strategy could help reverse the trends of increasing               .
                     unemployment and poverty in NPU-V, thereby closing income,                          As an independent organization providing services to a community
                     employment and asset gaps existing between families living in                       with growing needs, TCWFI has sought to identify new funding sources
                     NPU-V and families citywide.                                                                                      and is leveraging support from a growing
                                                                                                                                       number of public and private supporters
                   The Center for Working Families, Inc. was                                                                           to ensure that it can continue to provide
                   incorporated in the fall of 2005 as an                                                                              its unique array of services, thereby
                   independent 501 (c) (3). What started as                                                                            helping area residents move forward on
                   a loose network of local service providers                                                                          a pathway to family economic success.
                   in a “virtual center” now occupies
                   the entire lower level of the Dunbar
                   Neighborhood Center.

                                                                    Gail Hayes and TCWFI current President & CEO David Jackson

finanCiaL sUmmary
    2008 annual income and exPenses
    • IncomE

    Grants and Contributions               $1,861,704
    Earned Income                          $ 122,683
    Fiscal Agent and Affiliated Programs   $1,439,022
    Federal Government Grants              $ 601,921
    State Government Grants                $ 562,572

    total income                           $4,587,570

    • ExpEnSES

    • core programs
    Moving to Work                         $1,207,379
    Moving to Wealth                       $ 728,189
    Moving to Entrepreneurship             $ 9,773
    subtotal                               $1,945,341

     • Administration
    General Administration                 $ 501,099
    Fundraising                            $ 14,742
    subtotal                               $ 515,841

     • Affiliated programs
    Education                              $ 476,230
    Fiscal Agent Operations                $ 889,967
    subtotal                               $1,366,197

    Total Expenses                         $3,827,379

    Net Income                             $ 760,191
     Board of direCtors, tCwfi staff

             Charles Ross- Chairperson David A. Jackson                                 Sherrie Snipes-Williams          Michael Z. Kay                 John Robinson
             Advanced Technology                The Center for Working Families, Inc.   Vice President of Community      LSG/Sky Chefs                  Retired
             Development Center                 President & CEO                         Initiatives                      Retired CEO
             Venture Catalyst                                                           Atlanta Women’s Foundation

             Michael Johnson                    Charles Talley Wells                    Kenneth Chestnut                 J.R.Henderson                  Marilyn Simmons
             UPS                                Atlanta Legal Aid Society               IBG Construction Services        Georgia Department of Labor    Party Tyme for Kids
             Vice President - Human Resources   Senior Staff Attorney                   President / COO                  Director, T.O.P.P.S.T.E.P.S.   CFO/Retired

             staFF listing                                                                                            dameon danieLs - MOVInG-TO-WORK PATHWAY COACH
                                                                                                                      JaCqUeLine drake - CAREER DEVELOPMEnT TRAInER
             david JaCkson - PRESIDEnT & CEO                                                                          Lee evans - LEGAL ADVOCATE
             HUxIE WILkInS -VICE PRESIDEnT OF PROGRAMS                                                                meCheLLe fears - ExECUTIVE ASSISTAnT
             Janna Baker - DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMEnT & COMMUnICATIOnS                                                   CozeLL harris - FATHERHOOD InITIATIVE TRAInER
             renee giLes - MAnAGInG DIRECTOR, MOVInG-TO-WEALTH                                                        BeLinda hUdson - CATERER
             Jennifer mCCrary - MAnAGInG DIRECTOR, MOVInG-TO-WORK                                                     kEITH nIxon - RETEnTIOn COACH
             JaneLLe wiLLiams - RESEARCH & POLICY MAnAGER                                                             Jose thompson - EMPLOYMEnT STRATEGIST
             oLivia aLston - MOVInG-TO-WEALTH PATHWAY COACH                                                           pearLie trent - RECEPTIOnIST
             tera BeLL - TCWFI ADMInISTRATIVE ASSISTAnT                                                               Latasha ConLey-tUrner - MOVInG-TO-WORK PATHWAY COACH

14   resULt: Approximately eighty-five cents of every dollar donated to TcWFI directly benefits participants
  investors, sUpporters, empLoyers
                                               CITY OF ATLANTA                             GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF NORTH GEORGIA       PRISM REALTY MANAGEMENT
       CENTER                                  CLARk ATLANTA UNIVERSITY                    LYN GRAYBILL                               QUALITY CARE FOR CHILDREN
       AIRSERV                                 COLUMBIA RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT            J.R. HENDERSON                             ROPHEkA ROCk OF THE WORLD MINISTRIES, INC.
       ALLIED BARTON                                                                       H.J. RUSSELL & COMPANY                     RESOURCES FOR RESIDENTS AND
                                               THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION FOR GREATER                                                   COMMUNITIES OF GEORGIA
       AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP            ATLANTA                                     IBG CONSTRUCTION SERVICES
                                                                                                                                      SALVATION ARMY
                                                                                                                                      SHELTERING ARMS EARLY EDUCATION & FAMILY
       ANONYMOUS DONOR                         CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERVICES         DAVID A. JACkSON                           CENTERS
                                               OF ATLANTA
       ANONYMOUS DONOR                                                                     kROGER                                     SODExO
                                               DEkALB MICROENTERPRISE INSTITUTE
       ARAMARk                                                                             LD SECURITY SERVICES                       THE SULLIVAN CENTER
                                               DELVIN PARTNERS
       THE ARTHUR M. BLANk FAMILY FOUNDATION                                               MARTA                                      SUMMECH CDC
                                               DESIGNED SECURITY, INC.
       ATLANTA CITY EMPLOYEES CREDIT UNION                                                 MACY’S                                     SUMMERHILL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION
                                               DRESS FOR SUCCESS ATLANTA
       ATLANTA CIVIC SITE                                                                  MARRIOTT INTERNATIONAL                     THE SUTHERLAND GROUP
                                               EMMAUS HOUSE
       ATLANTA COMMUNITY FOOD BANk                                                         MAYSON AVENUE COOPERATIVE                  TRINITY FOOD SERVICE
                                               EMORY UNIVERSITY OFFICE OF UNIVERSITY-
       ATLANTA DEMOLITION                      COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS                      JENNIFER MCCRARY                           US DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN
                                                                                                                                      US DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING & URBAN
       ATLANTA JOB CORPS                       FAMILIES FIRST                              MOREHOUSE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE               DEVELOPMENT
       ATLANTA TECHNICAL COLLEGE                                                           NEIGHBORWORkS AMERICA                      SHERRY SNIPES WILLIAMS
                                               GWL CONTRACTORS
       ATLANTA VOLUNTEER LAWYERS FOUNDATION                                                NEW HORIzON LANDSCAPING                    WENDY’S
                                               GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES
       ATLANTA WOMEN’S FOUNDATION                                                          ONE ECONOMY CORPORATION                    YANCEY BROTHERS COMPANY
                                               GEORGIA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
                                               GEORGIA JUSTICE PROJECT
       CVS PHARMACY                                                                        PITTSBURGH COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT           MTAMANIkA YOUNGBLOOD
                                               GEORGIA STAND UP                            ASSOCIATION
       CARTER-DE GOLIAN, INC.                                                                                                         zEIST FOUNDATION, INC.
                                               GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY                    PIzzA HUT

      I wish that we had a TCWFI in each NPU.

resULt: secured partnerships with over 30 different employers
the Center for working families, inc.
477 Windsor Street, Suite 101
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

Office : (404) 223-3303
Fax: (404) 586-0513

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