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					Item #        Date
          1          6/10/2009
          2          6/10/2009
          3          6/10/2009
          4          6/10/2009
          5          6/10/2009
          6          6/10/2009
          7          6/10/2009
          8          6/10/2009

          9          6/10/2009
         10          6/10/2009
         11          6/10/2009
         12          6/15/2009
         13          6/15/2009
         14          6/15/2009
         15          6/15/2009
         16          6/19/2009
         17          6/22/2009

         16          6/23/2009
         20          6/24/2009
         21          6/24/2009

         22          6/26/2009
         23           7/1/2009

         24           7/2/2009
         25           7/8/2009

         26          7/10/2009

         27          7/10/2009

         28          7/10/2009

         29          7/10/2009

         30          7/10/2009

         31          7/10/2009

         32          7/10/2009

         33          7/10/2009
34   7/10/2009

35   7/10/2009

36   7/10/2009

37   7/10/2009
38   7/10/2009
39   7/10/2009
40   7/10/2009
41   7/10/2009

38   7/13/2009
39   7/14/2009
First Student config FW for 2010A’s
.csv files for Asset Tags and Driver cards
Label printer supplied by Zonar for Asset tags tests, additional test steps adding. We
Finalize documentation on V2 GPS functional not functioning
need documented process from Zonar.
Process/software tool for capturing QC data from master files for individual PO’s.
Finalize documentation on asset tag and driver card programming for end fulfillment
(Dave P to develop software tool???)
IC7 issue on V2 still unresolved
SIM card activation Process- Documention
LCD’s- need Zonar to release me to order either the A0 or A1 version, current orders
will support our demand until August 15. Outstanding demand of 7k in jeopardy.
ZPass gerbers release date
Delivery schedule from Zonar for consigned parts
C8 on V2 main board is catching on fire. This is a polorized cap and is place correctly.
IC7, waiting on an ECN to use new part. 1000 pieces are being processed with new IC
SIMM and Manual addedday forto Pack out along with additionalto test and pack out.
Cable activation took all today first 261 units. We were unable test process. Units have to
link up to GPS to get GSM lock.
SD cards and J3i software updgrade stopped produciton of these units
New software given to program J3i units, Kingston SD cards are to arrive Wednesday.

Cables at test are starting to break, center pin pulling out. Additional test cables needed.
Stubby Antenna's are not scheduled to arrive until 7/3/09.
Short cables and labels for 53 piece FS order due this week
Cable tester- still only able to test one unit at a time. ( Kelly was going to ship 06-25-09 but
wasn't able to )
Updated kit boms - Angie and Kelly reviewed. He is going to make updates to correct the
Cable tester need pins and connectors to rework the 4,6,8, and 10 pin connectors on various
test cables along with additional SMA connector to rework pigtail cables. Update on
Need jpg file of Zonar logo for development of printing labels on the line
WE to remove printing serial number for the pack-out label
Zonar to document that the serial number for the pack-out label is not needed

Develop contact list for parties at both Zonar & WE with secondary contact

WE send list of 2010 parts to Susane that we do not have confirmation of RoHS compliance
Any pack slips for Zonar procured material need to be sent to Mike Olson, Susanne, Tom and
Send list to Susanne of WE procured material that were used for pack-out kits the week of
July 6th

Identify, review, evaluate the QC process

Susanne to coordinate sending all First Group pick lists and CSV files to WE by Monday PM

Jen to send pick-lists and CSV files @ the same time the day she enters an order
Identify if Scott should be working with Tishia for GTC and Activation

Look at sending spares with the installers to the field

Functional test, how much is to much and how much is required for production units

Identify process for letting WE know when SIMMS have been activated

Production on hold pending new ATT SIMM cards
Waiting on ECN for new Software for V2 main board. Required for the new ATT SIMM
                  Open /
Owner             Closed    Due Date
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Open
Zonar             Open
Zonar             Open
Western           Closed
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Closed

Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Open
Zonar             Open
Zonar/ Western    Closed
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Closed
Zonar / Western   Closed
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Closed

Zonar             Open
Zonar             Closed
Zonar             Closed

Zonar             Closed
Zonar             closed

Zonar             Open
Zonar             Closed

Zonar             Open

Randy/Susanne     Closed

Alan              Open

Alan              Ongoing

Angie             Closed       7/13/09

WE / Zonar        Open

Susanne           Closed       7/13/09

Susanne/Kim       Closed       7/13/09
Susanne/Cory     Open

Susanne          Open

Susanne / Mike   Open

Susanne          Open

Susanne          Closed   7/16/09
Kelly            Closed   7/15/09

Still not operational
Pending Documents from Kelly, Re- quote process
Printer provided by Zonar does not work so Asset numbers have to be sent from Zonar.

Found alternate part

Received some documentation but still need ECO from Kelly.
Monitoring / Suspect defective parts.

Western does not have access to monitor when SIMMS are acitvated.
Re-quote when final process is in place

Moving forward with new SD and program

Kelly is working on a short term and long term solution.
We will not have enough to pack out orders required for week of 7/8/2009

per e-mail and meeting 7/1/09

e-mail Scott to Kelly 7/2 4:57 PM
e-mail Angie and George to Cory 7/7/09 11:21 AM

Susanne was assigning Kelly to this.

2010 Custom parts are not confirmed Rohs compliant.

All pack slips are being provided the day the material arrives.

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