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									                                                   THE BREEZE
                                                              January, 2010
     Member C.B.Y.C.A. and Yacht Clubs of Maryland

   As I write to you this month a unexpected winter storm has hit
   Eastern Yacht Club. All of our boats are nestled in their berths and
   covered in 20 inches of beautiful white snow. The sky has now
   turned blue and the sun is shining. Eastern Yacht Club is truly a
   Winter Wonderland.

   Ironically a Winter Wonderland was the theme of this years 53rd
   Annual Commodores Ball which was held on December 5th. The
   club house looked amazing and snow had fallen everywhere. We
   had 25 clubs represented and about 143 guests. The night was
   truly memorable especially when guests got on the floor and made
   snow angels. I would like to thank everyone, especially the ball
   committee for all the hard work in putting this event together.

    We are now heading into the heart of the holiday season and Glenn
   and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe and enjoy. Eastern Yacht
   Club is a very special place and I am proud to be your Commodore.

   David A Tolerico

And now for yacht club fact # 2: Did you know that the first Yacht Club in the world was founded in 1720 in Ireland.
The Royal Cork Yacht Club is the oldest and still active yacht club in the world. It is now 289 years old. The most pres-
tigious club in the world is the New York Yacht Club which was established in 1844 and membership is by invitation
only. Almost all yacht clubs are organized the same as an American corporation but use naval terminology to identify
their officer positions: the Chairman/CEO is the Commodore who over sees all operations, the Vice Commodore is in
charge of the land-based activities and the Rear Commodore is in charge of the water-based activates. Only clubs in
the United States have a Fleet Captain who assists with water-based activities. Some clubs in the United Kingdom
have a Admiral who is one rank above the Commodore.

Yacht Club Fact # 3: Although there are many formal and legal rules to flying the American Flag on land there are none
for flying the flag on your vessel. Only guidelines exist. On a vessel you can fly either the national (flag with stars and
stripes) or the yacht ensign (flag with 13 stars circling a anchor and stripes) style of flag. The size should be in relation to
your vessel. The rule for the size is the flying length should measure one inch for every foot in length of the vessel. So if
your boat is a 33 ft in length your flag should be around 33 inches. On a motor boat the flag should be flown anywhere
between the stern and 1/3 forward from the stern. The flag is never flown on the bow and should not be flown at night
unless it is illuminated. As for State Flags only Maryland and Arkansas have adopted official protocols. The Maryland
Flag on a motor boat should be flown on the bow preferable on the starboard side since the club burgee is flown at
center bow.
                                      Happy New Year

                                   Well we just got the biggest Snow Storm
                           of the 2009 season. I’m glad that it didn’t hap-
                           pen the night of Commodore Dave and First
                           Mate Glenn’s Ball.
                                   If you miss the Ball, you really missed a
                           great time. There was Snow inside the Club
House as well as outside. Commodore Dave, Glenn and the Committee did
an outstanding job. 
                        Congratulations to Captain Tom Potere

       Captain Tom Potere join Eastern Yacht Club on January 26, 1983
(27 years ago). He is a Gold Card Member that helps out whenever he can. He comes down to the Club on Thursday
nights from his home State of Delaware to shoot on the Pool League.
        In the summer you will see Captain Tom driving the big blue Tractor and helping to put
out and pick up tables for events. At the end of the season Captain Tom helps with winterizing the piers and putting out
the club ice eaters.
        When I was Rear Commodore, Captain Tom help me out every time I ask him to. It’s
members like this that makes our club great. Thank you for all you do for us Captain Tom.

                           Bar Report for November

         The Tiki Bar and the Club House Bar made a gross profit of $ 4,101.14.
         I will be watching the sales of the Tiki Bar to see if we need to change our operating
hours in the winter months. If the members are not using the Tiki Bar, we will need to save on our expenses. This will
be looked at after the Football Season. Remember the Tiki Bar is open Sundays for the Ravens Games.

 Hope to see you in February for the Mardi Gras
  - V/C Terry (Smiley) Bowles
Work parties for January are combined do work for the 3 Cs. The
work party for everyone will be on January 23, 9:00 AM. If you
cannot make it, please let me know so I can plan the work load.

We welcomed two new social members into your club last month,
Georgiann and Jake. Welcome aboard. We also have two new
Applications for A membership that are posted in the Tiki Bar,
and they will be interview and then brought before the BOG.

As I write this article, I am looking out my window at mounds of
snow. I hope to see everyone around the club from time to time
this winter as we are awaiting warm weather.

- Rear Commodore Tom Kinard

     Thanks to Chip Miller for clearing the snow!!

Happy New Year to my Yachting Family. I hope that everyone had a
great Christmas, and I wish you a wonderful new year. The leaves
have turned colors and fallen to the ground, and are buried under
our first big snow. We boaters count the steps of winter, because
we know that it will lead to springtime (we only have 90 days!).

Our first of many great trips this year is January
30, 2010 at 9:00 AM. We will be going to Atlantic
City, returning at 9:00 PM.
The cost is $25.00 (no refunds). You will receive
$22.00 back to play the machines. The first 55
people signed up (sign-up sheet is in the Tiki Bar)
and are paid, will go, so don’t wait!

If anyone has any suggestions for cruise des-
tinations this year, please contact me.

Thank You,
Your Fleet Captain,
Jeff Magee
The year is moving fast and I can't believe it has already been
half of my year! The support from this club is wonderful and I
couldn't ask for anymore than you have already given me. I want
to thank anyone who has every given me encouragement for it's
really all I need.

I want to say how proud I am of Princess Emily. She has repre-
sented Eastern Yacht Club with poise, respect, and enthusiasm.

                                 There is one thing I would like
                                 to ask of everyone and that is
                                 for as many people as possible
                                 to participate in the Polar Bear
                                 Plunge or donate to the
                                 cause. The money goes to-
                                 ward the
                                 Special Olympics and will take
                                 place on January 30, 2010!!

I Hope to see everyone soon!

- Queen Kimberly

                The Queen and her court of Princesses having a ball at the Ball!
Hi Everyone!

    I've been so anxious to write this month’s article because this month
has been so great and full of excitement! Our Commodores Ball was
absolutely amazing. The fake snow was the perfect touch for our Winter
Wonderland theme and the Princesses and I and even some of our
Officers had a lot of fun rolling around in it making snow angels. I want to
thank everyone that helped out "behind the scenes". I can’t wait for next
year’s !

   I have been to about seven Commodores Balls so far and I've had so
much fun. Not just at the Commodores Ball, but also on the rides there
and back with our officers and Queen Kim. I truly believe Eastern has
the best members on the bay!

    In conclusion, I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for
a whole new year! I know I am!

                Princess Emily

     Chaplain, P/C Lillian Mullaney Opening Prayer EYC Ball, December 5,

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this Special evening and the safe arrival of our family,
friends & sister Yacht Clubs, here to honor our Commodore Kevin and
his officers and thank them for their time, talent and dedication to
Eastern Yacht Club and welcome Commodore David and his incoming
Officers. Please bless and watch over them, dear Lord, give them the
strength and wisdom and guide them to continue our legacy of being
the “Friendliest Club on the Bay.”

This is the time of the year where we become very loving and caring
and appreciate our surroundings. If we could bottle those feelings, what
a great world we would have. Lets enjoy our holiday season with family,
friends, presents and parties, but let’s try and focus also on the real
reason for Christmas.

Let’s take a moment of silent prayer for those men and women in our
armed service and thank them for our privilege of freedom.
We thank you dear Lord for the privilege of having 2 young ladies to
represent our club and all the yacht clubs of Maryland, Emily, our
Princess, and Kimberly, Our Queen of the Chesapeake. Please watch
over them, keep them safe during their travels and give them the
strength and wisdom to be our special young ladies that they are and
be great examples of future Queens and Princesses.

In closing, thank you dear Lord, for yesterday, today and hopefully

P/C Lillian Mullaney, Chaplain (Read by Mary Herster at the Ball)
                      HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope this finds you all happy and well.                   By now we’ve all had our
                      Merry Christmas and are looking forward or recovering from our New Year’s Eve celebrations.
                      Thanks to your generosity, many unfortunate children will have also spent a Merry Christmas –
                      more merry than they could have ever hoped for. Thank you all for your donations to the Angels of
                      Addiction. The last I heard, we had collected 15 boxes of toys and necessity items – I thank you
                      and the Angels of Addiction thanks you!
                      Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived safely by fire truck to the Children’s Christmas party on December
                      13th, albeit a little “soggy”! Shelley Haskett did a wonderful job as chairperson this year – kids young
and old came out to celebrate, enjoy the magical antics of Wild Willy WooWoo and tell their wish lists to Santa. A great
time was had by all – thanks Shelley and everyone who lent a hand to make this day special for the kids.
The next Gull’s events will be the Mardi Gras party in February and Chili Cook-off in March – be on the look-out for our
flyers and/or ticket info!
VP Eli Wiles is in charge of “sick and welfare” for the club. Please forward all notices to Eli at to that she can let everyone know as necessary and send get well wishes or condolences on
behalf of the Club.
Don’t forget about our EYC merchandise now for sale. Please contact Mary Anne Czapla or Sue Kinard, our merchan-
dise coordinators, or any of the Gulls for your purchase. NOTE: ALL SPECIAL ORDERS AND/OR PERSONALIZED
In closing, P/C Pete and I would like to wish each and every one of you the best in 2010.

Julie Beyrodt, President

Julie, Georgiann, and Patty from Angels of Addiction

A special thanks this time of year to all EYC members and families who donated a record number of toys, sleeping bags,
wrapping paper, etc., etc. for the Angels of Addiction toy drive. They were overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of
presents from EYC! Several Members went above & beyond in their donations! Thanks to all of you!

                            Love, Thoughts & Prayers
  Treasurer Chuck Cavolo’s Mother, Rosemary, passed away December 21st. Please keep Chuck,
  Eunice and their family in your prayers.

  Please keep the following EYC members, their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers
  during their illness and recovery:
                   Joe Genco, P/C Cass Brunner, Deb McWilliams, Beanie Samm,
                 P/C & Chaplain, Lillian Mullaney, and Jimmy Samm…... Get Well Soon!

  Please contact Sick & Welfare or Breeze staff if you know of a member we may have forgotten.
Commodore: David Tolerico 410-687-6598, 410-303-5400              Treasurer: Chuck Cavolo 410-574-9429

Vice Commodore: Terry Bowles 443-846-1054                         Gull’s President: Julie Beyrodt 443-231-7521,
Rear Commodore: Tom Kinard 410-391-3272, 443-250-3464
                                                                  Dock Master: Tom Parkinson 610-497-2549
Fleet Captain: Jeff Magee 410-687-2866, 443-253-6674
                                                                  Breeze Editor: IP/C Kevin Silate 443-255-1734
Fleet Surgeon: Steve Wiles 443-824-2121
                                                                  Sick and Welfare: Eli Wiles 443-824-2927
Fleet Chaplain: Lillian Mullaney 410-282-2585
                                                                  Hall Bookings: P/C Gary & Deb Blankenship
Secretary: Pete Beyrodt 443-829-2738                                            443-231-6811

                                                                  Lounge Manager: Chuck Krug 410-382-8359

                                               The December 19th Snow!

        A “wave” snow drift at the Tiki Bar.                               A snowy view from the lower lot.

Lost & Found

Has anyone found a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses?
They have black frames with blue mirrored lens and have a
green neck strap attached. They were last seen on the bar in the
big club house. If found please return to the Commodore.

Thank you.
The EYC Children’s Christmas Party…

                                           Waiting for Santa to arrive!

Santa & Mrs. Claus arrive by fire truck,
then give out the toys!

Thanks to Shelly for all of her hard
The 2009 EYC Winter Wonderland Ball!
    Saturday February 13th

      Live Music
   Money and Plant Wheels


                                   Eastern Yacht Club 2009 OD Schedule

                                                 January 2010
      Sunday            Mon.       Tues.       Wed.        Thursday             Friday               Saturday

                                                                          1                   2
                                                      New Year’s Eve                          Deb Parkinson
                                                      Party in            OD: Bob Murray
                                                      Clubhouse                                Paul Poz
                                                      Tiki Bar Closed

3                   4          5           6          7                   8                   9
Wedding                                                                                       Blake Nolan
OD: Barry                                             OD: Steve Wiles     OD: Bob Wilkins
Benyo                                                                                         Duff Burke

10                  11         12          13         14                  15                  16
                                                                                              Paul Poz
OD: Brian                                             OD: Jim Kinard      OD: Terry Levee
Green                                                                                         Danielle Marchese

17                  18         19          20         21                  22                  23
                                                                                              Jeannette Fountain
OD: Joe                                               OD: Steve Wiles     OD: Jeff Magee
                                                                                              Charlie Daughtery

24 OD:              25         26          27         28                  29                  30
Roger Zajdel Jr                                                                               Deb Parkinson
______________                                        OD: Jim Kinard      OD: Bob Murray
31                                                                                            OPEN
OD: Barry Benyo

     Bar Manager-Chuck Krug 410-382-8359                              Vice-Commodore: Terry Bowles 443-846-1054

The friendliest club on the bay.

Mailing Address:
Eastern Yacht Club                                Mailing label
PO Box 7872
Baltimore, MD 21221
Street Address:
Eastern Yacht Club
2330 Seneca Road
Baltimore, MD 21221
Phone: 410-686-3555

                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
                                   8-9-10 3 C’s Ball OC
                                   15 General Membership Meeting 8:30PM
                                   22 Board of Governor’s Meeting 8:00PM

                                   12 General Membership Meeting 8:30PM
                                   13 Mardi-Gras Party 8 PM - 1 AM
                                   26 Board of Governor’s Meeting 8:00PM

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