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Car Handbook.pdf - Motability

VIEWS: 148 PAGES: 36

Everything you need to
know about running
your Motability car
during your lease
Whether you are a new customer or have leased a car through Motability
before, we would like to welcome you to many years of worry-free motoring.

Taking delivery of your new Motability   need, so you can get the right help or
car is an exciting moment. We aim        information by going online or making
to help you continue that pleasurable    a single telephone call. Alternatively,
experience, by making your motoring      feel free to call your dealer, whose      We hope you
experience as enjoyable and              details are listed below.
hassle-free as possible.
                                                                                   will find this
                                         We hope you will find this handbook       handbook useful,
This handbook will guide you through     useful, and suggest that you keep it
the Contract Hire agreement. It          somewhere handy, such as in the glove     and suggest
includes information about your          compartment of your car, so you can       that you keep it
insurance, maintenance and               refer to it when needed.                  somewhere
breakdown cover, as well as answering
many frequently asked questions about                                              handy
leasing with Motability. We have also
provided contact details you might

 Your managing dealer is:

About Motability                   Modifications                       16    If your car is lost or stolen        25
                              6    Personal number plates              16    Young driver training                25
Welcome to Motability         7    Additional costs                    17
                                   Environmental impact                17    RAC breakdown
Your worry-free motoring                                                     assistance                           26
                                   Help us to protect Motability       17
package                       8    Leaving Motability                  18    Motability Assist                    27
What’s included               9    Expired or stopped allowance        19    Roadside                             27
                                                                             Recovery                             27
On the road with Motability        Insurance                                 At home                              27
                              10                                       20    Replacement cars                     27
Key information               11   Key information                      21   Fuel and keys                        28
Taxing your car               12   What you are not covered for         21   What to do if your car breaks down   28
Servicing                     12   Loss of use benefit                  22   Driving in Europe                    28
Motability dealers            12   Personal Accident cover              22
Maintaining your car          13   Legal liabilities                    22   Getting your next car
Service books                 13   Uninsured loss recovery              22
Accident repairs              13   Changing or adding a driver          23   Ordering and delivery                31
Other repairs                 14   Motoring convictions                 23
                                                                             Customer complaints
Tyre repair and replacement   14   Business use of the car              23                                        32
Glass                         15   Voluntary driving                    23
                                                                             What to do if you have a
Wear and tear                 15   Taking your car abroad               24
                                                                             complaint or comment                 33
General condition             15   No-claim discounts                   24
Mechanical components         16   If you are involved in an accident 24     Useful contacts
Oil leaks                     16   Repairing your car after an accident 25                                        34
Exhaust system                16   Courtesy vehicles                    25   Contact details you might need       35   5
Good Condition Bonus          16
    About Motability
Welcome to Motability

Motability was established in 1977,        all or part of your mobility benefit
and since then it has helped over          (Higher Rate Mobility Component of
two million people become mobile.          the Disability Living Allowance, or War
Motability Operations is the company       Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement) is       If you would like a copy
responsible for finance, administration,   paid directly to Motability Operations
and maintenance of Motability cars.        for the length of the agreement.
                                                                                     of this handbook in large
When you lease a car with Motability,                                                print or an alternative
                                                                                     format/language, please
                                                                                     call our Customer Services
                                                                                     team on 0845 456 4566.

    Your worry-free motoring package
Leasing a car through Motability opens the door to years of worry-free motoring.

Your regular allowance payment to us       • Single, one-stop customer helpline        in your Contract Hire agreement and
provides you with:                           and website                               the policy schedule that is sent to
• A new vehicle of your choice every       • Where possible, help with transport       you, together with the Certificate
  three years                                whilst your car is being serviced or      of Motor Insurance. For further
                                             repaired.                                 information, contact RSAM on
• Insurance from RSA Motability (RSAM)
                                                                                       0500 37 37 37)
• Personal Accident cover for the driver
                                           What you need to budget for               • Any fines, such as parking or
  and passengers
                                           • Fuel and consumables, such                speeding
• Full breakdown assistance
                                             as washer fluid                         • Cover for theft or damage to personal
• Servicing, maintenance and repairs                                                   belongings in the car is not included,
                                           • Any optional extras not fitted
• Tax disc delivered to your home each       as standard to your chosen car            for example wheelchairs, hands-free
  year (excludes Northern Ireland and                                                  phone kits, coats, mobile phones,
                                           • The cost of some adaptations
  Isle of Man)                                                                         money etc.
                                             you require.
• All replacement tyres
• Window or windscreen repair or           Other costs you may also need
  replacement                              to consider
• A mileage allowance of 60,000            • You will need to pay the first £75 of
  miles over your three year lease           any claim for loss or damage, known
  agreement (additional miles charged        as an insurance excess. (Some cars
  at 5p per mile)                            and customers, such as young and
• Services of a national network of          inexperienced drivers, may attract a
  nearly 5,000 Motability dealers            higher excess. Full details are given                                              9
     On the road with Motability
We want to help make sure your experience as a Motability customer is enjoyable
and worry-free. Throughout your agreement, we ask you to help us by making sure
your car is safe and in good order. As well as helping you to experience trouble-free
motoring, this helps us sell the car for the best possible price at the end of
the agreement, keeping costs low for you and all our customers.

Key points from the Contract Hire          • The car must not be used as a taxi
agreement                                    or delivery vehicle. However, cover
• Motability Operations remain the           can be arranged for most other
                                             occupations. See ‘Business use of        We want to help make
  legal owner of the car throughout
  the agreement                              the car’ on page 23                      sure your experience as
• The car should be used by, or for the    • If you move address or change            a Motability customer is
  benefit of, the person who qualifies       your name, please tell us                enjoyable and worry-free.
  for a Motability car                       immediately by updating your
                                             details at or calling
• You must keep the car under your
                                             our Customer Services team on
  control and not lend or sell it to
                                             0845 456 4566
  anyone else
                                           • If you need to fit any adaptations
• Only drivers named on your
                                             to your car during your lease you
  Certificate of Motor Insurance as
                                             will need to inform us first and use
  permitted drivers may drive your car.
                                             a Motability Adaptations Partner.
  If you intend to drive your Motability
                                             To find out more please call our
  car you must be named as a
                                             Customer Services team on
  permitted driver on the certificate.
                                             0845 456 4566.
  Please call RSAM on 0500 37 37 37
  if you need to change permitted                                                                                 11
  drivers during your lease
     Taxing your car                                                 or at a pre-defined mileage limit, as set out in your car
     Upon delivery of your new Motability car, it will already be    manufacturer’s handbook), and any maintenance repairs
     taxed for the first year. On the 20th of the month before       necessary due to general wear, are included in your
     your tax disc expires, we will automatically send your          agreement at no extra cost. Where any additional work is
     new tax disc to you in the post. If your vehicle registration   required, dealers will check with us before it is carried out.
     document (V5c) is sent to you by the DVLA, please ensure        For all car servicing and maintenance, you should take your
     that you send it to us as quickly as possible so that we are    car to the dealer that has been assigned as your managing
     able to tax your car.                                           dealer. You will only need to pay for repairs if they are not
     If you change your address please update your details at        covered either by the above, or as defined in your Insurance or call 0845 456 4566 to prevent your tax      Cover Booklet. If you are unsure about any aspect of your
     disc from being sent to your old address. You are responsible   cover, please contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37.
     for ensuring that a valid tax disc is on display in your car.   For adaptations fitted at the start of your lease through
     If you receive a V11 (Vehicle Licence Application) from         the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme, your
     the DVLA please call our Customer Services team on              installer will notify you if any regular maintenance is
     0845 456 4566 as soon as possible as this is a good             required. If this is the case, it will be included as part of
     indication that we haven’t been able to tax your car for        your worry-free package.
     some reason.
                                                                     Motability dealers
     If you live in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, you are     Across the UK, there are nearly 5,000 Motability dealers
     responsible for renewing your car tax each year of your         who provide cars, servicing, maintenance, and repairs for
     agreement. As a recipient of the higher rate mobility           Motability.
     allowance, your Motability car will automatically receive
     the benefit of a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) exemption            All our dealers are continually monitored and take part in
     (i.e. free tax disc). You can get a leaflet explaining VED      ongoing training to ensure they are kept up-to-date with all
     exemption by contacting the Disability and Carers Service       aspects of Motability.
     on 08457 123456 or the Service Personnel and Veterans           Our dealers provide:
     Agency on 0800 169 2277.
                                                                     • Test drives
12   Servicing                                                       • Free fluid level checks
     Regular servicing recommended by the manufacturer               • Free wash and vacuum after every scheduled service,
     of your car (e.g. either at a set point during your lease         major repair or MoT test.
With sufficient notice, your dealer may also be able            • Ensure all faults are put right quickly
to provide either:                                              • Respond to any manufacturer recall, e.g. if a faulty part
• ‘While you wait’ servicing and MoT test                         needs replacing.
• Collection and delivery of your car, dependent on distance    Your car will need to have an MoT test approximately two
• Transport from, and back to, the dealership                   months before the end of your lease and on an annual basis
• A courtesy car while your car is at the dealership.           thereafter if your lease is for more than three years. Your
                                                                managing dealer will contact you to arrange a convenient
If your car is fitted with locking wheel nuts, please check
                                                                time for an appointment. In Northern Ireland an MoT test is
when collecting your car that you know where the key is
                                                                not required until the car is four years old.
before you leave the dealership and that you bring it with
you every time you have a service or visit a Kwik Fit centre.   If you have any queries about maintaining your car, please
Please note you will be responsible for the cost of any         ask your managing dealer.
replacement keys.
                                                                Service books
Maintaining your car
                                                                Please make sure your dealer completes and stamps your
To help ensure your car is safe and does not break down         car’s service book after every service. Keep this safe and in
unexpectedly, you should respond to any service requests        good condition, as it may be needed in future to prove the
from your dealer and make sure the car is regularly             car has had regular servicing.
maintained as set out in the manufacturer’s handbook.
This will include the following regular checks:                 Accident repairs
•   Engine oil                                                  If your car is damaged, before you take any action to repair
                                                                it, please contact RSA Motability (RSAM) for advice on
•   Windscreen washer fluid
                                                                whether the repair is actually required. In many cases, if
•   Engine cooling system
                                                                the damage is minor, you may not need to lodge a claim for
•   Lights                                                      repair, saving you time and money. However, if you would
•   Tyres are not worn below the legal limit of 1.6 mm          prefer to have the damage repaired, you can make a claim
•   Tyres are at the right pressure – including the spare.      through RSAM. There will be an excess amount (payable by
                                                                you) of £75 for any damage to the vehicle. Some customers,
You should also do the following:
                                                                such as young and inexperienced drivers, may attract a          13
• Wash the car regularly to maintain its paintwork              higher excess.
     Please don’t make any attempt to repair any damage                  that this is not an emergency service, it can often take
     yourself. If damage is as a result of more than one incident,       longer than if you were to have the tyre changed directly
     multiple claims will be needed.                                     at the centre and they will not be able to repair punctures.
                                                                         To book an appointment call 0330 123 1531.
     For more information refer to your Insurance Cover Booklet
     or contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37.
                                                                       Wherever possible, do not drive your car on a punctured
     Other repairs                                                     tyre. Your car may be equipped with a tyre inflation kit
                                                                       instead of a spare wheel – details of how to use this are
     If you suspect that your car needs a repair, contact your
                                                                       written on the device. Don’t forget you can also get help
     dealer as soon as possible. All Motability cars come with
                                                                       from RAC with changing a punctured tyre for the spare.
     at least a three-year warranty so any repair caused by
     general wear or mechanical fault is covered, except if there      When you visit a Kwik Fit centre, please make sure that you
     is evidence of neglect or misuse. Your dealer should keep         tell them you’re a Motability customer as soon as you arrive.
     you informed of the repair’s progress and let you know if         You will also need to tell them if you have any adaptations
     there are any unavoidable delays. If you feel that a repair       fitted to your car in case a member of staff needs to drive
     has not been handled satisfactorily, please contact us            it. Kwik Fit operate on a first-come, first-served basis,
     on 0845 456 4566.                                                 and there may be a waiting time while tyres are fitted to
                                                                       your car. Kwik Fit will aim to attend to your car within 45
     Tyres: Kwik Fit Tyreline – 0330 123 1531                          minutes, and will do everything they can to help ensure you
     For no extra cost, we will replace tyres worn or damaged          wait no longer than 90 minutes after arriving for your issue
     through normal use. Puncture repairs, including wheel             to be resolved. If you have any other appointments that
     balance, are also covered at no extra charge if you use Kwik      day, please plan ahead to allow for sufficient waiting time.
     Fit, Motability’s approved supplier.
                                                                       If your car has locking wheel nuts Kwik Fit will need the key
     In addition, Kwik Fit provides Motability customers with:         which was supplied with your car in order to replace the
     • Free replacement of stolen or vandalised tyres                  tyre, so please bring it with you – this is usually found in the
     • Repairs usually carried out while you wait                      boot of your car.

     • A mobile service facility: Kwik Fit can replace tyres at your   Legally tyres need to be replaced when the tread depth falls
       home at no extra cost, by appointment. With a fleet of          to 1.6mm, however Kwik Fit will replace tyres on Motability
14                                                                     cars when the depth falls to 2.0mm. There is no limit to the
       230 mobile technicians operating nationwide, you can
       schedule a Kwik Fit Mobile technician to come to your           number of tyres that will be replaced during your lease.
       home or work and change your tyre. However, please note         Kwik Fit will always fit an appropriate tyre brand, taking
into consideration suitability, safety and handling, but this     many instances, if a chip is smaller than the size of a pound
may not be the same brand as was originally fitted by the         coin, our approved supplier can perform a specialist repair
manufacturer. Please rest assured that this will have no          rather than completely replacing the glass. If left untreated
impact on the safety or performance of your Motability car.       moisture, frost and dirt can cause the damage to worsen
                                                                  beyond repair.
If you live in a remote area or a location prone to extreme
weather conditions, you may want to consider having snow          The sooner you call, the more chance there is that our
tyres, chains or socks fitted to your car. Kwik Fit are able to   supplier will be able to save your windscreen. And by
fit snow tyres, however this will be at your own cost and         repairing your glass rather than replacing it, you’ll be
agreement must be sought from us before arranging fitting.        helping our supplier to save over 4,500 tonnes of waste
                                                                  glass and 12,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.
Replacing tyres while abroad
                                                                  Chips or cracks in the windscreen directly in front of the
Call the Tyreline for advice before you travel, and if you need
                                                                  driver, in the area swept by the wiper blades, are considered
tyres replaced while you are outside the UK:
                                                                  dangerous if they are more than 10mm in diameter. In
• If possible use a Kwik Fit site. The Kwik Fit group operates    the rest of the windscreen wiper swept area, up to 40mm
  over 2,500 service points across Europe. While abroad you       damage is acceptable. Please note that the standard excess
  can call the Tyreline on +44 (0)1698 802 022                    will apply if RSAM’s approved supplier is not used.
• If you have to buy tyres while abroad keep the receipt and
                                                                  If you have a sunroof and it is accidentally damaged, please
  contact Kwik Fit on your return, as you may be entitled to
                                                                  contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37 for advice.
  a refund.
                                                                  Wear and tear
Glass – 0500 355 355
                                                                  With use, all vehicles will show signs of wear and tear and
Window or windscreen repair or replacement (excluding
                                                                  in many cases a repair is not essential. We can provide
sunroofs) is also covered in your lease by RSAM’s approved
                                                                  advice to help you ensure your car remains safe and in good
supplier. To arrange an appointment at a nearby repair
                                                                  working condition. Unavoidable minor damage caused by
centre, or arrange for a mobile repairer to come to you,
                                                                  a wheelchair or any other mobility aid will be accepted as
please call Glassline on 0500 355 355. You will need to tell
                                                                  general wear and tear.
the repairer that you are a Motability customer and present
your Certificate of Motor Insurance to them.                      General condition                                               15
Please attend to any windscreen damage as quickly as              In terms of bodywork, wheels, interior trim and luggage
possible, as damage may impair your view of the road. In          areas, we would again expect that three years of motoring
     would result in some general wear and tear, light scuffing    converter due to heavy impact or the use of the wrong type
     and scratching or stone chipping. However, certain levels     of fuel, is not regarded as fair wear and tear.
     of more serious damage would not meet our expected
     standards. These include deep dents and scratches on          Good Condition Bonus
     bodywork that go through to the metal; severe cracks on       If you return your car in good order at the end of the
     bumpers and mirror housings; irreparable damage such          agreement, you may receive a Good Condition Bonus,
     as burns or tears to the interior; or heavy gouges to alloy   currently £250.
     wheels or plastic trim. If you are in any doubt about the
                                                                   The Good Condition Bonus is paid out within 28 days of
     level of repair required, contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37
                                                                   the car being returned. All decisions concerning the bonus
     and they will confirm what action to take.
                                                                   process will be taken at our discretion.
     Mechanical components
     Your dealer will replace any necessary parts under your
                                                                   Before adding any other accessories or making modifications
     agreement, except where there is evidence of neglect
                                                                   to your car, you should get agreement from Motability
     or misuse.
                                                                   Operations and then notify RSAM. Should such modifications
     Underside of your car                                         be made without our agreement you risk invalidating your
                                                                   insurance and you will be asked to remove them and return
     Any serious damage or distortion to the underside of your
                                                                   the car to its original specification at your cost.
     car, such as the chassis or engine, is not considered to be
     fair wear and tear. If you suspect any such damage during     Personal number plates
     use, please contact your dealer immediately.
                                                                   You can fit personalised number plates to your car, but
     Oil leaks                                                     please call us on 0845 456 4566 if you wish to do so. This
     Please report any oil leaks to your dealer, who will make     is important, as your personalised plate details will need
     the repairs free of charge as part of the normal servicing    to be on your tax disc. We can process the administration
     arrangements under your agreement. You will be                through the DVLA, and we will also update RSAM with your
     responsible for damage caused by an oil leak that has not     new details.
     been reported as early as it could have been.                 It will be your responsibility to display the correct number
16                                                                 plate and tax disc on your car, and also to ensure that your
     Exhaust system
                                                                   personalised number plate is removed and re-registered
     Normal deterioration of the exhaust system is inevitable.     with the DVLA prior to handing back your car.
     However, damage to the exhaust system and catalytic
Additional costs                                                    Environmental impact
Excess mileage                                                      Carbon emissions, and their impact on the environment,
                                                                    are an important issue. However, you may not be aware
Your Motability package includes 60,000 miles over three
                                                                    that the way we drive can help to dramatically reduce
years. If you go over this amount, you will be charged 5p for
                                                                    the environmental impact of our motoring. Below are
each extra mile. We will take a mileage reading whenever
                                                                    some useful tips, and you can find more information at
your car is serviced for our records, and if when you return
the car at the end of your contract the total mileage is
higher than the allowance, you will receive an invoice for          • Avoid unnecessary journeys: your engine runs more
the excess mileage. If you receive an invoice when you hand           efficiently when it’s warm so it’s better to do one long trip
back your car, please contact our Customer Service team to            than lots of short ones
arrange payment.                                                    • Drive smoothly and in a higher gear: you’ll use less fuel
                                                                      and do less damage to the environment
Repudiated claims
                                                                    • Check your tyres and keep them at the recommended
Your insurance and loss and damage protection will be
                                                                      pressure: this will reduce resistance, meaning your engine
invalidated if you do not comply with the policy conditions,
                                                                      will have to work less hard, thereby reducing CO2
for example allowing your car to be used by an uninsured
driver. This will result in your claim being declined by RSAM.      • Keep your windows closed to reduce drag: your car won’t
In this situation, we will invoice you for the cost of repairs or     have to work so hard, and as a result, will use less fuel
the write-off value of the car and RSAM will look to recover        • Minimise use of climate control: air conditioning increases
from you any financial loss that they may have incurred. It           fuel consumption and therefore increases emissions.
is therefore important that you are fully aware and comply
with the conditions, which are detailed in the Insurance            Help us to protect Motability
Cover Booklet.                                                      To safeguard the integrity of Motability and keep costs down
                                                                    for the benefit of customers, misuse or improper care of cars
Unpaid rentals                                                      is something we take very seriously and follow up.
In the event that your allowance is not paid over to us, you
                                                                    As a Motability customer, you are responsible for meeting the
will need to pay us any unpaid rentals. The unpaid amount
                                                                    terms and conditions of your agreement including making
may be subject to VAT.
                                                                    sure the car is used for the benefit of the disabled person,      17
                                                                    whether they are in the car or not. Forms of misuse include:
     • Denying the disabled person the benefit of the car               us on 0845 456 4566. If you decide to transfer your
     • Driving whilst uninsured or banned                               personalised plate onto your new Motability car then
                                                                        it is important you discuss this with your dealer when
     • Using the car in any criminal act
                                                                        submitting your new application. Motability is unable to
     • Lending, sub-leasing or selling the car                          accept any responsibility for the retention or transfer of a
     • Using the car for unauthorised business purposes                 personalised plate and you may lose your entitlement to
     • Failing to take proper care of your car.                         the personalised plate if we have not been notified
                                                                      • If you have adaptations, you don’t need to remove these
     We follow up all information provided to us and where
                                                                        before handing back your car. However, if you want to,
     serious misuse is found or the damage is severe, the
                                                                        please make sure you arrange this with a Motability
     agreement may be cancelled. You may be prevented from
                                                                        Adaptations Partner
     getting a car through Motability in the future, and we may
     also invoice for the cost of repair or estimated loss in         • When you handback your car, make sure any
     sale value.                                                        documentation and equipment that was given to you
                                                                        with the car is also returned, such as the manufacturer
     You can report any concerns to us by calling 0845 456 4566         handbook and any spare keys (including any red keys
     or contacting us at                              issued). This could also include a key for locking wheel
                                                                        nuts, a tyre inflation kit, radio or key codes, remote
     Leaving Motability
                                                                        controls, parcel shelves or additional seats.
     Handing back your old car
                                                                      Car tax expiry for non-mainland customers
     During the last few months of the agreement:
                                                                      If you live in Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, you will
     • Make sure your car has passed its MoT test (excludes           need to check if your car tax expires before the end of your
       Northern Ireland). Your dealer will contact you to             agreement. If it does, you will need to re-tax your car on
       arrange this. The MoT certificate will be sent to Motability   time. You should check that you have at least two spaces
       Operations                                                     left on your tax exemption certificate (DLA404 or WPA442).
     • If you have a personalised number plate, we will write         If you do not have two spaces left, please contact the
       to you approximately two months before the end of              Disability Living Allowance helpline on 028 9090 6182 if you
       your agreement to find out what you wish to do. If you         live in Northern Ireland or 08457 123456 if you live in the
18                                                                    Isle of Man.
       do not receive a letter from us then please contact
Ending your agreement early                                    Expired or stopped allowance
Under your Motability agreement you have agreed to lease       To lease a car through Motability you need to be in receipt
your car for the full length of the agreement. If however,     of the Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of the
you have a valid reason to end your agreement early, please    Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or the War Pensioners’
contact us on 0845 456 4566, or write to us at the following   Mobility Supplement (WPMS) for a minimum of 12 months
address:                                                       at the point you submit an application for a new car. If your
Motability Operations                                          allowance is due to expire during your agreement, you will
Customer Contracts Department                                  need to liaise with the Department for Work and Pensions
Bristol Park House, Bristol Business Park                      (DWP) or Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA)
Coldharbour Lane, Bristol BS16 1EJ                             to renew your allowance. It is important you meet the
                                                               deadlines set by DWP or SPVA and you should allow at least
We will need some details from you, including confirmation     three months for the renewal process.
of whether you will be applying for a replacement vehicle.
Once we have received all the necessary information, we        If the DWP or SPVA decide you are no longer eligible for the
will review your request and confirm our decision with you.    award, or if the allowance is not renewed in time and a new
                                                               claim needs to be made, you are responsible for keeping us
Please note that if you cancel your agreement we may have      informed. Please contact us on 0845 456 4566 to discuss
to charge an administration fee to cover our costs. Any        your options; if necessary, Motability Operations will make
advance payment you have paid may be refunded on a pro-        arrangements for the collection of the car.
rata basis, less any administration fee, where applicable.
                                                               If a Motability customer dies
If however, we cancel your agreement because you have
failed to comply with the terms and conditions of your         Should a customer die during their lease, a family member
agreement, no refunds will be made to you, and you will be     should contact us as soon as possible on 0845 456 4566.
charged an administration fee.                                 A permitted driver can drop the car off at the dealership or
                                                               alternatively we will arrange for the vehicle to be collected
We may continue to receive your allowance until you have       at a convenient time. In the interim, permitted drivers can
paid us any amount you owe. Also, you may not be able to       continue to make use of the car for journeys in connection
lease another vehicle through Motability. If you have any      with the affairs of the customer. The car will continue to be
questions, please contact us on 0845 456 4566.                 insured until it is handed back or collected by us.
Together, Motability Operations and RSA Motability (RSAM) have arranged to give
protection for all cars leased through Motability’s Contract Hire agreement. These
arrangements offer similar protection to a fully comprehensive insurance policy.
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates Royal & Sun   The cover includes:
Alliance Insurance plc who provide aspects of your cover,      • Loss of, or damage to your car
and who manage the claims process as RSA Motability
                                                               • Accidental damage
(RSAM) for Motability Operations.
                                                               • Theft or fire damage
The following is a summary of key points about your
                                                               • Repair or replacement glass
insurance and loss and damage protection. Please take
time to read the Insurance Cover Booklet for full details.     • In-car equipment (such as a radio or CD player)
Please also refer to the key points from the Contract Hire       permanently fitted or supplied with the car as standard
agreement on page 11 of this handbook, or look online at       • Adaptations and modifications which are needed and                                      which we have agreed to and which RSAM have been
                                                                 informed about
Key information
                                                               • Any accessories or tools supplied with the car
When completing your order for a Motability car at the
                                                               • Replacement locks where keys have been stolen and the
dealership, you will be asked to nominate your chosen
                                                                 theft reported to the police.
• Only drivers approved by RSAM and named as                   If you have an accident, regardless of fault, please contact
  permitted drivers on your Certificate of Motor Insurance     RSAM on 0500 37 37 37 as soon as you can, where possible
  are insured to drive                                         within 24 hours of the accident. This will enable us to help
• If you intend to drive your Motability car you must be       get you back on the road as quickly as possible.
  named as a permitted driver on the certificate
                                                               What you are not covered for
• Other drivers, not on the certificate, are not allowed to
                                                               On the next page is a summary of the main exclusions
  drive your car. Even if they have fully comprehensive                                                                         21
                                                               within your insurance and loss and damage protection
  insurance which provides cover to drive other cars, they
                                                               cover. For the full list of areas not covered, please refer to
  are not covered to drive your Motability car.
                                                               your Insurance Cover Booklet.
     • An excess (amount payable by you) of £75 for any loss or         the car to be driven, and the driver is not shown as a
       damage to the vehicle – higher excesses apply for young          permitted driver on your Certificate of Motor Insurance,
       or inexperienced drivers. Details are given in your Contract     you may be held responsible for any loss or damage that
       Hire agreement and the Policy Schedule. If the car needs         occurs and excluded from leasing another car through
       to be repaired you must pay the excess for each individual       Motability.
       incident before the repair starts
                                                                      Loss of use benefit
     • Loss of keys – you’ll be responsible for the cost of
       any replacement keys and in some circumstances,                If your Motability car is undriveable after an incident of
       replacement locks                                              loss or damage, we will aim to provide you with a courtesy
                                                                      car. If a courtesy car is not suitable for your needs, you may
     • Personal belongings – you will need to arrange your own
                                                                      be able to claim for loss of use benefits, excluding the
       insurance cover for personal items such as wheelchairs,
                                                                      first week.
       hands-free phone kits, coats, mobile phones, money etc.
       One option is to extend your household insurance cover         Personal Accident cover
     • Non-standard equipment or modifications – this means           In the event of an accident which causes death, loss of
       any non-standard controls, audio or other equipment            limbs and/or permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes,
       fitted to the car, which are not essential to enable you to    cover is provided up to a limit of £5,000 for the driver and
       use the vehicle, or have been fitted without Motability and    any passengers.
       RSAM’s agreement
     • Damage to the interior of the car, for example rips, stains    Legal liabilities
       and burns to the trim, are not covered and may need to         Cover includes your legal liabilities, and those of your
       be repaired at your own cost. You do not need to make          permitted drivers and passengers for accidental death,
       any repairs to damage which is within fair wear and tear -     accidental injury, and accidental damage arising from the
       see page 15 for further details                                use of your car, or a trailer attached to it.
     • Driving other cars that have not been approved – you are       Uninsured loss recovery
       not covered under your agreement to drive any other
                                                                      Uninsured losses are any items that are not covered by your
       vehicle, unless it has been provided or approved by us
                                                                      insurance. For example, your excess and injuries. If you are
     • Unauthorised and uninsured drivers – only those drivers        involved in an accident caused by someone else who has
22     shown on your Certificate of Motor Insurance as permitted      been identified, RSAM will attempt to recover your uninsured
       drivers are covered to drive. If you drive the car, or allow
losses from them. If you are injured, RSAM will also act on      have received an amended Certificate of Motor Insurance
your behalf by appointing solicitors to act for you. You         from RSAM.
may need to provide proof of your losses. Recovery of
                                                                 Only one permitted driver can be under the age of 21, and
uninsured losses may take some time, and in some cases
                                                                 drivers under the age of 25 are restricted to cars up to the
may not be possible.
                                                                 Association of British Insurers (ABI) Car Group 18 (1 to 50
Changing or adding a driver                                      scale). For more information on ABI car grouping, please
                                                                 contact RSAM, or see the ABI website at
The permitted drivers named on the Certificate of Motor
Insurance are the only people allowed to drive the car. You
can select up to two drivers, one of whom may be yourself.       Motoring convictions
Even as the hirer of the car, you are not automatically
                                                                 If a permitted driver is convicted of a motoring offence
covered as a permitted driver. You must ask for this cover
                                                                 during the agreement, you must advise RSAM immediately
when ordering your car or once your agreement is live.
                                                                 as this may invalidate your protection.
Once the agreement is live, only you, the hirer, can request
changes to the permitted drivers.                                Business use of the car
To change your permitted drivers please call RSAM on             Travel to and from your normal workplace is included in
0500 37 37 37. In order to consider your request, RSAM           your insurance cover. If you need to use the car for business
will need details of the new driver, including driving licence   purposes, you can arrange business use cover for most
number, motoring convictions and any previous loss,              occupations. For further information, please contact RSAM
damage or insurance claims. You will also need to confirm        on 0500 37 37 37.
the driver has given their consent for us to check their
                                                                 Business use cover will not apply until you receive a new
details as they will be validated against the DVLA database.
                                                                 Certificate of Motor Insurance showing this cover, even if
You can change your two permitted drivers free of charge
                                                                 you have had a previous Motability car.
and as many times as you want throughout your lease.
You may be able to call RSAM and nominate a third driver,        Voluntary driving
subject to some restrictions, at an additional cost. If your     You can drive your car for voluntary or charitable work, such
circumstances change and you no longer need a third              as for Meals on Wheels or hospital visiting without obtaining
driver, you may be entitled to a refund calculated on a pro      permission, provided you are not contractually employed         23
rata basis. New drivers may not lawfully drive until they        (receive a fixed regular payment) by the organisation.
     Taking your car abroad                                           If you are involved in an accident:
     • Your insurance cover allows you to take your car abroad        • If any permitted driver (which may include you) is involved
       within the European Union and to Croatia, Iceland,               in an accident, they must not admit fault or deny the
       Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein free of charge for         claim, negotiate, or promise to pay the claim, without
       up to 90 days in any 12 month period. Please make sure           written permission from RSAM
       you take your Certificate of Motor Insurance with you
                                                                      • You should exchange details with the other driver involved
     • For other countries not listed, please contact RSAM at least     and each provide your name, address, phone number,
       three weeks in advance of your journey. RSAM will consider       vehicle registration and name and address of RSAM
       your request and there may be an additional charge               (RSAM’s address can be found on page 35). If you cannot
     • If you are going abroad for six months or longer, you            give your details immediately, you will need to report the
       should contact us on 0845 456 4566 as your agreement             accident to the police within 24 hours. If the other driver
       may need to be modified                                          cannot or will not provide their details, you must obtain
     • For all foreign travel, you will need a VE103 (Vehicle on        their vehicle registration number, make, model and colour
       Hire form) to be issued to you. Please call 0800 731 3310        of their vehicle
       to request a form, at least three weeks before you depart.     • If anyone is injured, or damage has been caused to
       The certificate will cover you for 12 months                     other property, you must show your Certificate of Motor
     • You must have European breakdown cover for foreign               Insurance to the police or to anyone involved in the
       travel, otherwise you will be responsible for any recovery       accident. If you cannot do this at the time, you must
       charges. See ‘Driving in Europe’ section on page 28              report the accident to the police and show them your
                                                                        Certificate of Motor Insurance no later than 24 hours after
     • If you need to contact RSAM while abroad, please
                                                                        the accident
       telephone +44 (0)151 240 2894
                                                                      • In the event of any accident always call RSAM as soon
     • Cover for legal expenses and replacement locks is not
                                                                        as possible on 0500 37 37 37 to report the incident and
       available while abroad.
                                                                        register a claim
     No-claim discounts                                               • If you cannot drive your car as a result of an accident,
     Motability does not provide for any no-claim discounts.            please contact RAC who will recover the car to the repairer
     However, RSAM can provide a letter confirming your claims        • RSAM have a network of repairers across the UK. RSAM
     history with Motability if required.                               will keep you up-to-date with the progress of repairs to
                                                                        your car
• Send all correspondence you receive concerning the             is insured at no extra cost. Please note that the other
  accident to the RSAM claims department                         areas normally covered under your Motability lease, such
• It is important that all drivers fully co-operate with RSAM    as windscreen repair or breakdown cover, will need to be
  during investigations of the claim. Failure to co-operate      discussed with the supplier of your courtesy car.
  could result in your claim being declined and you being
                                                                 If your car is lost or stolen
  excluded from leasing with Motability.
                                                                 If your car is stolen or taken without your permission:
Don’t forget – within your tax disc holder there is
                                                                 • Notify the police immediately, giving them as much detail
information and useful contacts to help you in the event
                                                                   as possible, and remember to obtain a crime reference or
of an accident. It also contains space for you to write your
                                                                   log number. Then contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37 who
insurance information, which can be torn off and given to
                                                                   will advise you on what to do next
the other party involved.
                                                                 • The car may be deemed written-off if it is not recovered
Repairing your car after an accident                               within four weeks from the date of the theft.
Following an accident please contact RSAM on 0500 37 37 37
as soon as you can, where possible within 24 hours after         Young driver training
the accident, and they will assess the extent of the damage      Permitted drivers under 25 who are named on the Certificate
to the car. They will advise you whether repairs need to be      of Motor Insurance are eligible for PASS PLUS, an additional
carried out or not. In all cases after an accident, you will     driver training course delivered by the AA. The 6 hour course,
be entitled to make a claim as per normal. The car will only     free to Motability drivers aged between 16 and 24 years old,
be repaired to its original specification. Damage to non         has been specifically designed to teach young drivers to drive
standard equipment or modifications, fitted without RSAM’s       more safely. Young drivers who successfully complete the
agreement, are not included in this cover.                       training will be asked to pay a lower amount of excess, as
                                                                 detailed in your Contract Hire agreement and Policy Schedule.
Courtesy vehicles                                                Drivers who have already successfully completed PASS PLUS
A courtesy car will be provided while your car is being          independently do not need to do so again to benefit from the
repaired by a RSAM repairer.                                     lower excess, however they will be required to provide RSAM
                                                                 with a PASS PLUS certificate in the event of a claim.
The courtesy car supplied will either be a standard three-
door or a five-door model. If the courtesy car is not suitable   The AA will contact you or your driver to arrange the            25
RSAM will help with transport where possible.                    training. If you haven’t heard anything or you add a young
                                                                 driver during your agreement, you can book training by
A courtesy car supplied by a RSAM recommended repairer
                                                                 calling the AA on 0845 850 1030.
     RAC breakdown assistance
Motability Assist (RAC) UK – 0800 73 111 73                       • A replacement car
Please see the Useful Contacts section on page 35 for             • Overnight accommodation, or onward travel costs
a full list of contact numbers.                                     (e.g. taxi fares) up to the value of £100 per person or £300
Your Motability car is covered for breakdown assistance             per party whichever is the lesser amount, offered at
for the life of your contract. Motability Assist is a               Motability Assist’s discretion.
comprehensive package of breakdown support provided
                                                                  At home
by RAC, specifically for your Motability car.
                                                                  You can rely on Motability Assist to attend a breakdown
Motability Assist helpline and roadside staff are specially       of your car, either at your home or your place of work.
trained to handle your calls and are available 24 hours a
day, 365 days a year, if your car breaks down or you have         Replacement cars
an accident. Assistance can be provided at the roadside           If your car is deemed undriveable, a replacement car
or at your home throughout the UK.                                provided by RAC may be available as an option within 24
Please note that your breakdown cover is for the                  hours of a breakdown or accident attended by RAC. You can
Motability car and does not extend to any other car               use the car for up to 48 hours during which time you will be
you are travelling in.                                            contacted by RAC to discuss your mobility, should your car
                                                                  require more time to repair.
                                                                  Replacement cars are subject to availability and the terms
One free telephone call will bring help at the roadside if your   and conditions of the supplying rental firm and your
car breaks down or is immobilised. Motability Assist provides     Motability contract. These will include:
a fast and dependable service to get you going again.
                                                                  • Only those named as permitted drivers on your Certificate
Recovery                                                            of Motor Insurance are insured to drive
If your car cannot be repaired at the roadside, Motability        • Production of both sections of a valid driving licence
Assist will take it to the nearest accredited repairer, and
                                                                  • Fuel deposit (currently £50) which is refunded provided
take up to eight people to a single destination.
                                                                    the car is returned with a full tank of fuel to the hire car
In the unlikely event that your car cannot be repaired on the       branch
spot, we will help to make sure you reach your destination.       • Any fines or charges, such as congestion charges, incurred     27
Motability Assist will provide one of the following to get you      during the replacement car period are the responsibility
to your destination:                                                of the customer.
     Replacement cars provided will be up to a maximum engine            by directional arrows on the marker posts and are usually
     size of 1.6 litres. However, if you drive a people carrier (MPV)    one mile apart. Make your free emergency call (UK –
     and require recovery, Motability Assist will still ensure that      0800 73 111 73, Republic of Ireland – 1800 535 005),
     all your passengers can continue their journey.                     providing as much information as possible, such as:
                                                                           – Your name
     Fuel and keys
                                                                           – Your car registration number, make and model
     Please note that you will be responsible for costs incurred
     as a result of running out of fuel.                                   – Your exact location
                                                                           – The nature of your breakdown
     If the keys to your car are lost, Motability Assist can arrange
     for a locksmith to attend; this will, however, be at your cost.       – If you or any of the passengers use a wheelchair, need
     If your keys are stolen, you will need to contact RSAM to               urgent medical attention or have other requirements.
     register a claim. You will need to provide them with a crime       • Once you have made your call, remain a safe distance
     number, which can be obtained from the police.                       away from the car and the road or motorway. If you are
                                                                          unsure of your exact location and call RAC from your
     What to do if your car breaks down                                   mobile, they can automatically track your exact location.
     On the road or motorway                                            As a Motability customer, a specially trained Motability
     • Try to get your car close to the kerbside, or onto the           Assist customer service specialist will handle your call. If
       hard shoulder, well away from the traffic                        you need to let anyone know of your delay, Motability Assist
     • Switch off the engine and put on your hazard                     will be happy to pass on a message.
       warning lights                                                   Driving in Europe
     • If it is possible, ensure all passengers leave the car on        With the exception of the Republic of Ireland, Motability
       the side nearest the kerbside or the hard shoulder and           Assist does not cover European travel. If you are going to
       move to a safe position away from the road. If you or your       travel in Europe, you must obtain additional breakdown
       passengers are unable to leave the car, ensure that the          cover before you take your car abroad. RAC European
       vehicle is as close as possible to the kerbside or on the        breakdown cover is available to purchase as an optional
       hard shoulder and remain calm                                    addition to Motability Assist customers; simply call
28   • Leave all animals in the car                                     0800 731 3310 to arrange. If you choose to travel in
     • There are emergency phones on the motorway indicated             Europe without purchasing European breakdown cover you
will be responsible for all recovery charges in the event of a
                                                                 Q Can I fit a tow bar to my car?
breakdown. For important information about taking your
car abroad, please see page 24.                                  A Yes, make sure you speak to your dealer as they will be
                                                                 able to recommend a fitter and offer you advice on your
Republic of Ireland                                              car’s towing power.
Motability cars enjoy full cover in the Republic of Ireland.
                                                                 Q Do I need to remove my tow bar at the end of
Other benefits of Motability Assist                              contract?
Motability Assist customers can also benefit from                A In general, no. However if you want to keep the tow
other discounted RAC products, such as:                          bar you will be liable for the removal costs and any costs
                                                                 relating to reinstating the bodywork to an acceptable
• RAC Personal Travel Insurance – please contact                 condition.
  RAC European Business Services on 0800 73 133 10
• Free legal advice – call the RAC Free Legal Advice             Q What if I have a caravan attached to my car when
  line on 0870 601 0605                                          I break down?
• Journey planning services – access the RAC’s                   A If a problem with your car cannot be fixed on the spot,
  Route Planner and Traffic Information Services                 your trailer or caravan will be towed to a destination of
  on                                                  your choice within a 10-mile radius.

                                                                 Q If I have a breakdown on the roadside, and my
                                                                 caravan requires a repair, can the RAC help?
                                                                 A Unfortunately, as your caravan is not a Motability
                                                                 vehicle, the RAC will not be able to help under the
                                                                 Motability Assist package, and as such you will be liable
                                                                 for the cost of any repairs to your caravan. If you are
                                                                 a member of the Camping and Caravanning Club you
                                                                 can obtain ‘Arrival’ breakdown cover from RAC, which is
                                                                 available at an additional cost.
     Getting your next car
We will contact you around three months before your agreement is due to end to
advise you how to order a new car and return your old one.
Ordering your new car                                            includes a ‘countdown checklist’, answers to frequently
We want to make sure that the handover between your old          asked questions and an update on what’s changed since
and new car is as easy as possible. To make sure your new        you last applied for your Motability car. We will also send
car is ready in good time, you should contact your dealer        you a copy of the current Car Price Guide, but remember that
three months before the end of your existing agreement to        this only contains a selection of the cars available – use our
see what cars may be suitable and take some test drives.         online car price tool to search the entire range. At this stage
                                                                 we would advise you to contact a dealer of the make and
We offer a firm ‘price guarantee’ to our customers, which        model of car you are interested in for further information
will ensure that the price you agree with the dealer when        and to arrange a test drive. Once you have made your
your application is accepted, is the price you pay when          decision, complete the online order with the dealer.
you collect your car. The price guarantee stands however
long it takes for your new car to be delivered. The only case    What if delivery of your new car is delayed?
where the price may alter is if the car description is changed   Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the delivery date of the
subsequent to the original application.                          new car, as delivery arrangements are in the hands of the
You will probably find it useful to gather as much               manufacturer and dealer. Your dealer will be able to update
information as possible on what make or model to choose          you on its progress. If there is an unavoidable delay before
next. Customers regularly tell us that visiting a number         your new car is ready, you may be able to stay in your
of dealerships and test driving several cars is extremely        current car until the new one is ready. Please contact
helpful. Visit to find your local dealers and   your dealer to arrange this.
browse our complete range of around 4,000 cars. If you
                                                                 Like your car, and want to buy it after the end
need assistance or can’t find exactly what you are looking
                                                                 of the agreement?
for, call us on 0845 456 4566 for advice on a range of
alternative car models.                                          If you would like to buy your car at the end of your lease,
                                                                 this may be possible, subject to certain conditions. The
About three months before the end of your lease, we will         purchase price will be available from 12 weeks up until
send you a copy of ‘Your guide to getting another Motability     eight days before you are due to return your car. For further     31
car’, to help you through the final stages of your agreement.    details, note down the exact mileage reading of your car
It contains information about the renewal process and            and contact us on 0845 456 4566.
     Customer complaints
There are over 580,000 Motability customers and we aim to      When making a complaint please provide
provide each customer with the highest quality of service
                                                               • Your full name and/or customer reference number
at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes we make mistakes.
                                                               • Your vehicle registration number
If you feel our service has fallen below the standard you
                                                               • Your full address and daytime contact number
expect we would like to hear from you, so we can put
things right as quickly as possible.                           • Full details including names and any correspondence
                                                                 relating to your complaint.
What to do if you have a complaint or comment
Most complaints or comments are best dealt with by the         What to do if you are still not satisfied
area most closely involved, so in the first instance please    If you are not satisfied with the way any part of Motability’s
contact them. For example Motability Operations, RAC,          service providers handle or conclude your complaint, you
RSAM, individual dealers etc – a list of useful contacts is    can contact Motability, the charity who oversee all aspects
provided at the back of this handbook. If you are unsure       of the scheme, for a full and impartial review. You should
about which area you need to speak to, please call our         send details to:
Customer Services team on 0845 456 4566.
                                                               Motability, Complaints and Appeals
You can make a complaint by telephone, email or by post. If    Warwick House, Roydon Road, Harlow, Essex CM19 5PX
you are writing a letter or emailing and you would be happy    Email:
for us to call you, please provide your telephone number.
                                                               If you remain dissatisfied with how your complaint has been
We would prefer to talk to you so that we can try to resolve
                                                               handled or concluded, you may refer the complaint to the
your complaint as quickly as possible.
                                                               Financial Ombudsman Service.
Complaints made by telephone will be logged and where
                                                               You must approach the Financial Ombudsman Service
possible, resolved immediately. We aim to respond to
                                                               within six months of our final response to your complaint:
written complaints within four working days. If we are
unable to resolve your complaint immediately, we will          Financial Ombudsman Service,
contact you and let you know what is happening and when        South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall,
you can expect a full response.                                London E14 9SR Tel: 0300 123 9 123
     Useful contacts
                                       For enquiries about the DLA, contact:         For insurance enquiries, contact:
For general enquiries                  Pensions, Disability and Carers Service       RSA Motability Customer Services
about Motability,                      Warbreck House
                                       Warbreck Hill
                                                                                     PO Box 40
                                                                                     New Hall Place, Old Hall Street
your Contract Hire                     Blackpool FY2 0YE
                                       Telephone: 08457 123456
                                                                                     Liverpool L69 3SD
                                                                                     Telephone: 0500 37 37 37
agreement or your                                                If you have specialist Minicom equipment,
                                                                                     please call 0500 64 63 62
car, please contact:                   Disability Living Allowance (NI)
                                       Castle Court
                                                                                     Outside UK: +44 (0)151 240 2894
                                                                                     (Lines open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday,
                                       Royal Avenue
Motability Operations                                                                and 8am – 4pm Saturdays)
                                       Belfast BT1 1SL
City Gate House, 22 Southwark          Telephone: 028 9090 6182
Bridge Road, London SE1 9HB                                    For breakdown assistance, contact:
Telephone: 0845 456 4566               For enquiries about the War Pensioners’       RAC Motability Assist Customer Services
                                       Mobility Supplement, contact:                 Thomas Street
If you have specialist Minicom                                                       Stretford, Manchester M32 0HX
equipment, please call our textphone   Service Personnel & Veterans Agency
                                                                                     Telephone (UK inc. NI): 0800 73 111 73
number on 0845 675 0009                                                              Text from mobile: 07855 828282
                                       Blackpool FY5 3WP
(Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm,                                                    Republic of Ireland: 1800 535 005
                                       Telephone: 0800 169 2277
                                                                                     (Lines open 24 hours, 365 days a year)
Monday to Friday)            
                                                                                                  For enquiries about the Vehicle Excise Duty
                                                                                     For glass enquiries, contact:
                                       (VED) exemption, contact:
Phone calls may be recorded and                                                      Glassline
                                       DVLA Customer Enquiries
monitored for the purpose of                                                         Telephone: 0500 355 355
                                       (Vehicles) Swansea SA99 1BL
                                                                                     Outside UK: +44 (0)1234 279853
improving customer services.           Telephone: 0300 790 6802
                                                                                     (international dialling rates apply)
                                       DVLA Northern Ireland
                                                                                     For tyre enquiries, contact:
                                       County Hall
                                       Castlerock Road                               Motability Tyreline (Kwik Fit)
                                       Colerain BT51 3TA                             Telephone: 0330 123 1531
                                       Telephone: 0845 402 4000                      Outside UK: +44 (0)1698 802 022             35
 Everything you need to
 know about running
 your Motability car
 during your lease

Telephone: 0845 456 4566
Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm,
Monday to Friday.
If you have specialist Minicom equipment,
call our textphone number on 0845 675 0009

                                     Motability Operations Limited is the principal service provider to Motability and
                                     the Motability Scheme. Registered Office: City Gate House, 22 Southwark Bridge
                                     Road, London SE1 9HB. Registered in England and Wales. Company No. 1373876.

                                                                                                                         MOTHBCAR 06/11

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